The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 71-80

Chapter: 71
More than a dozen girls, white-skinned jade, held the flower baskets, divided into two rows, and flew in the air.
A light breeze blew by, and the petals rose and fell, crystal clear like snow, beautiful and magnificent.
Each of them is dressed in white and plain skirts, and has a graceful posture. Although their appearance is not so beautiful, they are all slender, clean and beautiful, and their whole body does not seem to be contaminated with a bit of earthly vulgarity.
They have slender fingers, slender waists, and light and graceful feet underneath them, like fairy Lingbo, and like dancing elves, beautiful and incomparable.
Among them, there was Hua Jiao who was so exquisite and luxurious that it was breathtaking, carried by four girls.
In a short while, the sedan chair fell lightly and stopped steadily in front of Nangong Liuyun.
What a big show, what a strong momentum, I just don’t know who is in Huajiao, who is sacred? Su Luo was curious to himself.
She raised her eyes to look at Nangong Liuyun, and saw that the corners of his mouth were slightly raised at this moment, and there was a brilliant brilliance in it, as if the corners of his eyes and eyebrows were smiling.
What Su Luo was certain was that this person was an old acquaintance of Nangong Liuyun, and he was very happy to see each other.
Su Luo’s eyes narrowed slightly, his face remained calm, and his heart became more interested in the people in Hua Jiao.
A fairy fairy walked slowly inside.
She was dressed in white, holy as snow, standing in front of the wind, her skirts fluttering, like a fairy who can’t eat fireworks, but she was radiant and radiant.
This is a woman with the ultimate beauty, such as Konggu Youlan, as if she is the beauty of this heaven and earth, gathering the essence of all things in one body, and it seems that everyone is embarrassed in front of her.
At this moment, she is standing full and full, her lips are full of pill, and her pure and beautiful face has a slight smile, silently looking at Nangong Liuyun.
Her eyes seemed indifferent and alienated, but they seemed to be covered with a layer of mist. Behind the mist, there was affection.
Nangong Liuyun’s always cold and cruel icy eyes seemed to be cracked, and the dark and beautiful eyes filled with evil charm and smiles.
He was very familiar with her, and very kind, completely different from the attitude towards Su Luo.
“Why are you here?” Nangong Liuyunxue’s eyes showed shallow concern.
“Aren’t you here too?” She smiled beautifully, her beautiful eyes were misty, and I felt pity.
The two laughed and Yan Yan seemed to form a world of its own, and everyone else was superfluous.
Liu Ruohua was standing next to Su Luo. At this time, the mockery on her face was so obvious. She sneered fiercely: “Do you really think that His Royal Highness Jin likes you? Don’t see if you are worthy.”
Su Luo’s dark black eyes reflected a cool and gorgeous color under the shining of the sun. She glanced at her with a smile but a smile: “Nosy ends are not so wonderful.”
As she said, her gaze fell on Liu Ruohua’s wrist and broke the gauze-wrapped right hand.
Liu Ruohua’s eyes were full of resentment, but soon, she smiled coldly: “Have you seen? The two of them are a match made in heaven and earth. You are nothing but mud under your feet! It is not worthy to give His Royal Highness Jin a shoe. !”

Chapter: 72
“Really?” Su Luo smiled lazily.
When did she say that she liked His Royal Highness Jin, who is as noble as the gods in their mouths?
The world is always so funny. Things you don’t care about, others just think you care very much, and in turn laugh at you for not being cared about.
“Keep your eyes open and see clearly, that is the Young Palace Master of Yaochi Palace. He is called Fairy Yaochi. Whether it is talent, martial arts or family background, you are not comparable to you. Don’t you know? In the eyes of the world, there is no match for a pair of people made in heaven and earth.”
Liu Ruohua’s eyes were full of vicious and gloating sarcasm. She can’t get it, so don’t even think of it as Su Luo this piece of mud!
“Really?” Su Luo’s expression was faint, as if he didn’t care.
She faintly looked at the legendary couple not far away.
The two of them stood opposite each other, like a beautiful scroll in the world.
A brocade dress with a dark dark pattern, the hem of the brocade robe is blown up by the wind, flying lightly like a colorful butterfly.
One is extraordinary, one is all over the country; one is evil, one is out of dust.
Although Liu Ruohua hates it, but what she said is true. Nangong Liuyun and Fairy Yaochi are indeed a pair of people made in heaven.
Su Luo folded his arms, narrowed his beautiful eyes, and stood still on the spot, watching them quietly.
At this moment, Nangong Liuyun seemed to think of something suddenly, looking back and beckoning to Su Luo.
However, Su Luo raised his eyebrows slightly and looked back with a smile.
What does he mean? What is called is coming and going? She Su Luo was so despised in his eyes?
The saint of Yaochi smiled and looked over, her eyebrows resembling a crescent moon.
The beauty is earth-shattering, it is suffocating, it makes people feel filthy, and people can’t help but bow their heads in fear.
Regarding momentum, who would she fear after she walked out of Su Luo for more than ten years?
The two looked at each other quietly.
For a time, the four were silent, and the scene seemed a bit awkward.
But at this moment, something happened suddenly!
Suddenly there was an extremely sharp bird song from the depths of the mountains, like a gold stone piercing the sky, and it made the eardrum painful and buzzing, the heart was beating violently, the blood was swollen, and almost fainted.
At this moment, everyone was shocked, and everyone looked in the direction of the sound.
There seemed to be mysterious power circulating in the distance, and the sky above the earth was shining brightly. Suddenly, a fiery-red lightning flashed across the sky and flashed.
Then, huge expanses of fire blasted into the sky, glowing like a blazing flame, seeming to cover the entire sky, extremely blazing.
“Phoenix! Phoenix!” I don’t know who pointed to the flashing afterimage in the sky and screamed excitedly.
“Dragon! There is actually a dragon!” Someone shouted excitedly!

Chapter: 73
The phoenix and dragons have almost disappeared on this continent. Who would have thought that on this day, in the Sunset Mountains, they would appear at the same time?
Su Luo’s so-called slaying of dragons was nothing more than an iron-clad ridgeback dragon. This kind of dragon was completely different from the legendary dragon.
The appearance of the Phoenix and the Shenlong made everyone very excited, but the current situation is very bad.
Because the two sacred beasts battled in blood, they suffered from the monsters in the sunset mountains below.
At this time, almost all the beasts began to run wildly, trying to stay away from the two fighting beasts, so as not to suffer from the fish.
For a time, countless monsters poured out like a raging tide, like a tens of thousands of horses, with a raging and unstoppable momentum.
“The situation is not very good.” Nangong Liuyun’s coquettish purple eyes were filled with a deep chill.
“Indeed, the tide of monsters is coming.” The saint of Yaochi said lightly.
“Warcraft tide!” The expressions of the remaining people changed drastically, their eyes full of horror.
Although they have not experienced the monster wave, they were told by their teacher very early how terrifying it was.
Whenever a wave of monsters occurs, the warriors present are almost dead, but at the same time, this is a rare adventure in a century.
Because the monster wave happened, it must be because of unearthed treasures.
Those two divine beasts that were almost extinct in time fought each other, and it was very likely that they were fighting for the treasures of heaven and earth.
“Central Forest…” The Sacred Goddess of Yaochi was indifferent, her beautiful eyes flowed but she wanted to say nothing, she tilted her head, Yingying Meili exchanged a glance with Nangong Liuyun.
Nangong Liuyun looked at Su Luo with a pair of enchanting eyes, the bright brilliance deep in the eyes dimmed for a moment.
Each wave of monsters, although dangerous, is also a rare opportunity.
If it were in the past, he would naturally go on an adventure, but now he is surrounded by Su Luo, who has no spiritual power, and he can guarantee that he will retreat all over, not sure that she will be unharmed.
Su Luo’s complexion was calm, her eyes were clear, and she seemed to be able to see everything clearly. She gave him a faint look, “Go ahead, leave me alone.”
After saying this, suddenly, a trace of loneliness flashed through her heart.
Although Liu Ruohua hated her, she was right. With her current strength, she didn’t even have the qualifications to stand beside him.
He and the saint of Yaochi are the people of the same world. They are of equal strength and match their backgrounds, but she, seemingly insignificant and negligible in front of them, can only look up at them low.
This feeling is really unpleasant.
Nangong Liuyun Qingming Junya’s eyes flashed with pity, and he touched her little head: “Why would I leave you alone? It’s a child’s word.”
After that, he smiled enchantingly at the Yaochi Saintess who turned his head, “Be careful, treasures are no more important than life.”
The temperature and gentleness of the language is completely different from the coldness and cruelty to others.
“Thank you for your reminder.” Yaochi’s eyes are as clear and moving as clear, and she smiles slightly as if the breeze is passing by, the waves are calm, her happiness and anger remain unchanged.
Her gaze fell on Su Luo’s face, light and light, as light as water, but Su Luo instantly felt a chilly feeling like a cold light on his back?
Is this woman…really as light as water, without sorrow or joy, and otherworldly as she has shown?
A suspicion flashed in Su Luo’s heart, and there was a bad premonition in his heart.
Su Luo dare not say that his sixth sense must be accurate, but he has never made a mistake in these years.

Chapter: 74
Countless monsters rushed in, raging and murderous!
Two-legged monsters can’t run four-legged monsters, and even if they run outside, they may not be safe.
There was a deep chill in Nangong Liuyun’s eyes. He picked up Su Luo and flew to a small tree house not far away.
Liu Ruohua and the others also imitated Nangong Liuyun, using both hands and feet one by one, quickly climbing on the thousand-year-old tree, hugging the branches tightly, looking forward to avoiding this tide of monsters.
Fairy Yaochi turned around and looked at Nangong Liuyun, and saw him holding Su Luo’s figure. His elegant and bright eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of mist, and no one could see the meaning of the deep black eyes.
There was no wave on her face, and her red lips curled up, creating a faint smile.
Fairy Yaochi whirled away, graceful and graceful.
The dozen or so goddesses around her looked like ice shrouded, and shot at Su Luo coldly, and then flew away.
Su Luo frowned slightly, telling her instinctively that this Yaochi fairy smiled a little…mysteriously.
Sure enough, just before she flew far, suddenly, countless vultures surrounded them in the sky.
The Vulture King seemed to be eyeing Fairy Yaochi, and his moves were fierce and cruel.
The Vulture King, a seventh-tier monster, and a flying-type monster, are more difficult to deal with than the same-tier land monster.
At this time, Fairy Yaochi’s situation looked very dangerous.
The vulture king has been chasing after the fairy in Yaochi, holding on to it, seeing the fairy in Yaochi dying under the claws of the vulture king——
Nangong Liuyun Xing’s eyes were filled with complex light, and his expression was bright and dark, unpredictable.
Suddenly, he hugged Su Luo and kissed her jade-like forehead heavily, with a dignified expression like freezing frost, and said to Su Luo: “Hey, just wait for me here! Don’t go anywhere.”
Before Su Luo could answer his words, his body had already flown out of the air, rushing to the location of Fairy Yaochi like lightning.
“Nangong Liuyun keeps saying that she likes me, but in your heart, she is still important.”
There was a faint bitter smile at the corner of Su Luo’s mouth, even she herself didn’t know that there was a bit of astringency in this bitter smile.
Now Su Luo finally understood why Fairy Yaochi laughed so richly before.
This woman is the best choice for martial arts, and the city government has a deep plan, coupled with an extraordinary family background… God really treated her kindly and gave her a unique advantage.
Sure enough, this kind of talent is a perfect match for Nangong Liuyun, she Su Luo, an unfavored concubine in the General’s Mansion, what is it?
Su Luo smiled coldly, put aside the negative emotions, and began to look at the small tree house.
The small tree house is very clean, with a space of about ten square meters. There is nothing in it except a mat on the ground.
Su Luo sat quietly in the small tree house.
Perhaps it was loneliness that made people lonely, and Su Luo felt a deep sense of frustration in his heart at this time.
In the world of the previous life, she was a gold medal killer, and she had a status elusive to the public. To her, most people were just a symbol.
But since entering this world, she often feels frustrated.
Here, she is just one of the ordinary people. She can defeat the Tier 1 Su Wan with her previous life skills, but if she really fights the Tier 2 Su Xi, she may not have won.

Chapter: 75
What’s more, a strong person like Fairy Yaochi.
Yes, Fairy Yaochi smiled at her all the time, her expression flat, but from her smile, Su Luo clearly read out a kind of emotion-disdain.
It seemed that as long as she moved a little finger, she could crush her contempt.
This feeling made Su Luo very upset.
Fighting spirit ignited in her heart!
She Su Luo is not useless, on the contrary, she is also a super genius of the three elements. As long as she is given a chance, her future achievements will not be worse than anyone else!
Su Luo makes a fist!
This time, she must find the blood of the dragon and open the space so that her wood and fire dual elements will not be suppressed, and she will have the opportunity to start repairing the chain.
Otherwise, no matter how talented she is, it will be useless.
Now she is like the richest man in the world, with Jinshan Yinshan in her hands, but she cannot open the door without the key, so she can only look outside the door and sigh.
Time passed by bit by bit.
But Nangong Liuyun never came back.
I don’t know if all the monsters ran away. At this time, the surroundings were very quiet, strange and gloomy, as if it were quiet before the storm.
Suddenly, a storm blew up.
The wind was howling, the whole earth was shaking, and the small tree house was trembling in the wind.
Su Luo leaned over to the window and looked out.
She saw a black tornado whistling towards her place not far away.
It is like a giant beast with its mouth wide open, roaring, spreading its teeth and dancing claws, it seems that the whole world is letting it do whatever it wants, no one can stop it.
The tornado whizzed past.
The cabin is crumbling.
Su Luo grasped the pillar tightly and was not lifted off.
Su Luo suddenly felt the tremor of the mountain at her feet, and she looked out of the small window, feeling a little dumbfounded.
She found her whole person, oh, it should be said that the whole small tree house actually rose from the ground.
Soon, the small tree house broke away from the thousand-year-old tree, was uprooted by the tornado, and took off in mid-air.
Fortunately, the small tree house did not fall apart, but was still firmly established.
However, Su Luo’s face turned pale.
She visually observed that she was about a hundred meters away from the ground at this time. If she fell down from this height, she would really be crushed to pieces, with no scum left.
She hadn’t repaired the chain flying technique yet, and only one dead word fell.
Su Luo scratched his head in annoyance.
The damn Nangong Liuyun knew Fairy Yaochi who cared about him, and left her in place.
There is also a damn tornado, how could it have swept the cabin she was in? There are obviously other small tree houses over there…
Can this be selected? What kind of luck is she? Su Luo was extremely speechless…
The wind was roaring around the tornado, but the wind was calm in the wind’s eyes. At this moment, Su Luo was sitting in the small tree house and wandering, as if sitting on a hot air balloon.
If anyone saw it at this time, his jaw would fall to the ground in shock.
Because the world has never seen a flying house in the sky…this is the first time in history, right?
Just when Su Luo was nervous, suddenly a small sphere was thrown into the cabin, fell to the ground, rolled several times, and finally stopped at Su Luo’s feet.
This spherical object…
Su Luo looked at it carefully, and a trace of doubt flashed in his mind. This seemed to be an egg, and it was still a big egg.
Is it possible to fly in the sky and still find eggs?
Could mother bird lay eggs while flying?
Three black lines appeared on Su Luo’s forehead.

Chapter: 76
Pulling back his cranky thoughts, Su Luo’s attention was all focused on this egg.
This egg is about the size of a football, and the shell is white and shiny, and it shows a shining light. Occasionally, there is a streamer across it.
There is a strong mystery.
Suddenly, the egg made a rustling sound, as if the little things inside were about to break out of the shell.
Su Luo was dumbfounded.
No, this egg wouldn’t just happen to hatch like this in the air, right?
However, as if in response to her surprise, a small crack suddenly cracked on the top of the egg’s head, and then the crack grew bigger and bigger, and finally there was a clear sound of banging.
Su Luo held his breath, staring at the spectacle in front of him with his eyes wide open.
I saw at the top of the cracked eggshell, a small head slowly drilled out against the broken eggshell, silly and cutely spinning the little head.
What kind of creature is this? Su Luo had never seen it before.
But this little thing looks pretty cute.
The small round head is very cute. His eyes are tightly closed like a newborn baby, and there are still bubbles at the corners of his mouth.
It seems a little depressed, because except for the head, the rest of the body is still in the eggshell.
I saw it closed its eyes and its ruddy mouth looked small, but it chewed quickly.
As if it was gnawing on a flatbread, it gnawed off the eggshell close to its mouth, and then slowly spread to the periphery.
It wasn’t until it had eaten the whole eggshell that it sniffed it, as if looking for something.
Throughout the process, it kept its eyes closed, looking naive.
Su Luo was curious, what was this little thing looking for?
When she was curious, the little thing staggered to Su Luo’s feet with those thin legs, stretched out two small claws to grab Su Luo’s clothes corner, and crawled into her arms tremblingly. …
During this process, Su Luo kept stiffening and stared at this little guy extremely speechlessly.
At this moment, this little guy’s chubby body was already lying on her back, his stomach was breathing stiffly, his eyes closed and he snored.
Its two small paws still firmly grasped the corners of Su Luo’s clothes, and they couldn’t buckle them down.
This, this little guy is too unconventional, too familiar, right?
Does it think it is its mother?
Three black lines appeared on Su Luo’s forehead, cold sweat dripping down.
She stared at this familiar little guy and looked up and down carefully.
In other words, what species is this little guy?
Call it a puppy, right? The long one is a bit similar, but it does not grow hair.
Call it a dragon, right? But it happened to be long, round, and cute, not at all terrifying like a dragon with teeth and claws.
The most important thing is, how did the egg just get in? Artificial, or providence?
And her cabin, how could it remain intact when the tornado screamed? This is incredible.
When Su Luo couldn’t think of it, the cabin suddenly trembled, and she was spinning around, dizzy, and finally she only felt that the entire cabin was falling straight down!
“Fuck!” Su Luo cursed inwardly, and she held onto the cabin tightly.
The wind rustled in my ears.
Now this situation is more terrifying than an elevator crash!
She Su Luo finally reborn once, won’t she just fall into this era?

Chapter: 77
Fortunately, when the cabin fell this time, it happened to fall on a thousand-year-old tree.
The luxuriant branches resisted the downward trend, so when it fell, although the cabin was shattered by the shock, Su Luo had already rolled out with the little guy a step ahead.
Su Luo’s skill is very flexible. She kicked the little guy into her arms, grabbed the branch with both hands, and floated past, her skill was light and flexible.
Because she was hiding quickly, the wood that fell from the cabin did not cause any harm to her.
However, this does not mean that she is safe, obviously there are other dangers waiting for her.
At this moment, not far from Su Luo, an extremely fierce battle happened.
A creature that looked very similar to the little guy was probably the dragon that Liu Ruohua and the others said before.
The other one was a phoenix bird burning with raging fire.
The two fought together, and now they are almost defeated.
Long? Su Luo’s mind suddenly flashed this thought.
She suddenly lit up in her head and patted herself bitterly.
She came to this sunset mountain with all the hardships and overcome all difficulties, for what? That is the blood of the dragon!
Since the one who was fighting just now was only the dragon, then… Su Luo’s eyes fell on the naive, seemingly comfortable little guy sleeping in her arms.
This guy should also be a dragon, right? Yes, that’s right, this is definitely a dragon. The big football egg before is definitely the dragon egg!
She couldn’t get the blood of the dragon, but the little dragon… is in her hands now!
There was an evil smile at the corner of Su Luo’s mouth, which was really effortless to find nowhere to go after breaking through the iron shoes.
She found that her luck was so good that she did not expect that the little dragon egg fell so precisely in front of her, and it hatched automatically. What’s more rare was that it crawled into her arms spontaneously.
Su Luo smiled triumphantly.
Poke the little dragon in his arms with a slender finger, the little dragon is spitting bubbles at the corners of his mouth, and he is sound asleep, completely unaware that someone has gotten his idea.
If Mother Long knew that Su Luo had such a thought, she would vomit blood out of anger.
When her little dragon finally was about to hatch, she encountered Phoenix seeking revenge. There was no way she could only randomly choose a small place to store the little dragon eggs.
But how could she have thought that there was a person hidden in the small wooden house that she chose randomly, and it just so happened that what she needed most was the blood of the dragon?
If Mother Long knew, I was afraid that she would be mad. What is her name? This is called being sent home for abuse.
Su Luo took out a dagger from his boots, and the dagger shone coldly, emitting a cold light.
However, just as Su Luo wondered where to start, the little dragon awoke.
He opened his blindfolded eyes, his little paw rubbed his sleepy eyes, and his little face was confused.
This tiger-headed tiger-brain is as cute as possible.
Su Luo’s hard as iron heart is about to soften.
Suddenly, Xiao Menglong stared at Yuanyuan’s eyes and looked at Su Luo for an instant.
Su Luo also looked at it silently.
Seeing Su Luo, the little dragon seemed very excited, his little mouth opened, and there was a sweet dragon chant in his mouth——
The dragon chant sounded in Su Luo’s ears, and her forehead was aching and her headache was splitting.
And it was this dragon chant, something bad.

Chapter: 78
Mother Long was fighting fiercely with the Phoenix. It took time to look back and found that its little baby was lying in the arms of a tiny human, and that human was still holding a dagger and gestured!
It’s worth it!
Mother Long uttered a loud and piercing dragon chant, and the volume was loud and straight through the sky.
According to its idea, it’s best to burn Su Luo directly with a dragon’s breath, turning it into a light and floating away.
But Su Luo’s luck was that she was holding the most advantageous dragon quality in her hand, so Mother Long’s far-end attack could not be used at all.
I’m afraid that the mouse will touch the jade bottle.
Throw the rat avoidance device.
At this time, Su Luo saw a huge divine dragon rushing towards her, and her heart beat violently by the majestic dragon.
A trace of horror flashed in her eyes, before she could think about it, she picked up Xiao Menglong and turned around and ran.
This is definitely a subconscious action.
Run around
Su Luo knew that if she was overtaken by Mother Long, her dragon blood would be soaked.
Not only that, her life will definitely disappear under the flying claws of the angry dragon mother.
The dragons roared in waves, and the trembling Su Luo’s blood surged up, and the dragon might be like a mighty army, deafening.
When Shenlong was chasing and killing Su Luo, the Fire Phoenix behind her did not let her go. It was also because of the interference of the Fire Phoenix that Su Luo had a chance to escape.
Su Luo took the time to look back as he ran, and saw that the dragon’s head was ferocious and fierce, a pair of long eyes shining with two rays of blood, and the football’s large scales shone coldly, it seemed that each piece contained endless power.
“Fell!” Seeing Shenlong getting closer and closer to her, Su Luo’s face changed slightly and he cursed inwardly.
At this time, Shenlong was already furious, and if caught by it, the end would definitely be miserable.
Su Luo quickened his pace, the wind was blowing under his feet, and he leaped forward without looking back.
Su Luo felt depressed in his heart.
At her speed, she would definitely be caught up in half the way.
How to break?
Shenlong chased her into the sky, and there was no escape.
At the same time, the little guy in his arms was restless. It seemed to feel that he was playing a game, and his little round head protruded with its dragon mother one after another, making dragons.
Su Luo was so depressed, she patted it on the head, half threatening and intimidating, “No barking!”
Little Menglong seemed to not understand the meaning of Su Luo’s words, Yuanyuan’s eyes were full of confusion, but seeing that Su Luo’s face was fierce and hideous, so it shrank its neck weakly, and silently retracted its small head back to Su. Fall into the arms.
However, it won’t be long before it reappears and its little head will come out again.
“No trouble, go back!” Su Luo flicked its head, so it obediently retracted into Su Luo’s arms again.
So every time it pops up, Su Luo bounces it back.
Poke it out and bounce back.
In this way, Xiao Menglong thought that Su Luo was playing a game with it, and giggled.
Later, Su Luo was too lazy to poke at it, and it quit, and a person was there wailing, with that kind of aggrieved expression on his small face, teary eyes.
The three black lines on Su Luo’s forehead appeared again.
Doesn’t she just want some dragon blood, is it easy for her? A little cute dragon made trouble before, and a big dragon chased after him…
Shenlong speed is like galloping lightning.

Chapter: 79
The huge boulders rumbling, and the trees blocking the road were suddenly reduced to ashes by the dragon’s breath.
She couldn’t catch up for a long time, her eyes burst red with anger, but she was afraid of hurting the little dragon, so she didn’t dare to breathe.
The Great Dragon’s eyes burst red with anger.
The broken wood section slammed into her back, Su Luo only felt that his back was about to be cracked, his chest was like a boulder, and he was so dull that he could barely breathe.
She only felt the blood surging all over her body, and her throat was sweet, and a burst of blood spurted out without warning.
“Puff–” Su Luo shook his feet, almost unable to stand.
At this moment, a great crisis came to my heart.
Because the dragon behind him was brewing dragon breath, a dazzling light flashed, and the light shot towards Su Luo like a sharp sword.
Su Luo’s face changed suddenly.
She tried her best to rush into the diagonal thrust, leaving only an afterimage at a fast speed.
That fierce sword light directly turned the trees within a hundred meters in front to ashes, and even the ground cracked into terrifying cracks, and the soil turned into powder.
Su Luo dodges this killer move dangerously, but there is a chill in his heart, and his forehead is covered with cold sweat.
She was almost exhausted, and she could hardly support it for long.
Fortunately, the Shenlong at this time has been overtaken by the Fire Phoenix.
So the two sacred beast enemies began to fight each other again, which gave Su Luo a bit of opportunity.
If Shenlong had no worries, Su Luo was not its opponent at all, I was afraid she would be slapped to death by Shenlong without running a few hundred meters.
But Su Luo has always been so favored by the goddess of luck.
It happened that behind this dragon was a great enemy Fire Phoenix, and this fire Phoenix was also narrow-minded to take advantage of the danger, so the Shenlong gritted his teeth with hatred for Su Luo but was helpless.
Therefore, whenever the Dragon God was about to kill Su Luo, the fire phoenix who followed would come out to make trouble. This situation was repeated again and again, and the Shenlong was so angry that he almost vomited blood.
But now, Su Luo also had an urge to vomit blood.
When Su Luo saw the bare cliffs in front of him, he felt like crying without tears.
At this moment, there were cliffs on three sides in front, and Mother Long was chasing her behind. There was no way to escape.
How to do? Can you catch it with your hands?
No, even if she returns Xiao Menglong back now, Shenlong will never let her go.
It’s not a dead end, there must be a chance.
Sure enough, there is no road to heaven.
Su Luo pointedly saw the green vines hanging down straight.
Su Luo pulled it, and found that this vine seemed to be used frequently, so there was no need to worry about its firmness.
Sure enough, the sky does not kill me!
Su Luo was overjoyed immediately.
She kicked the little cute dragon into her arms, and then neatly grasped the vines with both hands, using her hands and feet together, at a very fast speed. In less than a quarter of an hour, she had already climbed a high cliff.
Above the cliff is a flat grass, the wind blows, a neat wave, like blue waves, refreshing.
Standing on the cliff and looking into the distance, Su Luo clearly saw that the Shenlong and the Fire Phoenix were fighting vigorously not far away.
It seems that they form a world of their own, a sea of ​​flames spreading endlessly, the fire blazing into the sky, and the magma boiling.

Chapter: 80
good, very good, excellent!
If you miss this opportunity, you will have no chance again.
Su Luo was overjoyed, she took out the little Menglong, and put her other hand into her arms, preparing to take the jade box.
The Tianlingshui she stole from the Su family and the space grass given by Nangong Liuyun were all placed in a jade box.
Because the jade box can be kept fresh and refrigerated, even if the space grass has been stored for decades, it will still be as fresh and tender after being taken out.
However, at this moment, Su Luo’s eyes flashed with astonishment!
Where’s the jade box? Where is her jade box? Su Luo suddenly looked puzzled.
She clearly remembered that when she was alone in the small tree house before, she personally took out the jade box and looked at it. Why did it disappear?
Could it be that when the ancient tree fell, it was lost?
No, when he kicked Xiao Menglong into his arms, the jade box was still in his arms, but why did it disappear suddenly?
Did it fall off the cliff? Su Luo lowered his head and looked around for the left, right, left, and right. Finally, he almost smashed the dirt on the ground, but there was still no trace of the jade box.
This is really… I picked sesame seeds and lost watermelon!
Su Luo couldn’t help crying.
It is obvious that the blood of the dragon is in front of him, but the space grass and the heavenly spirit water have disappeared. Is there anything worse than this?
Just as Su Luo was spinning around in depression, Xiao Menglong kept looking up at Su Luo with his small face and eyes confused and blankly. The thin claws grabbed Su Luo’s trousers, and a pair of short legs followed Su Luo. Luo keeps spinning, and it seems to be chewing something…
There was a flash of inspiration in Su Luo’s mind, and she suddenly remembered the plot of Xiao Menglong eating eggshells…
Wouldn’t it be so unlucky?
There was a bad premonition in Su Luo’s heart. She picked up the little cute dragon, and opened its small dragon mouth with her slender fingers.
After seeing it clearly, three blue veins burst on Su Luo’s forehead. At this moment, she had the heart to choke Xiao Menglong.
What did she see? She unexpectedly found in Xiao Menglong’s mouth the jade box fragments that had not been swallowed.
She would never mistake the green jade quality.
This little thing! It, it actually eats the little jade box!
Su Luo had the urge to press it on his leg and ass.
After being angry for a while, Su Luo stared at Xiao Menglong depressedly, trying to kill it with his eyes.
However, the little Menglong was completely unaware, but his head shook his head, dozing sleepily, and there was a small blue bubble at the corner of his mouth…
The anger in Su Luo’s heart, she swished out the portable dagger, she gestured around the little Menglong’s body, and said viciously: “Who is the heavenly spirit and the space grass just swallowed it? Finished digestion?”
Little Menglong opened her misty eyes, her face was sluggish, she saw her mouth move up, and then –
There was a crisp sound.
Su Luo was astonished again.
She stared at her self-defense dagger, once again she was frantic!
Second Austria! This dagger, Nangong Liuyun, also said that it was made of high-grade fine iron, and it could break the hair when it was blown. It was so sharp that it was eaten off by this little guy for lunch!
Xiao Menglong was eating deliciously now, just like eating a biscuit, crisp and sweet.
Su Luo was about to stroke his forehead again.
She felt that if she stayed with Xiao Menglong again, either she was driven crazy by Xiao Dalong, or Xiao Dalong was cut off by her, there were only two ways to go.

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