The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 461-470

Chapter: 461
If Su Luo kept telling him about the value of the secret book along the way, maybe he could not help but slap Su Luo with a palm.
Su Luo looked at the sky and sighed deliberately, “It looks like it will be a little difficult to reach the destination tonight.”
“Stop and rest.” Li Aotian thought for a while, and finally decided to take a break.
That day and night, Su Luo was running dizzy, and he couldn’t chase after him easily. Especially the mental power was exhausted, which made his brain a little bit painful.
He needs time to recover some of his mental power.
Li Aotian took out another red rope and snorted to Su Luo: “Smelly girl, do you really want to run away while I am fixing the chain?”
As the captured prisoner, of course it is impossible to admit it. Su Luo firmly shook his head: “How did I run?”
“Humph.” Li Aotian didn’t believe her nonsense, he pushed Su Luo to her, and the red rope was wrapped around her calf twice, and then he tied a knot.
“Now let’s see how you run.” Li Aotian stood up, staring at Su Luo with a stern face, his voice was cold and strange, making his back chill.
This bundle of immortals, the more struggling, the tighter the bundle, and the harder it is to untie it.
There are countless ways to tie the celestial cord. Only the person who ties the rope knows what knot he is tying, and knows that he can untie the knot.
Therefore, Li Aotian didn’t worry that Su Luo would run.
After dealing with Su Shi, Li Aotian spun up, flew to the ancient tree aside, and closed his eyes to meditate.
He chose this position for chain repair very well.
The angle was right at the location where Su Luo was located, and only a slight opening of his eyes was able to get a panoramic view of Su Luo’s every move.
Su Luo was naturally obedient at first.
She sat leaning against the tree trunk and closed her eyes motionlessly. She seemed to have accepted the fact that she was a prisoner and looked helpless.
There was a sneer at the corner of Li Aotian’s mouth, and a venomous light flashed in his eyes.
Resignation? On this desert island, in front of her, he is the sky! You can tell her to die anytime!
But killing her is too cheap. After getting the secret book, he will continue to torture her and let her taste what life is better than death.
Li Aotian was very confident in his own strength and also very confident in the power of tying immortals.
He decided that Su Luo could not escape.
In fact, it was true, but Su Luo couldn’t move an inch at this time.
However, Li Aotian missed a little.
Su Luo couldn’t move, but the little dragon could.
In the blind spot that Li Aotian could not see, Su Luo secretly released the little dragon.
Originally, she wanted to order the little dragon to make trouble, but who knows, this little thing was immediately angry when she saw her being tied up, and bit at the red rope on her back.
Only a slight “click” was heard.
Li Aotian’s confident baby, the legendary tie-strap, was directly gnawed away by the little dragon!
Su Luo was shocked!
What kind of baby is this Nima! Unfortunately, Li Aotian still brags in front of him, and there is nothing in the sky where he brags.
But who knows, it can’t bear the mouth of the little dragon.
Li Aotian noticed the strangeness, and his indifferent eyes swept towards Su Luo.
It was too late for Su Luo to close her eyes and calm down. In a hurry, she threw a flattering brow at Li Aotian.
Li Aotian only felt the corners of his eyes twitch, and turned away indifferently.
Smelly girl now knows to be afraid? Want to use the beauty plan? Have her great dream!

Chapter: 462
Li Aotian looked down on Su Luo in his heart, and continued to repair the chain with a cold snort.
How did he know that the reason why Su Luo was like this was to show the enemy’s weakness and deliberately let him relax his guard in order to prepare for his escape.
A fugitive who doesn’t want to escape is not a good fugitive. Su Luo, a good fugitive, is always ready to escape.
Just after Li Aotian recovered the chain repairing state, Su Luo hid the little dragon under the skirt and asked it to bite the red rope tied to her leg.
The little dragon is very obedient, and this time he cleverly covers his mouth, and his sharp white teeth are slowly grinding on the rope for fear of making a sound.
Su Luo, who looked cautiously, pressed her heart.
Soon, the bundle of immortals on Su Luo’s legs was gnawed off by the little dragon, and his hands and feet were restored to freedom.
Su Luo pretended to observe Li Aotian, and seeing him deeply immersed in the repair chain, a faint smile appeared at the corner of her mouth.
When will you not leave at this time?
Before he could think about it, Su Luo picked up the little dragon and disappeared in the dense forest within a few moments of ups and downs.
All this happened quietly, and Li Aotian, who was immersed in the chain of repair, did not notice it at all.
He didn’t even know that Su Luo, who was bound by the immortal cable, would escape.
Time passed by every minute.
After about half an hour, Li Aotian finished repairing the chain and slowly opened his closed eyes.
After half a week, his mental strength has recovered 30%.
He decided that if the stinky girl plays with her again this time, he must break her arm first to see if she dares.
Li Aotian’s gaze swept towards Su Luo’s direction.
The sneer at the corner of his mouth froze in an instant.
There was an incredible look in Li Aotian’s eyes, he turned and flew down the ancient tree, and directly landed where Su Luo was sitting before.
Where have people gone?
Aren’t you tied up with celestial ropes? Can she even run away?
Li Aotian couldn’t believe it.
This matter was beyond his scope of understanding. He couldn’t imagine how it happened.
Obviously tied hands and feet, and those who are clearly bound by the immortal cords, the more they act, the more the immortal cords sink into the skin, and finally the legs of the person can be cut off alive.
However, the smelly girl has lost her track.
Li Aotian released his mental power and kept searching around, trying to find the dying Su Luo who had been tied up by the immortals because of his escape.
However, Su Luo had already run away without a trace, where could he find it?
Li Aotian was almost mad! ! !
He had long known that this stinky girl was cunning like a fox, and he should have photographed her directly into meatloaf when he caught her.
However, he was led by her nose again and again, careless again and again.
From freezing her into an ice sculpture before, and now tying her up with immortal ropes, she thought that she was foolproof but she could always make mistakes and escape at critical moments.
Li Aotian almost doubted whether Su Luo, this stinky girl, was a cat in her life, with nine lives? How can it be possible to turn the dangers into danger again and again?
He swears!
This time I will find the stinky girl again, regardless of torture and not torture, it is the most real way to shoot her directly into meatloaf!
Li Aotian clenched his fist on his side and left the place in strides.
Su Luo escaped very quickly this time, and because of the little dragon’s guidance, Li Aotian imagined that it would be difficult to find her like before.

Chapter: 463
I don’t know how long I ran in the jungle, and the sky was hazy.
A red sun rose slowly in the east, slowly breaking the darkness of dawn.
The morning light came through, and the sky was orange and red.
The fifth day has passed, and today is the sixth day that Nangong Liuyun said.
Su Luo smiled helplessly.
The escape of these two days and two nights was really thrilling, dangerous, and hovering on the edge of life and death every time. If it weren’t for her cleverness, she would have never known how many deaths.
Now it is the sixth day, and one day, another day Nangong Liuyun can resume martial arts, and she doesn’t have to run around like this.
Su Luo looked up at the gorgeous red clouds in the sky, fished out the little dragon and rubbed its head: “Hurry up and lead the way, we are running out of time.”
The little dragon knows it, and yells twice, and its small body quickly shuttles through the forest, and the speed is fleeting.
Su Luo followed behind it, using the spirit dance steps to flee from the top of the tree when necessary.
Because of this, if Li Aotian wanted to hunt her down, could it be improved. Su Luo didn’t want to defeat him, just as long as Nangong Liuyun exited.
Dongfanghong gradually moved into the sky.
It was already noon.
Suddenly, the little dragon pointed to a hidden cave in front of him, turning his head and calling out to Su Luo.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! There is Warcraft! There is Warcraft!
“Warcraft?” Su Luo was suddenly surprised.
She was very strange before that she couldn’t even find a monster on this deserted island, and she didn’t expect there to be one here.
“Oh oh oh!” There are cubs! There are cubs!
The big black and white eyes of the little dragon gleamed with excitement and joy, and he couldn’t wait to rush in to find the cub of Warcraft.
“How come there are monsters here?” Su Luo felt a bit abrupt.
After all, there is no beast on the entire island, but there is actually here, and there are cubs?
“Is this monster powerful?”
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Tier 7 Warcraft!
The little dragon gesticulated excitedly, and nodded at Su Luo fiercely.
Tier 7 Warcraft!
Su Luo’s heart was suddenly shocked, there is a seventh-order beast on this desert island?
She was about to take a detour with the little dragon, but suddenly there was a flash of light in her mind.
Seventh-order monster…Li Aotian is also seventh-order…hehe!
The corner of Su Luo’s mouth evoked a tricky smile, she attached to the ear of the little dragon, and murmured several times to it.
The little dragon is obviously very interested in this kind of adventure. His little head nodded, and in a blink of an eye, the little body had disappeared before Su Luo’s eyes.
Su Luo sprinkled Heavenly Spirit Water on the blind spot not far away to draw away the mother of beast. At the same time, he let the little dragon enter quickly, picked up a cub and ran away.
After preparing, Su Luo leaned behind an ancient tree not far away and saw a huge seventh-order brown bear sniffing his nose looking for the target.
Soon, it found the heavenly spirit water on the ground.
Su Jianzhen is too cunning. She spilled most of the water on the ground, leaving only a little bit in the cup.
The brown bear drank a small sip of the heavenly water in that cup in one sip, and soon, it was attracted by this magical smell, just like taking drugs, it could not let go.
The cub in the cave screamed, and it didn’t care, just bowed its head and sniffed on the ground, swallowing the weeds and the mud into its mouth.
The little dragon had already let out the little cub, and it ran in front of Su Luo. Before he could claim the credit, the little bear cub let out a scream.
Su Luo secretly said in his heart: “It’s awful!”

Chapter: 464
Sure enough, the mother brown bear was immediately angry when she saw her cub being walked along!
“Run!” Su Luo yelled, picked up the little dragon and the little bear cubs and put them into the space, ran away on the way back.
There is Li Aotian!
Where did the mother brown bear take care of the sweet spring on the ground, spread her four cumbersome hooves, and flew towards Su Luo’s back.
The brown bear focuses on strength, and speed is not the fastest. Therefore, when Su Luozhan has taken the first opportunity to flee, it will be difficult to catch her.
But its speed is still slightly faster than Su Luo, and as time goes by, the distance between the two keeps getting closer.
Su Luo couldn’t help crying secretly in his heart.
Before, she wished that Li Aotian would never chase him, but now she wished that Li Aotian would descend like a god, and she would just show up in front of her the next moment.
As the distance drew closer, Su Luo could almost feel the heat that the mother brown bear snorted at her.
Ten meters…
Five meters…
Three meters…
The distance between the two is infinitely close.
Seeing that the mother brown bear was about to jump up and flew towards Su Luo-
At this critical juncture!
Li Aotian descended like a god, a tall and tall figure appeared on the road ahead, with his arms around his chest, standing there calmly, as if waiting for Su Luo to throw himself into the net.
Su Luo immediately felt happy.
I am not afraid of you, I am afraid that you are not!
She flew towards Li Aotian, and at the same time shouted joyfully: “Boss, don’t you want to eat the brown bear cub? I found it for you, take it!”
While talking, Su Luo threw the little brown bear cub toward Li Aotian’s chest.
Li Aotian subconsciously caught it, but at the same time, he frowned.
What is this stinky girl talking nonsense? Who is her boss? It’s hilarious.
But the brown bear cub… Li Aotian’s eyes suddenly brightened.
It is said that the brown bear cub has a miraculous effect on restoring his appearance. He is now completely ruined, but he needs this brown bear cub most.
The smelly girl did a good thing.
Li Aotian steadily caught the brown bear cub, but before he could pick it up, a mighty and mighty big brown bear suddenly jumped out from behind Su Luo and rushed towards Li Aotian!
Without checking Li Aotian for a while, his face was scratched by the sharp brown claws, leaving a deep blood mark.
Li Aotian was shocked immediately.
I could not help cursing in my heart.
I have known that the stinky girl is uneasy and kind, and it was designed to harm him.
However, now that his face was hurt and hatred had bred, Li Aotian knew what Su Luo had designed, so he went in without hesitation.
This is Su Luo’s arrogance.
The brown bear had already determined in his heart that Li Aotian was the mastermind, the cub he wanted to eat it, and hated Li Aotian.
Li Aotian’s face was ruined and he was already angry, how could he easily let go of this big stupid bear?
So, one person and one beast fought together like this.
Suddenly, the fight was inextricably difficult.
Li Aotian is a seventh-order powerhouse.
The big brown bear is a seventh-order monster.
There is not much difference in strength between the two, so the outcome is difficult to distinguish at one time.
Su Luo originally planned to leave.
But now he is hidden in the jungle, watching the battle carefully.
The snipe and the clam competed for the fisherman’s profit. She didn’t know if she had such a blessing.
Li Aotian is very cunning.
In fact, in terms of true strength, he is no better than the big brown bear with natural power.
But he was lucky, holding a brown bear cub in his hand. Whenever the big brown bear made a fatal blow, he cleverly sent the little brown bear forward.

Chapter: 465
The mother brown bear immediately threw a rat avoidance device.
Once, twice, three times… After being teased again and again, the mother brown bear suddenly became angry!
I saw a mouthful of thick fishy mucus suddenly brewing in her mouth and quickly sprayed it on Li Aotian’s body.
When this mouthful of slime flew out, Li Aotian’s scarlet eyes flashed a trace of anxiety.
In an instant, he didn’t have time to think about it, and threw the mucus that the little dumb bear spit out at the mother brown bear.
The mother brown bear looked shocked, and she let out a sorrowful cry, and flew over, pressing the little stupid bear under her body, which could easily evade the slime that could corrode almost everything.
The little stupid bear was completely ignorant, with clear and big eyes, looking at its mother in confusion, and then looking around suspiciously.
However, at this moment, Li Aotian seized the opportunity and shouted, “The world is frozen!”
In an instant, the green clothes around suddenly turned into white snow, and everything was pale white.
With the big brown bear as the center, it flew away like icy blades and swords, almost wanting to pierce its heart with ten thousand arrows.
At this time, Su Luo wanted to run but it was too late.
Unfortunately, her body was directly frozen on the spot, unable to move a single movement.
Big Stupid Bear is not a fuel-efficient lamp.
“Howl–” With a shout of anger, flames burst out, spreading everywhere, and soon started a prairie fire.
“Slap, crack—” With a violent sound, pieces of ice and snow were burned into water droplets by the raging fire.
Li Aotian was annoyed!
“If that’s the case, let me show you something amazing!” Li Aotian was muttering words, and suddenly, in the place where the big brown bear was standing.
A sharp ice thorn suddenly burst out.
Within a few hundred meters, there are sharp ice thorns.
The big stupid bear didn’t check it for a while, and a hole was pierced in its abdomen, and blood suddenly poured out.
“It’s over…” Su Luo wailed in his heart.
It seems that Big Stupid Bear can’t beat Li Aotian.
Su Luo sighed helplessly. Originally wanted to use the big brown bear to kill Li Aotian, but now it seems impossible.
She only hoped that the big brown bear could hurt Li Aotian a little bit, so that her escape pressure would also be reduced.
Now… while Li Aotian is entangled, let’s run fast, as far as he can run.
At this time, Su Luo’s ice-bound state had been unraveled by the big stupid bear’s fire, and she was seen quietly backward, step by step withdrawing, and after walking out a few hundred meters, she turned and fled quickly.
Run around
Su Luo circled in the jungle.
If it weren’t for the little dragon’s guidance, she would have lost her chance.
I don’t know how long it took before Su Luo stopped, calmed his breath, and drank a cup of Tianling Water to add moisture.
“Where is the key location?” Su Luo asked while drinking.
Li Aotian seemed to win, and Su Luo had to make plans for the next step.
“Ohhhhh—-” The little dragon stood on Su Luo’s shoulders with two short legs, pointed at the mountains not far in front, and yelled excitedly.
Su Luo calculated silently, the time from here is only a stick of incense, and it will soon be here.
She was thinking about getting up, and suddenly, she only felt a pain in her forehead.
The same is true for the little dragon.
The two looked at each other, Su Luo’s eyes showed a hint of helplessness.
I thought that the big stupid bear could hold Li Aotian some time to prepare, but now it seems that it has failed her trust.
Su Luo didn’t even think about it, turned around and ran forward.
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Chapter: 466
Li Aotian, who was chasing behind, looked gloomy and gloomy, chasing the breath left by Su Luo.
At this moment, he was scratched with blood on his hideous face by sharp claws, his flesh turned out, and his bones were visible. The look was shocking and frightening.
He was also injured in many places, and the whole robe was stained red with blood, and the smell of blood was very strong.
But looking at his speed like a gust of wind, it seems that these are all traumas, and his strength has not been damaged much.
On the contrary, it was the big stupid bear. It was no longer visible, so I don’t know what happened to it.
Li Aotian snorted coldly as he hunted down, “Smelly girl, cherish this opportunity to catch your breath. Soon, you will never need to breathe again.”
That big stupid bear is very powerful, if it hadn’t been long after it had just been produced, he wouldn’t be able to beat it at all.
A monster is a monster. Even when its strength is damaged, it can still be tied with him. In the end, he was busy hunting down the stinky girl of Su Luo, and had to throw the little stupid bear back, otherwise, there would be some fights.
“Smelly girl, let’s see where you are going!” Li Aotian’s face was gloomy, and he sneered, and his vigorous spiritual power instantly gathered under his feet.
Suddenly, a ray of light burst out under his feet, his speed was extremely fast, leaving an afterimage in the air.
That astonishing speed passed through the jungle and followed Su Luo closely.
“Crap!” Su Luo turned his head occasionally and saw not far behind him, an afterimage stepped on the top of the tree, following him at an extremely fast speed.
Arrived at a speed visible to the naked eye!
Su Luo’s expression changed slightly.
She knew that Li Aotian was furious, and didn’t plan to entangle her again, but planned to kill her directly.
His patience has dropped to its lowest point.
The little dragon seemed to feel Su Luo’s anxiety, wailed twice, and a white light burst out of his body, waving towards Su Luo’s feet.
“Si-” Su Luo suddenly gasped.
What did she find?
After the little dragon’s white light was applied to her feet, her speed unexpectedly increased, and her speed increased by about 10% visually.
Su Luo looked at the little dragon in doubt: “What’s going on?”
She felt that not only did her speed increase, but her strength also increased by 10%.
Little Dragon: “Oh oh oh -” new skills can increase the master’s strength by 10%!
Sure enough! Su Luo looked happy and continued to ask, “Is it only 10%?”
Little Dragon: “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)
If it wasn’t on the way to fleeing, Su Luo could not wait to pick up the little dragon and kiss him wildly.
This reward is simply amazing.
She can increase by 10% at Tier 4, 20% at Tier 5, 30% at Tier 6…and so on, it is simply too happy.
However, it is a pity that she is too weak now, and an increase of 10% is of little use.
Suddenly, Su Luo felt danger coming.
At this moment, she used the speed of 10% of her step to perform the miracle of the shadow dance step.
In an instant, his body tilted at a strange angle to the left, sliding far away.
The fast speed also left an afterimage.
Just as Su Luo’s figure slid away, a huge palm slammed quickly, and slammed heavily towards the location where Su Luo was just now!

Chapter: 467
Suddenly, the air wave rolled, the air boiled, and the ancient trees in the surrounding circle were all uprooted and torn apart.
The ground left a palm-shaped pit enough to bury a person.
Su Luo looked at the dusty pit with lingering fear, turned around and turned around and dashed forward.
If it wasn’t for the 10% increase that the little dragon gave her, I’m afraid she would be stunned in the pit by Li Aotian.
“Damn it!” Li Aotian missed a palm, and a raging flame burned in his eyes.
He has calculated everything.
The speed of the smelly girl has soared to the extreme, he has already calculated her escape route and speed, and this slap can directly bury her alive.
But who knows, she will suddenly skyrocket at the last moment, making his calculations fall short?
A vicious sneer appeared on Li Aotian’s face: “Well, I can avoid the first time. See if you have the ability to avoid the second time!”
With a miss, Li Aotian had no intention of giving up.
His figure unfolded in an instant, occasionally tapping the top of the tree with his toes, and the afterimages in the air made people dizzy.
He persevered in chasing behind Su Luo, and when he saw Su Luo’s figure, a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth.
“Boom–” Another giant palm patted Su Lu’s back!
Su Luo could feel the danger from the attack. She instinctively wanted to escape, but what made her desperate was–
The strength of that palm was like sticking to her back, no matter what, she couldn’t get rid of it. In the end, I saw that huge shadow swiftly toward her back!
The strength is terrible!
“Puff–” Su Luo only felt a heartache spread from his back, bursting toward the limbs.
She couldn’t help it, and a mouthful of blood spurted out.
She squeezed the jade slip with one hand, and covered her chest with the other, and ran forward without stopping.
This jade slip was presented by the father of the little dragon, and it was an introductory martial art of Da Xukong’s palm seal.
There are three levels in total, but unfortunately she only has the first level of repairing the chain now.
After using it, it was possible to kill Li Aotian, but in the future, he no longer hoped to make a step forward on the palm print of the big void.
Before the last moment, Su Luo was still reluctant to use this jade slip.
“Boom–” Another mighty palm attacked back towards Su Lu.
“Puff–” Su Luo burst out another mouthful of blood, his chest covered with blood.
Su Luo kept running, and kept running.
Even though her figure was swaying and swaying, she still had no intention of staying.
Su Luo didn’t notice that the fiery red stone she hid in her arms was constantly absorbing the blood that Su Luo sprayed.
The original fiery red stone slowly transformed into a snow-white color like suet jade, clear and visible.
However, Su Luo was busy fleeing now, and had no time to notice this strangeness.
Li Aotian, who was chasing behind Su Luo, had a cold and cruel smile at the corner of his mouth.
“It’s fun, it’s really fun.” Li Aotian sneered again and again, “Smelly girl, killing you in one fell swoop is simply too happy for you. If you want to escape, then run away!”
A cat catches a mouse, it won’t catch it all at once, it will keep teasing the mouse, and will catch it only after it has played enough.
Li Aotian also had this idea at this time.
The palm strength he shot at Su Luo only brought about three points, so Su Luo vomited blood again and again, but it was not fatal.

Chapter: 468
If he strikes with all his strength, with the palm of his seventh-order powerhouse, I am afraid that if one move goes down, Su Luo’s whole person will become a meatloaf.
Poor Li Aotian never understood what it meant to kill a snake but not die.
Now he is teasing Su Luo, playing with her between his palms, and soon he will understand what regret is.
Li Aotian patted Su Lao with his back again.
Su Luo felt that the spine on his back was about to be misplaced, and a mouthful of blood spurted out again, staggering and kneeling almost on the spot.
Su Luo’s speed at this time has become very slow, his body is shaky, his steps are moving hard there, his eyes are blurred and hazy, he only maintains a slight sage, it seems that he will fall to the ground in a coma in the next second.
She mentally understood that Li Aotian was teasing him. He wanted to slap himself to death like a frog in warm water.
And this is her only chance to escape.
Li Aotian didn’t know that there was a dangerous place not far ahead, which would give her a chance. If he knew it, I was afraid that he would kill him on the spot.
Su Luo dragged his heavy steps, even if he received palms again and again, he still moved forward with difficulty.
She held the jade slip tightly in her hand.
No, no, it’s not the last moment, she must persist!
The path of the strong is densely covered with thorns, and if you suffer such a little injury, do you have to get the last hole card?
No, she can still insist.
Su Luo shook his face with sweat and blood, and shook his head resolutely.
The little dragon has already been taken back by her. Otherwise, using it to protect the Lord’s temperament will definitely protect her.
Because Su Luo understood that there could be no more unnecessary casualties.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” In the space, the little dragon stood up on his hind legs and lay nervously on the wall of the space, slapped excitedly.
Is it finally here?
Su Luo’s face was pale and weak, she wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth, and a slight smile appeared in the corner of her eyes.
It seems that this time Li Aotian will regret it again.
A valley of flames appeared ahead.
This valley couldn’t be seen at a glance, it seemed boundless, and it appeared in front of Su Luo abruptly.
On its periphery, there were miasma, black and whistling, smoke billowing, and no fingers could be seen, but the breath was terrifyingly hot.
If there are still people on this deserted island, the other party will definitely advise Su Luo.
This Valley of Fire is the most dangerous place of the isolated island, even the rank eight powerhouse dare not go deep into it casually.
No one knows how long and how wide this Valley of Fire is. They only know that it is very dangerous inside, and people who enter have never come out.
Around it, in addition to the black miasma, there is also a hot flame, which seems to be able to dry people.
Behind him, Li Aotian swept another palm.
This time, Su Luo didn’t have any defense, she let her body relax.
When the strong palm wind approached, Su Luo’s body flew lightly with the force of the palm wind, and was thrown forward by the impact of the palm force——
In the blink of an eye, Su Luo’s figure disappeared in the flame valley of the black hole in front of him.
Li Aotian was shocked when he saw Su Luo disappearing instantly, his eyes staring at the black flame valley.
“Smelly girl!!!” Li Aotian roared, roared, and finally slapped himself on the head!
He is such a stupid pig! ! !
Why can’t you remember the lesson?
Every time I tell myself, just kill her directly, just shoot her into meatloaf, but every time–

Chapter: 469
Every time I wanted to torture her, tortured her severely.
But every time, let this stinky girl run away!
Li Ao’s complexion flushed red, and instantly turned pale, he couldn’t wait to slap his pig’s brain to death.
This is clearly the Valley of Fire.
He is of an ice attribute, and ice and fire coexist and restrain each other.
If the flame power of this Valley of Fire is worse than him, then he will have an absolute advantage, and the entire Valley of Fire will be easy for him.
However, it is a pity that the fire in this Valley of Fire is very powerful, much stronger than his strength. If he enters, he will soon be swallowed by the tongue of fire.
Having said that, let Li Aotian sit still, he would never do.
Li Aotian snorted coldly, condensing his spiritual power, and soon, a layer of white frost appeared around him, isolating him from the air.
“Chong!” Li Aotian yelled, exerting force with a single step, and his body moved toward the hole like a spring, leaving a shallow afterimage at a fast speed.
But said Su Luo.
She was slapped towards Flame Valley by Li Aotian, and it took a long time to get up.
Looking from the outside, I felt that the entire valley was dark, with fireworks flying everywhere.
After he was inside, Su Luo had a personal experience.
The countless forested peaks surrounded the entire valley, and there were red mountains in all directions.
This is a valley of volcanoes. The red volcanoes endlessly spread to the sky, bordering the sunset clouds. The same color can’t tell which is sunset and fireworks.
Standing on the periphery, you may feel extremely magnificent and a feast for your eyes.
Standing in the Valley of Flames and experiencing it first can you feel the terrifying and hideousness of the Valley of Flames.
Fortunately, Su Luo has a fire attribute in her body and has a natural affinity for everything that carries fire, so even if the temperature of the flame is high, it can still be within her tolerance.
“Li Aotian, if you have the ability, you can chase in!” Su Luo covered the pain in his chest, a sneer curled up at the corner of his mouth.
The fire attribute naturally restrains the ice and water attributes.
In this Valley of Fire, Li Aotian’s ice power will be greatly restricted, and his strength will be greatly reduced.
Su Luo did not stay at the entrance of Huoyan Mountain, on the contrary, she kept going deeper.
She believed that with Li Aotian’s stupid self-confidence, he would never wait for the rabbit, and would still jump in impatiently.
Therefore, she must lead the opponent to the depths of the Valley of Fire.
Because the deeper, the higher the temperature of the ground fire.
I don’t know how long it took, Su Luo felt that the temperature here was almost beyond her tolerance.
She stopped then, struggling to lean against the rock, gasping for breath.
Later, she took out a handful of Lingyuan Pills from the space. These intermediate-level medicinal Lingyuan Pills were worth a lot of money outside, but she stuffed them in one after another like chewing candy pills. It was simply too extravagant. Up.
Su Luo suddenly felt a difference in her chest, she touched it, and found that she hadn’t put the flaming-red stone into the space in a hurry, but casually carried it into her arms.
In such a dangerous situation, I didn’t even lose it. It was really lucky.
Su Luo took out the flaming red stone.
But when she touched the stone, she felt something was wrong.
How can the tentacles of the originally hot and rough stone cool?
Su Luo was very curious in his heart, and immediately took a look at it, and was shocked.

Chapter: 470
The stone that was originally bright as a flame is now like a warm mutton jade, with a white luster, and it can almost reflect the figure of a person.
How is this going? Su Luo was immediately puzzled.
Just when Su Luo was puzzled, a slight footstep came from behind.
Su Luo was shocked suddenly, threw the stone into the space, turned his head and hid behind a huge stone.
Su Luo restrained his breathing, not letting himself make a sound.
Soon, a figure appeared in the place where Su Luo stood before.
I saw his whole body as if wrapped in frost, and his whole body was white and full of cold air.
But the surrounding temperature is so hot that he has to continuously release frost with spiritual power to lower the temperature of his body.
Li Aotian! He actually chased into the Valley of Fire.
The corner of Su Luo’s mouth evoked a sneer of icy coldness.
As expected, Li Aotian did not wait outside, but rushed in to chase him.
good very good!
At this time Li Aotian frowned tightly.
I could sense the smell of the smelly girl just now, why did it suddenly disappear?
Li Aotian concentrated his spiritual power on his ears, and suddenly, his right ear trembled slightly.
Li Aotian’s body suddenly spread its wings like a big Peng, like a flying eagle swooping down, rushing towards Su Luo’s location!
“Smelly girl! Take it to death!”
In order to kill this stinky girl, he was teased again and again, and he was simply embarrassed. Thinking of this, Li Aotian’s heart suddenly surged with indescribable strong killing intent.
But this time, seeing his ultimate move, Su Luo did not escape!
Li Aotian gave a cold smile at the corner of Li Aotian’s mouth.
There was a hint of mockery in Su Luo’s eyes, and she saw her hands knotted, and medium fireballs gathered around her.
This is Flaming Mountain.
For Su Luo, it was like a fish in the water, like a bird in the forest.
For Li Aotian, it was Longkun Shoal, and the tiger fell to Pingyang.
The surrounding flames were inexhaustible, and Su Luo condensed countless flames without any effort, only to hear a “boom–“.
Countless fireballs rushed toward Li Aotian’s body, like a tide.
Only then did Li Aotian know that Su Luo’s stinky girl turned out to be a fire attribute.
He gritted his teeth with hatred!
No wonder this stinky girl dared to jump into the Valley of Fire alone, no wonder she dared to lure the enemy into deep, it turns out that she herself is a fire mage!
Li Aotian didn’t check Su Luo’s hands and feet for a while, a little embarrassed.
However, after all, the strength difference between the two was too big, and Li Aotian quickly calmed down, and he didn’t mess around like before.
“Smelly girl! Do you dare to resist! Looking for death–” Li Ao weather turned red!
The ice blades, densely packed, are countless, rushing towards Su Luo like a thousand arrows piercing through the heart!
Li Aotian didn’t believe it anymore. Only at the seventh level did he realize the trick, and the stinky girl could resist it!
Su Luo saw countless ice blades attacking her body, a trace of vigilance flashed in her eyes, and at the same time, she quickly rolled towards the flames beside her.
“Chichichi—-” Countless ice blades shot into the flame, covered by the hot fire, and suddenly turned into mist.
Seeing this, Li Aotian was flushed with anger!
Just when his attention was focused on Su Luo, suddenly a little white milk dog appeared behind him.
I saw it suddenly fell from the sky!

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