The One & Only

Chapter: 556

Jiang Tao and the group of companions around him all came over aggressively and surrounded Chen Ning and the others in the Red Flag sedan.
Chen Ning and Dianchu and Tong Ke slowly got out of the car.
Jiang Tao looked at Chen Ning with an angry expression on his face: “Boy, how did you drive your car and crashed our dozens of supercars. You are going to lose your fortune!”
Chen Ning said lightly: “Do you think this is fun?”
Jiang Tao was shocked: “What?”
Chen Ning looked at the Ningda Group Building in front of him, and calmly said to Jiang Tao: “I am Song Pingting’s husband, Chen Ning!”
Jiang Tao and his group of companions were stunned!
Soon, they all recovered.
No wonder Chen Ning would crash all their supercars. It turned out that Chen Ning was Song Pingting’s husband.
After Jiang Tao figured out the reason, the anger on his face disappeared, replaced by a sneer.
He smiled and said to Chen Ning, “But I just fell in love with your wife, what can you do?”
The companions around him all laughed happily.
Some people even said triumphantly: “Younger Jiang, this fool probably doesn’t know your hobbies.”
“In our prince circle, who didn’t know that Jiang Shao has the same hobbies as Cao Cao, you don’t like naive girls, but beautiful young women, hahaha.”
There are many Chinese families, but two families have always been known as the first royal family and the second royal family.
These two families are descendants of Yanhuang’s direct line!
The Ji family, the direct descendant of Huangdi, is known as the first royal family in China.
The descendant of Emperor Yan, the Jiang family, is known as the second royal family of China.
This Jiang Tao is the young master of the Second Royal Family of China!
He was also rated as a national model worker not long ago, and participated in a commendation meeting in Beijing. He had a close relationship with Song Pingting.
He was fascinated by Song Pingting at that time!
Unfortunately, conditions did not allow him at the time, and he did not have a chance to strike up a conversation.
After returning, he investigated Song Pingting’s identity and learned that Song Pingting turned out to be a strong business woman, and that Song Pingting’s husband was just a soft-boiler, he did not hesitate to follow a group of companions. Came to show love to Song Pingting.
He looked at Chen Ning provocatively at this time!
The people around are also watching him and Chen Ning!
Pursuing other people’s wives in public, and telling others that you just fall in love with your wife, why?
How domineering things are, only Jiang Shao can do such things.
Chen Ning said coldly: “Do you think this is very interesting?”
Jiang Tao smiled and said, “Then what do you want me to say, do you want me to say that I am fond of your daughter-in-law, hurry up and give me your daughter-in-law to sleep?”
Chen Ning’s eyes were cold: “Looking for death!”
As soon as the voice fell, he shot!
He kicked out both feet like lightning and hit Jiang Tao in the knees.
Jiang Tao’s feet were directly kicked off, and he screamed. He could not stand firmly, and thumped kneeling in front of Chen Ning.
Jiang Tao’s companions were shocked!
The passers-by around were also stunned!
Jiang Tao Tangtang, the young master of the Second Royal Family of China, has always been in good clothes since he was a child. Wherever he goes, he is the only one who bullies others and others bully him.
It was the first time I was taught so badly when I grew up!
He knelt on the ground, raised his head, his face full of grimness, and said with stern expression: “You dare to move me, I will kill you…”
Chen Ning snorted coldly, and continued to do it, and with two bangs, Jiang Tao’s arms were also broken.
Jiang Tao screamed even more sternly!
He was like a wounded beast, shouting at Chen Ning desperately: “I will kill you, I will kill your whole family…”
Chen Ning said coldly: “It seems that I am going to beat you directly to death!”
Chen Ning grabbed Jiang Tao’s hair with his left hand, and hit Jiang Tao’s face with his right fist.
Bang bang bang!
Jiang Tao was beaten to shattered face bones, his entire face was full of blood, sunken deeply, like a deflated leather ball.
Chen Ning casually threw this guy on the ground like a dead dog, frightening Jiang Tao’s companions to step back involuntarily.
Chen Ning looked at Jiang Tao’s companions and said coldly: “Send him back to Jiang’s house!”
Jiang Tao’s comrades recovered from the shock at this time, and they said with all their faces in panic that you beat Jiang Shao like this, you are done, the Jiang family will not spare you.
These guys hurried away with Jiang Tao.
As soon as these guys left, Song Pingting came out with a group of company security guards.
It turned out that after she learned that Jiang Tao had openly confessed her love to her downstairs, she was shocked and angry, and summoned the company security to drive out Jiang Tao’s gang.
But she didn’t think that when she came out, she found that Jiang Tao and the group had been beaten away by Chen Ning.
She looked at Chen Ning in astonishment: “Husband, when did you come back, where are those who are making trouble?”
Chen Ning smiled slightly and said: “I just came back with Tong Ke, and the coaxer has been beaten away by me.”
Song Pingting breathed a sigh of relief when she heard this!
That guy Jiang Tao was too shameless and too much, he even chased Zhonghai from the capital, but Jiang Tao was still a member of the second royal family, and the security guards didn’t dare to do anything.
Fortunately, Chen Ning came back and drove Jiang Tao away.
Song Pingting thought that Chen Ning had beaten Jiang Tao away. If he knew that Chen Ning had beaten Jiang Tao to death, she would not be relieved.

Jiang Family Mansion!
In the back garden, Jiang Ping, the master of the Jiang family, is fishing.
Suddenly, the Jiang family manager hurried over and whispered: “Master, something has happened.”
Master Jiang looked at the fish floats on the lake, and said faintly: “What’s the matter?”
The butler whispered: “You’d better go to the front yard with your own eyes!”
Hearing the words, Master Jiang suddenly raised his head, looking at the housekeeper with electric eyes.
The butler lowered his head, afraid to speak.
Master Jiang thoughtfully, he realized that something extraordinary should have happened, and it was definitely not a good thing, otherwise, the housekeeper would not dare to let him go to the front yard to see it with his own eyes.
He put down the fishing rod casually, stood up, and said calmly: “Go!”
Soon, he took the housekeeper and a few guards to the front yard.
However, they found that the front yard was already surrounded by many of the Jiang family’s children. Everyone was gesturing and talking quietly.
Master Jiang said angrily: “If you don’t practice ancient martial arts, why are you all around here? All of them are scattered!”
When everyone saw Mr. Jiang, they all bowed their heads and stepped aside respectfully, saying, “The grandpa is here!”
After everyone moved away, Master Jiang saw the corpse of Jiang Tao on the mat on the ground!
“Xiao Tao!”
Mr. Jiang, who usually fell in front of his eyes without being surprised, couldn’t help letting out a cry of grief and indignation when he saw the body of his most beloved grandson.
On the mat, Jiang Tao’s body had all broken hands and feet, and his face was deeply sunken. He was beaten beyond recognition.
Master Jiang’s blood pressure soared, and he was so angry that he almost vomited blood.
Finally, he barely suppressed his anger, and said in a cold voice, “Who did it?”
The housekeeper whispered: “According to the report from the person who sent Shao Tao back, he was severely injured by a guy named Chen Ning in Zhonghai and sent to the hospital where he died.”
Master Jiang asked two more questions, and got a rough idea of ​​the cause of the matter.
With a cold face, he commanded murderously: “Send a son of a family who can handle affairs to Zhonghai, take Chen Ning’s head back, and pay tribute to my precious grandson.”
Butler said: “Yes!”
Master Jiang said again: “Also, bring back the woman named Song Pingting. I want her to have a secret marriage with Xiaotao, and then I will bury her and Xiaotao together in the same way as a husband and wife!”
The butler said: “Yes!”

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