The One & Only

Chapter: 539

“The young commander is out!”
At the exit of the airport, among the countless bigwigs who were eagerly waiting, someone shouted excitedly.
Then I saw from a distance, a large number of soldiers with guns and live ammunition, a man surrounded by stars, coming out of the airport.
It’s a pity that it is too far away, and everyone has no way to see the young marshal’s facial features.
The big bosses in the capital, who had been waiting for a long time, couldn’t help getting excited, and one after another involuntarily ran toward the front.
I want to rush to the young marshal, invite the young marshal to participate in their prepared banquet, and want to compete for the opportunity to receive the young marshal.
It is a pity that they had just run forward when the soldiers in charge of the martial law directly put their guns back.
The old lady of the Li family and the others could only watch the young marshal pass by from a distance and get in the car to leave.
The old lady sighed: “Oh, so many big bosses in the capital, there is no chance to say hello to the young marshal.”
“We still want to set up a banquet for the young marshal to pick up the dust. We really want to eat swan farts. Let’s go back!”

Chen Ning, Dianchu and Bahuwei first went to the base of the troops stationed in Beijing and met with Major General Tian Weilong, the head of the garrison.
Tian Weilong smiled and said: “Marshal, you are on vacation recently, are you in Southern Province, how come you have time to come to the capital?”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “Come to Beijing to deal with some personal matters!”
Tian Weilong said immediately: “Is there anything I need to help?”
Chen Ning shook his head: “No, I can solve a little thing!”
Tian Weilong nodded: “If the marshal has anything to do, just give it to you.”
“There are many things in the capital, and I can still help.”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “Well, if something happens, I will bother you Lao Tian!”
In fact, although Tian Weilong is only a major general, his identity is not simple.
He is the person in charge of the capital garrison, responsible for the safety of the capital and the head of the gang. This position is not trusted by the old country master, and ordinary people are not allowed to hold it.
Therefore, Tian Weilong, although he is a major general.
But holding heavy power is the confidant of the old country master.
Of course, Tian Weilong had a very strong flavor of compromising Chen Ning at this time.
There is no way, Chen Ning is the God of War in China, and China’s first military commander.
More importantly, the old country master and his wife treat Chen Ning with special love, just like their own son.
Therefore, Tian Weilong treated Chen Ning with great respect and kindness.
Chen Ning talked a few more words with Tian Weilong, and then smiled and said, “Say hello to the country lord and Aunt Wang when you are free.”
Tian Weilong smiled and said: “Okay!”
“But if you have time to say hello to them in person, I guess they will be happier.”
Chen Ning smiled and shook his head: “I came to the capital this time to do some private affairs, and the country governs everything every day, sometimes I only sleep three or four hours a day. I can’t bother him casually and waste his precious time.”
Tian Weilong couldn’t help but nodded: “Yes, the lord of the country is really too tired.”
Chen Ning chatted with Tian Weilong, and then asked Tian Weilong to prepare some ordinary black SUVs for them to use as a means of transportation, and then he took Dianchu and Bahuwei away.
Dian Chu and the others drove three black SUVs out of the garrison base.
Dian Chu asked Chen Ning: “Marshal, are we going straight to Li’s house now to pick up the little lady?”
Chen Ning calmly said, “Yes, go to Li’s house!”
“Not only will I pick up my daughter, but I will also teach the Li family a hard lesson.”
Dian Chu said: “Yes, the marshal!”

Li’s house, a mansion.
An extended Lincoln and a few Mercedes Benzes slowly drove from the gate into the front yard.
The old lady of the Li family got out of the car with a group of important members of the Li family.
Li Huaiping hugged Song Qingqing, who was crying, and brought Li Cangfeng and others to greet him in person: “Mom, you are back!”
Seeing Li Huaiping and Li Zangfeng and the others, the old lady nodded and said lightly: “You have come back from another place. This is Xiuning’s granddaughter, Chen Ning’s daughter, Qingqing?”
Li Huaiping nodded: “Yes, this little girl is Song Qingqing!”
The old lady looked at Song Qingqing who was crying!
Song Qingqing was wearing a white dress. Although she cried like a small cat, she couldn’t hide her delicate face.
No one can see that after this little girl grows up, she is definitely a beautiful woman with a beautiful country.
Grandma Jundao: “Looks exactly like your sister Li Xiuning when she was a child!”
“But, she can’t name Song from now on, she should change her surname to Li and call her Li Qingqing.”
Li Huaiping smiled and said, “I have sent the picture of this little girl to Ajin, the chief of the armed tribe of Africa.”
“Akin is very satisfied with the proton of our Li family, and requests that the proton be sent to him as soon as possible!”
The old lady was stunned: “The proton is a hostage. As long as the hostage is the child of our Li family, why is the chief of the African armed tribe, Ah Jin, satisfied with Qingqing?”
Li Huaiping lowered his voice and said, “Mom, you said you don’t know, Ah Jin is also known as the African tyrant. He has many quirks, such as killing, cannibalism, and pedophilia!”
“I guess he saw Qing Qing’s beautiful and beautiful embryo. He saw Qing Qing, so I can’t wait to ask us to send Qing Qing over.”
The old lady frowned slightly, looked at Song Qingqing who was held by Li Huaiping with pity, and said faintly: “Then this child may have a good day in Africa.”
Li Huaiping said: “This is also a matter of no way. We cooperate with Ah Jin, and it is both an oil field and a gold mine.”
“People don’t have enough trust, so they can only call protons in their old traditional way.”
“As long as you make a lot of money in projects invested in Africa and sacrifice a child, it is definitely worth it. At most, we can compensate Chen Ning a little in terms of economic resources.”
Hearing this, the old lady nodded and agreed with her son.
She walked into the hall together with Li Huai and asked, “By the way, you forcibly arrested the kid Qingqing back, what’s Chen Ning’s reaction?”
Li Huaiping curled his lips and said disdainfully: “How can he react? Is it possible that he can come to the capital to coax us with us, forgive him for not having the guts!”
The old lady nodded: “Ningda Group is still a somewhat powerful company in the south. Chen Ning and his wife should have a little influence in the south. But if they are in the north, under the reluctance of the Li family in our capital, he is nothing. Up.”
“I don’t think he dare to come to the capital to make trouble…”
As soon as the voice fell, a few servants suddenly ran in from the outside with blood all over their faces.
Behind a few domestic servants, there was a man with a tall stature and a star-like eye, with a group of entourage who followed in unhurriedly.
This tall man is Chen Ning.
These domestic servants rushed in in a panic, and screamed: “It’s not good, someone has called the door, Chen Ning has come, and hurt some of our guards…”
Chen Ning really dared to come to the capital, and he even dared to come to beat people and make trouble!
The old prince, Li Huaiping, Li Zangfeng and others were all startled and angry, looking at Chen Ning and his party who walked in from outside.

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