The One & Only

Chapter: 538

Ningtian Group’s liver cancer is about to be released on the market!
More than a dozen channels of CCTV are broadcasting at the same time, and even many foreign TV stations and media are also broadcasting.
This has made Ningda Group become famous in the pharmaceutical industry!
Ningda Group has launched a liver cancer vaccine before, and now it has launched a liver cancer drug. It can be said that it has made great achievements in all aspects in the prevention and treatment of liver cancer.
The news of the release of Qingning liver cancer drug came out, and orders from China and even abroad are coming.
For a while, the Ningda Group’s factory has already scheduled its production tasks to next year.
Song Pingting separated domestic orders from foreign orders, and the two orders started production at different pharmaceutical factories.
The domestic price of Qingning liver cancer medicine is subsidized.
Especially for poor families, there is a 90% allowance.
The price of the Qingning liver cancer drug purchased by poor patients in China is not much more expensive than ordinary drugs.
Song Pingting’s goal is to make the Ningda Group lose money and to let the poor domestic patients take liver cancer medicine and get treatment.
However, the Qingning liver cancer medicine exported by Ningda Group to foreign countries is very expensive, priced at RMB 10,000 per box.
This is understandable. Many imported drugs from foreign countries are also very expensive when they come to China. For example, special drugs such as leukemia can cost tens of thousands of dollars a box.
The liver cancer drugs exported by Ningda Group to foreign countries cost 10,000 yuan a box, which is already considered cheap.
In fact!
Tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands can cure liver cancer, and countless foreign patients dream of eager to export Qingning liver cancer drugs to their countries as soon as possible.
They don’t think it is expensive at all, they just think that it is worth tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands to exchange their lives.
Song Pingting’s strategy is to make money in foreign markets, make up for losses in the domestic market, and help more liver cancer patients at home and abroad.
Ningda Group also went on sale because of its liver cancer drugs and received countless orders. The stock price reached its limit on the same day!
The stock price of Ningda Group will reach trillions!
Song Pingting’s worth has doubled, and Ningda Group has officially become the No. 1 leading company in China Pharmaceuticals, and its status is unshakable.
Chen Ning and Song Pingting returned to their hometown and went to Wutong Mountain to pay homage to their parents, which was regarded as fulfilling Chen Xiong’s wish during his lifetime.
The next day!
Chen Ning, Song Pingting and others set off to return to Jiangnan Zhonghai City.
As soon as Chen Ning and his party returned to Zhonghai City, they received an anxious call from Song Zhongbin, his father-in-law.
“Chen Ning, the big thing is not good.”
On the phone, Song Zhongbin’s voice was anxious, and the cry of his mother-in-law Ma Xiaoli was faintly heard.
Chen Ning was surprised when he heard the words, and quickly comforted: “Dad, I seem to hear Mom crying. What happened?”
Song Zhongbin said with a trembling voice: “Your mother went to pick Qingqing from school today. Just after she left the school gate, Qingqing was snatched away.”
Chen Ning’s face changed drastically!
Song Pingting’s face also turned pale in an instant.
Chen Ning frowned and said solemnly: “Dad, don’t worry about you and Mom, I will investigate immediately and rescue Qingqing.”
Said wow, Chen Ning hung up the phone.
Song Pingting was already crying: “Husband, who took our daughter away, what should we do now?”
Chen Ning comforted Song Pingting not to be anxious, he asked someone to clarify the situation before talking.
Chen Ning went to Shanghang City this time, and took Dianchu and Bahuwei with him. Two violent winds and waves were left behind to protect his family secretly. Why was his daughter kidnapped?
A car whizzed in and stopped in front of Chen Ning and the others. Two violent winds and waves with blood on the corners of their mouths and coats got out of the car at the same time.
The two knelt in front of Chen Ning, and said in shame: “Mr. Chen, we deserve a million to death. We didn’t protect the young lady, and the young lady was taken away.”
Chen Ning said solemnly: “What the hell is going on?”
Kuangfeng said in shame: “A group of people came prepared and suddenly came out to kidnap the little lady. I rushed to the two angry waves and fought with each other, but the other party had a master, and I couldn’t beat the angry waves. Wounded by them…”
The angry wave also reproached himself: “They wounded both of us, so they took the little lady and left quickly, very well-trained.”
Kuangfeng lowered his head and said, “Mr. Chen, the two of us don’t have a good protection for the young lady. Please convict you.”
Chen Ning was thoughtful after hearing this!
Dian Chu whispered: “Master, it should be the work of the Li family in Beijing.”
Song Pingting’s face was pale, and she said in horror: “Will they take my daughter and send it to Africa as a hostage, right?”
Chen Ning comforted: “Don’t worry, they can’t send our daughter to Africa, and I will not allow them to do this. I will save my daughter safely soon.”
After Chen Ning finished speaking, she told Dianchu: “You immediately find out who did it, where my daughter is now, and prepare for rescue work.”
Dian Chu said solemnly: “Yes!”
Chen Ning went home with Song Pingting first, and joined his father-in-law and his sister-in-law Tong Ke.
Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli lost their granddaughter, and the two elders blamed themselves. They hugged their daughter Song Pingting and couldn’t cry while Tong Ke comforted them.
Dian Chu called and told Chen Ning that it was indeed the Li family from the capital who had taken Song Qingqing away.
Chen Ning asked, “Where is my daughter now?”
Dian Chu said: “Li Huaiping and the others injured the violent wind and waves. They took the young lady on their family’s private plane and were on their way back to the capital.”
When Dian Chu said this, he lowered his voice and whispered to Chen Ning: “Young commander, if the fighter planes of the Zhonghai Military Region are ordered to take off now, they should be able to catch up with Li’s private plane and intercept halfway…”
Chen Ning raised his hand and interrupted: “No, it’s a bit dangerous. I can’t let my daughter take this risk.”
“Now my daughter is safe for the time being, it’s just that the Li family took my daughter abducted to the capital, so there is no need to take the risk of air interception.”
“Well, you can arrange a special plane for me. I’m going to the capital to visit Li’s house in person, pick up my daughter, and teach Li’s family a lesson.”
Dian Chu said: “Yes!”
Song Pingting heard that Chen Ning would go to the capital in person to pick up her daughter from Li’s house.
Originally, she wanted to follow along.
But Chen Ning saw that Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli were emotionally unstable and feared that something would happen to the two elders, so he asked Song Pingting to accompany the two elders at home. He would pick up his daughter soon so that everyone would not worry.
in the afternoon!
At the airport of the Zhonghai Military Region, an aircraft dedicated to the commander whizzed into the sky and rushed into the sky.
After a few hours of flying, night fell, and the special plane finally arrived in the capital when the lights were up.
As soon as Chen Ning’s special plane entered the volley of the capital, five fighter jets roared and escorted.
It turned out that it was from the capital. Knowing that God of War had returned to Beijing, he immediately greeted Chen Ning’s arrival with the most solemn specifications.
Chen Ning’s special plane has arrived at Beijing International Airport!
The area around the airport has already been taken over by the army for martial law.
More than one hundred honor guards of the three services lined up neatly on the airport. In addition, there were thousands of heavily armed military soldiers around, with excited expressions and excited eyes watching the slowly landing special plane.
Chen Ning stepped on black boots and got off the plane.
There were thousands of fighters lined up in square formations, and everyone looked at Chen Ning in admiration.
Looking at the youngest god of war in China, China’s first general!
“play music!”
The captain of the guard of honor of the three services issued a majestic shout.
Military music immediately sounded on the scene. All the soldiers on the scene acted neatly and slapped their hands up to salute, and shouted together: “Welcome the young commander!”
Chen Ning took Dianchu and Bahuwei, raised his hand to return a military salute to the soldiers at the scene, and walked over on the red carpet in strides.
As he walked, he calmly said to Dian Chu, “Have you ever told the capital to keep a low profile?”
Dian Chu smiled bitterly: “I notified, but they are still so high-profile!”
Very high profile indeed!
Not only were the guards of honor of the three armed forces greeted by thousands of soldiers, there were also guarded soldiers everywhere around the airport.
Around the airport, there are countless people in bright clothes standing.
These are the heads of the big wealthy families in Beijing, or the bosses of major financial groups.
On weekdays, these big men who stomped their feet would cause earthquakes in various industries, suddenly received a rumor today that the young marshals came to Beijing, and they all came to meet the young marshals by appointment.
These big guys all want to have a relationship with the young marshal. If you can invite the young marshal to have a meal at home, it will be an infinite honor!
The old prince of the Li family in the capital, also took important members of the Li family, and waited anxiously with the elders of other families outside the airport.
The old lady looked eager to see through, and muttered to herself: “The young marshal of the North, the God of War of China, if our Li family is fortunate enough to let the young marshal take a look at us, it would be worthwhile for us to come all the way to meet us.”

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