The One & Only

Chapter: 517

With an order from Wang Daofang, tens of thousands of fighters immediately arrested everyone in the Wang family at the scene.
The arrest process is a bit messy!
Half an hour later, all the kingly clan members were taken away.
Liu Jinzhong and others were also sent to the hospital for treatment!
Wang Daofang hurriedly came to Chen Ning and said in a low voice, “Young commander, there was a little accident during the arrest.”
Chen Ning frowned slightly: “What’s the matter?”
Wang Daofang whispered: “The prisoner William escaped in the chaos and was shot dead by the soldiers at the scene.”
William took advantage of the chaos and ran away and was killed!
Chen Ning was a little surprised, but he didn’t take it too seriously.
He faintly said: “If you die, you will die, and inform the Eagle Nation to claim the corpse.”
“I also told Guoan to use the king as a breakthrough point to investigate and eliminate the traitors in the country.”
Wang Daofang said: “Yes!”
Chen Ning, Li Yutong and others drove away and returned to the city from the suburbs.
On the way, Li Yutong’s wonderful eyes did not move away from Chen Ning’s side face.
She has been a reporter for many years and has encountered many shocking things, but the sum of all the shocking things she has encountered in her life is no better than tonight’s experience.
At this time, her eyes were full of brilliance, and she stared at Chen Ning closely.
The man in front of him turned out to be the God of War of China, the young commander of the North!
Known as the existence of the army god!
What excites her even more is that she has assisted the marshal and unearthed a bunch of national traitors. It’s a great honor!
At this time, the vehicle has come downstairs to her house.
Chen Ning said to Li Yutong: “Okay, Reporter Li, you are already downstairs at your house, please get off the car and go home.”
Li Yutong opened the mouth and said: “Young handsome…”
Chen Ning immediately interrupted: “I am on vacation at home to be reunited with my family, and I don’t like my identity to cause trouble to my family’s peaceful life, so please keep my work identity confidential, as long as I am an ordinary person. .”
Li Yutong was stunned when he heard the words, and immediately nodded: “Mr. Chen can rest assured, I will be tight-lipped, and would rather die than divulge your identity secrets.”
Chen Ning said with a smile: “That’s not enough. If someone uses a gun to ask you, you can still speak.”
“In addition, the matter of the kingly clan is very complicated. The relevant departments will secretly conduct investigations and dig deep to find out other traitors.”
“Before this, everything needs to be kept secret, and you can’t spread this matter.”
Li Yutong said: “Yes!”
Chen Ning smiled and said: “However, if you find powerful criminal evidence from the king, your credit will not be obliterated, and the upper side should secretly award you rewards at that time.”
Li Yutong looked forward to it, and said with a beaming smile: “Okay!”
After Chen Ning told Li Yutong, he drove home.
Song Pingting’s family didn’t sleep, and they all waited for Chen Ning’s return with anxiety.
When everyone saw Chen Ning’s safe return, they let go of their hanging hearts.
Song Pingting greeted her with concern and asked softly: “Chen Ning, how is the matter handled?”
Chen Ning smiled and said: “Reporter Li has the evidence of the Wang family’s crime, and the Wang family has openly attacked the military prison.”
“Zhonghai City Military Region commanded Wang Daofang, personally led the army, arrested the Wang family and handed them over to Guoan. Now there is nothing wrong with me and reporter Li.”
When Song Pingting’s family heard this, they all smiled.
Song Zhongbin said excitedly: “What a good news!”
“People like the Wang family joined the enemy’s organization, betrayed their national interests, and slashed their lives. They will finally pay the price.”
Late at night in China!
It is noon on the other side of the ocean!
At this moment, Eagle Country is in a magnificent manor palace in London.
Hiso, the prince of Eagle Nation, was furious.
Because he had just received the message, Wang Shuang led people into the prison and wanted to rescue William forcibly. He didn’t expect William to be killed by soldiers in the chaos!
Wang Shuang and others have been arrested!
Huaxia informed Xisuo to claim his son’s body in time!
Xisuo blew his beard and stared, and roared, “Wang Shuang, an old dog, just savagely, killed my son.”
“As for Hua Xia, it dared to shoot my son to death. I want to protest. I want the diplomat to lodge a solemn protest!”
Hiso’s chief butler, Robin, frowned and persuaded: “Master, Wang Shuang’s entire family has been arrested, and their deeds of joining our omniscient meeting may be revealed. If this matter is raged, it will not benefit us.
“The subordinates suggest that we should not confuse Huaxia, lest Huaxia will pursue the All-Conference Conference, and we will shoot ourselves in the foot.”
Hisoso was frightened and angry: “Is it possible that my son died like this, so forget it?”
Robin suggested: “The most important thing for us now is to claim William’s body and hold a funeral.”
“As for William’s death, someone must be responsible for it.”
“I think Chen Ning is responsible for William’s death. If Chen Ning is not the culprit, William will not go to China, will not be detained by China, and will not die.”
Mention Chen Ning!
The expression on Hisuo’s face became extraordinarily hideous. He said loudly, “That’s wrong, Chen Ning, this bastard, has to pay for my son’s death!”
“Immediately summon the four emperors and twelve knights, as well as all the elite men.”
“I want to come to China to claim my son’s corpse, and Chen Ning will pay for it.”
Robin said: “Yes!”
The next day!
China, the capital of Jiangnan province, the international airport!
A special plane from the Eagle King’s House landed slowly on the airport.
The plane had just stopped and the gangway was lowered.
Someone immediately laid a long red carpet under the gangway.
Standing around was full of wealthy family bosses and consortium bosses from all over the country.
These big family lords, as well as the heads of the consortium, secretly share a common identity: members of the All-General.
And Hiso, the prince of the Eagle Kingdom, is the president of the All-Present Council!
Therefore, when Hisoso visited China, a large number of family elders and consortium bosses came to greet him.
Hisuo stepped on black leather shoes and brought a group of men down from the plane.
A middle-aged man with white sideburns but particularly sharp eyes immediately brought many big men on the scene to greet him, and respectfully said: “Welcome Mr. Hisoso to China.”
This middle-aged man is no one else, but Lu Guorong, the head of the All-China Association in China.
Xisuo squinted, looking at Lu Guorong and others lukewarmly, and slowly said: “Thank you for taking the time to meet me during your busy schedule. It’s a pity that I came to China this time to claim my son’s corpse, and I couldn’t be happy. Get up.”
Lu Guorong and others quickly expressed their understanding!
At the same time, Lu Guorong also pleased and said: “Mr. Hisoso, don’t worry, we will accompany you to claim the body of Master William, and we will do our best to help you kill Chen Ning and avenge Master William.”
Hisuo nodded: “Very good!”
Soon, Lu Guorong and others accompanied the Hisoso and his party to the funeral home in the provincial capital and saw William’s body.
Seeing his son’s corpse, Hisoso, who had never been surprised, couldn’t help shed tears of grief.
Robin the housekeeper asked in a low voice: “Master, should the young master’s body be cremated here and brought back, or should the body be transported back and cremated?”
“No” Hisuo shook his head: “My son died in China, so let him sleep in China.”
“Furthermore, as I do in the countryside, I used the oldest and most common burial in China to bury my son.”
“Also, I want you to send my son to Chen Ning’s house. I want to hold a funeral at Chen Ning’s house. I want Chen Ning’s family to bury my son with him.”
When Robin and Lu Guorong and others heard this, they said in unison: “Yes, His Excellency Prince Hisso!”

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