The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 501-510

Chapter: 501
I saw the sky in the distance, boundless. The blue sky seems to emit a dazzling light.
At this moment, two small black dots suddenly appeared in the sky in the distance. Then, the small black dots got bigger and bigger, and in the end they were able to distinguish the two figures.
The two figures came like a wave.
Men’s clothes are graceful and extraordinary; women’s skirts are flying, immortal and jade bones.
One is as beautiful as this, the other is fresh and agile, and the two clenched their hands, as if coming from the sky, misty and immortal.
This is definitely the best match, the most perfect, and most heart-pounding pair of people that everyone has seen in their lives!
At this moment, everyone raised their heads and stared at two beautiful figures coming from afar.
“Slow.” Nangong Liuyun took Su Luo’s hand and fluttered onto the giant battle platform.
With a random wave of his hand, the countdown sound that was originally like a tide stopped in the audience. It seems that the whole world is totally forbidden at this moment.
Everyone was concentrating and holding their breath, quietly looking at the peerless young man on the stage.
At this time, there were more than 100,000 people in the giant arena, all of them like the women in the second floor lounge, their whole body stiff as iron, staring at the handsome man on the stage.
His Royal Highness Jin and King Jin?
How can this be! This unscientific!
How could His Royal Highness King Jin appear on the arena battle platform? And he showed up with a woman in his hand? What does this show?
Suddenly, everyone in the audience was excited! Crazy! Riot!
“Look! That was His Royal Highness Jin, it turned out to be His Royal Highness King Jin ah ah ah ah!!!” The young woman was about to collapse with excitement.
“How is it possible! How could His Highness King Jin come! Isn’t this a duel between the two girls in Su Mansion? How could he come?”
“Is it true that the rumors are true? The two girls from the Su Mansion are really fighting for His Royal Highness?”
“Who is the girl that His Royal Highness is leading? Why is His Royal Highness leading? Why?!”
Countless girls were excited, screaming, jealous, crazy, the howl that almost tore their throats, almost made the whole arena boil.
A series of unkind gazes shot at Su Luo, even a girl who was as calm as Su Luo could not help it.
Slightly broke away, but Nangong Liuyun’s hands clasped her tightly like iron tongs and held her motionlessly, not allowing her to escape.
Watching the riot in the audience, Nangong Liuyun frowned slightly. He raised his right hand and pressed it down slightly.
Suddenly, the scene boiled like boiling water in a hot pot, and it was silent and terrible.
Seeing this, the big men who were invited to sit on the judges all smiled bitterly and shook their heads.
The guardian elder of the imperial elders, the dean of the first college of the imperial capital, the honorary elder of the mercenary union… these people who stomped the entire imperial capital would be shocked, they could only smile relatively bitterly.
In terms of martial arts cultivation, Nangong Liuyun may not be their opponent, but in terms of field control, the three of them combined are not as powerful as his raising his hand.
Nangong Liuyun looked at the blushing faces in the audience, his bright eyes, and his brows frowned. He turned to the referee and his voice was indifferent and cold: “Can you start?”
The referee was frightened by Nangong Liuyun’s gaze, and couldn’t come back for a while.
Su Luo pursed his lips and smiled, and kindly pointed him: “Excuse me, can the battle begin now?”
Without waiting for the referee to respond, Su Qing teased the corners of her mouth: “Su Luo, you are late.”
Su Luo smiled and looked at Su Qing in front of him.
Not seeing him for many days, Su Qing’s temperament has changed a bit compared to before.

Chapter: 502
Su Luo glanced at her faintly, her voice was cold, as light as the wind: “Am I late?”
Su Qing’s face was cold, and she sneered: “Yes, you are late, so you have already lost. I won’t kill you. You can judge yourself.”
Without waiting for Su Luo’s response, Nangong Liuyun’s sharp eyes glanced at Su Qing, and she looked at her with fear, but he turned his eyes to look down the stage, his voice was as cold as ice, and said slowly: “You can see Su Si Miss is late?”
“No!!!” The neatly cut voices resounded through the clouds and penetrated the sky.
There is absolutely no room for beaks.
Nangong Liuyun looked back, with a smile in his eyes, with a hint of sarcasm, raising his eyebrows and squinting at Su Qing: “I heard?”
“You–” Su Qing’s eyes flashed with a gloomy bird!
His Majesty King Jin’s eccentricity was so obvious that anyone could see it, but she didn’t have the guts to accuse him.
Because in this imperial capital, no one has the guts to provoke His Royal Highness Jin.
Nangong Liuyun’s gaze fell on Su Qing’s face lightly, a sneer flashed through his indifferent deep eyes, and then looked back, rubbing Su Luo’s head affectionately with his generous, hot palm: “It’s fun, this king is waiting for you below.”
Good fun?
Su Qing’s eyes widened in an instant, red as blood, staring at Su Luo, his hands clenched into fists! This is a life and death battle between her and Su Luo. His Royal Highness actually called Su Luo a lot of fun? Does she look down on herself like that? ! Su Qing was about to vomit blood.
In the elegant room on the second floor, that extraordinary and beautiful woman stared at Su Luo viciously with her beautiful eyes, like a poisonous snake waiting for an opportunity to bite at any time! Her original beautiful face is now extremely distorted because of jealousy, looking hideous and ugly.
There was also silence in the audience, terrible silence…
No one could think that it was His Royal Highness Jin who led Su Luo over; no one could think that the nymphomaniac that everyone spurned had an extraordinary temperament; no one could think that His Highness Jin would be so affectionate to her…
At this time, they, especially those young women who worship and admire His Royal Highness Jin as a god.
At this time, they were like being struck by Jiao Lei, like wilted eggplants, sitting in their original positions dumbly, not knowing how to react.
On stage.
There was silence.
Among the three judges, the honorary chairman of the mercenary union gave a clear cough and stroked a few goats: “Since it’s here, let’s start.”
When this kind-eyed old man glanced over Su Luo, a flash of interest flashed.
Beichenmu, the third grandfather of Beichenying, the honorary president of the mercenary union.
Although Bei Chenying is the nominal president of the mercenary union, he has been studying with this old man because he is still young.
If Beichenying is the head of the mercenary union, it would be better to say that this veteran is the master behind the scenes. In this life-and-death battle, I don’t know who it was to invite this old man here. It was indeed a big deal.
Seeing his words, Su Luo looked at herself with a smile, and couldn’t help but feel a little bit in her heart. Could this old man be invited by Bei Chen Ying?
At this time, under all eyes, the atmosphere of fighting was filled, and it was too late for her to think.
Su Qing squinted at Su Luo coldly and arrogantly, and the corner of her mouth raised a sneer and sneer: “Hey, I’m not late? Very good. Since you have chosen the painful way of death, the one who is the sister will do you well!”
Su Luo smiled lightly and looked calmly: “Su Qing, to be honest, I haven’t offended you? Why do you hate me so much?”
A hint of anger spurted from Su Qing’s eyes: “Stop talking nonsense!”

Chapter: 503
However, in order to agitate Su Qing into anger and anger, Su Luo would not let her go easily. She asked casually, “Is it really because of Nangong Liuyun? But he has never seen you directly, and he doesn’t even recognize who you are. Qing, what right do you have to be jealous?”
Su Luo’s words were slow and slow, but for Su Qing, every word weighed more than a thousand catties and was full of lethality.
“Su Luo, shut up!” Su Qing was said to be the most embarrassed thing, his eyes were red, his eyes flashed red, and his face flushed.
“Is it not? Obviously you are passionate and wishful thinking that His Royal Highness Jin is interesting to you. In the end, you find that you have made a mistake, and you have been mocked and ridiculed, but vent your anger on me. Do you dare to deny it in front of the big guy? Su Luo raised his eyes slightly and looked at her with a smile.
Her words and her eyes were filled with endless irony.
Su Qing was such a cold and arrogant person, but he was frantic when Su Luo picked up a few words.
However, Su Luo didn’t think it was enough, so he said unhurriedly, “Su Qing, you forced me to make a life and death contract. At that time, you were Tier 4, and I was Tier 3, ho ho, you can’t open this mouth.”
Everyone in the audience woke up like a dream, one by one, they put their ears in excitement, and gleefully watched the real version of the sisters’ cannibalism.
Su Luo is pressing hard, Su Qing can’t deny it!
The truth… So this is the truth!
It turned out that Su Qing thought she was wishful thinking that His Royal Highness Jin was devoted to her.
It turned out that after Su Qing knew the truth, she became angry and vented her anger on her sister.
It turned out that Su Qing forced his younger sister to make a life and death agreement.
Su Qing… what a tall and arrogant cold beauty, she thought she would look down on no one, but it turned out that those cold arrogance were all pretended! Such Su Qing is too hypocritical!
At this moment, countless eyes, like focusing lights, converged on Su Qing. Many people looked at Su Qing with a strong look of contempt.
How much I liked her once, how much I look down on her now.
Under all eyes, Su Qing’s face flushed instantly.
The hand on her side couldn’t restrain the slight trembling, it was obvious that she was extremely angry.
Su Luo looked at her indifferently, and the corners of his mouth twitched.
Su Qing, when I made a life-and-death contract, do you think that today I will tell the truth and confess, and smash your face?
Yes, you who have always stood in the clouds, and you who have always looked at me into ants, would you have expected this?
But soon, you will know that ants can also attack elephants, and you are destined to be my defeat.
At this time, Su Qing’s face was extremely ugly, turning white and green and red, like a palette of colors.
“Su Luo, since you are looking for death, then I will fulfill you!” Su Qing’s cold eyes flashed with a strong killing intent!
“Life and death fight, life and death are in peace, and you must not seek revenge privately.” The referee stood in the center of the field, and his eyes swept towards Su Qing and Su Luo coldly: “This battle is about Su Qing and Su Luo in the Su Mansion. Please do your best. ready.”
Seeing Su Qing and Su Luo nodding their heads, the referee said quietly, “Since both of you are ready, then the battle begins now!”
Without waiting for the referee’s words to fall, Su Qingyin smiled fiercely, and quickly stepped out, and a strong spiritual force burst out of her.
A strong deterrent force spread from her body, and the infinite spiritual power instantly rushed towards Su Luo like a tide!
Tier 5!

Chapter: 504
Su Luo narrowed his eyes, his heart moved slightly, but his face remained calm.
When the prince ridiculed her that day, he leaked, saying that in order to win her battle, the Master Su Qing gave her various precious treasures like flowing water, and he literally upgraded her to the fifth rank.
It now appears that what the prince said is true.
Su Qing is more abundant than her in both cultivation and combat experience. A careless one is either dead or injured.
Su Luo’s face was slightly solemn, staring at Su Qing indifferently.
When Su Qing first started, she was so angry that Su Luo was so angry that she almost ran away, but when she entered the battle of life and death, her anger disappeared without a trace, replaced by a fierce and fierce air.
Su Luo secretly regretted.
She deliberately angered Su Qing just now, mainly to make her qi and blood surging and feel restless, but she didn’t expect Su Qing to calm down so quickly.
It seems that Su Qing’s current status of fame is not just based on pursuit, it is real.
“Netherworld Slash!” A sharp white light shot towards Su Luo’s throat.
This sword seemed plain and unremarkable, but only Su Luo knew how fierce and dangerous it contained.
“Bang–” Su Luo sacrificed his palm prints in the void, and slammed into this sharp sword heavily. The two collided with a piercing sound.
Su Luo took a step back with his footsteps, releasing the weight of the impact.
Su Luo’s heart was slightly cold.
The strength of Tier 5 is really not comparable to her in the middle of Tier 4, and she is more than twice as powerful as her strength alone.
And Su Qing’s sword is obviously not an ordinary sword.
When touching, she could clearly feel the ice cold penetrating her back.
In spiritual power, Su Luo knew that he could not fight Su Qing recklessly.
She is good at speed after repairing the spirit dance step, and her previous life experience has made her good at assassination, so…
Thinking of this, a bright light flashed in Su Luo’s eyes, and then she turned and ran.
She stepped on the delicate spirit dance steps under her feet, the corners of her skirt fluttered, leaving only an afterimage at a high speed, and she disappeared in an instant.
Su Qing was annoyed!
“Want to run? Do you think you ran today? Humph!” Su Qing snorted again!
She was chasing after Su Luo, aggressive and murderous.
The Nether Sword in Su Qing’s hand pierced Su Lao backward suddenly——
However, Su Luo slipped like a loach without leaving his hands, slipping out at the most critical moment.
It was enough once or twice, but every time, every time, this made Su Qing’s calm mood that was hard to suppress again raged.
The two girls in the field ran away one by one, the one who fled was dangerous, and the one who chased was furious.
Their speed was so fast that afterimages flew past, they were no longer seen.
Everyone in the audience held their breath, staring nervously at the stage, all their concentration was attracted, for fear of missing a moment.
Today’s battle is really exciting and exciting, and it’s a sister in a mansion, and it’s a lot more interesting, so everyone saw it as an excitement.
Of course, many people expressed dissatisfaction with Su Luo’s performance.
“Although Su Luo runs fast and looks good, running all the time is not an option.”
“I thought that if Su Luo dared to fight this life and death battle, there would be any great cards. It turned out that he would only escape.”
“Just run away and don’t fight back, you will lose sooner or later, there is no suspense…”
“There is no suspense at first. Su Qing is extremely talented and well-known as a teacher. This battle is destined to win. There is no suspense.”

Chapter: 505
Everyone was talking about it, but every word was sure that Su Qing would win. Except for Nangong Liuyun, almost no one was optimistic about Su Luo. The situation has now become one-sided, to Su Qing.
Su Luo listened to the discussion in the audience, and a faint smile flashed at the corner of her mouth. She was not affected by these sounds.
On the contrary, Su Qing, after listening to these voices, a sense of pride emerged in his heart.
Even if His Royal Highness Jin is optimistic about Su Luo, so what? In terms of talent and strength, can Su Luo match her? Everyone below is optimistic about her.
Su Qing’s sight seemed to look towards His Royal Highness Jin Wang. She wanted to know whether he regretted choosing Su Luo now?
When she looked at His Royal Highness Jin, His Royal Highness suddenly smiled at her. His smile was evil and enchanting, which charmed all living beings, and it was simply overwhelming!
Su Qing’s movements instantly choked.
Because he wanted to anger Su Qing, Su Luo had always paid attention to Su Qing’s mental power. Seeing that she was hooked by Nangong Liuyun’s smile, she could hardly recover.
Su Luo’s mouth suddenly raised a smile!
flaw! Finally found the flaw in Su Qing! His Royal Highness King Jin is a good man and a wonderful man!
The master’s tricks change rapidly.
Su Qing, dare to be distracted at this moment, you are really entrusted.
When I said it was too late, I saw a black palm print suddenly appeared on the top of Su Qing’s head.
“Bang–” Da Xukong’s palm prints slammed straight down Su Qing’s forehead without mercy!
Su Qing deserves to be a Tier 5 master.
At the moment when the big void’s palmprint was hit, she had already recovered, but she was panicked in her heart, and subconsciously rolled to the right.
However, Su Luo, who had already become accustomed to her fighting, would it be so easy for her to escape?
“Fountain of Fire!” Su Luo screamed, and the moment Su Qing rolled down, a sea of ​​flames burst into flames on the ground, and the fire waves rolled.
“Ah–” Su Qing didn’t check it for a while, and was forced by Su Luo to be helpless. She fell into the flames, and her tears burst into pain and she screamed.
Su Luo’s fire was taken from the Flame Cavern, which was much hotter than ordinary flames.
Therefore, Su Qing’s hair was lit as soon as she breathed, and the fire was so fierce that she caught her off guard!
Su Qing usually repairs chains, but he doesn’t have much experience in real combat, so he was forced by Su Luo in a hurry, and suddenly lost his habit of coldness and aloofness.
“Freezing technique!” She finally turned around, shouted, and smashed an ice seal technique at herself.
Su Qing is an ice element.
So she subconsciously frozen her head.
Sure enough, in an instant, the burning hair made a sneer, and it was instantly extinguished.
However, before Su Qing turned around, a light shadow appeared silently behind her, and the cold and cold dagger wiped her neck sharply!
Su Qing Bingfeng wrapped her mouth, but her neck was exposed, so that she gave Su Luoke the opportunity.
“Ah—-” With a scream, a line of scarlet blood was cut from Su Qing’s throat, and a line of bright red blood was drawn across the air.
However, Su Luo seemed to be dissatisfied with her performance, she retreated quickly with some regret.
Although she succeeded, Su Qing’s reaction was not slow. At the last moment, she erected an ice blade armor on her throat, and her dagger made a blood mark on her throat and it was difficult to advance half an inch.
Can’t solve Su Qing, and then she will endure her angry and crazy revenge.

Chapter: 506
Su Luo quickly retreated when he missed a hit. After all, she didn’t cause the crazy Su Qing.
At this time, the audience was silent for a while.
The silence around is terrible.
No one in the audience thought that Su Luo almost killed Su Qing just now. It was almost…Everyone felt that their necks were a little cold.
The scene just now, from Su Luo’s offering of the palm print to the fire attack, and then to the dagger assassination, seemed to be long, but in fact it happened between the electric light and flint.
It was just a blink of an eye.
At this time, Su Luo calmly stood on the side of the battlefield, Xu Feng blew her hair like ink, and the skirts flew up, as if the light was condensed all over her body, giving people an illusion of extraordinary temperament.
In contrast, Su Qing.
She was originally like Qingshui Lotus, aloof and arrogant, but it was only a short while, and she was so embarrassed by Su Luo.
That silk-like dark hair was sparsely burnt, and there was a fierce blood line on the snow-white jade neck, blood stained on his clothes, and the whole person looked extremely embarrassed.
how come? It’s obvious that Su Qing is Tier 5, and she’s the strong one… Why is she forced to be like this instead?
There was a huge question mark on everyone’s forehead, and they were extremely puzzled.
Su Qing at this time, can’t wait to put Su Luoling to death!
Beautiful men!
His Royal Highness, how could he…how could he behave handsomely on himself? !
If it weren’t for the distraction of watching him, how could Su Luo take the opportunity? It’s really hateful!
Su Qing gritted his teeth, paused, and yelled: “Su Luo, if you have the ability, you can win against me with your real skills. Don’t use those tricks!”
“The trick of the side door? Dare to ask the second sister, what is the trick of the side door?” Su Luo stood calmly, squinting at her with a smile.
After being laughed by Nangong Liuyun, he lost his square inch. Su Qing, please tell me, let everyone comment.
Su Qing was choked immediately, his chest was burning like a ball of fire, his eyes were red like blood, and he was obviously extremely angry.
Can she speak? Can she publicly say that she was distracted by Nangong Liuyun’s smile? If so, how is she different from the nympho?
Su Luo’s this is an arrogant plan. Su Qing couldn’t intercede. She could only become angry and shouted, “Su Luo, take your life!”
Before she finished her words, her body had already shot towards Su Luo like a meteor.
“Ice Blade Technique!” Su Qing yelled, and immediately, the ice blades were in the shape of five-pointed stars, spinning towards Su Luo’s front body.
The ice blades were densely packed and overwhelming, with at least hundreds of them. If they were stabbed, Su Luo would become a hedgehog.
Su Qing is fighting for it! She was so angry that she was crazy!
At this moment, Su Luo sneered at the corner of his mouth.
To be honest, she really had an antagonism with the ice mage in her previous life, and all her enemies in this life had killed her with ice blade art.
From Liu Chengfeng in the beginning, to Li Aotian recently, to Su Qing in front of him, all of them were all ice elements. However, the last few battles have also given Su Luo a lot of experience against the Ice Master.
Da Xukong’s palm prints were raised high, and then a black shadow appeared, which quickly enveloped Su Luo, forming a protective film around Su Luo, protecting her body completely, without any leakage.
“Bang, bang, bang–” a series of ice blades hit the protective film, making a fierce impact.
For a time, sparks shot all around, extremely dazzling.

Chapter: 507
But without a doubt, all the ice blades were blocked by Su Luo.
With the protective shield removed, Su Luo glanced at Su Qing indifferently: “I thought your attack was very powerful. It seems that you are nothing but that.”
Being despised by Su Luo, Su Qing was extremely angry, and a ferocious sneer flashed across his face: “That was just an appetizer, now it’s the dinner!”
Just after she finished speaking, she saw spiritual power bursting out as her palm flipped, and complex palm prints formed in her hand, and then countless palm prints attacked Su Luo!
Countless shadows of the fist were shrouded towards Su Luo, mixed with the ice soul chill.
Among these many shadows, Su Luo felt a heart palpitation.
Like a poisonous snake hidden in the crowd, it would pounce on her at any time and give her a fatal blow.
Su Luo quickly understood that these fist shadows were mostly false moves, and only one of them was a killer move!
Since it is Su Qing’s most powerful killer move, if he can’t prevent it, today, what awaits her is a miserable defeat.
Su Luo took a deep breath, concentrated all his mental energy, staring at the swiftly attacking boxing shadow with clear eyes like water.
The surroundings were silent, as if she was the only one left in the world.
Finally, Su Luo slowly closed his eyes.
She actually closed her eyes at this critical juncture? Isn’t this the rhythm of automatic death?
The audience all stared at Su Luo in amazement, they all thought she was crazy.
His Royal Highness King Jin, who was sitting in the most noble position in the middle of the front row, tightened his hands slightly, staring at Su Luo as bright as a torch.
He knew that if Su Luo realized it at this moment, then her mental power would definitely advance by leaps and bounds, and if he couldn’t realize it, endless damage awaited her.
In Nangong Liuyun’s mind, Su Luo’s smile like a flower appeared in the past. She looked at him and asked seriously and solemnly, do you believe me?
Do you believe me?
Nangong Liuyun’s hands were clenched into a fist, and while hesitating, a wave of mental power suddenly appeared from Su Luo.
Nangong Liuyun smiled with satisfaction, adjusted his posture to make him sit more comfortable, but his eyes were sharp, staring at the court for a moment.
At this time, the smile on Su Qing’s face has bloomed, like the goddess of victory, despising the ants in front of her.
Su Luo, you are dying! You are finally dying! This world would be so beautiful without you~~ Su Qing can already imagine her happy life in the future.
Soon, the smile on the corner of her mouth stiffened.
At the moment when Quan Ying almost reached Su Luo’s forehead, Su Luo’s closed eyes suddenly opened!
Those eyes that are as deep as water are shining brightly at this moment, like a vast ocean, as deep as ink, unpredictable, and like a sheathed sword, with sharp edges!
Su Luo suddenly sneered at the corner of his mouth.
“The murderous intention is really hidden deep.” Su Luo snorted coldly.
No one thought that Su Luo at this moment actually ignored the fist shadows that were overwhelmingly smashed into her body, directly shook his dagger, and slammed the killer move mixed in the false fist shadows!
She was able to find the only ultimate move accurately among countless false moves! This vision shocked everyone!
“Bang–” Su Luo felt a biting ice shrouding her from the violent collision.
Su Luo sacrificed the flames instantly, which could have resisted that cold killer move.
The dagger in Su Luo’s hand broke into fragments upon impact, and the ultimate move disappeared invisible.
“Bang, bang, bang–” Su Luo suddenly took a dozen steps back, removing the heavy pressure.

Chapter: 508
Su Qing’s cold eyes stared at Su Luo, the hatred in his eyes was so obvious!
Why? ! That is her biggest hole card!
She had been repairing the chain at the teacher’s door for so long, and worked so hard to get the trump card, but she didn’t expect Su Luo to crack it.
Su Qing was so annoyed that she was going crazy!
Su Luo glanced at her slightly, “Su Qing, get ready, you are about to die.”
“Fart! You are the one who prepares for death!” Su Qing’s face was grim, and Su Luo’s eyes were scarlet, murderous!
“Then, just wait and see.” Su Luo glanced at her indifferently, and then shot, a turbulent flame burst out of Su Luo’s hand!
“Sneez–” A sharp voice remembered, and a fire snake struck Su Qing’s arm, leaving a scorched black.
“Looking for death!” Su Qing was provoked by Su Luo, with an angry expression on his face.
Seeing Su Luo turning around and about to run again, Su Qing felt aggrieved and frustrated.
The smelly girl has always avoided fighting her head-on, and has been running away with a speed advantage, so she has no use at all.
Su Qing was chasing after Su Luo. Suddenly, there was a flash of inspiration in her mind. Just as Su Luo was turning, Su Qing’s body was like a falcon, with a good angle, and hit Su Luo again!
There was a violent sound, and the sudden impact made Su Luo stagger twice, and a trace of blood flowed from the corner of her mouth.
However, this little stagnation allowed Su Qing to take advantage of it. At this moment, she swooped forward again like a poisonous snake.
Take advantage of your illness to kill you! Since Su Luo was already injured, she would never let this opportunity pass.
From an angle that Su Qing couldn’t see, Su Luo’s mouth evoked a strange sneer.
Just as Su Qing pounced in the air, Su Luo raised his sleeves, and three cold beams flew towards Su Qing.
Three points of cold light were aimed at Su Qing’s eyebrows, throat, and heart, all of which were vital to life and death.
It was Su Qing who wanted to change her posture in midair. She hurriedly struck out a row of ice blades and shattered Su Luo’s three cold glow.
However, at this moment, Su Qing’s complexion changed drastically.
At this time, Su Luo had quietly turned to Su Qing’s back, and pierced her heart with a sharp dagger!
“Puff–” The dagger pierced in accurately, and a burst of blood rushed out.
“You… deliberately!” With a trace of blood in the corner of Su Qing’s mouth, he patted Su Luo behind him with a palm.
But Su Luo succeeded in one move, and had already seized the opportunity to retreat, Su Qing’s palm was powerless to her.
Su Qing’s heart was on the right. Su Luo didn’t know it before, so she didn’t let Su Qing die directly this time.
What a pity… Su Luo shook his head regretfully.
Originally, she wanted to wipe the other person’s neck, but time was too late and she had to look for another chance next time.
The blood from Su Qing’s back continued to gush out, soaking her skirt, dripping to the ground, as she walked around, leaving bloody footprints one after another on the stone platform.
At this time, Su Qing looked embarrassed and distorted.
The audience in the audience couldn’t bear to see this.
“Unexpectedly, the person who fell into the wind was Su Qing, which is really unexpected.”
“Su Luo is too cruel, right? It’s her sister after all, she can do it too?”
“That’s the heart, it’s pierced directly, it’s too cruel.”
“Su Qing is so pitiful, but luck is also too bad, there is such a sister.”

Chapter: 509
These people didn’t realize that what they were here to watch was a scene of sisters’ cannibalism, and now they are all pitying and cherishing jade. They even forgot that it was Su Qing’s first life-and-death battle.
People always sympathize with the weak without harming their own interests.
In the audience, Su Jingyu’s face was very ugly at this time, almost dripping gloomy.
Su Xi’s face almost distorted! She bit her lip so she didn’t let herself yell at Su Luo.
Su Zian and Madam Su did not come, otherwise the scene would be even more ugly.
“Su Luo, you can hurt me to such an extent, you are not weak, I really despise you.” Su Qing gritted his teeth, said every word, slowly.
“Really? It’s too late to pay attention to it now.” Su Luo looked at Su Qing with a faint smile, with a bright sneer on his face.
“Are you very happy? I think you are going to win?” Su Qing actually smiled, his smile is strange, making people chill.
Without waiting for Su Luo to reply, Su Qing took out a handful of medicine from his sleeve, stuffed it all into his mouth, and swallowed it quickly.
Su Luoliu frowned and glanced at her puzzledly, but at this moment, she had a very bad premonition in her heart.
Sure enough, what shocked Su Luo, Su Qing’s back injury was quickly healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.
“This…” How could there be such a pill? What exactly is going on?
“Simultaneous return Dan?” The people who knew the situation underneath called out in shock.
“Oh my God, it turned out to be a flashback pill! It seems that Zikui Sect has really lost the blood this time, and even the flashback pill was given to Su Qing.”
“What is Shunhui Dan? Why haven’t I heard of it?”
“Of course you haven’t heard of it. Only the strong are qualified to have the instantaneous pill. It is said that during the battle, you can restore the peak state in an instant! This kind of pill is simply not available!”
Listening to the discussion below, Su Luo understood.
Su Qingyin smiled coldly: “Su Luo, you dare to hurt me, good, good!”
Su Luo’s heart was slightly cold.
Su Qing swallowed the pill in an instant, not only healed all the injuries and returned to the peak state, but at the same time her strength was also improved.
Su Qing burst out of endless spiritual power, erupting like a volcano, and a fierceness actually permeated her.
“Su Luo, want to kill me? Then you die first!”
Su Qing shot out the spiritual power in his body without reservation, and that beautiful face of Qinglian looked hideous and terrifying at this time.
The dazzling spiritual power was condensed and formed in the palm of his hand, and the spiritual power fluctuated into a transparent ball of light.
The transparent ball of light fiercely blasted towards Su Luo at a speed that tears the air!
Tier 5…
No, Su Qing at this time is clearly the pinnacle of Tier 5!
In just three months, Su Luo was promoted from Tier 3 to Tier 4, and Su Qing was even more rare. She was promoted directly from Tier 4 to the pinnacle of Tier 5!
Su Qing’s speed is as fast as lightning, and his offensive is as heavy as thunder, making it impossible for people to dodge.
Such violent fluctuations in spiritual power swept through the power of destruction, and the entire air was clashed. The audience only felt the squally wind squinting, making them almost unable to open their eyes.
With this shot, Su Qing finally showed her formidable strength as the fifth-order pinnacle, and countless people looked at them with horror.
“Okay!” Su Jingyu stood up suddenly, shaking his fist excitedly!
The transparent ball of light tore through the air and came through the air, with an astonishing speed. It almost hit Su Luo in an instant.

Chapter: 510
However, Su Luo stood quietly at this time.
In front of her, a big void palm print was sacrificed.
The original dark handprints instantly became bigger, bigger, and wirelessly zoomed in… Finally, they were so big that they covered the entire square of the sky.
It’s dark all around, like night…
Transparent light ball…transparent…light ball…
“Void Space!” Su Luo shouted, pointing his finger at the transparent ball of light.
At this moment, everyone in the audience laughed.
The Four Girls of Su Mansion is really interesting. She is a Tier 4 martial artist. Does she still want to stop the ball of light with such a finger? Is this idea too ridiculous?
Su Qing smiled.
Su Jingyu smiled.
The otherworldly beautiful woman in the private room on the second floor also evoked a sneer.
All the people present laughed unscrupulously.
However, soon, everyone was shocked and their jaws fell to the ground-a magical scene appeared before their eyes!
The transparent ball of light actually settled firmly in front of Su Luo, and it was difficult to advance half an inch.
Su Luo felt joyous, a smile flashed in his eyes.
When she was in the Flame Cavern before, she put her soul into the space to cultivate the law of space, while she herself repaired the chain of fire elements outside.
Unexpectedly, after getting the secret book, her understanding of space went further, and she accidentally merged the big void palmprint with the law of space.
As a result, the ghosts made Su Luo comprehend the void.
The so-called void space is in reality, relying on the palmprint of the big void, condenses a small space, and this small space is physical and can be used.
Su Luo relied on this space of less than one square meter to put the transparent light ball in and freeze.
However, because the void space is transparent, almost no one can see it, and they all looked at Su Luo in a daze.
Even if they want to break their heads, they can’t understand the mystery at all.
“Su Qing, I can’t stand your stuff, and I will give it back to you!” Su Luo’s mouth raised a sneer.
Su Luo moved away from the void, stepped out in one step, and then hit the transparent ball of light with heavy punches.
This punch, without any spiritual fluctuations, slammed firmly on the transparent ball of light.
“Bang–” Under the heavy blow, the transparent ball of light flew madly towards Su Qing’s location.
Su Qing’s complexion changed suddenly, and only she herself knew what she had set in this transparent ball of light.
Su Qingmeng then retreated, however, it was too late.
I saw the transparent ball of light exploded at a speed visible to the naked eye, and an indescribable force surged in all directions.
The wind blows.
Flying sand and rocks, dusty.
In the light and rain, Su Qing covered her face with her hands, and howled in pain–
“Ah—-” Su Qing almost killed himself with regret at this time. She originally wanted to harm Su Luo, but as a result, she actually shot herself in the foot! Damn it! Damn it! ! !
“What’s the matter?” Seeing Su Qing covering his face constantly howling, everyone was puzzled. What happened here?
Su Luo looked at Su Qing, who was constantly curling up and rolling on the ground, with a casual smile on her face.
When Su Qing condensed the transparent ball of light, he placed corrosive toxins in it. Once it exploded, the colorless and odorless transparent gas would destroy the opponent’s face.
Therefore, Su Qing was panicked when the transparent ball of light shot back.

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