The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 451-460

Chapter: 451
If Nangong Liuyun’s chain repair was interrupted at this time, it would most likely hurt its roots, and it would be difficult for him to go further in the future. She absolutely does not allow Nangong Liuyun to be hurt like this.
Su Luo thought about this, so he turned around and walked outside without hesitation. She wanted to distract Li Aotian.
Nangong Liuyun, this time I will protect you.
Su Luo strode out.
Sure enough, she saw Li Ao approaching here angrily.
When Su Luo saw him, a look of panic appeared on his face deliberately, and his current position was just leading to the outside.
On the side of the cave, Li Aotian was guarding coldly.
To be honest, he was really scared away by Nangong Liuyun at first, but in the past few days, the more he thought about it, the more he felt something was wrong.
This is obviously an isolated island and a barren mountain, and no trace of human habitation can be found here, but in that cave, there are even huanghuali wooden beds, quilts, and pillows!
This shows what? !
Li Aotian was hard to believe, but had to believe that between Nangong Liuyun and Su Luo, there must be a space mage.
Space Master, what a rare legal system is that?
After the Space Mage grew up, he not only had advantages in attack and speed, but also made space rings.
This made Li Aotian coveted.
Of course, he was not blinded by the immediate interests. In the cave at that time, in addition to these things, he still smelled a faint smell of blood.
Therefore, he doubted whether Nangong Liuyun was injured.
If this is the case… Since he has to be a stinky girl and has to give up cooperating with the Li family, then go to hell!
A trace of madness flashed in Li Aotian’s eyes.
at this time.
Li Aotian stared at Su Luo with gloomy eyes, and a sharp bloodthirsty sneered at the corner of his mouth: “Smelly girl, get ready to die! I think who can save you this time!”
Su Luo looked at her in horror, and stepped back step by step: “Li Aotian! Don’t forget who made you advance directly!”
Speaking of this, Li Aotian was upset, he would rather return to that face than advance to become the ghost now.
“Smelly girl! Take it to death!” Li Aotian slapped Su Lao back.
Su Luo had prepared, and rolled directly to the side, and at the same time shouted at Li Ao, “Li Aotian! You are looking for death! When Nangong finds good food and comes back, he will definitely not let you go!”
Li Aotian originally wanted to make some movement to induce Nangong Liuyun to act.
This time, he will no longer be afraid of Nangong. If there is a chance, it is best to kill him directly!
Without His Royal Highness King Jin, there will be a place for him, Li Aotian.
I didn’t expect Nangong Liuyun to go out looking for food, what a pity! But if you can kill this stinky girl, you can avenge Yaoyao for yourself!
Li Aotian wanted to do so, and the palm was even more fierce.
Su Luo took out a bronze medal from the space and threw it at Li Aotian: “Look at my spirit ball!”
Li Aotian had a heavy shadow on Ling Pinball, he just hugged his head and rolled away without thinking about it, and fell into a mud pool.
However, Su Luo turned and ran.
When will you not run at this time? Where else can she find another pinball?
The bronze medal that was thrown out was the one delivered by the old man of the Liu family himself.
The spirit dance steps in this bronze medal are actually incomplete. They are only the most basic spirit dance steps, and Su Luo has learned them all.
Unexpectedly, this bronze medal can still be used as waste. Help her again.

Chapter: 452
Su said that he was very grateful to the Liu family who gave her the bronze medal, but if the latter knew, he would get out of bed and vomit a few more blood.
Li Aotian hugged his head and rolled into the mud puddle. It took him a long time to realize that the so-called Ling Pinball hadn’t exploded at all. He raised his eyes and found that it was a piece of black broken copper iron!
Li Aotian didn’t even think about it, so he stepped down and trampled on the bronze medal.
His anger value was completely sucked away by Su Luo, no matter where Nangong Liuyun was injured, he did not expect that this was the best chance to kill Nangong Liuyun.
Unfortunately, he was provoked by Su Luo and missed.
“Smelly girl! I won’t kill you today! I won’t be named Li!” At this time, Li Ao, who was covered in mud, was trembling with his one-eyed red eyes, and his hateful face was even more hideous.
But Su Luo, seeing Li Aotian being calculated by her, rolling into the quagmire with her head in her arms, she naturally wouldn’t miss this opportunity.
She plunged headlong into the deserted mountains and dense forests, sprinting constantly, at an amazing speed.
Nangong Liuyun still needs four days, and she must do everything possible to hold Li Aotian.
Otherwise, she and Nangong Liuyun would be beheaded by Li Aotian on this deserted island.
Su Luo ran wildly in the dense forest, and she could clearly feel Li Aotian’s threat to her life.
Running to the depths of the jungle, Su Luo stopped and took a deep breath.
Li Aotian won’t chase him so quickly, will he?
Seeing a cave full of thorns ahead, Su Luo quickly pulled the thorns away and rolled in, and quickly restored the thorns to their original shape.
This cave is not small, it is bigger than the one they live in now.
But Su Luo did not go inside, because if she was trapped inside, she would really not even have the last hope of survival.
Su Luo held his breath and suppressed his own breathing, even the beating of his heart was suppressed to a slowness almost imperceptible.
Physiological function was oppressed, the blood circulation all over her slowed down, her whole body was cold and stiff, sitting close to the wall.
At the beginning, I was forced to this point. How can I delay the next four days?
The corner of Su Luo’s mouth curled up with a wry smile.
Alas, a thousand counts, who can count that the Ling Pinball will smash Li Aotian into a seventh-order master? If I knew… I knew she would smash herself.
You can live if you do evil, but you can’t live if you do evil.
Su Luo was sighing.
Suddenly, she felt a pain in her brain, and then a feeling of heart palpitations rose from her chest.
Suddenly, she had a feeling of cold hands and feet.
Was found!
Li Aotian actually explored with spirit.
He focused on this small area with his spirit, scanning his own existence piece by piece.
What Nangong Liuyun said was true, as expected, after reaching the seventh step, there would be a qualitative leap.
Su Luo almost beat the wall in annoyance.
I can’t stay here anymore, obviously Li Aotian has searched the area around him.
Su Luo regained his vitality, moved his hands and feet, then quickly drilled out of the cave, rushing to the depths of the dense forest like lightning.
In fact, Su Luo was really difficult to do.
At this moment, she was like a big bone hanging in front of a dog, and Li Aotian wanted to chase her down, but he couldn’t really chase her down.
At the same time, he has to constantly harass and anger this dog, attracting all its hatred to himself, so that he has no time to patronize others.

Chapter: 453
Make time for Nangong Liuyun to have enough time to recover. As long as he recovers, isn’t it a matter of minutes to kill Li Aotian?
However, this is too big for Su Luo.
If her strength surpasses Li Aotian, that’s fine, but it is obvious that she is almost as weak as an ant in front of Li Aotian.
Su Luo felt extremely sad.
But no matter how lamentable, we still have to do what we should do.
Su Luo ran fast, the trees on both sides kept receding, and there was a biting cold wind in his ears.
Su Luo used the spirit dance steps to the extreme, but although she was fast, she was careful with every step, trying not to leave a trace on herself.
Li Aotian chased after Su Luo.
Originally, he thought it would be very easy to chase down a small third-order, and it was almost easy.
But until he really met Su Luo, he didn’t know how cunning this stinky girl was, she was like a slippery autumn mud loach, she slipped with her hands and was extremely flexible.
But the more so, the more Li Aotian chased after him.
At this time, he completely forgot Nangong Liuyun aside.
In the wild mountains and dense forests, the roads are numerous and messy, which gives Su Luo a little more life in his escape.
She specializes in picking up the most difficult way to escape, but because of the assistance of spiritual dance steps, the speed is still extremely fast.
Soon, night fell.
This night, Su Luo did not light a fire, so she chose a small cave to hide herself in.
The cave is so small that only Su Luo can hide in it when he is curled up.
The night tonight is extraordinarily long.
The cold wind outside the mountain was whizzing.
In the sky, the moon was covered by clouds, leaving only a hazy shadow.
But for Su Luo, such a phenomenon took advantage.
The howling of the wind can blow away the breath and traces she left behind, and Li Aotian’s difficulty in hunting her will increase.
Su Luo suddenly felt something unusual in the space, and she subconsciously explored it.
What surprised her was that at this time, the little dragon, who had been in a comatose state, showed signs of awakening because of a large amount of spar in the space.
At the same time, Su Luo looked to the other side.
She saw the fiery red stone.
When she was in the Purple Fish Palace, she kicked this stone under her feet, and her mind was almost taken away at the time, which really made her feel a little lingering.
Su Luo took out the flaming red stone from the space and played with it carefully.
What is this stone? What kind of mysterious past?
Su Luo always felt that this stone was not ordinary, it seemed to be a long story.
Su Luo suddenly felt a slight pain in her fingers, and she found that her fingertips rubbed a trace of blood when she rubbed the flaming red stone.
And the blood stain quickly melted into the flaming red stone, and disappeared instantly.
This stone will swallow blood? Su Luo was immediately curious.
She thought for a while, then pierced her finger, and the bright red blood rolled on the flaming stone.
“His–” She seemed to be able to clearly feel the sound of the fiery red stone sucking blood.
How can this be?
Su Luo looked at the stone curiously, and didn’t give it any more blood.
Suddenly, the flaming red stone seemed to be unhappy, and made a sharp voice: “Meow——”
The sound resembling a cat cry, sharp and harsh, resounding through the silent hill.

Chapter: 454
Su Luo was startled immediately, his hands and feet were cold.
This smelly stone! What a bad thing!
She finally found a small cave cat, but now she is called by it, where can she stay in this cave?
I’m afraid that Li Aotian will float in less than a moment of breathing.
Su Luo was so angry that he slapped the flaming red stone, kicked it directly into his arms, smashed the grass at the entrance of the cave, and ran toward the deep forest.
Sure enough, in less than a few breaths, Li Aotian’s upright figure appeared at the mouth of the small hole.
At this time, he was dressed in a black robe, and under the hazy moonlight, the scars on his face seemed more and more terrifying, making people feel terrified.
Li Aotian hit the mountain wall with a heavy punch!
Suddenly, a huge deep pit was blasted out of the mountain wall, and the rock suddenly shattered into powder.
Li Aotian had to look up to the sky and curse: “Smelly girl! Don’t let Lao Tzu find you! Otherwise you will wait to suffer the worst pain in the world!
That ferocious face, in the hazy moonlight, in the dark mountains and forests, looked particularly shocking, like a ghost in the ghost world.
Su Luo hadn’t escaped far, and Li Aotian’s words reached her ears clearly.
Standing on the top of the mountain, Su Luo coldly snorted in the direction where Li Aotian was, “Want to catch this girl? Come if you have the ability.”
Su Luo turned around and spread his feet, and quickly got into the dense forest, only rushing towards the deep mountain and old forest.
After all, Li Aotian has reached the seventh step. Compared with Su Luo, even if she has the skill of spirit dance, he is far better than her in speed.
Therefore, after Li Aotian had chosen the right path with good luck, he soon locked in the position of Su Luo.
At this time, Su Luo was sitting by the waterfall panting.
It was dark all around, and I couldn’t see my fingers.
This is the darkest hour before dawn.
The surrounding silence is terrible, only the sound of splashes from the waterfall bursting down.
Su Luo suddenly found himself in pain.
Su Luo cursed inwardly.
Why was she locked up again when she was resting but a stick of incense?
It’s almost like a dog skin plaster, you can’t throw it away!
Su Luo sighed heavily, thinking about how to get out.
Adapting measures to local conditions is a good strategy.
Su Luo stared at the surroundings regardless.
The front is above the big waterfall. On the mountain wall about one hundred meters high, it is like a white screen. The water splashes down the stream and then rushes forward along the waterfall.
It may be because of the heavy rain just a few days ago, and the speed of the spray was so rapid.
Su Luo watched as a piece of driftwood was rushed out in the blink of an eye.
Suddenly, a dead wood fell over the waterfall.
There are still some green leaves on the dead wood, which are obviously uprooted by the water.
At this time, the river was about ten feet wide, and the dead tree was in the middle of the river. It was pushed forward quickly by the impact of the waterfall.
Su Luo had a flash of inspiration in his mind, before he had time to think, he jumped, his body spreading his wings like a big Peng, rushing towards the dead tree swiftly.
Su Luo calculated the speed of the water, the resistance of the air and other factors, so her body fell steadily on the dead tree.
Hidden among the branches, even if Li Aotian stood in front of her, he might not be able to find her.
The speed of the deadwood is very fast, and it is almost fleeting.
Su Luo could feel that spiritual shackles disappear, and she knew that she was safe again for the time being.

Chapter: 455
But said Li Aotian.
He finally locked Su Luo’s position, and when he flew to the side of the waterfall, he lost her sight.
Li Ao is almost crazy in the weather.
He didn’t expect that he had already entered the seventh rank, yet he was still playing on the palm of his hand by the small third rank of Su Luo.
It was like an elephant being played by an ant, and it almost made him vomit blood.
Li Aotian didn’t know if Nangong Liuyun was injured, he preferred that he was not injured.
Because this world can hurt Nangong Liuyun very few.
So Li Aotian was worried.
He was worried that Su Luo turned around and slipped back to meet Nangong Liuyun. With Nangong Liuyun’s attitude, he would surely protect this stinky girl.
No, you must find this stinky girl before Nangong. If this hatred is not reported, what face does he have to survive in the world?
But where did this stinky girl hide?
Li Aotian searched the surrounding area piece by piece, the mental energy consumed like this was enormous, but he didn’t care.
Even so, he still did not find any trace of Su Luo, as if she had completely disappeared from this world.
This is impossible!
Li Aotian stood silently in front of the waterfall, his eyes as cold as ice, staring at the waterfall coldly.
Suddenly, he thought of a waterfall in his back mountain. A cave is hidden behind the waterfall, but it is covered by a curtain of water. If you don’t say it, no one knows.
But after passing through the waterfall, there is a treasure trove of Yaochi Palace.
Li Aotian’s brows condensed, and he snorted coldly, rising from the ground and rushing towards the waterfall quickly.
What is the impact of the water from the waterfall hitting down from a cliff of one hundred feet high?
Even Li Aotian felt a little overwhelmed.
But hatred makes people strong.
Li Aotian was attracted by Su Luo with all his hatred, and he couldn’t wait to tear her to pieces. How could he easily let her go?
Under the impact of the huge water pressure, Li Aotian searched the cliff wall behind the waterfall inch by inch, not letting go of even the slightest doubt.
Searching inch by inch, time passed by every minute, Li Aotian felt extremely strenuous.
He felt a little dizzy due to too much mental search, but he shook his head and continued to search.
However, what made him extremely disappointed was that there was no mystery on this cliff, not a small hole, let alone a cave.
Li Ao Weather had a punch in the past, and suddenly there was a loud noise, and the rocks were flying.
A small cave about five meters deep appeared in front of him.
But it is a pity that he smashed this small cave by himself.
Where did that stinky girl hide!
Li Aotian held his stinging head and kept thinking.
Suddenly, he looked down and saw a piece of driftwood rushing forward at an extremely fast speed.
There was a flash of inspiration in his mind!
It’s really possible!
A arrogant and stern smile appeared on Li Aotian’s face, and he flew onto a small piece of driftwood.
Like a lone boat on the sea.
With his feet on the driftwood, he took a sigh of relief, the weight of his body was almost negligible, not only that, but he kept urging the wind to speed up.
In this way, he swiftly moved forward along the river bank, how many times faster than Su Luo’s heavy dead wood.
It was said that Su Luo, who threw herself on the dead wood, relaxed a lot because she escaped from Li Aotian’s spiritual shackles.

Chapter: 456
From day to night, and from night to morning, the spirit is highly concentrated, and the speed is soaring to the extreme.
All these made Su Luo feel a little bit drowsy, sleepy and hazy, she felt a slight tingling in her brain.
Su Luo woke up suddenly.
She was lying on the dead wood, and faintly saw a piece of driftwood floating behind, and there was a dark shadow on it.
Although he couldn’t really understand it, Su Luo recognized Li Aotian.
It’s really lingering.
Su Luo cursed secretly in his heart.
How to do? I can’t stay on this dead tree. But if you run away… I’m afraid it won’t be so easy.
Su Luo raised his eyes and looked around.
It’s a bit like the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. The cliffs on both sides of the river are as steep as blades.
Seeing Li Aotian was about to catch up.
Time is pressing.
Su Luolai didn’t think too much about it, pulling off his outer robe and spreading it between the dead wood, seemingly nothing.
It looked like she was hiding under the branches.
At the turn ahead, in the blind spot of Li Aotian’s vision, Su Luo jumped up and grabbed a wicker extending from the cliff.
Su Luo’s body was as light as a swallow, and she swayed with the strength of a wicker, and once again, she was no longer visible.
She was already hiding at the top of the old leafy tree.
There are cliffs all around here, behind Li Aotian’s pursuit, she will be seen by him as long as she is on the road, so Su Luo stayed obediently on the tree, hiding behind the lush foliage.
Su Luo curled up, adjusting the operation of physiological functions to the lowest state.
All physiological functions, such as heart rhythm, blood circulation, breathing sound, etc., all converge and suppress.
At this time, her whole body was cold and stiff, like a hibernating snake, almost lifeless.
She is betting.
She was betting that Li Aotian would not abuse her mental power to search on the river surface, because the penetration resistance of the river water was much stronger than that of the air.
Moreover, Li Aotian has just been promoted to the seventh rank, and his mental strength has not provided him with a steady flow of energy.
Li Ao chased him fiercely.
Indeed, as Su Luo expected, a lot of mental energy was wasted by searching for the waterfall before, so he didn’t use it any more at this time, but instead focused on urging the driftwood to pursue it quickly.
Li Aotian’s gaze fell on the dead tree, he didn’t care about it before, but soon, he sharply noticed the yellowish color among the leaves.
If I remember correctly, Su Luo’s stinky girl was wearing a goose yellow skirt.
Li Aotian was immediately ecstatic!
The driftwood urging one’s feet rushed to the dead tree.
So… he passed by the old tree where Su Luo was hiding.
As he passed by, Su Luo’s eyes closed slightly, almost halting all physiological functions.
After all, the strength of her and Li Aotian is too different, if there is a slight change, he will notice it.
So Su Luo must be careful.
But what made her happy was that Li Aotian’s attention was attracted by the goose-yellow cloth, and she did not expect that the real she was hiding on the edge of his reach.
Li Aotian rushed forward without knowing it, at an incredible speed.
After seeing Li Aotian rushing past, Su Luo slowly recovered her physical functions. After a little movement, she began to leave the ancient tree.
Her breath has been left here, an indelible breath.

Chapter: 457
Li Aotian was only temporarily blinded by her. When he wakes up, he will definitely find the clues of this ancient tree.
Su Luo didn’t have time to think, so he climbed up the cliff.
Except for waterways, there is only a chance to climb the cliff.
Su Luo’s speed was extremely fast and his movements were extremely concealed. The jumping point was concealed, and Li Aotian, who was rushing forward, didn’t even notice it.
Li Aotian put all his thoughts on the dead tree.
He concentrated his spiritual power on the driftwood under his feet, and the surrounding wind pushed the driftwood forward quickly.
Soon, Li Aotian was still a hundred meters away from the dead tree.
However, seeing Li Aotian’s mouth a cold sneer, a venomous light appeared in his eyes.
“Smelly girl! Let’s see where you are going this time!” Li Aotian stood up, leaping directly onto the dead tree at a distance of 100 meters.
“Smelly girl, get out!” Li Aotian slapped the dead wood again!
In order to prevent the smelly girl from diving and fleeing, he concentrated almost all his spiritual power around the dead wood.
Now this dead tree is like laying a net in the sky, and a fly can’t fly out.
However, what made Li Aotian desperate was that when he slapped it down, the goose yellow skirt suddenly turned into powder.
But he didn’t even see Su Luo’s shadow.
Li Aotian looked at the skirt that was ruined into powder, and suddenly became furious!
He was fooled by Su Luo’s smelly girl again!
The smelly girl is clearly no longer on this dead tree, but she deliberately left her clothes to attract herself!
Being deceived repeatedly, and falling in the same place every time, Li Ao weather roared wildly. He was so angry that he slapped the dead wood into powder.
The smelly girl is not here, so where did she hide?
As long as he thought of Su Luo stinky girl hiding aside and watching him chase the fake, he wanted to kill someone angrily.
Li Ao rushed back fiercely in the weather.
On the way, he didn’t care about his spiritual power at all, and used it extravagantly along the way.
Under such circumstances, Li Aotian soon discovered the breath left by Su Luo on the willow tree.
He actually walked through this position just now, and he was still accelerating here.
It turned out that the stinky girl was hiding here and watching him do stupid things, I’m afraid the stinky girl was still laughing at him for being stupid.
Li Aotian was furious.
He released his spiritual power, and the follower Su Luo continued to search for the breath, and finally followed the path she walked, leaving behind the traces.
But said Su Luo.
Throwing away Li Aotian temporarily, she did not relax at all, because she knew that Li Aotian was too strong for her and would chase her again at any time.
Su Luo tried to hide his breath as much as possible and quickly shuttled through the forest.
The fourth day passed unharmed.
On the fifth day, it was already halfway through.
Su Luo sighed secretly in his heart, I really hope that the fifth and sixth days will pass, and it will be better until the seventh day.
As he was thinking, suddenly, there was a wave of spiritual power in the space, and Su Luo was happy, and his spiritual power went inside to watch.
I saw the little Shenlong who was lying on his back on the grass and snoring soundly asleep, and now he woke up leisurely.
I saw it sitting on its small swollen body, with two paws rubbing sleepy eyes, its small face was confused and innocent, and its dumb and silly look was so cute.
Su Luo directly stretched out his hand to fish it out, poking his head happily, “Oh, I finally woke up this time, see if you dare to eat it next time.”

Chapter: 458
Recalling that the hundreds of spars were gone in a blink of an eye, Su Luo still felt a terrible pain.
The little dragon was so teased by Su Luo, he shyly covered his small face, and secretly looked at Su Luo through the gap in his claws.
Su Luo amusedly broke its two small claws and poked its head: “Swallowing so many polycrystalline stones, shouldn’t you grow a little bit?”
Upon hearing this, the little dragon was immediately excited.
I saw its little furry head nodded fiercely, and its two oozing eyes were excited: “Aooooooo–” It’s amazing, amazing.
It is Su Luo’s contract beast, so there is no problem with the two people communicating mentally.
“How powerful is it?” Su Luo was running around now being chased and killed. When the little dragon said that it was very powerful, she immediately became energetic.
God, her luck is too good, right? After being chased and sluggish, the little dragon on the side has become so coquettish?
Su Luo was immersed in the fantasy of boundless happiness.
The little dragon didn’t know the owner’s intoxication, and saw it start counting with its small paws: “One, two, three, four, five–”
Seeing that Su Luo ignored it, it started to continue with another claw: “One, two, three, four, five–”
Su Luo couldn’t count it when he saw it count. He couldn’t help but asked in surprise, “What does this two, three, four and five mean?”
For some reason, she faintly had a bad feeling.
The little dragon opened a pair of innocent and lovely clear eyes, looking at Su Luo in confusion: “Aoaoao—”Master, Tier 5, Tier 5—
“What?” Su Luo suddenly felt black in front of him and almost fell to the ground.
Before, she thought that the little dragon was really powerful, but she didn’t expect it to be only Tier 5!
Su Luo was speechless and helpless, looking at the little Shenlong with heartache and heartache, sighing constantly.
Indeed, the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.
Little Shenlong didn’t know why the master’s mood suddenly fell, and he pulled her clothes corners anxiously.
Su Luo laughed and rubbed his head: “Putting the pressure on you is that your master is too useless. It’s none of your business.”
Su Luo sighed helplessly.
She has nothing worse than others in terms of natural opportunities, but her only weakness is time.
She came to this world too late, started so much later than others, that she wanted to catch up desperately.
Ten years of time gap, and now she has only come here for less than a few months.
It is almost impossible to shorten the ten-year gap at once.
However, she firmly believed that as long as she was given time, two years, no, only one year, her strength would definitely be able to step on Li Aotian’s head.
The little dragon pulled at the corner of Su Luo’s clothes, feeling a little nervous. It hasn’t told the owner about the latest skills…
Seeing the appearance of the master sighing, the little dragon sits on the ground very well, with his hands resting his cheeks, two clear black and white eyes looking at its little master innocently.
“Woo-” There are bad guys!
Suddenly, the little dragon made a slight howl.
At the same time, Su Luo also felt the danger coming.
Li Aotian, this lingering person is chasing him again!
Su Luo picked up the little dragon and turned around and ran.
The little dragon’s face was serious at this time.
Speaking of it, its perception of danger is stronger than Su Luo, so it can clearly feel the enemy’s strength.
This time Li Aotian seemed to be violent, and the speed was even faster than the previous few times.

Chapter: 459
Before Su Luo could find a way to escape, Li Aotian had already stood in front of her.
Su Luo was shocked immediately, and subconsciously sent the little dragon into the space.
Li Aotian saw Su Luo in front of him, his eyes bursting with murderous aura.
“Smelly girl, she has some skill, and she can escape for a day and a night under my tracking.” Li Aotian stared at Su Luo with a gloomy look.
Su Luo was jealous, but his face was calm, and smiled lightly: “Do you still like that dead tree?”
Su Luo delayed as much as possible, thinking about the way to get out.
Upon mentioning this, Li Aotian’s eyes burned with a raging fire: “Smelly girl! You are looking for death!”
Su Luo smiled faintly: “Do you think you killed me?”
“Then try and see if I can kill you stinky girl with a palm, and save you from going out to harm the world.” Li Aotian looked like a guardian who walked the way for heaven.
As he said, he was concentrating spiritual power, and he wanted to hack Su Luo’s head!
“Hold on!” Su Luo raised his hand, raised his eyebrows and looked at him with a smile, “Don’t you have any interest in the secret books you got from the Purple Fish Palace?”
Li Aotian’s palm suddenly stiffened on the spot.
He couldn’t help but slapped himself on the head.
In the past few days, he has been devoting his mind to the revenge of the stinky girl, and he has forgotten at all. In the purple fish palace, this stinky girl was so lucky that he took a lot of secrets in one breath.
Those secrets are rare, and even Yaochi Palace is coveted.
If I can get back a few secret books, I think the family will pay more attention to me.
Li Aotian thought about this, his expression condensed, and he stared at Su Luo condescendingly: “Smelly girl, please hand over the secret book soon!”
How could Su Luo hand over the secret book?
No need to doubt, as long as she handed over the secret book with her front hand, he could chop himself to death on the back foot.
Su Luo looked a little embarrassed, and Liu frowned: “But…the secret is hidden by me.”
“Where is it hiding?!” Anyway, this stinky girl is already in his pocket.
Su Luo looked at him fearfully, with a slightly nervous expression: “If I hand over the secret book, can you let me go?”
Li Aotian had a look, and a trace of killing intent flashed in his eyes, but he sneered: “Don’t kill you? This can be considered.”
Just thinking about it.
Of course Su Luo understood that he did not want to kill himself.
They are now in a state of immortality, either she died or he died.
Although he deeply understood this situation, Su Luo still pretended to be innocent and innocent.
Seeing Li Aotian said this, she seemed to immediately believe: “Well, as long as you can let me go, I will take you to find the secret book!”
Li Ao looked at her up and down, his eyebrows frowned: “Don’t make any ill-conceived ideas!”
“Where do I have any damn idea?” Su Luo spread his hands innocently.
Li Aotian thought for a while, but he was still not at ease: “No, you stinky girl has too many wicked ideas, it is impossible to guard against.”
As soon as the voice fell, Li Aotian took out a rope, cut Su Luo’s double back, and tied them neatly.
Seeing the rope, Su Luo immediately became happy.
She had seen this thing not long ago.
I remember that in the Sunset Mountains, Goose Huang was afraid of her escape, so he tied her up and tried to escort her to Fairy Yaochi.
But it’s a pity that the yellow goose was killed by the little dragon’s father.

Chapter: 460
Su Luo remembered that the rope was red at the time. He remembered that Goose Huang said at the time that it was a lingering rope, specifically for criminals without spiritual power.
Su Luo realized that the rope that bound her now was slightly darker than the original one. She used her spiritual power to try to solve it, but found that the more spiritual power she used, the more the red rope was embedded in the flesh. She grinned in pain.
Li Aotian glanced at Su Luo arrogantly, and sneered: “The stinky girl who has never seen the world, this is a chain of immortals, even if the gods are tied, I can’t escape, I see how you can escape this time!”
Li Aotian’s gaze swept towards Su Luo’s legs.
If the smelly girl wants to escape, he doesn’t mind breaking her legs.
Su Luo frowned slightly.
It seems that this red rope is an upgraded version compared to the original yellow one.
It’s no wonder that the things that the second young master of Yaochi Palace took out were of the same grade as a maid? For example, there are many high-end.
Su Luo couldn’t help sighing secretly in his heart.
Although he temporarily saved his life, he was tied up like this, his hands and feet were tied up by the ropes of some kind of fish. It was difficult to escape.
Li Aotian glared at her coldly: “Hurry up and lead the way. If you can’t find the secret book before tonight, I will cut your hand!”
Look, what a grumpy man who breaks his limbs at every turn.
Su Luo sighed faintly again.
Driven forward by Li Aotian, Su Luo communicated with the little dragon in his mind urgently.
“What awesome beasts are on this desert island?” Su Luo asked expectantly.
The little dragon tilted his head for a moment, then shook his head.
It really can’t sense…
Su Luo changed another method: “Is there a place to hide the treasure?”
Hearing that the baby little dragon was immediately excited.
“Ooooooooo—”Yes, yes!
When it comes to Taobao, the little dragon almost jumps up in excitement.
Su Luo thought to himself that there must be various traps in the place where the treasure was hidden, but Li Aotian could be attracted to him.
Thinking about it this way, Su Luo’s heart dropped slightly.
Along the way, Li Aotian kept talking coldly to Su Luo and yelled at every turn.
“Where are you hiding? If you dare to lie to me, hum!” Li Aotian hummed a cold sound from his nostrils.
Su Luobai gave him an angry look: “When I ran, I couldn’t choose the way. How can I remember it so clearly.”
“Smelly girl, you dare to play with me!” Li Aotian looked annoyed, with murderous intent in his eyes.
“How dare you play you, the second young master of the Jade Lake Palace.” Su Luo glanced at him and hummed twice, “The rope is tied so tightly, where can I go fast.”
Li Aotian glanced at her coldly: “Tie the rope or cut off your arms, you choose.”
Su Luo’s expression was not suspicious, but she could only keep silent.
She knew that Li Aotian hated her to the point that he would almost cut her off. If it weren’t for the secrets to attract him, he would have done it.
Su Luo’s complexion put on an expression of fear and helplessness, but he kept communicating with the little dragon in his mind.
Follow the direction it is pointing, and approach the target area little by little.
It was getting dark gradually.
The two are still walking in the jungle.
Soon, night fell, and a few residual stars hung in the lonely sky.
Li Aotian stopped suddenly and yelled at Su Luo coldly, “Why haven’t we arrived yet? Stinky girl, are you kidding me?”
Su Luo snorted coldly, “The front is almost here.”
“Believe it or not, I will kill you immediately!” Li Aotian’s patience is extremely limited.

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