The One & Only

Chapter: 534

the next day!
Li Huaiping led a group of men from the capital to Hangzhou on the East China Sea.
Li Zangfeng led a group of his men to greet his father at the airport in Shanghang City.
Li Huaiping saw his son’s blue nose and swollen face, and learned that Chen Ning had been beaten by Chen Ning, and a wave of anger rose in his heart involuntarily.
My sister insisted on marrying Chen Xiong back then, and she gave birth to a wild and untamable seed.
This is Li Huaiping’s latest evaluation of Chen Ning from the bottom of his heart!
Li Cangfeng saw his father and a large number of powerful family men, and he could not help but asked excitedly: “Dad, did the old lady send you to clean up Chen Ning and give me revenge?”
Li Huai flattened his face and said in a deep voice: “Zang Feng Zang Feng, the old lady gave you this name, because you have seen that your character has been sharp since you were young. I hope you will converge on your edge and be steady and restrained!”
“I thought of letting you come to Shanghang this time and persuading Chen Ning to change his surname to our Li family, but you messed up the matter.”
Li Zangfeng’s face flushed: “Dad!”
“Chen Ning, that kid is arrogant, and sinister and cunning.”
“He took advantage of our Li family to oppress the Zhang family, but he refused to change the surname to Li, refused to belong to our Li family, and beat me like this…”
Li Huaiping snorted coldly: “Don’t make excuses for your incompetence!”
Li Cangfeng lowered his head aggrieved, and whispered: “Yes!”
Li Huai said flatly: “The old lady asked me to talk to Chen Ning in person. Where is Chen Ning now?”
Li Cangfeng said without hesitation: “Pearl Hotel!”
“The Ningda Group recently booked an entire floor of the Pearl Hotel. It is said that it is preparing to hold a liver cancer drug product release meeting. It also invited Tang Songming to be a guest with a large number of celebrities in preparation for publicity.”
Li Huaiping raised his eyebrows: “Those who follow our Li family prosper, and those who go against our Li family perish.”
“If Chen Ning is willing to change his surname to Li and belong to our Li family, then his Ningda Group will thrive; if he refuses our terms, then his Ningda Group will begin to decline and die.”
Li Huaiping took his son and a large number of subordinates straight to the Oriental Pearl Hotel.
Oriental Pearl Hotel!
Chen Ning, Song Pingting, and Qin Chaoge are directing the employees of Ningda Group to make the final arrangements for the release meeting.
Tomorrow is the day when the Ningda Group’s product release meeting, when there will be a lot of celebrities and guests to support, and there will be very multimedia reporters to report.
Song Pingting did not allow this such an important product release meeting to show any flaws.
And at this moment!
Suddenly a group of men in suits and leather shoes appeared on the scene. Soon these men in suits split into two rows. Then they saw Li Huaiping, who was not angry and prestigious, in black suits, and brought in Li Zangfeng and others.
A man in a suit quickly moved in a chair.
Li Huaiping sat down slowly on the chair, brushed his sleeves casually, then looked up at Chen Ning, Song Pingting and others in front of him, and his eyes fell on Chen Ning: “You are my sister and Chen Xiongsheng. Chen Ning’s son!”
When Li Huaiping finished speaking, seeing Chen Ning frowned slightly, he smiled politely and said: “Forgot to introduce myself!”
“My name is Li Huaiping, Li’s family son, your mother’s younger brother, and Li Zangfeng’s father, who was beaten up by you.”
“You can call me uncle, or you can call me Mr. Li.”
Chen Ning said calmly: “I only care about you and why do you run here again, give your son a head start, and seek revenge on me?”
When Li Huaiping heard the words, the corners of his mouth rose slightly: “Vengeance?”
Li Huaiping turned his head and looked at his son, beckoning: “Cang Feng, come here!”
Li Cangfeng approached and asked in shock: “Dad, what’s the matter?”
Li Huaiping smiled and said, “Keep your head down!”
Although Li Cangfeng didn’t know why, he still obeyed his father’s instructions honestly and bowed his head.
Just now!
Li Huaiping grabbed his son’s shirt with his left hand, and slammed his right fist against the door of his son’s face.
With a few bangs, Li Huaiping beat his son with blood all over his face, and everyone around the scene was shocked.
Even Chen Ning couldn’t help frowning.
Li Huaiping beat his son with blood all over his face, then shouted angrily: “Go away!”
Li Zangfeng’s face was full of blood, and he was helped by two Li’s subordinates to retreat.
Li Huaiping took a white handkerchief from a bodyguard, wiped the wounded blood, stared at Chen Ning while squinting, and said gloomily, “I know about my son’s offending you. This is for you. Confess!”
“But you have remembered one thing for me. My son can only be disciplined by me, and the children of our Li family can only be taught by the Li family. It is not your turn to punish them!”
Song Pingting and Qin Chaoge, as well as the senior executives of the Ningda Group, and even the surrounding hotel staff, were all frightened.
Although Li Huaiping hit his son, it gave people a very strong shock.
Especially the last two words he said are even more frightening.
On the contrary, Chen Ning’s face remained calm, even the corners of his mouth raised slightly, with a smile that seemed like nothing.
Chen Ning said with a chuckle: “Your Li family can take care of your people, so naturally no one will teach them.”
“Mr. Li, let’s get to the point, tell me the purpose of your trip?”
Li Huaiping looked at Chen Ning with a little surprise, and everyone around him was shocked by his aura and his acting style, but Chen Ning didn’t seem to like this.
This made him take a look at Chen Ninggao.
The gentle and elegant smile reappeared on his face, and he smiled and said: “Okay, I won’t be circumspect with you, this time I am here to convey the meaning of our old prince of the Li family.”
“Our old lady, that is, your grandmother, she said that you should cherish this rare opportunity, change to your mother’s surname, and abandon the Chen surname who brought us to the Li family’s shame, then you are a member of our Li family!”
“Our Li family can give you some resources at random, which can make you and your company infinitely useful, and save you 30 years of struggle.”
Chen Ning sneered: “So good?”
Li Huaiping nodded: “Yes, but of course there are conditions!”
“Our Li family has recently carried out a series of cooperation with the chief of the African armed tribe, including diamond pits, oil field development and so on.”
“We need to send a young child of the Li family to Africa as a proton. We hope that your daughter will be the proton of our Li family.”
Be a proton in Africa!
Song Pingting’s pretty face changed on the spot, she subconsciously grabbed Chen Ning’s arm and tremblingly said, “Husband, we can’t agree to their conditions. future!”
Chen Ning held Song Pingting’s softness and motioned to her to be relieved.
Then, he turned his head to look at Li Huaiping, and said nonchalantly: “I will tell you one last time, whether I can change my name or not. My surname is Chen Mingning in my life.”
“Furthermore, my daughter is the jewel in the palm, and you Li family children are all shit in front of my daughter!”
“Your Li family is going to send Proton to Africa, and you will directly select from the rubbish children of your Li family. Don’t mix with my daughter.”
“This is my last warning to your Li family!”
Seeing Chen Ning’s refusal, Li Huaiping stood up, adjusted his collar, and then smiled: “Thunder and rain are all gifts. You must accept the benefits our Li family gives you. Our Li family requires your daughter to be a proton. You Must also agree.”
“No one can refuse our Li family’s conditions, and neither can you.”
“I’ll give you three days to consider. I believe that after three days, you will come and beg our family name Li, and you will beg your daughter to go to Africa as a proton.”
After speaking, Li Huaiping left with his son and his subordinates.

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