The One & Only

Chapter: 524

Wang Daofang and Dianchu led the soldiers to assist Cao Kaimin in arresting Xisuo and others!
His face was extremely ugly. He came to China this time to seek revenge on Chen Ning, but he didn’t expect such a result.
At this time, Chen Ning smiled at Hisuo, who was full of gray faces, and said with a smile: “Hisuo, I have known the existence of your omniscient assembly a long time ago, and I have been investigating you a long time ago.”
“What makes me think is that you came to China to avenge me, and you came with Lu Guorong so many doglegs.”
“I have to thank you for this!”
“Because you don’t bring them together, we have to spend a lot of energy to check them. Now it’s fine, we will catch you all in one go.”
Hearing these words, Xisuo, Lu Guorong, Yang Jingze and others almost vomited blood.
How long is it!
Hisuo and others were all taken away!
Cao Kaimin, Wang Daofang, and Dianchu all retreated with his men, including all the corpses on the scene were taken away, and the blood was washed away, as if nothing had happened.
However, the Song family knew that they had just experienced a life and death, and also witnessed the destruction of an enemy.
Now that there are no outsiders, dozens of Song Qingsong’s family have all come over.
Everyone gathered around Chen Ning and asked what happened to Chen Ning one after another.
Song Qingsong said loudly, “Chen Ning, I just heard them call you the chief, what’s the matter?”
Song Zhongxiong also said excitedly: “Yes, you just ordered the army, so majestic, Chen Ning, are you a certain chief?”
Song Feifei even said: “I seem to have vaguely heard them calling you a marshal, Chen Ning, are you a marshal?”
Everyone in the Song family, even Song Pingting, Ma Xiaoli, and Song Zhongbin looked at Chen Ning with wide eyes, wanting to hear Chen Ning’s explanation.
Chen Ning looked at Song Qingsong and their green eyes like a wolf seeing a sheep, and finally had no choice to announce his marshal status.
For one thing, he didn’t want to break the peaceful life of his family because of his identity.
Secondly, Song Qingsong, Song Zhongxiong and Song Zhongping are all in the bones. If Song Qingsong and others knew that he was a young marshal, they wouldn’t be able to slander the market under his banner or even bully others.
That’s what Chen Ning is not happy about!
Therefore, he smiled at this moment and said: “You made a mistake, I am not the chief, let alone the young handsome.”
Song Qingsong and others were dubious, and said suspiciously: “But they obviously call you the chief…”
Chen Ning smiled and said: “Actually, the cause of this incident was reporter Li Yutong. She discovered the enemy’s omniscient meeting.”
“I served as a soldier in the Northern Army. I was actually a personal soldier next to the marshal, so I reported the secrets that reporter Li had discovered to the marshal.”
“It just so happened that they came to retaliate against me!”
“The marshal ordered General Wang Daofang and the people of Guoan to cooperate with me and let me take temporary command and arrest Xisuo and others.”
Song Pingting and others suddenly realized that when they heard this, they all said that it was so.
Song Qingsong nodded and said, “It turns out that you are a temporary commander, but if you can command General Wang and Guoan, even if you are only commanding for one day, it is very prestigious.”
Song Feifei also said: “No wonder I faintly heard them talking about young marshals. It turned out that they were not talking about you, but your old chief, the commander of the North!”
Song Pingting said Yanran: “He wants to be a young marshal. He used to brag to me that he is a young marshal, but how could it be possible!”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “A soldier who doesn’t want to be a marshal is not a good soldier!”
Everyone laughed!
In fact, as early as a year ago, when Chen Ning first appeared in the Song family’s vision, Song Qingsong sent someone to check Chen Ning’s identity.
The person from the household registration office told Song Qingsong that Chen Ning was a veteran soldier in the Northern Territory and had served as a platoon leader, that’s all.
This is also true, so Song Qingsong and the others easily believe that Chen Ning is not a leader, but a temporary commander.

In the next few days, Guoan was all in action, but there was no news report.
Chen Ning naturally knows that the less information, the bigger the matter.
Anyway, people like Xisuo and Lu Guorong are determined to be severely sanctioned, and Guoan is responsible for these people, and he doesn’t need to bother.
In the following days, he basically spent time with his wife and children, and his days were also leisurely.
Unknowingly, half a month passed!
Ningda Group’s latest blockbuster product, Qingning Liver Cancer Medicine, is also preparing to go on sale.
Product launch event!
Chen Ning discussed with Song Pingting and decided to release it in Shanghang City, Donghai Province.
The reason is simple. Chen Ning’s hometown is in Shanghang, and his parents are buried in Shanghang’s hometown.
Mother died of liver cancer!
This liver cancer drug was successfully developed by my father!
Qingning liver cancer drug is available, and it will be able to rescue countless liver cancer patients in the future. It is estimated that the two elders will be very pleased to learn about it.
Therefore, Chen Ning and Song Pingting decided to choose the location of the release meeting in Shanghang City, Donghai Province.
on Monday!
Chen Ning, Song Pingting and Qin Chaoge, together with the senior management team of Ningda Group and the research team of Hope Institute, went to Shanghang City to organize a product release meeting.
In the afternoon of the same day, Chen Ning and his party arrived in Shanghang City and stayed at the most famous Oriental Pearl Hotel in Shanghang City.
After staying, everyone is free to move around.
Chen Ning, Song Pingting and Qin Chaoge came to the hotel’s western restaurant for dinner.
After ordering the food, Qin Chaoge stood up and smiled: “I’ll go to the bathroom!”
After speaking, she walked towards the bathroom.
Song Pingting also stood up and said, “Chen Ning, I will also go to the bathroom to put on makeup.”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “Okay!”
The two women went to the bathroom and returned shortly afterwards.
Only after coming back, the two women had different expressions.
Especially Qin Chaoge, his face was embarrassed and aggrieved.
Song Pingting was also very angry!
Chen Ning asked, “What’s wrong?”
Qin Chaoge still didn’t speak, Song Pingting couldn’t help but said, “Dr. Qin was bullied just now.”
Chen Ning frowned upon hearing this: “What’s the matter?”
It turned out that Qin Chaoge was patted on the bottom by a man on the way to the bathroom just now.
Qin Chaoge turned around in fright and anger, but a man smiled and said to her with a wallet, Miss, your wallet has dropped.
She was surprised, shook her head and said it wasn’t mine.
The man said that he might have made a mistake, so he left.
She thought it was a misunderstanding, and she didn’t think much about it, so she went on to the bathroom.
However, Song Pingting, who was walking behind, found that the man approached a box.
When Song Pingting passed by the door of the box, she heard a man braggingly saying that he had won. He touched the beautiful woman’s butt and asked his friends to give money quickly!
Song Pingting knew that the man was betting with his companions that he could touch Qin Chaoge’s butt, and Qin Chaoge had no seizures, even if he won.
Song Pingting was very angry and told Qin Chaoge about it.
That’s why the expressions of the two women are strange when they come back.
Chen Ning’s face sank after hearing the passage, and said coldly: “The hooligans have actually played on Dr. Qin. This is not the case. I will go to them to settle the account.”
After Chen Ning finished speaking, he walked straight to the private room not far away.
In the box, a group of well-dressed lads surrounded a man in a black Armani suit, and they complimented: “Zhang Shao, you are indeed a master of picking up girls. You are so sad in love.”
“You touched that beautiful woman’s ass. She couldn’t even have an attack if she wanted to. We were convinced that we lost.”
The man in a suit called Shao Zhang said triumphantly: “I was called the leader of the prodigal son in the capital, the rouge champion. There are more women who have played with than the clothes you wear. Do you think I am out of my name? ?”
At this moment, Chen Ning walked in.
Everyone at the scene calmed down, frowning at Chen Ning.
Zhang Shao said displeased: “Who are you, who let you in?”
Chen Ning asked nonchalantly: “Is that you just playing rogue to my friend in the corridor outside?”
Zhang Shao noticed Song Pingting and Qin Chaoge who were following Chen Ning at this time. He glanced at Qin Chaoge and understood what was going on. He asked Chen Ning with a smile, “Your wife?”
Chen Ning said coldly: “My friend!”
Shao Zhang grinned and said, “It’s not your wife, it’s your concern, let’s go cool!”

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