The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 81-90

Chapter: 81
What did she kidnap? I thought it was a treasure, but I didn’t expect to come back with a little ancestor!
Before that, she felt that she was possessed by the goddess of luck, but at this moment, she only felt that she was the enemy of the goddess who killed her father.
How can this be? The space grass and the sky spirit water are gone, wouldn’t she be unable to open this space anymore?
Little Menglong seemed to be able to feel Su Luo’s irritability, and he tilted his little head.
Su Luo walked up and down irritably. It shook its calf and followed Su Luo obliquely. If the scene was seen by outsiders, it would be ridiculous.
Finally, Su Luo squatted down, picked up the little dragon to look at her, and said viciously, “Little guy, do you think I should stew you, braised it in brown sauce, or stir fry?”
Xiaodailong had no consciousness of being food at all.
It tilted its head, those big amber eyes, looking at Su Luo stupidly, its eyes filled with confusion and doubts.
“Can’t speak, right? Then I’ll take it as your default?” Su Luoyin smiled tentatively, and gestured on its small claw with a broken dagger.
She wanted to understand that since Nangong Liuyun could get one of the Space Grass, there must be a second one.
As for Tianlingshui, since the Su family had it before, there must be some in the world, as long as she spends time looking for it, she can definitely find it.
It’s just that this dragon’s blood, if it is not a coincidence, is very rare.
What’s more, this is the blood of the Shenlong, much better than the back iron armored dragon.
However, looking at the little dull dragon in front of him, Su Luo was a little worried.
This newly hatched little thing is thin and weak, with thin arms and legs, how should she start?
She didn’t mean to kill it, just wanted to get a little blood from it. She worries that if she goes down with a knife, will Xiao Menglong die?
Just when Su Luo was hesitant, suddenly, Xiao Menglong approached her arms, closed his eyes and sniffed in her arms, as if a piglet was looking for milk.
Su Luo was speechless.
She pulled out the little guy and stared dejectedly: “I’m not your mother dragon, don’t go about it.”
Xiao Dalong opened his eyes blindly and looked at Su Luo stupidly, suddenly–
I saw it open its small mouth and let out a clear and happy dragon’s whistle–
Unsuspecting Su Luo’s eardrums were sore that he was shocked, and his chest surged with blood, almost vomiting another mouthful of blood.
However, before Su Luo could react, Xiao Dalong suddenly opened his mouth and bit on Su Luo’s wrist!
“Ah!” Su Luo almost jumped up with a sharp pain.
Although it had just hatched, the dragon species was a dragon species with super powerful talent. Its deciduous teeth were sharp and hard. Su Luo’s wrist was bitten and blood rushed out wildly.
She found that she would vomit blood sooner or later if she stayed with Xiao Dalong, either vomiting blood from anger, vomiting blood from shock, or biting and bleeding.
Su Luo glared at Xiao Dalong, but Xiao Dalong looked back at her pitifully with those watery eyes, and put his two paws into fists and placed them under the jaws to be cute.
Seeing Xiaodailong’s pitiful appearance, Su Luo held his breath in his chest and couldn’t make it out.
At this moment, suddenly–
A thick golden light enveloped the little Daolong, and a small group of blood flew out of the little Daolong’s mouth. There was Su Luo’s blood in this blood, as well as Xiao Dalong’s own.
I saw that little blood group unexpectedly formed a strange pattern, which exudes a strong black mystery.
Su Luo watched this scene in shock, unable to react at all.
“This, is this…” A few days ago, she turned over the general history of the mainland and common sense books, so she had a faint guess in her heart.

Chapter: 82
I saw that the blood mass quickly divided into two, half flew into Su Luo’s body, and the other half flew into Xiao Menglong’s body.
Just when Su Luo was stunned, there was a sharp pain in her head, and then a lot of things poured into her mind like a tide.
Did Xiao Menglong sign a contract with her? And it’s an equal contract.
“Little Menglong, what is your name?” Su Luo felt that he had a soul connection with Xiao Menglong, and seemed to be able to communicate with it spiritually.
“Huh, what…” The young dragon’s speech was not clear.
“Really? What’s this name? Forget it, I’ll call you Mengmeng from now on, okay?” Su Luo rubbed Xiao Menglong’s round head with slender fingers.
“Squeaky~~~” Xiao Menglong seemed to be very happy, his eyes narrowed with a smile.
Conquering a little dragon out of thin air gave Su Luo a sense of happiness as a pie in the sky.
However, it is clear that the goddess of luck is still on her side this time.
Su Luo suddenly felt that there was a flower in front of her, and she had entered a completely strange place.
Su Luo held the little cute dragon and looked around curiously.
Could it be… this is her space?
But this space is really small, only ten square meters in size, and there is nothing but a spiritual spring in it?
And what made Su Luo even more disappointed was that Xiao Menglong could enter as an entity, but she could only enter as a soul.
After her soul entered, her body was still outside.
This made her somewhat depressed. Because this shows that her space is different from the legendary portable space.
In the legendary portable space, the owner can physically enter. In this way, if someone is chased and killed, they can hide in the space at any time. It is the best treasure for home travel to kill people and overstock.
A large part of the reason why Su Luo dared to hijack Xiao Menglong was that she was certain that when she had space, Shenlong wanted to chase and kill her, and she could also hide in the space, and then safety would be guaranteed.
But now it seems that we have to consider the long-term plan.
Su Luo quietly looked at this hard-won space.
At this time, Xiao Menglong had already stepped on his short legs, and his whole body was lying on the edge of the spring, his small head leaned closer, and he drank the spring water vigorously.
The spring eye is no more than the size of a wooden barrel, the spring water is crystal clear, and it exudes a faint fragrance.
Su Luo took a sip of Lingquan, and suddenly felt that all the filth in his body had been washed away, and his whole body was refreshed and refreshed.
But, it’s not right…
Su Luo suddenly felt that this Lingquan was exactly the same as the Heavenly Lingshui that she stole from Su Mansion!
She had tasted a little bit of Heavenly Spirit Water, so she noticed it when she drank it.
Su Luo suddenly felt a sense of silence.
Before, for the spiritual water that day, she worked so hard to steal and was chased by her cheap father, but she did not expect that the spiritual water was not bottled but a whole mouthful of spiritual spring after opening the space. .
The goddess of luck also cares about her too much, right? She has nothing to report.
When Su Luo was narcissistic, suddenly, she had a very bad premonition. She felt a kind of murderous aura from far to near.
Out of the space, he looked up, and sure enough, the dragon chasing after her was coming again!
Right now, it spit out dragon breath on the face!
Su Luo’s face changed drastically.
She turned and ran, as fast as a sly rabbit.

Chapter: 83
Perhaps because of drinking the Spiritual Spring of Space, Su Luo felt that he was as light as a swallow, and the speed was much faster than before.
Moreover, she was vomiting blood before, and she was exhausted from running. Under a breath of spirit, all these symptoms have disappeared.
Run around.
Su Luo ran to the other end, grabbed the vine along the cliff, and swung over to the other cliff.
Shenlong chased after her.
It spit out a dragon’s breath, half of the cliff collapsed suddenly, and countless rocks smashed towards Su Luo.
Su Luo is like a flexible dragon, leaping left and right, constantly dodge.
When being chased in a thrilling manner, Su Luo suddenly had a flash of inspiration, and she slapped her head severely.
Her space has been opened, Xiao Menglong’s blood is no longer useful to her, she can just return Xiao Menglong back, why is she so stupid? I didn’t expect this.
Su Luo’s thoughts are full, but the reality is very skinny.
Before, when she ran out, Xiao Menglong was thrown into the space by her. At this time, Su Luo could clearly see that Xiao Menglong was pouting her little butt, and she was lying on the spring mouth, gurgling towards Lingquan. While drinking, Lingquan disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye…
Su Luo felt a pain in his heart.
She hurriedly summoned Little Menglong in her mind, “Little Mengmeng, be good, be good, come out quickly.”
“…” Little Menglong continued to drink water.
“Your host is about to be slapped by your mother Long! Don’t come out soon!” Su Luo dodged from the left and right, calling out anxiously.
“…” Xiao Menglong’s two small paws tightly grasped the soil on the edge of the spring, and continued to lower his head to drink…
Su Luo suddenly burst into three blue veins on his forehead.
This disobedient little fellow, wait until she escapes the catastrophe, and see how she beats him up.
On the way, Su Luo was chased by Shenlong almost unable to discern the direction, and she ran around, and in the end she didn’t even know where she went.
Suddenly, Su Luo felt that there was someone in front of him, and it was someone she knew well.
A sly and evil light flashed through Su Luo’s eyes, and then she led the Shenlong away without any guilt.
Su Luo used this trick very skillfully.
Soon, Su Luo saw a team of five people.
This team is not someone else, the team where Liu Ruohua belongs.
Liu Ruohua looked back and saw that Su Luo was embarrassed, obviously very happy.
She looked at Su Luo up and down, and finally laughed presumptuously: “Su Luo, it’s you? How long have you been apart? Are you so embarrassed?”
Su Luoman glanced at her carelessly, and said lightly, “Are you not embarrassed?”
At this time, Liu Ruohua’s dress was dirty and tattered, and his face was scratched with scars from branches, blood-stained, and he looked embarrassed.
The wound on her face was probably caused by the tornado.
Liu Weiming glanced at Su Luo, and a complex expression flashed in his eyes. He smiled enthusiastically, “Miss Su? Why didn’t His Royal Highness Jin be with you?”
Su Luo sighed slowly: “His Royal Highness has left because of something, but he will be back soon. Do you have something to look for him?”
At this time, Liu Ruohua laughed wildly and mockingly. She pointed to Su Luo and said while laughing: “You don’t put gold on your face! Do you think we don’t know? His Royal Highness was chasing after you. Fairy Yaochi is gone, leaving you behind, don’t you understand until now? You are just a plaything of His Royal Highness! A chess piece that can be discarded at any time!”

Chapter: 84
“What nonsense are you talking about?” Su Luo feinted and stared at her bitterly.
“I’m talking nonsense? Hahaha, laughed to death, really laughed at me!” Liu Ruohua smiled so that tears came out, and the crazy jealousy in her heart because of Su Luo being abandoned, all the haze disappeared.
She just listened to her mockingly sneered, “Otherwise you tell me, did His Royal Highness Jin go looking for Fairy Yaochi?”
Su Luo’s smile was a little cold.
Liu Ruohua’s guess is right, isn’t Nangong Liuyun looking for Fairy Yaochi?
He left himself alone in the small tree house, wasn’t it just to find Fairy Yaochi?
Seeing the complex emotions on Su Luo’s face, Liu Ruohua was extremely happy. She clutched her belly and laughed, almost unable to pass through her laughter: “Su Luo, Su Luo, I thought you were so good, Your Royal Highness. How much do you love you, I didn’t expect you to be spoiled for only two days, hahaha—”
Su Luo just watched her smile quietly, with a glimmer of light in her eyes, but there was no emotional ups and downs on her face.
Liu Ruohua laughed enough and said to Liu Weiming, “The inner alchemy of the wild snake is still on her. Shouldn’t we take it back?”
Liu Weiming frowned slightly, hesitating flashed under his eyes, and after a while he slowly said, “Isn’t it already swallowed by her?”
Liu Ruohua looked at Liu Weiming with an idiotic look: “You are stupid! How can the savage snake’s inner alchemy be so easy to digest? Maybe it’s still intact in her stomach now? If you’re not sure, just cut her belly open. Do you understand?”
Liu Weiming hesitated, after all, His Royal Highness Jin had shown that he cared very much about Su Luo before.
Liu Ruohua sneered, “Didn’t you see? His Royal Highness has already abandoned her. Otherwise, how could His Royal Highness follow Fairy Yaochi? Do you think this bitch is better than Fairy Yaochi? If you choose, would you choose Fairy Yaohua or her as a trash? Don’t you think King Jin’s vision is not as good as yours?”
Liu Ruohua lures step by step, step by step.
Liu Weiming’s eyes were deep and terrifying, exuding a faintly dangerous and deadly breath.
He knew that Liu Ruohua avenged him and bewitched him, but he couldn’t refuse.
Because the inner alchemy of that wild snake is really important to him.
As long as he gets the inner alchemy, he has the opportunity to become the entry disciple of Master Blue Ocean, and then his path to repair the chain will be smooth sailing, otherwise it will be difficult.
A smile slowly floated on Liu Weiming’s face, ice cooling was an extremely dangerous smile.
The dagger he hid in his sleeve suddenly moved.
A sneer flashed in Su Luo’s heart.
A bunch of idiots!
“What do you want to do!” Su Luo yelled deliberately, “If your Royal Highness knew you killed me, I would never let you go!”
“Pull the tiger’s skin and raise the banner!” Liu Ruohua said with a cold smile: “His Royal Highness Jin? Let’s not say whether His Royal Highness Jin will avenge you. Even if he avenges you, this is the mountain with the most sunsets. It’s a Beast. When the Beast gnaws off all your bones, I don’t know if His Royal Highness recognizes which bone is your Su Luo!”
“You–” Su Luo didn’t finish her words, she only felt that a gloomy figure had stood behind her, and the cold dagger wiped her throat.
Unexpectedly, Liu Weiming, like her, is also proficient in the art of assassins.
A cold smile appeared on Su Luo’s face, which was extremely dangerous.

Chapter: 85
Su Luo’s feet slipped, and her whole body slipped like a loach without leaving her hands. When she looked at it again, she was already three feet away.
Liu Weiming’s dagger suddenly fell through.
A hint of surprise flashed through his eyes.
He could feel that Su Luo didn’t have any spiritual power in her body, which was enough to show that she was just an ordinary waste material.
And he himself is already a third-order mage.
But his sneak attack was unsuccessful? This gave him a deep sense of frustration.
The corner of Su Luo’s mouth evoked a smile that was almost invisible.
She smiled coldly, turned and ran without touching her feet, because she felt that Shenlong had finished fighting with the Fire Phoenix, and she had time to chase after her again.
“If you have the ability, don’t run!” Liu Ruohuajiao shouted, and chased after him!
“If you have the ability, don’t chase it!” Su Luo turned around and made a face at her.
Don’t run at this time, when she is stupid?
A strong killing intent flashed through Liu Weiming’s eyes.
It would be fine if you didn’t do it just now, since you have done it, you must cut the grass and root.
Otherwise, if Su Luo filed a lawsuit in front of King Jin’s Palace in the future, then they would have no way to survive.
Although His Royal Highness Jin left her and left, who knows when the moody King Jin thinks of her again?
At this moment, Liu Weiming’s eyes were bloodthirsty and bloodthirsty, full of killing intent. He was walking fast, clinging to Su Luo, and chasing her every step of the way.
And after him, the four people also pursued persistently, vowing to kill Su Luo to the sword.
Seeing that the distance between the two sides is getting closer… getting closer…
“Hey, something is wrong–” Liu Weiming frowned suddenly, and he felt a dangerous breath coming from behind.
He looked back, his face was pale as paper, and his legs were soft and almost unable to stand.
Seeing him like this, everyone looked back one after another–
“God, my god…then, is that snake spirit?”
“Snake spirit, you immortal board! That’s a dragon! Shenlong!”
As soon as he said this, the audience was silent, deathly silent.
Shenlong, that is the legendary Lord Shenlong who can destroy a city by stomping!
This is horrible.
What’s more terrifying is that Shenlong is still chasing behind them, and the hatred and violent eyes are like the hatred of grabbing a child.
But, how could Lord Shenlong look at them and hunt them down?
At this moment, they don’t have time to think about it, their brains are not at all obedient, they just know to take a step and run–
Run as fast as you can.
Those who can run past their companions will have more chances for themselves.
Everyone was in a panic.
Su Luo, who ran in front, smiled sinisterly and treacherously.
Since both Liu Weiming and Shenlong wanted to kill her, let them kill each other first, and wait for the outcome to come to her to PK.
Su Luo is the most proficient in these methods, and the misfortune is drawn to the east.
Anyway, Liu Weiming and their hearts were dark and vicious, and she did not feel any guilt at all in this matter.
Poor Liu Weiming, they still don’t know that the dragon was attracted by Su Luo.
If they knew, they could escape the threat of Shenlong as long as they separated from Su Luo.
However, when people are in danger, there is always a kind of inertia, clinging to the target ahead and not letting go.
Therefore, this is doomed to their cups.
And Su Luo knows human nature very well. She is sure that Liu Weiming will do something with her, and she is sure that they don’t know that Shenlong was brought in by herself, and she is sure that they will follow her as their protective shield when they flee. .

Chapter: 86
Regarding scheming, regarding the city, Su Luo would definitely not lose anyone.
“Puff–” Shenlong spouted out his breath.
The thick black smoke enveloped the few people running behind, covering them all.
In Shenlong’s eyes, these tiny humans who ran with Su Luo were her partners, all damned! She was afraid of killing Su Luo and hurting Xiaolong, but these tiny ants didn’t have to worry about it.
As a result, her dragon’s breath had no control at all.
“Ah—-” A tragic cry came from behind the crowd.
It is one of Liu Weiming’s team.
This young man liked Liu Ruohua very much, and was almost obedient to her, but at the most critical moment when the dragon’s breath spread, he pulled Liu Ruohua a hand, but Liu Ruohua pushed him back, and she used her strength to escape.
The young man who was caught in the dragon’s breath was full of despair, staring at Liu Ruohua’s further and further background in disbelief, and his eyes were full of surprise.
He didn’t expect that he pulled Liu Ruohua a hand, but Liu Ruohua dragged him back…
He couldn’t even think of death, why is this…
This is human nature!
Selfish and shameless, ungrateful, grace will revenge!
This was originally a team of six people. At first, one person died because of the wild snake. Now another one was killed by the dragon, so there were only four people left in the team.
Captain Liu Weiming, Liu Ruohua, Li Wan, and another teenager.
Shenlong is getting closer and closer, almost within reach-
“Ah–” Another tragic cry.
The young man was swallowed by the Shenlong, and there was no scum left.
Su Luo ran fast, but she couldn’t help feeling chills in her heart.
Seeing a personal backing being swallowed, who knows when it will be his turn.
“Let’s run separately! Otherwise, we will all die!” Liu Weiming is worthy of being the captain. He calmed down and quickly found the only solution.
There is only one Shenlong, as long as everyone is scattered around, then people in the other three directions are very likely to escape.
Liu Weiming glared at Su Luo bitterly. He knew that Su Luo had to die in this sunset mountain range. If she walked out, God knows how King Jin would deal with them when he knew that they were going to kill her.
Even if they die, they don’t want to be an enemy of King Jin.
Therefore, the best way is to use the sword to kill people, and use the power of Shenlong to eradicate Su Luo!
Thinking of this, Liu Weiming and Liu Ruohua and Li Wan looked at each other, and he made a gesture, so the three people rushed out in three directions.
I have to say that Liu Weiming’s method is really good. He beat him crookedly and saved himself, Liu Ruohua and Li Wan.
Seeing the three people disperse, Su Luo felt disappointed. Alas, the human-shaped flesh shield is gone.
At this time, the only hope was pinned on Xiao Menglong.
The Shenlong got closer and closer, and finally, it blocked Su Luo under a cliff.
There are cliffs on three sides, and there is no escape.
Su Luo raised his hands and turned around, with an extremely flattering smile on his face: “Hey, Lord Shenlong, are you tired? Do you want to rest?”
Shenlong’s face was grimace, his eyes were indifferent and cold, without a trace of temperature, as if he was looking at a dead person, staring at Su Luo.
It looked around at Su Luo’s body, but it didn’t find her little baby. For a while, she was angry!
“Don’t don’t–” Su Luo sweated on his face in a hurry.

Chapter: 87
She kept calling Xiao Menglong in her mind, so she almost got cramped.
However, the little Menglong was lying on the Lingquan, with a small face upright, her big cute eyes with tears, and she looked at Su Luo pitifully, that was wronged.
In the space, the soulful Su Luo glared at it with a grim look: “If you don’t go out anymore, your mother’s dragon will spit me with a breath of dragon! Then you will be dead! Let’s play together!”
She just couldn’t figure it out. It was her own mother over there, she was very eager to let her go.
Is it true that your own is not as good as others? It’s not surprising that some children have delicacies from the mountains and seas at home but rely on others to eat chaffy vegetables.
Xiao Menglong continued to look at Su Luo with pitiful eyes.
Su Luo pretended to be ferocious, and picked up the little cute dragon with one hand to catch him back.
Little Menglong’s two claws clung to the edge of the spring, tears rolled in his big eyes, as if Su Luo was a trafficker who abducted children!
Su Luo’s supporting forehead. Whose little boy, go home quickly, she can’t afford it.
She just wants to give it to the original, OK? It’s as if you are going to grab it and go to the guillotine.
In the end, Su Luo was really helpless, because Shenlong would definitely spit her to death without going out.
So, Su Luo spoke in a negotiating tone, biting his posterior teeth, but smiling softly and warmly: “Or, master, I will fill you with a big bucket and bring it home?”
Xiao Menglong shook his head: “…” Not drinking enough. . .
Su Luo held his forehead, but smiled flatteringly: “Why… let’s ask you a greeting to Mummy Long? After all, Nima hasn’t seen you since you hatched.”
Xiao Menglong shook his head: “…” will be carried away!
Su Luo only felt her eyebrows twitching, and finally, she smiled negatively, and picked up the little cute dragon, “Do you think I can’t take you away? Humph!”
Come to think of it, in this portable space, she is the boss!
When Xiao Menglong was taken out of space and appeared in Su Luo’s arms, Shenlong was brewing her second dragon breath.
“You, take it back quickly.” Su Luo held the little cute dragon in both hands and hurriedly sent it up.
She put the little cute dragon on the ground and motioned to the little guy to go up and ask for peace.
It is said that Shenlong is also very hard. After she was born after so many hardships and hatched for a long time, she did not even want to return home. It was really shameful that she had to chase after her as a mother. Up.
Therefore, when the little Menglong swayed and moved back to the Shenlong one step at a time.
The angry mother Long poke her head with the thick index finger of her bucket, so the little cute dragon fell back with a bang like a tumbler.
That way, funny and funny, Su Luo almost laughed out loud.
However, Shenlong swept towards Su Luo indifferently.
The eyes were as cold as ice, as if a chill was climbing up from the bottom of his feet, Su couldn’t laugh anymore.
Shenlong’s eyes contained endless killing intent, and his eyes flashed with anger, murderous aura, and a breath of dragon would spray on Su Luo.
However, at this moment, Xiao Menglong grabbed Shenlong’s fingers and followed its arm, shaking upwards, and finally, sat on Shenlong’s nose with a butt, and dispelled the dragon’s breath that was brewing. .
At this time, the Dragon God and Xiao Menglong were affectionate and affectionate to each other.
Su Luo’s heart moved. If he doesn’t leave now, when will he wait?
If Shenlong discovers that Xiao Menglong has signed a contract with him, I am afraid he will slap himself to death with a paw.
So Su Luo tiptoed back a few steps, then turned around and sneaked away.

Chapter: 88
Su Luo walked cautiously in the mountains, hoping to find a way out.
She is now low-powered, and she doesn’t dare to rush around, so she is very careful along the way.
Her mission to enter the mountains this time has been completed. Although the process was very thrilling, her luck was very good. There was always surprise and no danger. Not only did she open up the space, she also signed an equality contract with the little dragon.
But it is a pity that the little dragon was taken home by her mother Long.
Su Luo sighed and slowly searched for the way out of the mountain, but didn’t know that Nangong Liuyun almost went crazy looking for her over there.
Nangong Liuyun paled, staring at the thousand-year-old tree, and the knuckles of his clenched fists were white!
The old wood is still there, but the wooden house on the tree is missing. It seems to be taken away by someone in a pot, clean, not even a bit of debris.
Nangong Liuyun stared at the thousand-year-old tree. His eyes were cold and cold. On his handsome face, he had put away his accustomed evil charm and enchantment. Now his face is like frozen frost, and his eyes are like violent madness. Beast, cruel and bloodthirsty.
Nangong Liuyun only felt a burst of colic near his heart, and he almost suffocated in pain.
Beside him, stood a beautiful woman who was pure and beautiful, who looked like she was not eating fireworks.
She was dressed in white clothes to win snow, with a beautiful neck, slender waist, full and standing, and her skirt fluttering, as if she wanted to feather and go away.
This person is no one else, but the legendary Yaochi fairy.
Fairy Yaochi was concerned about Nangong Liuyun who was holding her kneeling on the ground, and her lips were filled with Dan, and she lightly opened: “Three brothers, Yaoyao is not good, tired you are injured, and tired girl Su is missing…”
Nangong Liuyun’s face was cold, he didn’t take the words, his eyes were full of self-blame.
Suddenly, he slapped himself heavily, and then another slap!
He spit out blood with just two slaps.
“Senior Brother!” Fairy Yaochi flashed a trace of regret, and hurriedly took his hand to prevent him from hurting himself.
“It’s all my fault! If I hadn’t left her, she wouldn’t…” Nangong Liuyun’s wild handsome face flashed with pain, and his tone seemed to choke.
What happened? How could Luo girl disappear? It was all his fault, he shouldn’t have left her in a hurry, if he hadn’t left her, how could this happen!
Nangong Liuyun slammed the thousand-year-old tree with a fierce fist.
The thick old tree hugged by ten people fell to the ground, dusting up, ending its thousand-year career.
Fairy Yaochi’s eyes flashed with mixed emotions, her eyes seemed to be misty, isolating the darkness in her heart, and she only said with concern: “Senior brother, don’t be too anxious, no one knows what happened to Miss Su Something, maybe she is having an adventure now?”
“You don’t understand, she doesn’t have any spiritual power.” A flash of despair flashed through Nangong Liuyun’s eyes.
His girl is completely incapable of spiritual power, how can he survive in the sunset mountain range that is crisscrossed by beasts after being alone? Maybe it’s already…As long as he thinks about this, Nangong Liuyun feels his heart aches.
“No! I’m going to find him!” Nangong Liuyun struggled, but because of lack of strength, he almost fell.
Seeing Nangong Liuyun’s body trembled, Fairy Yaochi could hardly even stand still, but she still wanted to find Su Luo. The complex meaning in her eyes could hardly be covered.

Chapter: 89
Fairy Yaochi grabbed the crumbling Nangong Liuyun, her beautiful eyes were bright, and her voice was clear and cheerful: “Senior Brother, how do you look for your wounds now? How far can you persist? Even if you find her, if she is facing Danger, can you save it?”
Fairy Yaochi’s words are reasonable, irrefutable, and in one sentence.
Nangong Liuyun was indeed seriously injured.
In order to save Fairy Yaochi, his abdomen was severely scratched by the vulture king’s sharp claws. The blood was flowing like a puff, and he finally stopped the blood. He tried to find Su Luo, but who knew that Su Luo was gone.
“Senior Brother, your priority now is to take care of the injury.” Fairy Yaochi stared at him with concern, “Trust me, okay? I will send someone to look for it now, and I believe I will bring Miss Su back soon.”
Nangong Liuyun struggled, the wound he had finally stopped cracking open again, and suddenly blood poured out like a spring.
With excessive blood loss, his lips were pale as paper, and his complexion was haggard.
Nangong held Fairy Yaochi’s hand heavily, weak, but with a solemn expression: “We must find her!”
“Okay.” Fairy Yaochi squeezed out a smile and nodded heavily.
Even Nangong Liuyun didn’t catch the icy cold flashing under her eyes.
After saying these words, Nangong Liuyun sat cross-legged, healed his injuries, he must recover his body as soon as possible, his girl is still waiting for him.
Fairy Yaochi soothed Nangong Liuyun, and seeing his solemn expression begin to heal his wounds, a deep meaning appeared in her beautiful watery eyes, and a slight smile appeared in her vermilion lips.
Then she turned and left.
On the edge of the cliff, the mist is thick, and the cliff is not bottomless.
Fairy Yaohua stood faintly on the edge of the cliff, with her long hair hanging down to her ankles, dancing with the wind, as if she was about to take the wind away, but her expression was indifferent at this time.
Behind her stood a row of four young women. The leader was Qin Ning, the right arm of Fairy Yaohua.
Fairy Yaohua’s pure and beautiful face contained a faint smile: “Have you heard what Senior Brother San said? Now your only task is to find Miss Su.”
Qin Ning wanted to say something but stopped. She carefully looked at Fairy Yaohua’s pure and cold beautiful eyes, and said in a low voice, “Yes.”
“Remember, I have to see people in life, die, and see corpses.” Fairy Yaohua paused and spit out the next four words, but her smile was still so gentle and beautiful, so beautiful. Then reverse sentient beings.
Qin Ning has been with Fairy Yaohua since she was a child, so she immediately understood the meaning of Fairy Yaohua’s words.
A strange chill flashed in her eyes, and she replied: “The slave servant must not insult the mission of the young palace master. She wants to see people in life, and to see corpses in death!”
The master and servant smiled at each other, tacitly.
Qin Ning led the other three people out quickly, but she sneered in her heart.
Toad wants to eat! A little straw-bag concubine dare to snatch a man from the young palace master. Isn’t this seeking death by herself?
The little bitch is dead on her own, if she is not dead, ho ho, then she will die better than to see how they tortured her, making her regret coming to this world!
Qin Ning led three people in the mountains, flying backwards, fast as lightning.
Because when the Shenlong was chasing Su Luo, it was damaged all the way, so the route was still obvious.
Qin Ning kept searching forward along this road.
Qinning and the others were lucky, and they soon ran into Liu Ruohua.

Chapter: 90
Qin Ning knew that Liu Ruohua had been with Su Luo before, and when she asked, Su Luo was really fateful and escaped the tornado!
Qin Ning sneered slyly. It seemed that the time had come for them to serve the Young Palace Master.
So, under Liu Ruohua’s guidance, Qin Ning followed the route where Su Luo had escaped before searching for it.
Su Luo didn’t know that Qin Ning was leading someone to hunt her down. At this moment, she was roasting a few stolen monster eggs by the fire.
In this afternoon, she was constantly chased and killed, and her physical energy was very exhausted, so she had to fill up her stomach first, because in this sunset mountain range, no one knew when the next meal would be.
This encounter of entering the Sunset Mountain Range made Su Luo understand that in this world, only strength is the most important, so she is eager to find a quiet place to start repairing the chain.
Seeing the wood and fire dual element lingering around her, Su Luo took a bite of the beast egg, and she felt happy, she planned to find the basic wood and fire element book to repair the chain after she went out.
Su Luo suddenly had a meal with the hand of the Demon Egg, and a strong sense of crisis came to his heart.
Having been a killer for a lifetime in his previous life, Su Luo was most sensitive to this murderous aura.
You can’t go wrong!
This is not the murderous intent of the Warcraft, but the human!
Su Luo looked at the other eggs that were still roasting, and didn’t want to grab them and throw them into the space, while he plunged into the woods and slipped fast.
Su Luo rushed for two hours, and finally, she hid behind a cliff.
At this time, the sky was gradually darkening, and the moon shadow was hazy.
Su Luo adjusted his breathing to the lowest level, his heartbeat also slowed down, and his whole body was hidden in the darkness, seeming to blend in with the cliff of night.
If it is not a master, it is extremely difficult to distinguish.
At this moment, a young woman flew from far to near, and she saw her in white clothes surpassing snow, with a plain face, a light blue skirt with turquoise smoke, and an extraordinary temperament on her body.
Su Luo recognized that she was not someone else, but one of the maids around Fairy Yaochi.
Su Luo’s memory has always been very good, but even if a few years have passed, she can still recognize the people she has met, not to mention the people she saw half a day ago.
“Su Luo, I know you are there, come out, don’t hide.” The girl named Cui Yu had a cold voice, giving people a sense of horror in the dark.
Su Luo sneered in her heart. Now that you know where she is, why do you have to look around?
It’s called know where she is?
Really think she is a young girl who knows nothing?
However, Su Luo wondered why this maid would come to her? And she has a strong killing intent on her body?
Could it be…
Su Luo thought of a possibility.
Such a clear and jealous woman, who does not seem to be tainted with worldly dust, would send her hands to kill her? Although unreasonable, it is not impossible.
Conan said that everything is impossible, and the remaining impossible is the truth.
It seems that Fairy Yaochi… but that’s all!
I thought she had a noble temperament, what kind of otherworldly, what kind of non-human fireworks, but she was also a woman who would be crazy because of men.
Su Luo sneered in her heart.
She must now take down this girl to confirm her guess and determine who her enemy is.
She Su Luo has never been a person waiting to be killed. If others want to kill her, they must pay the price of their lives!
Su Luo lurked motionless under the cliff.
Waiting for Cui Yu to approach.

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