The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 541-550

Chapter: 541
Nangong Liuyun led Su Luo to swagger out.
Seeing that he had just descended from the sky to relieve her, Su Luo acquiesced in his intimacy.
After all, she also promised to cultivate relationships for three months, and wait three months.
“Where is this going?” Su Luo asked curiously when he saw the dragon scale carriage parked at the gate of Su Mansion.
“Split the spoils.” Nangong Liuyun scratched Su Luoxueyu’s pretty nose, looking at her with a smile.
“Split the spoils?” Su Luo realized after a little thought, “Is Beichen coming back with a victory?”
“You can barely say that, go, and you’ll know in the past.” Nangong Liuyun said ambiguously.
Su Luo heard what he meant, it seemed that things were not that simple. What else is wronged by His Royal Highness Jin? Su Luo became more curious as he thought about it.
The dragon-scale horse was very fast, and finally stopped at the gate of a garden.
Nangong Liuyun threw the reins to the subordinates, and led Su Luo to go inside.
There is no need to order, those servants will take care of the dragon scale horse properly, and dare not be a little negligent.
The garden is very large, with rockery diverting water, pavilions, terraces, and courtyards. The road is paved with bluestone slabs and the paths are filled with cobblestones. The whole garden has an antique charm.
Seeing Su Luo looking around with great interest, Nangong Liuyun’s eyes had a soft color: “Like this garden?”
“It’s okay.” Su Luo nodded. The life in Su Mansion is indeed depressing. In fact, she wanted to move out a long time ago to get out of the misty atmosphere of Su Mansion.
Su Luo seemed to mutter as he walked: “If there is a similar garden, you might as well help me to pay attention to it, Su Mansion is smoggy.”
Nangong Liuyun is so smart that he can hear the overtones in just one sentence.
“This is Beichen’s house, and it’s pretty ordinary. This king has a garden in Nanshan, which is much better than this. I will go and see it tomorrow?” Lonely man and widow, traveling in mountains and water, but one of the best ways to cultivate feelings .
Don’t you see the lonely island and barren hills, the relationship between yourself and Luo Yatou is increasing every day? The beauty of it can only be understood.
Where did Su Luo want to get Nangong Liuyun’s thoughts at this time, he nodded: “It’s okay.”
Nangong Liuyun raised his eyebrows triumphantly, and walked in with Su Luo.
Nangong Liuyun told Su Luo the truth while walking.
It turned out that Beichenying did bring a group of subordinates to besiege the Donghai Flood Dragon Gang that day, but they were not lucky.
Just as they were about to succeed, they discovered that there were other people besides them who had attacked the East Sea Flood Dragon Gang.
It was not someone else, it was actually sent by the Yaochi Li family to find Li Aotian, and somehow he found the East Sea Flood Dragon Gang, so he joined the Rush.
In this way, the fruits of this victory will be shared, and Bei Chenying’s heart is called unwilling.
If it was another family, it would be better, but it happened to be the Yaochi Li family, and the leader was the Li Aoqiong.
Li Aoqiong, the third-generation top figure of the Li family, is arrogant and indifferent, and has a high self-esteem. He and Beichenying have never looked at each other. Therefore, Beichenying felt even more aggrieved in his heart.
In front is the hall, Nangong Liuyun led Su Luo slowly into the room, just stepping into it, it became the focus of the audience.
On both sides of the long table, there are two factions.
Beichen School and Yaochi School.
Bei Chenying’s eyes lit up when she saw Nangong Liuyun, and when she saw Su Luo, her eyes were as bright as searchlights.

Chapter: 542
He was about to meet him, but someone took a step ahead of him and left him behind.
Lan Xuan rushed towards Su Luo and yelled excitedly, “Sister-in-law, you are finally here. We have been waiting for you, but we are waiting for you, but you are here.”
Lan Xuan grabbed Su Luo with both hands, and was about to shed tears, but before he could get close to Su Luo, he was picked up by Nangong Liuyun and thrown aside like trash.
Dark Ye Ming put her fist on her lips, pursed her lips and smiled, pulling the blue to paint it out: “I don’t know how to taboo, it should be.”
Lan Xuan opened his mouth and smiled at Su Luo, revealing her white and lovely tiger teeth: “Sister-in-law, it’s all up to you today, all up to you! Our gains are simply too great!”
Su Luo’s beautiful star eyes were confused and innocent. She didn’t understand why these few looked forward to her so much? Didn’t she come to watch? Wait for her to preside over the overall situation?
“Sneez—you delay the time just to wait for her?” Li Aoqiong curled up the corners of his lips disdainfully and pointed at Su Luo at will.
Li Aoqiong thought that they were delaying time again and again in order to wait for the arrival of the Spar King, but he did not expect to wait and wait that it would be a stinky girl.
In the Purple Fish Palace and his entourage, the Beichenying trio finally understood one thing after a series of suffering incidents: Su Luo is definitely the illegitimate daughter of the Goddess of Luck, and there is no need to question this at all. Because Su Luo’s luck was so good.
The operation of dividing the spoils involved a lot of luck, so the three of them didn’t even think about it. They turned their eyes on Su Luo, and even Nangong Liuyun, who had always been high hopes for them, was left behind this time.
Hearing Li Aoqiong’s mocking and disdainful words, the three of them all exploded.
Beichen Ying pointedly pointed at Li Aoqiong angrily: “What’s wrong with her? Her luck is a hundred and ten thousand times better than you! What are you crazy about me!”
Lan Xuan snorted coldly, “Wait, you will lose your fart, let alone we didn’t remind you.”
Dark Yeming also joined in the fun, calmly put his hands behind his back, raised his chin, and said slowly: “Now it’s too late to propose a replacement.”
Li Aoqiong, just look at the name, Aoqiong Aoqiong, look down on the sky. Even Cangtian doesn’t pay attention to it, let alone a little girl?
I saw Li Aotian sneered coldly: “These ages have grown well, but my mind has gone back more and more, and I respected a stinky girl like this. You are not too embarrassed.”
Nangong Liuyun took Su Luo and walked to him. He wickedly curled his lips and squinted at Li Aoqiong, “What? You are not convinced with the woman chosen by the king?”
Nangong Liuyun hoped that the whole world would know that Su Luo was the one he liked, so that while she was unavoidable, it also made everyone see clearly that no one was allowed to covet his Nangong Liuyun woman.
Li Aoqiong frowned slightly and immediately became unhappy.
“Nangong Liuyun, are you serious?” Li Aoqiong stared at Nangong Liuyun with a thousand-year-old icy eyes, almost bursting out angrily.
Yaoyao cried to him and told him that Nangong Liuyun had a new love, he would be suspicious; Bei Chen and others called that girl sister-in-law, he didn’t think so; now Nangong Liuyun personally admits that this is still false?
Li Aotian’s expression immediately condensed, his face shrouded in frost, and he grabbed Liuyun towards Nangong: “Nangong Liuyun, you are going to turn around and think about it! Where did you put Yaoyao in this way! Do you still see Yaochi? Gong, is there still a Li family?”

Chapter: 543
Nangong Liuyun is the son-in-law of Yaochi Palace, and the future husband of Yaoyao. His brother has always been happy to see it. It has not been long before things have changed so much?
Nangong Liuyun slapped his paws and shot at him with cold eyes: “Who does this king face when he sees strange things? And who does he see strange things and wants to change? In front of my girl, Li Aoqiong, you can tell this king clearly. Up!”
Nangong Liuyun cared about his own innocence as never before.
It’s nothing more than being slandered for other things, it’s about his innocence. This must be clarified. He has always been the most angry girl. If it causes misunderstanding, these days’ efforts will be wasted.
Hearing this, Li Aoqiong couldn’t believe it, and immediately, anger surged into his heart.
“Nangong Liuyun, you dare to swear to the sky, you haven’t moved your heart to Yaoyao? Do you dare to swear to the sky, you are not sorry to Yaoyao?” Li Aoqiong gritted his teeth, staring at Nangong Liuyun with sinister eyes.
The Yaochi Li family used Nangong Liuyun as the son-in-law, and now he actually said this in front of everyone?
Who knows, Nangong Liuyun actually put up two fingers and swears to the sky: “The emperor is a good example: I only like Su Luo in my life, and I have never touched any other women. If I break my oath, let me die immediately!”
He was lightly dressed in white, and his jet-black hair was hanging down and flowing, and he was rolled up at random with a silky red silk. He was enchanting and enchanting, and it fascinated all beings.
He stood proudly, his jet-black and arrogant eyes revealed a proud and peerless edge, and his body was filled with noble arrogance.
The face of all beings turned upside down was filled with an evil smile, but with iron and blood arrogance and determination.
This vow is clean and tidy, without any muddle-headedness, which is simply amazing.
When it was over, he still smiled, staring down at Su Luo, affectionately, his eyes soft: “Look, I have sworn all these oaths, won’t you marry me?”
His Majesty King Jin is dignified and worshipped by countless people. Everyone guesses that he will break through the throne and live forever.
Such an outstanding His Royal Highness, King Jin, whispered to a woman and couldn’t even ask for it?
This is nothing short of the world, but it just happened.
Li Aoqiong did not expect that Nangong Liuyun would swear a curse! With his knowledge of Nangong Liuyun, it is absolutely impossible for him to do this.
It can be seen that this girl really does occupy a lot of weight in his heart.
Li Aotian stared at Su Luo with vicious eyes, like a poisonous snake hidden in the grass, poisonous and sinister.
The face of Yaochi Li’s family… was trampled by Nangong Liuyun! He dared to do this!
Facing Nangong Liuyun’s oath, if Su Luo didn’t touch a single heart, it would be false. Non-vegetation, ruthless Practice makes perfect?
Nangong Liuyun knew that Su Luo was soft or hard, and the soft wave offensive continued, making it hard for Su Luo not to be tempted.
But since there is a three-month buffer period, Su Luo would naturally not be stupid to promise now.
I saw that she pushed Nangong Liuyun angrily: “Okay, in public, you are not afraid of embarrassment, I am afraid, it is almost ready.”
Nangong Liuyun felt bitter in his heart. In order to chase this girl, his dignified Highness King Jin had already lost his face. Where is the face? He was so stubborn that he would fix her!
Seeing the two in public, you and me, the Beichenying and the three are okay. After passing by the purple fish palace, they are already immune.

Chapter: 544
But this was the first time Li Aoqiong saw him. He couldn’t stand it on the spot when he saw Nangong Liuyun whose front and back contrast was so different from that of two people. , Snorted coldly and sternly: “I don’t know the property?!”
“Divided, why not divide? Do you still want to swallow it alone?” Bei Chenying raised her jaw with her hands on her hips, and sneered several times.
“What reminds you, the one who urges you to lose miserably is still you, can’t you wait to make yourself embarrassing later?” Lan Xuan stared impatiently, obviously very upset that Li Aoqiong interrupted the good show.
Li Aoqiong almost fell down in anger.
These guys, who used to be quiet to him, are now all capable?
And that stinky girl. Li Aoqiong’s eyes were as cold as ice skates, and he threw his face at Su Luo.
Is it so beautiful? I really don’t know why these guys who usually have eyes above the top give her such respect.
“Lost? I, Li Aoqiong, haven’t lost in my life, but I want to try this.” Li Aoqiong smiled angrily.
Beichenying was not afraid of death and slapped her face on the spot: “It’s okay, you will soon taste the taste of losing.”
“And there will be the first time, and soon there will be a second and a third time.” It is worthy of being a difficult brother, and there is full understanding. Lan Xuan’s words are very smooth.
Su Luo looked at these two guys vying to build momentum for her, and couldn’t help but laugh and cry.
What’s this?
From stepping into the present, no one has told her exactly what to do, but Beichen and the others regard her as an ever-victorious general.
“I said, what the hell are you guys doing? What’s the specific comparison? Can someone tell me about science?” Su Luo grunted. As soon as he entered, he provokes hatred, but Su Luo still doesn’t understand what happened, and he is still confused.
Bei Chenying realized that Su Luo didn’t know it, and hurriedly said to her.
It turned out that when they attacked the East China Sea Flood Dragon Gang, they found a pile of very good rough stones in their treasury. They cut one at random, and it turned out to be a green spar.
Beichen Ying was excited, but who knew that Li Aoqiong had brought a man and a horse to break in. There were those who were not tempted to see the wealth, and those who were not tempted by the spar, few.
Thus, the fruits of Beichenying’s labor were shared in this way, but this servant is not a fuel-efficient lamp, and immediately proposed a new way of dividing the spoils.
That is, one person from each side will come out to choose the rough stone.
Because you can’t see the spar inside from the rough performance, so choose more and less, choose good and bad all by luck.
The reason why Beichenying chose such a method was because he had wholeheartedly trusted the illusory luck to others but genuine luck for Su Luo since the Amethyst Fish Palace and his party.
“It turns out to be picking rough stones…” Su Luo nodded indifferently.
Compared to others, she has no bottom, but if she chooses spar, she is second with the little dragon in hand, who dares to be the first? So her face looked calm and casual.
Seeing Su Luo’s careless appearance, Li Aoqiong suddenly felt extremely ridiculous.
“I can’t help myself.” Li Aoqiong sneered and gave Su Luo the same evaluation as Li Yaoxiang.
Nangong Liuyun sneered at the corner of Nangong Liuyun’s mouth, and sneered at Li Aoqiong, “I can’t help it? Then, how about another game?”

Chapter: 545
Li Aoqiong’s annoyance had nowhere to vent, waiting for someone to take the bait, and this was exactly what he wanted: “How to bet?”
Nangong Liuyun smiled calmly and calmly: “After the two sides have selected, cut the stone on the spot, and the loser will take out a thousand green spars.”
“A thousand green spars? Just rely on her?” In Li Aoqiong’s eyes, Su Luo was a little-known little ant, let alone a thousand, one she could get?
“She doesn’t, my king has.” How could Nangong Liuyun not understand Li Aoqiong’s eyes? He said categorically at the beginning.
“You… are really crazy!” Li Aoqiong snorted angrily.
The son-in-law of Yaochi Li’s family, the husband-in-law of the distant future, he unexpectedly helped others again and again! This is unbearable!
He looked left and right, looked up and down, but he couldn’t see what was so special about this stinky girl. In his opinion, he couldn’t even match Yaoyao’s finger.
At this time, two people came up, carrying a box, and poured all the rough stones of the box on the table.
When seeing these rough stones, the little dragon who was sleeping in the space suddenly sat up.
“Oh oh oh–” The little dragon stood on both legs, and his two small paws patted the wall of the space excitedly, and his mouth could not restrain his saliva.
Good things, good things…oh, I really want to eat. The salivation of the little dragon ran for a long time.
Being able to excite the little dragon into this way, it seems that this batch of rough inner spar is indeed very high-end. Su Luo nodded inwardly.
At this time, there are only two people at the long table.
One is Su Luo, and the other is a master stone gambler invited by Li Aoqiong.
Wang Zhongkui, known as the King of New Spar.
Wang Zhongkui is only 30 or 40 years old, with sharp eyes, sharp and curved nose, and a typical hooked nose, which is shrewd and difficult to mess with.
At this time, Wang Zhongkui was also looking at Su Luo in secret.
Seeing the other side waiting for such a young girl, Wang Zhongkui smiled silently in his heart, and a smile of disdain slowly conjured up at the corner of his mouth.
I thought that the other party would invite the old spar king, but I didn’t expect it to be a little girl who was unknown. But it is better to lose her so much so that she can be worthy of the great benefits promised by the Lord Li.
“Wow!” Another box was lifted up, and the original stone inside was poured on the tabletop, making a crisp sound.
Beichenying said to Su Luo: “The rules are very simple. Pick up the rough stone you think is good and put it in our box. The thing that goes into the box is ours. Of course, you can only take one at a time. ”
Su Luo nodded, indicating that she had understood.
In this split of the spoils, in addition to the eyesight, there is also speed.
Otherwise, no matter how good your eyesight is, and the speed of seeing can’t rise, the good things will naturally be taken away by others.
Seeing Su Luo’s calm and composed look, Li Aoqiong and Wang Zhongkui narrowed their eyes slightly, and sneers flashed under their eyes.
They look down on Su Luo, a young stinky girl like that. You know, what a gambling girl is for his eyesight and experience, what can this yellow girl understand? So they all felt that this gambling game was nothing to compare, it was simply a win!
“Choose well, Jade Lake Palace will never treat you badly.” Li Aoqiong rarely lowered his figure and patted Wang Zhongkui on the shoulder. Then, he glanced at Su Luo, snorted disdainfully, and walked aside to wait.
With high hopes from the Li family of Yaochi, Wang Zhongkui’s eyes were full of excitement, and he nodded vigorously, indicating that he would have done his best and died. Then, he glanced at Su Luo contemptuously.

Chapter: 546
The corner of Su Luo’s mouth evoked a hint of mockery.
Don’t you look down on her? Then she let them see who is the real spar king!
Li Aoqiong’s cold voice sounded in the silent space.
Before he finished his words, Wang Zhongkui quickly reached out and took it to the rough stone he had already looked at. He held it in his hand and only scanned it a few times before putting it in the box beside it.
His speed is extremely fast, almost every time he just glances a few eyes and settles.
According to common sense, his speed is already very fast, and very few people can match it.
On the other hand, Su Luo… Su Luo’s performance at the moment simply made the friends mad!
Bei Chenying held his forehead with one hand, and almost regretted asking Su Luo this great Buddha to come over.
At this tense moment, she was sitting there in a daze!
Yes, that’s the kind of dementia, wandering around too vainly-distracted!
Didn’t you see that the other party picked a dozen dollars? She was still in a daze, what rhythm is this? And the kind of distracted, very happy, with a slight smile on his lips.
Not only Bei Chenying, but Lan Xuan and all of them clenched their fists, staring at Su Luo nervously, wishing to stare a hole out of her back.
Fall off!
sister in law!
Luo Luo kiss sister-in-law!
Wake up and choose! Didn’t you see that the good stuff was picked away by the other party? ! Bei Chenying was sweating profusely, eager to rush to wake up Su Luo.
It’s a pity that at the beginning it was stipulated that no one was allowed to make a sound, so they could only stare with their eyes.
But if he stared with his eyes, it had little effect on Su Luo, who was too imaginary. It could even be said that it had no effect at all.
Compared with Beichen and the others who were talking nervously, Nangong Liuyun was calm and calm, standing calmly, with a smile on his mouth.
He has full confidence in his home girl.
Anyway, it doesn’t matter if she can do it or not, just have a good time, he will take care of everything.
Seeing Su Luo in a daze, Li Aoqiong suddenly felt comfortable and well-informed. He glanced at Nangong Liuyun contemptuously: Shit, what do you look for?
Nangong Liuyun raised his eyebrows and glared back slowly: Is this king’s girl who can be understood by ordinary people like you?
Li Aoqiong coldly snorted, pointed at Su Luo’s dazed appearance with contempt, and pointed at himself: I am an ordinary man?
Nangong Liuyun disapproved, he was too lazy to care about Li Aoqiong, turned his back, and happily admired the beautiful back of his girl’s head.
The back of his girl’s head is also the best-looking back of the head in the world, and it looks so pleasing to the eye. His Royal Highness King Jin, who was in love, thought with joy in his heart.
What is Su Luo doing now?
Of course it’s more than just being in a daze.
It turned out that when she wanted to let the little dragon out, the little guy actually told her that according to its intermittent inheritance memory, it can be one with the little master, humans and beasts, and you can know which rough stones are treasures without going out.
It would be best to not expose the little dragon.
So, Su Luo happily waited for the little dragon and her beasts to become one.
But she forgot… If the little dragon who wanted to breathe fire but sprayed water was reliable, she wouldn’t be so embarrassed at first.
So Su Luo was tragic.
“Little Dragon Dragon, Little Mengmeng, little baby, are you alright, are you okay?” Su Luo felt distressed when he saw that the other party had picked five or six rough stones one after another.
“Wailing wailing woo woo -” faster faster.

Chapter: 547
There was a word in the little dragon’s mouth, and the dragon’s breath swallowed…
Su Luo suddenly felt her mind stunned, and when she opened her eyes again, she felt amazing.
Because at this moment, what she saw in her eyes were small red dots…a pile of rough stones in front of her, some were marked with red dots, and some were not.
And those marked with small red dots are divided into dark and light colors.
“Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! time is limited!
Since the little dragon is always unreliable, Su Luo didn’t know when this magical function would be taken back, so she started very quickly.
So Su Luo gave the public a lesson on what is really “quick, ruthless, and accurate” and what is really fast.
She saw her start as fast as lightning, grabbed a rough stone and threw it into the box, putting her hands together.
When the afterimage flashed, the rough stone in the box was increasing at a speed visible to the naked eye.
At this moment, Su Luo looked like an aunt in a supermarket grabbing discounted items. It was a neat gesture, and his eyes were fierce!
It’s smashing, the pieces of rough stones were all thrown into his box by Su Luozi.
The opposite Wang Zhongkui was hailed as the new king of spar, and he chose the rough stone and finally observed its surface, so his selection speed was not fast.
But Su Luo…Compared with Wang Zhongkui, her behavior is no different from an illiterate who doesn’t understand gambling at all.
It seemed to others that she simply grabbed the rough stone from the table and threw the box, grabbed it and threw it away, without hesitation, she didn’t even look at it.
In the eyes of everyone, this is completely a layman, a bandit, and a foolish act!
Because no amount of green spar you grab can compare to a cyan spar, let alone a blue spar, so grabbing more is useless.
This is the quantity of play, not the quality of play.
Seeing Su Luo grabbing the rough stone like this, Li Aoqiong sneered and shook his head disdainfully.
It’s stupid to be stupid at first, and then to catch it like this.
But she was a native village girl who had never seen the world, and she didn’t deserve to give Yaoyao shoes. Nangong Liuyun was really blind this time. Those few Beichenying were all blind!
Li Aotian not only despised Su Luo, but this time even Nangong Liuyun Beichenying was completely despised by him.
Seeing Su Luo frantically grabbing the rough stone, Bei Chenying almost cried.
He really doubted that he asked her to compete, is it too wrong to be too wrong?
Lan Xuan is more inhumane than Bei Chen Ying, and Bei Chen Ying still stares at Su Luo, but Lan Xuan has turned her back without tears, and can’t bear to look at it.
When Dark Yeming saw that Su Luo was a female bandit, she smiled bitterly and sighed again and again.
It’s over, it’s over, at least nine tenths of all the treasures of this robbery bandit belong to Li Aoqiong.
The spar doesn’t matter. If it is loose, it will be given away. The key is to lose to him spar and be laughed at by him. It’s unbearable!
Only Nangong Liuyun smiled at the corners of his mouth from beginning to end, and his eyes were soft and soft, staring at his Luo girl non-stop.
What happened to the bandits? Even if his girl is a bandit, it is the cutest and most pleasant of the bandits, he just loves to watch.
Spending a thousand green spars to see her personal performance, Nangong Liuyun felt that there was nothing more worth it.
Seeing the virtue of Nangong Liuyun, Bei Chenying muttered to herself: “It’s not saved, it’s not saved, this fellow is definitely not saved… Wenrou Township is a burial mound of heroes, and the ancients sincerely don’t deceive me.”

Chapter: 548
Bei Chenying smiled bitterly and shook his head.
Everyone said that Su Luo was caught blindly, but no one knew that at this moment, after borrowing the power of the little dragon, her eyes could see the little red dot.
The one marked by the little red dot is a high-end spar. There is no doubt about it, just grab it and throw it in your box.
Therefore, the biggest difference between her and Wang Zhongkui is that Wang Zhongkui still needs to take a few glances in his hand, and it may not be accurate, only a rough estimate, but Su Luo does not need to be so complicated.
She just needs to grab, grab, grab!
The hands are constantly circling and grabbing, working like an assembly line. Who can beat this speed?
In this kind of excitement and excitement, Su Luo didn’t realize how weird his behavior was.
At this time, Su Luo devoted himself to the treasure hunting operation, filled with great satisfaction and excitement in his heart, and naturally did not notice the evaluation of her by others.
She only knew that the ones marked with red dots were all above the green spar.
The hand is fast, the hand is slow, the opportunity is fleeting.
Soon, the box beside Su Luo was full, and there was a pile of rough stones abandoned by her in front of her.
There is no red dot in this pile of rough stones, which means it is of no value.
But there are still a lot in front of Wang Zhongkui. And that bunch of red lights flashing, there are a lot of high-end rough stones at a glance, but he can’t be cheaper!
Su Luo wanted to stand up directly, and began to pull at the pile of rough rocks in front of Wang Zhongkui.
Wang Zhongkui was almost pissed to death by Su Luo’s behavior. There are not a lot of people in front of you. Why did you steal me?
However, due to the rules, he didn’t dare to say anything, he could only allow Su Luo’s slender jade hands to pull quickly in the pile of rough rocks in front of him.
Su Luo’s hand is very fast, and the fast Wang Zhongkui is also a little frightened. Maybe the smelly girl is lucky, and the high-end rough stones have been swept away by her.
As a result, Wang Zhongkui also began to accelerate.
But the problem is that he doesn’t have the eyes that can tell whether there is a spar like the speed, so when he speeds up his hands and loosens his mind, it is easy to make mistakes, and the more he can’t see the rough.
Su Luo didn’t know that the psychological pressure he had caused Wang Zhongkui was so deep.
Compared with Wang Zhongkui’s depression, Su Luo’s mood can be described as radiant.
She did grab a lot of valuable rough stones just now, and she was always excited.
But excitement goes to excitement. Where is the excitement and joy of taking food from others?
At this time, Su Luo simply did not give Wang Zhongkui a way out.
She would never let go of the rough stone marked with red dots. Her eyes were quick and her hands were quick, she grabbed everything in her box.
And she is very tricky.
How to be tricky?
Wang Zhongkui naturally didn’t have the help of the little dragon like Su Luo, and he couldn’t see any red dots or red dots.
Therefore, whenever his hand almost touched a rough stone marked with a red dot, Su Luo’s hand would always appear just right, snatching the rough stone back into his hand at the last moment he touched the rough stone.
Wang Zhongkui only regarded Su Luo as a little girl, and although he was unhappy, he didn’t think elsewhere.
Therefore, whenever Wang Zhongkui started on a high-end rough stone, he would be snatched away by Su Luo, and when he was studying rough stones that had not been marked with a red dot, Su Luo was simply too lazy.
In this way, one trades and the other grows.
After Su Luo participated, Wang Zhongkui hadn’t even obtained a high-end rough stone. Of course, he didn’t know it, and he was still studying happily.

Chapter: 549
Li Aoqiong didn’t know, he was still scorning Su Luo in disdain.
Soon, after Su Luo’s frenzied plunder, Wang Zhongkui’s high-end rough stones were all robbed.
At the same time, the abilities lent to her by the little dragon was also exhausted by her. In an instant, Su Luo could not see the red dot.
Su Luo drew away directly, and fell back on the red sandalwood chair, with his hands neatly wrapped around his head, and the corners of his mouth were slightly raised, looking at Wang Zhongkui who was studying on the pile of rough stones in front of her with a smile.
Poor guy, she has gone with all the good things, what else can he pick out?
But Wang Zhongkui, the new spar king, didn’t know. He was still buried in the pile of raw stones, tirelessly, attentively, and focused on picking.
Beichen Ying couldn’t stand Su Luo’s carelessness, sadness and helplessness: “Who is used to this little temper?”
How can you casually watch your opponent’s behavior with your hands behind your head during a game? This is simply… it makes them indescribable.
I don’t know that Nangong Liuyun is not ashamed but proud, so he said slowly: “This king is used to it, do you have an opinion?”
Bei Chen Ying’s forehead twitched, and she couldn’t talk to Nangong anymore.
At this time, he missed the former Nangong who was indifferent and arrogant towards the girl’s house. At that time, Nangong was holding his chin and squinting at all directions: Woman? What it is? Get out of my way!
What a magnificent instrument, powerful and domineering, watching the world!
now what? I’m used to this way before I get married. I’m not sure what my spoil will be after I get married… The hard days are still to come. Bei Chenying felt extremely resentful.
Su Luo didn’t understand Bei Chenying’s complaint, and she was looking at Wang Zhongkui with a smile at this moment.
Wang Zhongkui was picky, and finally picked away all the unnecessary rough stones in front of her. This made Su Luo, who had originally looked at him a high-level look, immediately gave him a next level of impression.
You know, all these in front of her are not marked with red dots, and there is no spar inside.
So Su Luo kindly came forward to remind him: “Hey, don’t move the pile in front of me. All the spars have been picked out, and the rest is garbage. You use it as a stool to sit on?”
When Su Luo said this, the audience was in an uproar.
Beichenying was shocked.
Li Aoqiong looked at Su Luo even more like an idiot: “Is this girl’s head not broken by the door?”
“Looking for death?” Nangong Liuyun snorted coldly, squinting at Li Aoqiong. He wanted to say another slander against Su Luo, and Nangong Liuyun immediately did it.
“No, what she said…you believe it too?” Li Aoqiong thought this world was so amazing, he didn’t believe it anyway.
“Believe it, if my girl is a girl, there will never be a fake.” Nangong Liuyun triumphed.
Li Aoqiong mourned for Li Yaoyao in his heart: Sister paper, are you sure you still want to take care of such a man? ? ?
Li Aoqiong retracted his gaze, he knew that if he had to fight with Nangong Liuyun again, the one who lost would definitely be him, Li Aoqiong. Instead of that, it’s better to ignore him!
Seeing that both sides had finished picking, Li Aoqiong took a few steps forward, glanced at Su Luo’s full boxes with contempt, and said indifferently: “The game is over.”
Bei Chen came up and saw that his expression was particularly complicated.
If it is only on the quantity, there is no doubt about it.
Because of the local tyrant’s robbing before Su Luo, most of the rough stones entered this box, but there was a quantity of spar in it…

Chapter: 550
Beichenying really didn’t dare to guess. It can’t be said that there is not a single spar in this pile.
“Sister-in-law… are you sure there is a spar here?” Bei Chenying looked at the pile of rough stones, and suddenly wanted to cry.
Su Luo arrogantly waved his hand: “Of course, Beichen, I tell you, this box is full of Dangdang, and all of them are full of spar, and no rough stone is empty.”
Su Luo is extremely confident!
She is guaranteed by the eyes of the little dragon!
Seeing Bei Chenying’s face with a wry smile, Su Luo suddenly thought of the ferocious appearance of the spar stone before, so she raised a sly smile at the corner of her mouth: “You don’t believe it? That’s good, if it’s the rough stone and crystal here If the proportion of stones exceeds 90%, all the spars here will belong to me. If not, they will all belong to you, how about?”
“Ninety percent?” Bei Chenying exclaimed, her eyes widened.
Lan Xuan also came forward, picked up a piece of rough stone and tossed it up and down: “Sister-in-law, don’t have trouble with yourself, otherwise it’s fine. If the ratio of rough stone to spar inside exceeds 10%, you win. ,how is it?”
Ten percent? She is too underestimated.
Su Luo insisted: “You don’t have to give me water, just 90%. If you want to bet, just bet the truth.”
This 90% ratio is still Su Luo’s modest statement. In fact, the probability of these rough stones containing spar is absolutely 100%.
“Okay! A bet!” Anyway, there is Nangong, Su Luofu’s oily oil, and some big people who don’t eat it are condemned by God. The brothers will win the little sister-in-law once today, giving her a long memory.
“Well, that’s it.” Su Luo’s mouth curled up with a sly arc, his eyes were smiling, and he looked at Bei Chen with a smile, just looking at Bei Chen’s heart.
Seeing the “infighting” started here, Li Aoqiong said that he was in a good mood, and he glanced at Su Luo arrogantly: “But the little ant is beyond his control.”
Su Luo glanced at Wang Zhongkui and stared at Li Aoqiong without showing any weakness. A sneer was provoked at the corner of his mouth, “I am proud of my fame.”
These two idioms both criticize Li Aoqiong and denounce Wang Zhongkui.
“Smelly girl, I’m so courageous, so I’m not afraid that I will kill you?” Li Aoqiong found that if he had to find good points from this stinky girl, this unreasonable courage was a little bit.
Nangong Liuyun appeared at Su Luo’s side at the right time, her phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, staring at Li Aoqiong dangerously, “Dare you?”
The smile on Li Aoqiong’s face stagnated, and he glared at Nangong Liuyun unanimously, with a kind of betrayal anger.
Su Luo smiled: “Since you are not upset, why don’t we have a gamble?”
Setting aside Nangong Liuyun’s gambling game alone? This is exactly what he wanted.
“How to bet?” Li Aoqiong’s gaze slowly swept across Nangong Liuyun, and finally stopped on Su Luo’s face, his gaze returned to arrogance and coldness.
“The same gambling method as Beichen and others.” Su Luo’s eyes were smiling, and his smile was unpredictable. “Just gamble on the proportion of spar in the rough stone. If it exceeds 90%, I win. If it doesn’t, I won. Count me lose, how?”
Isn’t this rushing to lose?
Not only Li Aoqiong, but Bei Chenying and the others also thought this way.
If you didn’t know how Su Luo was picking the rough stone, it would be fine, but they all saw it just now, where is this girl picking the rough stone, she was blind with her eyes closed.

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