The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 491-500

Chapter: 491
When Su Luo woke up again, he found himself lying in Nangong Liuyun’s arms.
Opening his eyes, Su Luo sat up in shock, seeing the blue sky and white clouds, green grass and green areas, fresh and natural air, and no hot temperature.
“Bang–” Nangong Liuyun was leaning over to wipe her face. She sat up without warning, and her two heads just hit each other.
“Pain—” He covered his face and covered his nose, his nose and forehead hit, making it sore.
Nangong Liuyun rubbed her forehead amusedly, her deep eyes were charming and enchanting, and she asked softly, “How is it? Does it hurt?”
When he was kneading, a cool spiritual power was injected, and the burning sensation before Su Luo disappeared.
“It’s better.” Su Luo patted his dizzy head and looked around, “Are we out?”
She is very familiar with this place. She was beaten by Li Aotian and vomited blood. She fled all the way to the Flame Cavern. She was clapped and vomited blood. How could she forget this way?
It’s just that in a short time, things are not humans, Li Aotian has died, but they came out of the flame cave alive.
“What day is today?” Su Luo didn’t know how long he was in a coma.
Knowing what she meant, Nangong Liuyun said, “Don’t worry, there are still two days before the scheduled match.”
In other words, she fell asleep all day and night?
I still remember that luxury cruise ship in Nangong Liuyun took one day and one night from the coast to the Zijing Island. Later, she drifted with the flow and drifted all night to reach this isolated island.
Now they don’t even have a raft, I’m afraid it will be too late.
“Must go to participate?” Nangong Liuyun stared at Su Luo earnestly, his handsome and sharp face, beautiful eyes as deep as a mirror lake.
According to his wishes, he could send someone directly to kill Su Qing. Why bother?
Su Luo raised his brows and looked at him calmly, with a serious tone: “This is my first battle in front of the public. I must be there.”
It’s okay if her strength has not been exposed, since her strength has been exposed, it is better to show it openly, lest those people will trample on her as a weed.
“Since you insist on doing this, this king will naturally help you achieve your wish.” Nangong Liuyun smiled and looked at her, picking up a piece of driftwood, and pulling her to the beach.
Just this piece of driftwood? Su Luo looked up at Nangong Liuyun in confusion.
At this time, the handsome face is fair, the nose is tall, and the outline looks like a natural sculpture, with sharp edges and corners. It is handsome and not square, and it is almost impossible to look away from the demon.
Nangong Liuyun led her, standing tall and strong, walking fast, and soon reached the beach.
He casually threw the half-meter-long and quarter-meter-wide driftwood to the sea.
“Are we no longer making rafts?” Su Luo still felt unsafe after thinking about it.
“Do you believe this king?” Nangong Liuyun smiled at the corners of his eyes and looked at Su Luo seriously.
“I believe in you.” Su Luo’s eyes were as dark as lacquer, shiny.
“Then believe it in the end, this king will prove to you how correct your choice is.” Nangong Liuyun squeezed her hand, flew up, and shot at the driftwood far away.
Soon, he took Su Luo down firmly on the driftwood.
“Let’s go.” Nangong Liuyun laughed at her, holding her hand, and the two stood on the driftwood one after another.
Following Nangong Liuyun’s order, the piece of driftwood, which had to bear the weight of two people, suddenly moved forward as if a heavy motor was installed.

Chapter: 492
Su Luo could feel that Nangong Liuyun controlled the surrounding wind, condensed and compressed the wind, and finally pushed the driftwood forward.
Su Luo felt the wind around her, but she didn’t feel the cold.
Because Nangong Liuyun controls the wind speed, as if covering them with a transparent cover, preventing a trace of cold wind from leaking in.
Su Luo looked back and saw the driftwood rushed past, leaving a long water mark behind, which remained for a long time.
This speed is much faster than the previous luxury cruise ship.
Su Luo’s complexion suddenly changed slightly.
“Vortex area.” Su Luo grasped Nangong Liuyun’s hand and whispered, his voice a little anxious.
The previous crossing of the whirlpool area is still vivid, she saw with her own eyes that they were as powerful as Lan Xuan, and it took a lot of effort to cross over.
What’s more, there were cruise ships back then, but now they only have a small piece of driftwood.
“Don’t be afraid, there is this king.” Nangong Liuyun’s eyebrows are picturesque, lips are bloody, and the vermilion is enchanting. He smiled and patted her on the shoulder. ”
The black whirlpools are bubbling with bubbles, like death’s open blood basin, and one will be swallowed inadvertently, leaving no bones.
Facing the legendary ghost prison, Nangong Liuyun’s face remained unchanged, and he even smiled lightly.
Hit by the two vortexes, I saw him kicking slightly, passing through the middle like a rocket, the speed was terribly fast, leaving only a white afterimage.
There are three more black vortices side by side in front.
Nangong Liuyun hugged Su Luo’s slender waist tightly, and the driftwood seemed to stick to the soles of their feet.
Nangong Liuyun leaped high with the driftwood, and then landed in a calm area a dozen feet away in front of him.
In the entire vortex area, the vortices were densely distributed and irregular. Nangong Liuyun brought Su Luo between these vortices, stepping on the driftwood, dodgeing from left to right.
Nangong Liuyun’s movements seem to be rampant, but in fact, every step is precisely calculated by his wise brain, so every step is just right, there is no danger.
This experience is really thrilling and fun!
Su Luo was a little worried at first, but afterwards, she didn’t have any worry at all, and she still felt very funny.
Compared with this, the extreme sports of Bungy Jumping Rock Climbing Sailing is so weak.
“Fun?” Nangong Liuyun hugged her waist tightly, making sure that she was within his reach.
“Yeah! It’s really interesting.” Su Luo nodded excitedly.
I still remember that Bei Chenying laughed at Lan Xuan and Dark Night, saying that when they crossed the whirlpool waters, they couldn’t add up to the hair of Nangong.
She didn’t believe it before, but now she believes it firmly. Nangong Liuyun really has this kind of strength.
In this whirlpool water area that everyone is afraid of avoiding, the whirlpool ghost prison where countless cruise ships are buried here, the little lovers regard this as an adventure game, and they are happy to play.
If it is seen by others, I am afraid they will be regarded as lunatics. I have never seen the whirlpool area as a playground.
The speed of Nangong Liuyun was very fast, and the huge whirlpool water area was crossed by him in less than a stick of incense.
Seeing that Su Luo was still having fun, Nangong Liuyun squeezed the tip of her nose amusedly: “This whirlpool water area is nothing. Next time this king takes you to the Thousand Miles Ghost Prison, it will be fun there.”

Chapter: 493
Nangong Liuyun called it a fun place, and Su Luo thought it would be better for her not to go, so as not to accidentally lose her life.
Su Luo changed the subject: “At this speed, I should be able to catch up.”
One day has passed, and they only have the last twelve hours left.
“No need to worry about this, but if you have a boat, you will be more comfortable.” Nangong Liuyun nodded, but soon, a joke appeared on his face.
“What’s the matter?” Su Luo followed his gaze forward and saw a black spot rushing towards where they were.
It is clearly a boat.
“This is really dozing off and delivering pillows, just in time.” Su Luo’s mouth made a sly smile, “Guess, maybe Beichen and the others came to us?”
Nangong Liuyun was sure to shook his head disgustedly: “Beichen’s boat is not so bad.”
Su Luo was speechless, the angle of identification was different from that of ordinary people, but he had to admit that what he said made sense.
Soon, the boat appeared in front of Su Luo and them.
A wretched-looking middle-aged man saw Su Luo, his eyes lit up, and his smile showed yellow teeth.
“Little girl, why float on the sea? Get on the boat. We have food, drink and hot water to take a bath on board. This is much better than floating on the sea.”
This person runs boats all year round and knows this well.
Those who drift in the sea most hope for a mouthful of hot food and a mouthful of clear water.
Who knows, Su Luo glanced at him lightly, then turned to ask Nangong Liuyun, “Can’t you go up?”
Before Nangong Liuyun spoke, he was robbed by the wretched middle-aged man: “He can’t come up.”
“Why can’t he come up? How can you save only one?” Su Luo exclaimed angrily.
“Save people? Hahaha.” Suddenly, a strong man appeared on the boat, pointing at Su Luo and laughing.
The wretched middle-aged man even smiled and covered his stomach: “Little girl, you don’t think we are the savior. It’s so funny to save people.”
A man in yellow clothes said with a smile, “Is the little girl literate? Look at our name!”
“Donghai Flood Dragon Gang?” Su Luo asked Nangong Liuyun suspiciously, “Have you heard of it?”
Nangongliu’s deep eyes with a deep lake reveals a faint coldness and coldness: “Little gangs have never been qualified to enter this king’s ears.”
So arrogant, strong, and domineering speech.
Fortunately, Nangong Liuyun didn’t speak. His words immediately offended the entire East Sea Flood Dragon Gang.
“Dare to underestimate our Donghai Flood Dragon Gang, it’s almost dead!” The wretched middle-aged man shouted.
“Looking for death!” The black pressure pressed a group of strong men neatly to repeat the ending, and suddenly the momentum was like a rainbow, full of might.
“Come here, kill this man, capture this woman, and give it to our boss to be a wife. The boss will definitely be rewarded!” The wretched middle-aged man directly ordered.
He looked at Su Luo’s eyes, and there was a bright light. It’s rare to meet a beautiful girl at sea. If you let it go, wouldn’t it be a violent thing?
This East China Sea Jiaolong Gang has more than one boat, but roughly as many as six.
As a result, the six boats encircled and surrounded Nangong Liuyun and Su Luo standing on the driftwood.
Nangong Liuyun’s red lips were slightly aroused like blood, and they immediately appeared magnificent and unparalleled.
His smile, just like the sentence just said, angered the Donghai Flood Dragon Gang again.
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Chapter: 494
Seeing that these ships are encircling them.
An indifferent ironic smile appeared at the corner of Nangong Liuyun’s mouth.
“Little girl, get on the boat, or you will die too!” The wretched middle-aged man said loudly towards Su Luo.
A faint smile appeared in Su Luo’s eyes: “No need.”
“Why not even kill for a stinky man? Swords and guns don’t have eyes. It’s not good to accidentally hurt the little beauty by then. Come up quickly, the uncle will hurt you.” The middle-aged man showed his yellow teeth and smiled extremely wretchedly. .
Su Luo heard the words, her red lips evoked a sneer and sneer: “Don’t be merciful, just go on the ground as much as you like.”
These little shrimps are too weak, and she is only worried that Nangong Liuyun is not playing enough.
“If this is the case, don’t blame us for not knowing how to pity and cherish jade! Brothers, kill this man, and all will be rewarded!” Seeing Su Luo toasting and not eating rice wine, the wretched middle-aged man stopped pitying jade and said loudly. Ordered.
“Yes!” A group of people underneath attacked Nangong Liuyun’s location in a dark manner.
A series of sharp arrows burst out like lightning, making bursts of ear-piercing sound.
The arrows are many and fast, and the angles are tricky, making people hard to guard against.
On weekdays, they used this trick to run wild in the East China Sea and rob many ships.
This time they are all full of confidence, because two men and women drifting along with the waves in the sea, aren’t they caught by hand?
Nangong Liuyun’s mouth slowly conjured up an indifferent smile.
I didn’t see how he moved, even if he didn’t even raise his sleeves, a spirit force burst out, forming a transparent protective cover around him and Su Luo.
“Bang bang bang–” Those arrows hit the transparent protective cover and penetrated deeply, but it was difficult to advance half a minute.
The transparent protective cover is like Zhuge Kongming’s straw boat, which seems to be specially used to borrow arrows.
When the wretched middle-aged man saw this posture, his complexion suddenly became very ugly, and his anger immediately burst!
The East China Sea Jiaolong Gang has always been rampant in this East China Sea. Is this being taught now? If you can’t find the place, how will you hang around in the East China Sea in the future?
“Brothers, work harder! There are only two opponents, we can drown him even if we spit out! Don’t be discouraged, keep on attacking!” A majestic offensive order was issued without hesitation.
“Poisonous.” Su Luo pointed at the arrows that were frozen by Nangong Liuyun, his eyes were cold, and he made a cold voice.
The tip of the arrow exudes a faint fragrance, and if it is shot, the consequences will be disastrous.
As a junior pharmacist, Su Luo could still recognize this nine-tailed red scorpion toxin.
Nangong Liuyun smiled faintly and didn’t take it seriously. He saw his sleeves tumble and flicked forward.
That movement is like blowing away dust at will.
However, his random actions were fatal to the pirates surrounding them.
I saw that all the arrows that had been fixed on the transparent protective cover by Nangong Liuyun before, turned around and shot fiercely towards the path.
These arrows are like eyes. Whoever shoots them will shoot them back.
Under the control of Nangong Liuyun, these arrows were as fierce as a gust of wind and rain, unstoppable.
There was a crashing wind in the air.
Suddenly, all horrified expressions appeared on the faces of those pirates, all of them were stunned, and it was impossible to imagine how things could be reversed.
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Chapter: 495
“Puff puff–”
At the moment they were astonished, the sound of arrows shot into the muscles continued.
The pirates who were shot suddenly screamed and screamed endlessly, extremely miserable.
These pirates, who were still arrogant and arrogant, were slightly swayed by Nangong Liuyun, but all of them had arrows.
Luckily, he fell weakly on the deck, wailing again and again.
Some stood unsteadily and rolled directly into the sea, and were washed away by the sea in an instant.
Nangong Liuyun’s quasi-head control is simply superb.
He didn’t let the arrows hit their vital points, but shot them at the rough skin on the arms and thighs.
If everyone thinks this is Nangong Liuyunren’s charity, and his men are merciful, then they are wrong.
The arrows were highly poisonous. These arrows were meant to die. He shot the arrows into their non-critical areas, just to make them suffer for a longer period of time before they die.
At this time, Nangong Liuyun led Su Luo and stood quietly on the narrow driftwood in the middle.
At this time, his brocade robe is graceful, with a smile on his face, like a good son in the world, independent from the world, and as extraordinary as he walks away from the world.
He had a casual smile on his face, and his casualness, as if the terrible sights around him had nothing to do with him.
Su Luo couldn’t help but sigh inwardly.
How unfortunate are those who are enemies of this man? How can such Nangong Liuyun dare to be an enemy of him?
“Is this scene still good?” Nangong Liuyun leaned down, smiling at Su Luo.
Killing like numb, with a smile on his face, and said that this was a scene… Su Luo felt that compared with him, he had no killer demeanor at all.
“If Luo Yatou is still not satisfied…” A light smile spread across Nangong Liuyun’s face, her beautiful eyes were radiant, and she seemed to have something interesting again.
As soon as this remark came out, some people still on the boat paled in shock.
Especially the middle-aged wretched man.
He is considered the highest in martial arts cultivation among this group of people, and when the arrows of Nangong Liuyun reflect back, it is also the fastest.
However, he was too pushy before, and he still didn’t understand the truth of the shot.
Just relying on the few words he said that involved Su Luo’s great rebelliousness, how could Nangong Liuyun spare him?
Nangong Liuyun naturally took care of him the most.
In total, there were arrows that could pass his body.
On the head, face, body, limbs…every time I was grazed by arrows, leaving small wounds, not enough to be fatal, but this toxin has a characteristic——
Then it itch.
At this time, the middle-aged wretched man’s entire head and face were swollen like pigs’ heads, and even the eyes were swollen.
“Forgive me, heroes, heroines, we have eyes but no knowledge of Mount Tai, who broke ground on Tai Sui’s head, please, for the sake of all of us poisoned, please forgive us.”
Nangong Liuyun only relied on one move, no, he didn’t even need one at all, and made all of them suffocate to the point of vomiting blood. How could their little shrimp dare to contend with this kind of strength? I’m afraid that even the boss can’t make ten moves in the hands of this strong man.
This person is too strong, and he doesn’t know where he came from.
Nangong Liuyun only glanced at them indifferently, his face calm.
The wretched middle-aged man was also a wink, and his ability to observe words and expressions was not bad, otherwise he would not climb to his current position.

Chapter: 496
I saw him holding back the pain, kneeling down to Su Luo with difficulty, and begging for mercy loudly: “Girl, you are so kind-hearted, just let us go. We are grateful for your great kindness forever, please. Please–”
At the same time, the thugs on the surrounding boats all dragged their itchy bodies, kneeling to Su Luo begging for mercy.
Su Luo only looked at them lightly, his expression indifferent.
If she is really just an ignorant and kind-hearted girl who is simple and simple, she might really feel ashamed for their begging for mercy.
But she is not.
In her previous life, she had been living in the dark, living a life of licking blood.
What is kindness? What is kindness? She didn’t know, there was nothing in her dictionary. All she knew was that cutting grass does not remove the roots, and the spring breeze blows and regenerates; only knowing that if you kill a snake, you will suffer from it.
Therefore, Su Luo only smiled at the corners of his mouth, and looked at these people who had intended to put them to death indifferently, without even letting them go.
Those pirates who were begging for mercy could not help but secretly anger, and secretly scolded Su Luo for being cruel and could not save him.
Su Luo turned his eyes to look at Nangong Liuyun, smiling but not smiling: “If you don’t beg for them, are you disappointed?”
Don’t ordinary men like the kind little white rabbits and the weak dodder flowers? But she did the opposite.
Nangong Liuyun didn’t say a word, but he held Su Luo in his arms, his lips curled slightly, he was obviously satisfied with her reaction.
“This king is just like you.” Nangong Liuyun pressed a kiss on her cheek.
When the crowd was crying and crying and robbing the sky, only a person like Nangong Liuyun could do this kind of thing.
Su Luo gave him an angry look.
Nangong Liuyun took the opportunity to steal incense again.
Nangong Liuyun seemed to feel that flirting and cursing was seen as a kind of blasphemy by these people, so he waved his hand at will, disgusting like a fly: “Bill.”
Those people were amnesty, and they hurriedly got up one by one excitedly.
Su Luo stared at Nangong Liuyun curiously.
Based on what she knows about him, this man is used to being stingy, he must be retributed if he has a grudge, and he has to be doubled back. How could he leave them so easily?
Sure enough, Nangong Liuyun nodded calmly, “Is the Donghai Flood Dragon Gang? There will be no such name in the future.”
“What did you secretly do again?” Su Luo looked curious.
She had been staring at Nangong Liuyun just now, but she hadn’t noticed any clues, and her guess was only based on the understanding of his character.
Nangong Liuyun squeezed the tip of Su Luo’s nose, raised his eyebrows and smiled: “It’s nothing, just put some tracking medicine on the arrow.”
“Are you trying to kill them all at once?”
“Yeah.” Nangong Liuyun nodded faintly. “Pirates in the East China Sea are popular, and the Jiaolong Gang is one of the leaders. It is no secret that they rob the merchant ships in the past. On weekdays, these ships are out of sight, and they escape quickly when they encounter the imperial court. It has been unsuccessful.”
Su Luo smiled and took the words: “Who knows that these pirates have no way to go to heaven, and they have no way to enter, and they just hit your hand. It’s really a god’s eye.”
Su Luo said regretfully, “It’s a pity that we have to rush back, otherwise, we can immediately kill the bandits.”
“So what’s the problem?” Nangong Liuyun closed his thumb and index finger on Zhu’s lips, and a strange sound blew from her enchanting Dan’s lips, sharply breaking through the air, spreading far away.

Chapter: 497
A black spot came from a distance.
Getting closer, Su Luo found that it was a cruise ship, which was driving towards their location at full speed.
“Heaven, it turned out to be your luxury cruise ship!” Su Luo recognized it. This was the luxury cruise ship that took them to Bauhinia Island to fish for bauhinia that day!
Su Luo looked at Nangong Liuyun magically.
How did he know that this luxury cruise ship was nearby?
She felt that there was really nothing to confuse him. As long as she asked, he could do it with a wave of his hand. It was as easy as a breeze.
How many tactics and skills does this man have yet to reveal? How many miracles are waiting for her to dig?
The luxury cruise ship just stopped in front of them. On the deck, Beichenying quickly flew out, and rushed towards Nangong Liuyun and Su Luo, almost tears in his eyes with excitement.
“Where did you go these days! We are all worried to death! Cruise ships are everywhere looking for you in the nearby waters!” The Beichen Shadowman complained loudly before arriving.
Nangong Liuyun hugged Su Luo’s slender waist, leaped and jumped onto the deck.
He glanced at Bei Chenying lightly, and silently dropped a sentence: “Blind worry.”
Bei Chenying stiffened her neck and hummed, “I didn’t worry about you until I knew you had nine lives. We were worried about my sister-in-law! You don’t know, we all fell into the institution that day, and only the sister-in-law and With Li Aotian, we were really scared the more we thought about it at the time, and we wished to fly up right away, but unfortunately we couldn’t get out of that trap.”
Beichen Yingxin patted her chest with lingering fear.
None of them were fools, and they naturally saw the hostility of Li Aotian brothers and sisters towards Su Luo.
Naturally, Li Aotian dared not do anything with them, but unfortunately Su Luo was alone, and life and death would be unpredictable.
Su Luo lightly smiled: “Look, am I not alive and kicking? Nothing at all.”
“I know my sister-in-law Hongfu Qitian, Ji people have their own celestial looks.” Bei Chenying smirked and touched his brain.
Li Aotian?
This tragic man has stayed in the deserted mountain forever, and even the bones have been swallowed up by the Valley of Fire, leaving no traces.
Su Luo’s face was calm and unwavering, turning his eyes to look back at Nangong Liuyun.
Nangong Liuyun glanced at Bei Chenying faintly, and said calmly, “Since there are people who are so lucky, they are naturally unlucky. Maybe they are buried under the sea, who knows?”
Beichenying was suddenly speechless.
If you dare to say that about Li Aotian, I’m afraid Nangong is the only one. If others dared to say this, the Li family would have rushed forward and kicked.
Su Luo spread his hands and shrugged helplessly, “At that time, the Purple Fish Palace was about to disappear. Everyone flees for their lives. It’s almost enough to take care of themselves. Who can care for others?”
Bei Chenying was fooled by the two big liars, Nangong and Su Luo, who were not blinking. They suddenly felt that what they said was completely correct, and nodded in agreement: “That is, his own life is responsible for himself. Li Aotian’s life or death has nothing to do with us. .”
Nangong Liuyun nodded like a teachable child: “You don’t have to worry about this.”
Bei Chenying smiled bitterly: “I don’t want to worry about it, it’s just that Li Aotian is missing. The Li family sent Li Yaoxiang over this time. Are you not clear about this person’s temper?”
Li Yaoxiang, second only to the existence of Li Aotian’s father in the second generation of the Li family, is the eighth-tier peak strength, arrogant and arrogant, narrow-minded, and short-term.

Chapter: 498
Bei Chen Ying mentioned Li Yaoxiang, but Nangong Liuyun frowned slightly, but did not respond too much.
Beichenying was the happiest seeing Su Luo.
But before he could express his excitement, Nangong Liuyun was assigned a new task.
“What? Suppress the bandits? Or the Donghai Flood Dragon Gang?” Bei Chenying shook his head straight, “No way, no, those guys are supernatural. God knows where their cats are. When the army comes out, they will run away long ago.”
Su Luo’s eyebrows were crooked, and he smiled and said, “This time Nangong will make a move. It doesn’t have to be so troublesome.”
“Second, do you want to take action?” Bei Chenying’s eyes lightened instantly, and a look of expectation flashed in her eyes.
“It’s not going to shoot, but it’s already done.” Nangong Liuyun threw a piece of jade slip to him, “Go.”
Upon hearing this, Bei Chenying suddenly smiled.
The East China Sea Jiaolong Gang has never been suppressed by the imperial court, and the accumulated wealth can be imagined.
On weekdays, I don’t know where they are shrinking, but now that Nangong participates in the peacemaking process, it is naturally successful.
Beichenying collected the jade slips, smiled at Su Luo out of sight, and showed white teeth: “Sister-in-law, don’t worry, I will keep you with good things. When you come back, we will share the spoils together.”
“That’s naturally good.” Su Luo said to him with a smile.
The fastest way to accumulate wealth is not to make money, but to plunder.
The East China Sea Jiaolong Gang has been rampant in the East China Sea in recent years, and it has not been suppressed by the court. Its wealth can be imagined. Su Luo almost drooled thinking about it.
It’s not to blame for her shallow eyelids, it is really to start the formation of going out. After she paid the going out fee, she really clinked poorly.
Nangong Liuyun rubbed her head with a smile, and said softly, “Let’s go.”
The luxury cruise ship was full of soldiers, and Nangong Liuyun handed it all over to Beichen Ying, and he took Su Luo with him. He set out a small cruise ship from the bottom warehouse of the cruise ship and took Su Luo all the way.
The imperial capital of Xiling Kingdom.
Today, the streets are more lively than in the past, and the crowds swarmed towards the biggest arena in the city.
The second young lady and the fourth young lady in General Su’s mansion were fighting a life and death battle, and it was today.
This message was like an infusion of fresh blood among the people in the imperial capital whose life was dull and boring, and it immediately made many people boil.
Everyone speculated: What kind of hatred would make the sisters turn against each other?
Those who support Su Qing preached the idea of ​​bewitching Su Luo to seduce his sister Su Qing.
“You are so lonely and ignorant, you don’t even know this? Then Su Luo is a vixen. I heard that even his future brother-in-law would seduce him.”
“That’s right! She’s still a concubine girl, she’s a messy mess, she shamelessly seduce her future brother-in-law. It’s too self-knowledge and shameless.
“Yeah, how else could Su Qing put forward a life-and-death battle in a fit of anger? It’s completely furious.”
“If I have a sister like this, I can choke her to death as soon as possible, so as not to be framed by her in the future.”
These irresponsible rumors spread faster than the wind speed, and soon became known throughout the city.
But not everyone is just like everyone, there are sober people.
“It’s so funny, since Su Luo herself is a nymphomaniac, how can she seduce her nominal brother-in-law? Is that brother-in-law blind? Since he is blind, how can an iceberg beauty like Su Qing look at it? On?”

Chapter: 499
“Everything is talking about the future brother-in-law, who is that man? Shouldn’t it be an ordinary person who can be seen by Su Qing.”
“I heard that it is His Royal Highness King Jin.”
“Puff–this is even more funny. I believe that Su Qing bowed down for His Royal Highness Jin, but His Highness Jin would like Su Qing? Isn’t this bullshit?”
“That’s right, there are even more outrageous things. It is said that Su Luo, the sloppy waste of the Su family, snatched His Royal Highness Jin from Su Qing.”
“Puff ha ha ha ha ha ha haha-laughed to death, not to mention the idiot Su Luo, only Su Qing, what qualifications does she have to be taken by His Royal Highness? She also pretends that His Royal Highness is her favorite? She is herself Which green onion is it?!”
Above, this is the anti-Suqing faction.
It is because of the controversy that there is concern.
After this round of public opinion hype, today’s life-and-death battle has reached the point where there are tens of thousands of people.
The imperial capital is a huge arena that can hold 100,000 people.
There are many areas in the arena, but in the final area, a woman in a flame red dress is standing at this time.
She saw her exquisite and beautiful face, and her face was as cold as a lotus. When she stood on the stage, it seemed that the surrounding air was three minutes cold.
Su Qing stood on the stage and heard the comments from the audience.
The public opinion at the beginning was beneficial to her, and most of them were scolding Su Luo. After hearing this, she looked calm and calm, but her heart was always happy.
But I don’t know when the wind direction has gradually changed.
Some public opinions that were not conducive to her began to appear, mostly mocking her wishful thinking towards His Royal Highness King Jin.
This was the deepest thorn in Su Qing’s heart, and it was even more uncomfortable to be touched by someone like this.
Standing on the tall giant battle platform, Su Qing clenched her hands into fists, her expression condensed and arrogant, she kept chanting Su Luo’s name silently in her heart, accompanied by a vicious hatred in her eyes.
Time passed bit by bit, but Su Luo never came.
The audience who wanted to watch a good show suddenly became unhappy, pulling their throats and shouting:
“What’s going on? Isn’t it about life and death? The time is almost here, how about people?”
“Yeah, we came here early in the morning. Is it easy to get a good seat? Is this kidding us?”
“Su Luo wasn’t temporarily afraid, so I didn’t dare to come? Hey, this is too shameful, right?”
“If you are afraid, you shouldn’t agree; if you agree, you shouldn’t be afraid. The character of the four girls in Su Mansion is too bad, right? No wonder you can do such a disgusting thing to grab your future brother-in-law.
There was a lot of discussion in the audience, but Lan Xuan was so anxious that his forehead began to sweat.
Beichen and Dark Ye searched the sea. He was out of luck and was assigned the task to reverse the direction of public opinion and create a fair and peaceful fighting environment for his sister-in-law.
His strategy of suppressing Su Qing has just begun to be effective. Who knows, the time is almost here, and his sister-in-law still hasn’t come.
Public opinion is small, but the safety of the sister-in-law matters.
If something happens to her, I’m afraid there will be a big problem in Nangong… Lan Xiu scratched her hair impatiently, standing up and looking around with some annoyance.
“Master, this… is it going to continue?” Lan Xu, Lan Xuan’s loyal general, bowed and asked.
Lan Xuan remembered the order of Dark Yeming that day, no matter whether his sister-in-law was there or not, he had to bring her back this time.
Thinking of this, Lan Xuan waved his hand irritably: “Continue.”

Chapter: 500
The time for the decisive battle is approaching every minute.
But what everyone could not imagine was that Su hadn’t even arrived yet.
On the battle stage, Su Qing’s mouth twitched slightly, and a sneer sneered from the corner of his mouth.
“Su Luo, are you afraid? Are you afraid to come? How can you be worthy of your Royal Highness? Why should he be so good to you? You are not worthy! Not worthy!”
Su Qingyin’s cold and deep eyes drooped slightly, standing quietly on the marble battle platform paved with boulders, sneered silently in his heart.
If Su Luo does not come, it not only indicates that Su Luo is a coward, but at the same time, she will be on the Mainland Wanted List, and there will be no peace from now on!
Everyone in mainland China worships the strong, and always despises the weak.
Therefore, there are regulations that those who dare not attend the battle of life and death will be directly listed on the mainland wanted list, offering high-priced rewards, and everyone will be killed.
So… Su Luo, today you are dead if you appear, and if you don’t appear, you are also dead!
Su Qing Leng’s eyes lowered, and an evil and poisonous light flashed in his eyes.
At the same time, the door was closed in the private room on the second floor of the Arena.
A beautiful woman who does not eat the fireworks in the world sits upright, her eyes staring at the empty battle platform under the stage for an instant, her eyes are unpredictable, no one can see what she is thinking.
On her right hand, there was a drapery hat quietly placed. This drapery hat that could only cover half a person in, was as black as ink in her eyes.
There was a lot of discussion in the audience, no matter how the Lanxuan people calmed the provocation, but Su Luo’s non-attendance made these people feel that they had been fooled, and they were suddenly in the same hatred and united.
Lan Xuan held down the beating temples, and smiled secretly in his heart: Sister-in-law is not good at the moment, I am afraid that things are not so good.
“There are still the last three minutes, but our other duelist has not appeared.” The referee walked to the battle stage, staring in all directions, with a cold voice: “As everyone knows, no matter what the reason, signing a life and death agreement is not a life or death. Taiwan, from now on will be sniped by masters from the entire continent.”
The referee paused, and then another minute passed.
“Last two minutes.”
Following the referee’s words, there was a lot of discussion on the court.
“No? That girl Su really dare not come?”
“That’s right, it turned out to be a scumbag. I heard that this girl was a waste material, but she kept a low profile and repaired the chain in the dark. I’m still a character. I didn’t expect it…”
“That’s right, originally I was pretty optimistic about Su Luo, so I wanted to see the drama of the prostitute’s counterattack. Who knows, people don’t dare to show up at all.”
The referee’s indifferent voice sounded again: “Last minute.”
For a moment, everyone was quiet, concentrating and holding their breath, quietly waiting for the arrival of the last second.
Tick, tick, tick, tick…
Everyone has never felt that the time at this time has passed so slowly, as if the whole world has stopped rotating.
“Ten, nine, eight, seven…” At this moment, everyone’s hearts were spontaneously counting down, and their hearts were filled with various emotions.
With the countdown of everyone in the audience.
In the elegant room on the second floor, this extraordinary and beautiful woman has a smile slowly drawn from the corner of her mouth, her smile as gorgeous as summer flowers.
The sneer at the corner of her mouth became stronger and stronger: Su Luo, I didn’t expect to be able to defeat you so easily. It really makes people feel unfulfilled.
But soon, the smile on the corner of her mouth instantly stiffened at the corner of her mouth, and the whole person seemed to be hit by the acupuncture points, and her back was stiff and almost unable to move.

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