The One & Only

Chapter: 525

Chen Ning’s face became cold when he heard this!
At this time, the hotel boss Chen Weijian hurried over with a group of hotel security guards.
Chen Weijian said with a panic: “Mr. Chen, what’s the matter?”
Chen Ning pointed to Zhang Shao in the box and said, “You came just right, this guy is playing hooligans to my friend.”
“You are the boss here, you give me a satisfactory explanation, otherwise I will solve it myself.”
In the box, Zhang Shao, who was surrounded by a group of friends Gongyue Gongyue, sneered at Chen Ning’s words and looked at Chen Weijian playfully.
Sure enough, when Chen Weijian saw the conflict with Chen Ning was Zhang Shao, his forehead was sweating instantly, and his expression became particularly embarrassed.
Chen Weijian lowered his voice and said, “Mr. Chen, this is the son of the Zhang family in Beijing, Zhang Shaodong!”
“The Zhang family is considered a wealthy family in the capital, and most people can’t afford to offend it. I don’t think this is a big deal. If you don’t give me a face, just forget it?
Chen Weijian is helpless too!
He knew that Chen Ning was the owner of the Chen family and the husband of the president of Ningda Group, and his status should not be underestimated.
But he knew better that Zhang Shaodong was the son of the Zhang family, the capital’s wealthy family, and he couldn’t afford it!
Now Chen Ning is in conflict with Zhang Shaodong. To him, it is simply a fight between the gods. He can’t afford to offend both sides. All he can do is persuade.
Chen Ning heard Chen Weijian’s persuasion to make peace, and asked with a sneer: “This Shaodong is your friend?”
When Chen Weijian heard the words, hesitated: “This…”
Chen Ning said coldly: “Answer my words, is he your friend?”
Chen Weijian was suppressed by Chen Ning’s momentum. He knew Chen Ning was really angry, and shook his head quickly: “He is not my friend, but a guest of our hotel, but he is from the Zhang family in Beijing…”
Chen Ningzhen waited for Chen Weijian to finish speaking, and then interrupted: “If you are your friend, then you have to.”
“My friend was in your hotel and was harassed by this gangster. Should you be responsible?”
Chen Wei hardened his scalp and said: “That’s it!”
Chen Ning nodded: “Well, do you call the police to arrest someone, or let the security guard send him to the police station for processing?”
Chen Weijian sweats profusely: “This…this…”
Seeing this, Zhang Shaodong couldn’t help but sneer: “Who the hell are you, call the police to catch me? Let the hotel security take me to the police station?”
Zhang Shaodong’s friends couldn’t help laughing at this time!
“Haha, Shao Zhang, this kid probably doesn’t know your status, right? He wants to call the police to catch you.”
“Where did this stupid come from?”
“Shao Zhang, let him call the police, not to mention that the police are here, that is, we are here from Shanghang City, and we have to say hello to you.”
Listening to the instigation of his companions, Zhang Shaodong walked up to Chen Ning arrogantly, and poked Chen Ning’s chest with a frivolous hand. He sneered and asked, “Boy, do you know who I am? ”
“I am from the Zhang family in Beijing, and my name is Zhang Shaodong.”
“You call the police and arrest me? Believe it or not, after you call the police, the police will only arrest you but won’t arrest me?”
Chen Ning’s face sank, her eyes colder.
Upon seeing this, Zhang Shaodong provocatively said: “Why are you staring at me, do you want to hit me, come, come, you try to touch me?”
He said, leaning towards Chen Ning directly.
He tried a lot of this kind of thing, let alone Shanghang, even in the capital, few people dared to touch him.
Once a powerful man competed with him for a woman, and took out a dagger to try to stab him.
He just leaned in and let the other party poke!
But in the end, the other party still didn’t dare to poke, and finally knelt down and begged for mercy, and offered the woman to him with both hands to play, and that was the end.
At this moment, he also provocatively asked Chen Ning to beat him, and even moved his face over.
He didn’t believe him at all, Chen Ning dared to touch him.
A strong wind is oncoming!
Zhang Shaodong was shocked to see that a palm was drawn towards him, getting closer and bigger in front of his eyes.
A loud noise!
Chen Ning slapped Zhang Shaodong’s face fiercely, causing Zhang Shaodong to spit out a mouthful of blood mixed with broken teeth, directly drew Zhang Shaodong out of the way, and fell heavily to the ground.
Shao Zhang was beaten!
Hotel owner Chen Weijian was dumbfounded!
Zhang Shaodong’s group of pig friends and dog friends were all dumbfounded.
On the contrary, it was Song Pingting and Qin Chaoge who were relieved, because they were in line with Chen Ning’s usual style.
If Chen Ning is angry, he will never force Lai Lai with the other party.
Zhang Shaodong lay on the ground, clutching his swollen face, looked at Chen Ning in disbelief, and said with a trembling, “You really dare to hit me…”
A group of his friends also roared.
“Asshole, you dare to hit Shao Zhang!”
“Boy, you are dead!”
“Zhang Shao is the eldest young master of the Zhang family in our capital. Even Shanghang City Zun had to be polite to see us Zhang Shao. You dare to do something to Zhang Shao, you’re done!”
A bunch of guys announced that Chen Ning was dead.
Chen Weijian’s face was extremely ugly, Chen Ning beat Zhang Shao, he was afraid that his hotel would be implicated!
Song Pingting and Qin Chaoge’s two women also frowned slightly. They were worried that Zhang Shaodong was too strong and Chen Ning would cause trouble.
Chen Ning’s face was calm and coldly snorted: “The Zhang Family in the capital, in my eyes is nothing!”
Zhang Shaodong said angrily: “Brothers, kill him for me now, I will take care of the big things again!”
One of his men immediately moved towards Chen Ning upon hearing this.
Chen Weijian wanted to stop, but was pulled away.
A group of guys rushed toward Chen Ning aggressively, but they didn’t know that they were facing the God of War!
Chen Ning snorted coldly, greeted him directly without avoiding it.
Bang bang bang…
In the blink of an eye, a group of dudes were all knocked over by Chen Ning, each of them had their hands and feet broken, and they fell to the ground and wailed like a pig.
After Chen Ning defeated the general dude, he walked towards Zhang Shaodong.
Zhang Shaodong, who just got up, looked at Chen Ning in horror, and said with a trembling, “What do you want to do!”
He regretted his death!
This time I was gathering with a group of brothers, and there were no bodyguards, otherwise which round would Chen Ning get arrogant?
Chen Ning put a hand on Zhang Shaodong’s shoulder and hummed coldly, “Kneel down!”
Zhang Shaodong knelt on the ground heavily, his teeth were grinning in pain, and tears were overflowing.
Chen Ning said coldly: “Apologize to my friend for mercy!”
Zhang Shaodong looked in the direction of Qin Chaoge and Song Pingting, gritted his teeth and refused: “I want to apologize for mercy, no way!”
“Boy, I swear here, I will pay the price for what you do.”
“You will soon fall into my hands. I will break your hamstrings and hamstrings, and I will play with you two women in front of you…”
Chen Ning snorted: “I don’t believe that I can’t cure you!”
After speaking, he turned and looked at the surrounding hotel security guards, took out a black card, and said to the security guards: “Come here, give me this guy, slap me 10,000 yuan, give me money on the spot, who dares? ”
Ten thousand yuan slap Zhang Shaodong!
The security guards were moved, but they were afraid and hesitated to do it.
Chen Ning snorted coldly when he saw this, and increased the price: “One hundred thousand yuan a slap, give me a slap if you have the kind. I don’t bother to fight this kind of garbage and stain my hands.”
Under the reward, there must be a brave man!
The security guards were jealous, and one of them immediately came up, raised his hand and slapped Zhang Shaodong who was kneeling on the ground.
Chen Ning transferred the money on the spot: “Okay, you are one hundred thousand yuan!”
“But the slap is too light, the next slap must be slapped hard to count!”
The security guards really give money!
Without any hesitation, everyone rushed forward, raising his hand and slapped Zhang Shaodong fiercely.
It was crackling, and Zhang Shaodong’s face was bloody after a while.
The hotel owner Chen Weijian wanted to stop it, but it was not helpful.
In the end, Zhang Shaodong was dying and finally begged for mercy. He begged for mercy with blood on his face and said: “Don’t fight, don’t fight, I was wrong, I apologize…”

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