The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 531-540

Chapter: 531
Su Luoqing coughed, pushed open the study door, and walked in steadily.
The study is an important place, and idlers are not allowed to enter.
Therefore, Su Luo, who has always been treated as an idler, has never been to the study from beginning to end. This is the first time.
The doors and windows were closed tightly, and the sight of the study was a little dark, just like Su Zian’s face at this time.
Su Zian sat on the armchair behind the dark long table, wearing a golden crown and a purple brocade robe, her eyes sharp as a knife, and she stab Su Luo coldly.
He had no idea that the person who won today would change her. If someone had told him that a day ago, he would have sneered sneer.
But now, this is an indisputable fact.
Su Zi’an stared at Su Luo motionlessly with sharp eyes like thunderous majesty, and looked up at her carefully.
He couldn’t understand how he thought about it. How could she, who had always been sloppy in his mind, soar into the sky in a short time, and the limelight overwhelmed his baby Qinger.
Staring at Su Luo carefully, looking left and right, still can’t see what is going on.
After a while, Su Zian stared at her coldly: “Who taught you the courage to teach Yu’er? And who used your courage to hurt Xi’er? Huh?”
Su Zian’s voice is like a violent storm, which makes people’s hair terrifying.
The atmosphere in the study was a bit stiff for a while, and the stuffy people could not breathe.
Su Luo twitched his lips slightly: “Since your father knows that Su Xi and the others are injured, he must also know that she provoked me in the first place?”
Su Zian’s aura is indeed very strong, if his aura is really a deterrent to her before going to Bauhinia Island.
However, it is a pity that Zijing Island and his entourage promoted Su Luo to Tier 4 and fought Su Qing, and Su Luo rose to Tier 4 peak, so Su Zian was not a big threat to her at this time.
“Su Luo! I am not so courageous, I dare to quibble!” Su Zi’an was angry at being offended.
“My father, this is not a sophistry, but a statement of facts.” Su Luo stayed still, and the curvature of the corners of his mouth remained unchanged. “If your father insists on listening and believing, then the daughter will have nothing to say. ”
Su Luo spread his hands, expressing helplessness.
Su Zian became angry for a while.
When he was angry, Su Xi and the others would all tremble and be anxious, but Su Luo still looked calm and his expression did not change, which made him somewhat unable to start.
In fact, Su Zian just used the topic to play. What he really angered was Su Qing’s loss.
After taking a few deep breaths, Su Zian’s mood stabilized, and her voice returned to indifferent: “There is something wrong with Xi’er, but she is worried about Qing’er, and care is chaotic. Why don’t you let her be the sister?
Seeing that Su Luo was about to quibble again, Su Zian waved his hand impatiently, “Okay, I will let you go for the time being about Xi’er, but Qing’er…”
Su Zian gritted her teeth and snorted coldly, “You are unfeeling, forcing her to disfigure her short legs is really amazing.”
The corner of Su Luo’s mouth evokes a ridiculous arc, “My father, from the moment Su Qing made the life and death contract, you should have anticipated this day. Could it be that at that time you think…my ineffective daughter will be the one who will fail miserably, so Don’t think it matters?”
Su Luo’s words can be said to be Chi Guoguo’s face.
Sure enough, Su Zian’s complexion turned red in an instant! Very ugly!
“Shut up for me! I really thought my wings were stiff and I dared to fly out!” Su Zian became angry, and immediately retaken the table, making a violent crash. Very majestic for a while!

Chapter: 532
“Daughter doesn’t dare.” Su Luo stood upright, with an arc of laughter at the corner of his mouth, and his clear black and white eyes were motionless, smiling at Su Zian.
He said not to dare, but his posture was arrogant and not softened.
Su Zi’an was very angry, but reason told him that his anger was useful to others, and was of no use to the smelly girl in front of him.
Taking a few deep breaths, Su Zian suppressed the emotion that was on the verge of an explosion.
“Okay, this is the end of the matter.” Su Zian stopped Su Luo impatiently, frowning and asked, “What’s the matter with that little milk dog?”
Su Luo was clear in his heart, and the corner of his mouth raised a sneer arc.
Here comes the point.
It turned out that Su Zian’s purpose was here.
He first blamed her, put the charge on her, and then made a request, so that she would not be able to refuse.
Good scheming, good method, if a girl who has never seen the world, can’t be dizzy by Su Zian’s trick?
It’s a pity that no matter how best he uses it, there is nothing wrong with him when he meets his own incompetent master.
Su Luo smiled faintly: “Little milk dog? Oh, is the father referring to the daughter’s spiritual pet?”
“Well, where did it come from?” Su Zian’s face was stern, frowning, as if he didn’t care.
Su Luo felt funny in his heart. If he didn’t care, how could he pave so much in front?
“It’s just a little milk dog, I picked it up on the road.” Su Luo smiled casually.
Su Zian’s face sank, and soon he couldn’t hold on anymore.
He flicked his sleeves and said angrily: “Nonsense, can such a kind of spiritual pet be picked up casually on the road? You still lie to your father, Su Luo, you are so bold!”
If you care, you have to pretend not to care. Look, isn’t this just showing up.
Su Luo’s expression did not change, she was still calm as the wind, calmly countering the generals: “Since the father doesn’t believe in his daughter, why should he ask?”
Su Zi An became angry and waved impatiently: “Okay, hand over that little thing to my father.”
“What’s the meaning of father?” Su Luo fixed his eyes on him, his black and white eyes deeply bottomed out, and Su Zi’an’s impatient and greedy look reflected in her deep eyes.
“You are young and don’t know anything, how can you raise it? Such a precious thing, I have my father to take care of you.” Su Zi’an said solemnly.
Raise for her? Su Luo sneered repeatedly in his heart.
If he didn’t have such obvious desire for greed in his eyes, if he didn’t force her to surrender it so rightly and confidently, Su Luo might kindly let him take a look at the little dragon, but now…
Su Luo’s cold eyes stared at Su Zian for a moment: “How can my father not know that if the contract is forcibly cancelled, the owner’s life will be in danger, and the spirit pet will return to its original state.”
Su Zian’s face suddenly turned pale.
How could he not understand what Su Luo said?
His fist loosened and clenched again.
Su Luo looked at him with a faint smile: “My father forcibly forced his daughter to surrender his spiritual pet, but did he like it?”
Su Zian’s complexion flushed red when he was said to be the main thing. His expression was full of dignity. He retaken the table with a bang and roared: “Smelly girl, full of nonsense! How can a father be greedy for you? This little pet! It’s ridiculous!”
Su Luo’s eyes were clear, and she smiled faintly: “If this is the case, then thank your father for giving up. If there is nothing else, the daughter will leave first.”

Chapter: 533
Su Zian’s fist was clenched, and the gloomy face flickered, and no one knew what he was thinking.
“You stop for me!” Su Zi’an roared angrily.
“My father has something to order?” Su Luo turned around and smiled calmly.
Su Zian gritted his teeth, took a few deep breaths, and forced himself to calm down quickly.
He is not stupid, although he does not like Su Luo, but this stinky girl is after all the descendants of the Su family.
Now that Su Qing’s whereabouts is unknown, Su Luo, who can defeat Su Qing, is undoubtedly a rising star.
“Take this secret book, repair the chain, and upgrade to rank 5 as soon as possible!” Su Zi’an threw away a shabby blue book of sutras.
Is this showing her good? Su Luo felt very funny in her heart.
Su Zian’s emotions at this time are indeed complicated, no wonder his behavior is so uncertain.
Su Luo put away the secret book and turned to leave, but Su Zi’an’s cold voice came: “Tomorrow, come from Jade Lake Palace, you send that little thing.”
Yaochi Palace? The Yaochi Palace of Fairy Yaochi? That Yaochi Palace of Li Aotian?
Bei Chenying’s words appeared in Su Luo’s mind.
He said that the Li family connected Li Aotian’s death to himself. Then, when the Li family came to the door this time, could it be…I came to Xingshi to inquire?
Su Zi’an is really good, he wants the little dragon, but he wants to please the Li family?
Su Luo’s good mood of receiving the secret book just now was immediately destroyed, and he faintly replied, “Impossible.”
“What?!” This was the first time someone dared to blatantly reject Su Zian.
“I said, no, yes, yes!” Su Luo’s voice was cold, like snow on a thousand-year-old glacier, indifferent and cold.
“You say it to Lao Tzu again!” Su Zian stared in anger, wishing to rush to strangle Su Luo immediately.
How noble is the Yaochi Li Family? If you can make friends with them, that would be the blessing of the Su family!
But how did Su Zian know that Su Luo had completely offended Fairy Yaochi, and Li Aotian died because of her.
The hatred of the two sides is not shared, and they are already immortal. How can there be a chance to cooperate?
Su Luo looked at him indifferently, and said indifferently, “Do you want to favor the Jade Lake Palace? I don’t think it is necessary.”
“You–” Su Zian raised her slap angrily.
But Su Luo raised a sneer at the corner of his mouth: “Forgot to say, I lied to you just now, the little milk dog was not picked up on the road.”
“Finally you are willing to tell the truth?” Su Zi Anyin sneered.
“Well, because the little milk dog was given to me by a big man, he confessed that he is not allowed to tell outsiders, but his father is not an outsider, presumably he should not blame me.” Su Luo smiled and looked at Su Zian.
“Who gave you such a precious spiritual pet? Could it be…” Thinking of that person, Su Zian was instantly poured from head to toe by a bag of cold water, and a boiling heart immediately cooled down.
In the duel field, His Royal Highness King Jin and Su Luo appeared hand in hand. After the battle was over, he led Su Luo both to leave.
This message was spread like wings in the capital. How could Su Zian, who is well-informed, know it?
“My father’s guess is right.” Since Su Zian had guessed about King Jin himself, Su Luo was of course ambiguous.
In fact, to be more accurate, it should be that the little milk dog in the Sunset Mountain Range came to the door automatically with himself and King Jin. But Su Luo would not be kind enough to explain.
“You go out first.” Su Zian shook his head and waved to Su Luo.
At this time, his look was a little complicated.

Chapter: 534
After Su Luo went out, Su Zi’an sat back in the circle chair, his face flickering bright and dark, cloudy and sunny.
Since that little spirit pet was given by His Highness King Jin, he naturally didn’t dare to make any more ideas, but Su Luo… it was really difficult to handle.
In any case, Su Luo is a descendant of the Su family, and it is a great honor to be able to climb to His Highness King Jin… But how could Fairy Yaochi of Yaochi Palace be so easy to deal with?
If it was the former Su Luo, he would give up if she said to give up, but now that she showed the strength, even he would look sideways.
Su Zian felt a terrible headache for a while.
Sure enough, she is a bad girl! If she did not exist, there would be no such troubles! At this moment Su Zian wanted to have never had a daughter like Su Luo.
Early in the morning of the second day, as Su Zian said, people from the Li family in Yaochi came, and they arrived in an imposing manner early in the morning!
It was not someone else who came here, but the Li Yaoxiang that Beichen Ying said.
Su Zian originally thought that the Li family came from, at best, he was a steward, but he did not know that he was actually the best in the second generation of the Li family, Li Aotian’s uncle.
Li Yaoxiang looks ordinary, and the way he plays is ordinary, but he gives people a strong visual shock.
Su Zi’an had stood at the gate of the mansion to greet him early, but Li Yaoxiang’s stiff face was so indifferent that there was no expression.
With a cold snort, Li Yaoxiang walked from the door to the living room, leaving a clear footprint with every step he took.
It is both show off and deterrence.
Not to mention, the subordinates of Su Mansion were all scared to silence at this time, and they didn’t dare to read more, they all hid far away, afraid that they would be affected by the pond fish.
“Call out Su Luo.” Li Yaoxiang only threw out these words, and then sat in the master’s chair and closed his eyes and rested, his expression proud.
Su Zi’an said in a hurry, “Senior, please sit down slowly.
Su Zian’s expression changed several times, and the sweat on his forehead quickly spread. He whispered to Su Jingyu: “Hurry up and invite Su Luo!”
Li Yaoxiang, this is a bad person.
Su Zian still didn’t know that Li Aotian’s disappearance was related to Su Luo, and he didn’t even know that Su Luo went to Bauhinia Island.
Because this trip to Bauhinia Island was almost wiped out, the people who came back were also silent and refused to reveal a word.
No matter how diligent Su Zian was, Li Yaoxiang didn’t raise his eyelids, he didn’t bother to care about him, and his attitude was arrogant and arrogant.
It seems that these mundane people are all ants in his eyes, and he is a high god and Buddha, so high and arrogant.
Su Zi’an sat aside with a smile, her expression very embarrassing.
He never felt that time was so long.
Su Zian couldn’t sit still soon. He walked back and forth in the room, looking out, eager to see through.
Soon, he saw Su Luo’s figure, walked quickly over, pulled Su Luo and walked in, urging in a hurry: “Hurry up.”
Su Luo’s heart sank slightly.
Su Zian’s attitude can explain the problem.
Who is from the Li family this time? Can you scare Su Zian like this?
When the Li family asks questions, don’t even think about it. Su Zian will definitely sell her right away… This is a bit difficult.
Su Luo calmed down and walked into the hall with Su Zian.
As soon as he took a step further, a sharp gaze flew towards her, and the deterrent with a strong aura came towards her.
Su Luo was slightly surprised.

Chapter: 535
Su Luo secretly exclaimed badly.
This Li’s family is full of aura and full of firepower. He just came to disarm himself, I am afraid that today’s things are a bit difficult to deal with.
Su Luo took a deep breath, calmed his mind, and walked in calmly and calmly.
“Are you Su Luo?” Li Yaoxiang narrowed his eyes, condescendingly, and glanced at Su Luo indifferently.
His voice was indifferent like a thousand years of ice, without a trace of emotion, and he did not put the little girl in front of him in his eyes.
Su Luo nodded calmly: “Yes.”
Li Yaoxiang stared at her arrogantly, his eyes sharp as electric, implying awe-inspiring murderousness.
“Tell me the whereabouts of Li Aotian, and spare you for not dying.” Li Yaoxiang is as arrogant and strong as ever, with no change at all because the other party is a little girl.
Li Aotian? He has been swallowed by fire, and he can’t even find Mao in this life. How can you tell his whereabouts? Su Luo slandered in his heart.
Su Luo sneered secretly in her heart, but her face was innocent and confused, and she looked very innocent: “Has the senior misunderstood? How can the little girl know the whereabouts of Li Gongzi?”
“Huh!” Li Yaoxiang snorted angrily, “Smelly girl, dare to quibble? Believe it or not this seat killed you!”
Su Luo was both innocent and helpless: “Senior really made a mistake. Yes, that’s right, I went to the Purple Fish Palace with the big guy.
However, even though we entered the Purple Fish Palace together, Li Gongzi’s martial arts is outstanding and stands out from the crowd, how can he follow the little girl? So the little girl really doesn’t know. ”
“Sophistry.” Li Yaoxiang glanced at Su Luo with contempt, “At the last moment, are you two alone?”
Su Luo thought slightly in his heart.
After the prince and Bei Chenying were imprisoned in the organization, she and Li Aotian were indeed the only ones left.
In this way, if you disclose the information to the Li family, it is the Prince? His Royal Highness…I’m really sorry if I don’t go to collect debts from him, Su Luo, who is very vengeful, immediately missed the prince.
In the East Palace, surrounded by beauties, His Royal Highness at the entrance to the wine suddenly shuddered.
Under the coercion of Li Yaoxiang, Su Luo smiled faintly, “It is true as the predecessors said, but the Purple Fish Palace was about to disappear at the time. We went back and forth separately, everyone was busy escaping, as for where Li Gongzi went, I really don’t know. If I do, I will definitely be right behind Li Gongzi and ask for a little shelter.”
“How dare you lie now?” Li Yaoxiang’s voice was indifferent, but Su Luo had a hint of admiration in his heart.
Under his coercion, she can still maintain a trace of indifferentness, which shows that this stinky girl has a very calm temperament and is a good seedling for chain repair, which is a pity.
“The little girl really didn’t know it. It seems that you really found the wrong person. At that time, His Royal Highness and Li Gongzi had a good relationship. Why don’t you go and ask His Royal Highness?” Su Luo spread his hands and expressed helplessness. It’s a disaster.
Li Yaoxiang’s complexion suddenly became difficult to look.
The Yaochi Palace has a very high status on the mainland. He has always said that there is no one that countless people look up to. Now, such an ant-like stinky girl dares to disrespect him?
“Don’t you tell me?” Li Yaoxiang’s eyes slowly turned cold, and finally dropped to freezing point.
Su Luo shook his head helplessly, appearing helpless and powerless: “It’s really helpless to say. If the seniors insist on buckling the matter of Li Er Gongzi on the little girl, the little girl will not be able to refute it either.”

Chapter: 536
“Okay, very good!” Li Yaoxiang patted the armrest, his expression cold.
Su Luo sighed helplessly and put forward a hypothesis: “God knows where the second son of Li has gone. Maybe he met a stunning woman on the way, and he was afraid that his family would disagree, so he eloped with the other girl and went to the world?”
“It’s ridiculous! You clearly killed him!”
Su Luo spread his hands for the last time: “If you want to commit a crime, there is nothing wrong with it. My strength is completely inferior to that of the second son of Li, Senior, you have to be aware of the details.”
Li Yaoxiang leaned back on the Grand Master’s chair, his eyes narrowed dangerously, and he was so unpredictable that no one else could guess his thoughts.
The surroundings suddenly became silent.
Through these bits and pieces, Su Zian pieced together the future, but the coherent facts shocked his heart!
Su Luo, the stinky girl, went to Bauhinia Island with King Jin’s Palace, and it so happened that she actually encountered Purple Fish Palace this year!
Moreover, she is actually related to the missing second son of the Li family!
Such an important matter, after she came back, she didn’t put a single fart on him like an old man, she didn’t put herself in her eyes, her wings grew hard and wanted to fly! Su Zian’s hatred for Su Luo added another layer.
Su Zian saw Su Luo’s deserted and indifferent appearance, and another anger rose in his heart for no reason.
Who is this in front of me? That was the leader of the second generation of the Yaochi Li family, the eighth-tier peak strength, if you want to destroy Su Luo, you can just stretch out a finger to kill her.
With such a powerful existence, this stinky girl can’t find half-dead awe.
Su Zian was about to step forward and knock Su Luo down and kneel down to apologize to Li Yaoxiang. However, before he could approach him, he found that the atmosphere in the hall suddenly froze.
An invisible strong man’s coercion spread in the hall, and it is getting stronger and stronger.
Su Zian’s complexion changed abruptly, and a sense of awe flashed in his heart, he immediately stopped his steps, and consciously took two steps back.
Su Luo’s heart sank slightly as the strong man overwhelmed.
Beichen commented that this Li Yaoxiang was arrogant and arrogant, narrow-minded, and the most short-sighted. Now it seems that he is true.
He didn’t agree with a few words, he didn’t care about his own identity. Is this going to shoot her directly?
At this time, Li Yaoxiang’s terrifying Tier 8 powerhouse breath broke out, making people breathless like a huge wave, and crushing Su Luo like a mountain.
Under the suppression of that violent and tyrannical aura, Su Luo’s robes had been struck by a violent wind.
Without waiting for her to recover, another heavy pressure was placed on her head.
Su Luo’s straight back bends abruptly, slumped like an eighty-year-old woman.
Is this to bend her pride and make her surrender?
A sneer evoked from the corner of Su Luo’s mouth, and all of his spiritual power suddenly concentrated on his back.
The curved back was stiff and straight.
A touch of disdain appeared between Li Yaoxiang’s brows and eyes, and he sneered, “I can’t help myself.”
He just hummed casually, and his domineering breath added two more points.
This time it was not on her back, but on her knees.
The straight legs bend down suddenly as if being kicked behind the knees.
it hurts! Su Luo was about to kneel down subconsciously!
Su Luo’s eyes were red, and his luck was full of spiritual power, and he forced himself to counter the forceful air pressure.
However, the strengths of Su Luo and Li Yaoxiang are too far apart. At this time, the bones of her whole body were crackling, which was an unbearable weight for her body.

Chapter: 537
More than that, her skin, white as jade, was flushed red at this time, and the people watching it were shocking.
And those eyes, bloodshot and red.
But even so, she still stood calmly, her back straight, her legs straight, without a trace of bending.
“Hmph, now that things have happened, I still don’t kneel down, Su Zian, you have raised a good girl!” Li Yaoxiang’s eyes were even more chilly, and he was very unhappy.
Su Zi’an was anxious, and he shouted at Su Luo: “Don’t hurry down on your knees!”
Su Luo was sweaty on her forehead, but her expression remained the same. Her voice was cold but strong: “Unlike any evil forces yielding, it is the way in my heart!”
With the Dao, and the tenacity of the mind, the cultivation base can make great progress.
Cultivation involves not only the body, but also a strong heart.
Li Yaoxiang looked at the stubbornly smelly girl in front of him mockingly.
It was a bit arrogant to be able to maintain his kneeling body under his coercion. However, he hates such arrogance the most.
A killing intent flashed in Li Yaoxiang’s eyes, and the coercion of the strong became more and more intense, centering on Su Luo, spreading to the entire hall.
Under the pressure of tyranny, Su Zian’s legs trembled, as if he would kneel down in the next instant. Taking advantage of Li Yaoxiang’s carelessness, he moved back step by step and gradually moved away from the center of air pressure.
Su Jingyu did not have the strength of his old man. He only heard a bang. He knelt on his knees after a long distance.
Originally a strong like Li Yaoxiang should have the dignity of a strong, and shouldn’t have the same knowledge as a junior like Su Luo.
But Li Yaoxiang, a narrow-minded generation, really cannot use common sense.
Su Jingyu was kneeling, and Su Zian was about to kneel, but the stinky girl in front of her was standing upright, which was an unforgivable crime for Li Yaoxiang.
He felt that his majesty was offended.
Suddenly, Li Yaoxiang waved his hand to release all the coercion of the last two points!
For a while, the air in the hall suddenly condensed.
“Bang–” Su Zian, who finally retreated a short distance, couldn’t stand anymore and fell directly to the ground.
There was a sneer at the corner of Li Yaoxiang’s mouth.
She is already kneeling, how can the smelly girl not kneel?
However, what surprised him was that this stinky girl actually stood upright.
The floor under her feet had long been shattered, and her feet sank a full foot into the ground, but even so, she still did not bend her back, let alone kneel down.
Li Yaoxiang’s face instantly became very ugly.
Although Su Luo still remained unyielding, only she herself knew how much she was suffering at this time.
The cold sweat on his forehead condensed into beads and rolled off.
The eyeballs are red and seem to burst in the next moment.
The skin is white as jade, now like a cracked spider web, oozing bloodshot eyes, making people unbearable.
The spiritual energy in Su Luo circulated frantically, and the palm prints of the big void hovered above his head, stubbornly resisting the coercive breath of the strong.
The more she resisted, the more she understood the gap between herself and the real strong, the more she understood that each level was an insurmountable gap.
Originally, Su Luo had calculated that the chance of resisting it was 10%, but now she reluctantly understood that she had no chance of winning even half.
The eighth Tier Li Yaoxiang is too powerful, she is definitely not what she can resist now.
How to do?
A faint uneasiness flashed in Su Luo’s heart, a string of sweat hung on her forehead, and her eyes flowed in. The stinging eyes were painful, but she didn’t blink.
Smelly girl, really stubborn! Li Yaoxiang snorted coldly, and it seemed that if she didn’t give her a good look, she wouldn’t bow her head.

Chapter: 538
Li Yaoxiang snorted, offering a thunderball in his hand, which hung upright above Su Luo’s head.
That thunderball was the size of a football, and it was all lightning gathering, shining, swallowing clouds and misting, and snorting.
If it burst on top of Su Luo’s head, then no matter how proud she was, she would be reduced to ashes in the next moment.
“Smelly girl, give you one last chance.” Li Yaoxiang’s eyes were cold and cold, “If you don’t grasp it, you won’t have a chance in this life.”
Li Yaoxiang was telling the truth.
Now Su Zi’an, the most powerful person in Su Mansion, knelt down at him, who would dare to say anything to his behavior?
Even if he slaughtered all of Su Mansion, who would dare to say a word? What’s more, just killing the tiny Su Luo?
Su Luo’s eyes narrowed slightly, her heart sinking…
Li Aotian’s death is definitely not to be said.
Li Yaoxiang’s strength is also something she cannot resist.
These two roads are not connected, she is unable to crack this game, and she is not strong enough now!
Under the heavy pressure, Su Luo’s legs kept bend down, bend and bend again and again, almost touching the ground.
And the thunder ball above her snorted, like a bomb that would explode at any time, making people frightened.
On Su Luo’s skin and pores, the traces of blood condensed into beads, dripping off.
The drops of blood dripped around her and gathered in a circle.
A blood-colored circle confined her in place, and she was unable to move even the slightest.
Su Luo clenched his teeth and persisted, but his knees continued to bend. When the knees touched the ground at the last moment——
Suddenly, a figure fell from the sky like a god.
Su Luo looked up and saw that he wore a gorgeous white soft robe, his clothes fluttering, his skin was as beautiful as mutton jade, and his skin was exquisite and shiny, as if the moon was covered by light clouds, fluttering like a wind. It’s back to the snow, the beauty is breathtaking.
I saw him spin around and flew, stretched out his long arms to draw Su Luo into his arms.
As soon as he raised his hand, the strong pressure in the hall suddenly disappeared.
His bright eyes and white teeth are outstanding, his whole body reveals a proud and peerless edge, and his gestures reveal the domineering nature of the king, which teaches people not to look directly.
He looked down at Su Luo, with a faint gentleness and firm guarding between his brows and eyes.
His Royal Highness? !
Su Zian and Su Jingyu both stared at Nangong Liuyun in amazement, staring at him in the posture of holding Su Luo tightly.
If the information is correct, His Royal Highness King Jin and Yaochi Palace have been in the past for many years, how can they…
Nangong Liuyun seemed to flick his sleeves at will, but the lightning thunderball suddenly flew towards Li Yaoxiang’s vitals.
“Liuyun, you–” Li Yaoxiang was full of disbelief, accompanied by anger.
Nangong Liuyun smiled casually at the corner of his mouth: “The original thunder ball is returned. This kind of power cannot be afforded by the royal family.”
“Nangong Liuyun!” Li Yaoxiang roared.
He didn’t expect that Nangong Liuyun would appear at the last minute, and he didn’t directly protect the stinky girl as soon as he appeared, and what was even more unexpected was that he would attack him for an ant-like stinky girl!
The thunderball struck, the lightning flashed, and the angle that Nangong Liuyun shot came from was tricky, and Li Yaoxiang was in a hurry to deal with it.
After he finally recovered the thunder ball, he saw Nangong Liuyun sneered and mockingly sneered at himself.
The anger in Li Yaoxiang’s heart suddenly increased. Relying on the power of his elders, he pointed to Nangong Liuyun’s nose: “What’s the matter with you! For a stinky girl, you dare to do this to me!”

Chapter: 539
Li Yaoxiang’s finger was pointed exactly between Nangong Liuyun’s eyebrows.
Su Luo squeezed a cold sweat for Li Yaoxiang!
He actually dared to point to His Royal Highness Jin in this way, and he was looking for death!
Nangong Liuyun’s phoenix squinted slightly, and suddenly stretched out two fingers to clamp Li Yaoxiang’s fingers like lightning.
There was a clear voice of broken bones.
“Hiss——” Li Yaoxiang cried out in his heart, and gasped for a cold breath. At the same time, his eyes were surprised, and he stared at Nangong Liuyun in disbelief: “You, you are actually eighth or eighth?”
How is this going? Obviously he was only Tier 6 six months ago… In such a short period of time, Nangong Liuyun has made rapid progress!
Li Yaoxiang was completely confused.
“Yeah, I’m on the same level as Master Li. With this formation, isn’t Shishu Li trying to test the skills of this king?” Nangong Liuyun’s eyes showed the pride of the world, and the perfect pink lips were lightly raised. With a bit of arrogance and arrogance.
“What nonsense? I’m just disciplining this stinky girl who knows no height, so go ahead.”
“Why Master Xiang knowingly committing a crime? When does the king’s people need to be disciplined by others? Master Xiang’s hand stretched too long.” Nangong Liuyun’s eyes showed noble arrogance, indifferent and unceremonious.
Li Yaoxiang originally thought that Nangong Liuyun was only a whim, but now it seems that he is deliberately protecting this stinky girl?
Li Yaoxiang has always had a fiery temper, and he angered on the spot: “Nangong Liuyun! Did you know that this stinky girl is related to Aotian’s disappearance? Are you still protecting her? Is there Yaochi Palace in your eyes?!”
Su Luo looked at Li Yaoxiang with a smile, with a calm and calm expression: “Senior Li’s words are so unreasonable. How could the disappearance of Li Er Gongzi have something to do with me? I have the strength to defeat him?”
Nangong Liuyun stared at Li Yaoxiang with deep eyes. The corners of his mouth were still smiling, but the smile did not reach the bottom of his eyes. His voice was cold and not warm: “Lady Luo has always been with this king. Did she kill Li Aotian? This king knows best. Uncle Li will continue to be entangled?”
Li Yaoxiang didn’t know the grievances between Su Luo and Li Aotian, and at the same time he believed that Su Luo’s strength was completely incomparable to Li Aotian, so in his own heart he believed that Su Luo could not harm Li Aotian.
The reason why she went to Su Mansion to show off her power was just to teach and scare Su Luo at Yao’er’s request, so that she would stop pestering Nangong Liuyun.
“Do you have to protect this stinky girl?” Li Yaoxiang’s face was pale, his face covered with haze.
“This king’s girl, this king doesn’t protect it, who will protect it?” Nangong Liuyun embraced Su Luo’s slender waist, raised his sword eyebrows, and nodded naturally.
Nangong Liuyun looked at Li Yaoxiang with such a smile.
Li Yaoxiang’s fist on his side was clenched, his expression extremely ugly.
The move Nangong Liuyun made just now made Li Yaoxiang jealous, and he didn’t dare to act rashly.
“Okay, very good! Since you have to protect this stinky girl, just wait and see!” Li Yaoxiang thought again and again, but still had to suppress this anger.
Without enough confidence to let go of these cruel words, he led the group of people he brought out of Su Mansion mightily.
Li Yaoxiang came violently and crushed vigorously, but he seemed to leave in embarrassment…
Everyone looked at the defeated Li Yaoxiang, and then at the energetic Royal Highness… For a while, the evaluation of His Highness Jin increased a bit.

Chapter: 540
Worthy of being the greatest prince of the empire.
Seeing Li Yaoxiang lead the group of people to leave, Su Zi’an finally let out a deep breath.
A touch of sweat on his forehead.
Su Zian realized that he was still kneeling, a trace of embarrassment flashed across his expression, and quickly got up, greeted Nangong Liuyun with a smile on his face.
“Thanks to His Royal Highness King Jin showing up in time, otherwise Su Mansion is afraid of a catastrophe today, ashamed and ashamed.” Su Zian was more enthusiastic and more than flattering.
Being able to defeat Li Yaoxiang with anger was enough to prove the strength of His Royal Highness Jin, so Su Zian was very flattering with His Royal Highness Jin.
However, Nangong Liuyun glanced at him lightly with a condescending gaze, his expression indifferent, and the corners of his lips curled up disdainfully: “This king is not interested in Su Mansion.”
A trace of embarrassment flashed between Su Zi’an’s eyebrows and eyes, “Then you…” Seeing Nangong Liuyun clinging to Su Luo’s slender waist, a smile appeared in his eyes, “The last will understand, the last will understand.”
I thought that Su Luo was a stinky stone that made him embarrassed, but he didn’t expect that it turned out to be a dazzling green jade.
On the other hand, the children looked good one by one before, but now they are not as popular as Su Luo.
And now, it seems that His Royal Highness Jin did not hesitate to turn his face with Yaochi Palace for Su Luo, which shows that he really took care of this girl.
Su Zian became happier as he thought about it, and more excited as he thought about it, and his eyes became more kind when he saw Su Luo.
Being stared at by such gazes, Su Luo felt frustrated.
Su Zian’s two completely different attitudes were seen by Nangong Liuyun. His perfect diamond lips evoked a wicked smile: “If this king hasn’t appeared, General Su would sell the girl?”
“No, no, Luo Luo is the daughter of the final general, how can the final general do such things?” Su Zi’an eagerly denied.
“That’s fine.” Nangong Liuyun took Su Luo and left. After a few steps, he paused, and said indifferently, “If you let this king know that someone is bullying her in the future, then General Su can’t blame this king. I don’t care about my feelings.”
With that, he glanced at Su Jingyu who was silent, and Nangong Liuyun took Su Luo for a stroll away.
Seeing the pair of drifting back figures, Su Zian let out a sigh of relief.
Li Yaoxiang used force to force people, but the look and smile of His Royal Highness King Jin put him countless times more pressure than Li Yaoxiang.
“Father! Did you let the smelly girl go like this?” Su Jingyu dared to instigate the discord until he couldn’t see the back of His Royal Highness.
Su Zian did not respond to him as he did before, instead slapped him on the head directly: “Idiot! Didn’t you see that His Royal Highness treats Su Luo differently? Remember, don’t provoke Su Luo again. , She’s not something you can provoke! When something happens, don’t blame your father’s carelessness!
“Father! But you also have to understand that the stinky girl has become enemies with the Li family, and she must be killed!” Su Jingyu blushed, telling the fact that Su Zian was trying to escape.
Su Zian’s face blushed and green.
On one side is His Royal Highness King Jin.
On one side is the Yaochi Li family.
Both sides are very strong, no matter which one they climb, it is absolutely good for Su Mansion.
Su Zian wanted to please His Royal Highness King Jin, but did not dare to be an enemy of the Li family of Yaochi. At this time, he was really embarrassed and vacillated.
The thoughts that originally wanted to treat Su Luo gradually cooled down…

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