The One & Only

Chapter: 557

Today is Song Qingqing’s fifth birthday!
Chen Ning’s family took Song Qingqing to the Wandering Cloud Restaurant for dinner, which is considered to be celebrating her daughter’s birthday.
When Dong Tianbao learned that Chen Ning was coming, he personally came to the restaurant hall and ordered Chen Ning himself.
After ordering the food, Dong Tianbao ordered the waiter again to bring up a plate of fruit and put it on the table!
Chen Ning looked at the plate of fruits on the table. There was a bunch of grapes, a few oranges, and apples and pears.
These fruits are clean but not cut!
Chen Ning was just about to ask the waiter to cut two apples!
However, at this moment.
Suddenly a group of men in suits and leather shoes came in at the door. These men were calm and restrained, and their eyes were like electricity.
It can be seen at a glance that these people are all practicers, and they are all masters.
After dozens of men came in, they were automatically divided into two rows.
Then, a very handsome young man walked in casually with his hands behind his back.
Everyone in the restaurant looked at this handsome man in amazement, guessing what these people came from?
The handsome man came straight to the table of Chen Ning’s family and asked with a smile, “Everyone, are you eating?”
Before Chen Ning, Song Pingting, Song Zhongbin, Ma Xiaoli, and Tong Ke were unclear about the man’s intentions, they all spoke and looked at each other coldly.
The child Song Qingqing answered truthfully: “Today is my birthday. My parents, grandparents, and aunts accompany me to eat here to celebrate my birthday!”
“Uncle, who are you, are you my father’s friend?”
The man smiled and said, “Yes, I am your father’s friend, my name is Jiang Tianqiao!”
Jiang Tianjiao!
The Jiang family!
Chen Ning instantly understood that this guy was from the Jiang family, and he was probably here for Jiang Tao.
Jiang Tianqiao pulled a chair away and sat down unceremoniously.
Then, he took a look at Chen Ning intentionally or unintentionally, then took out an unusually sharp knife, smiled and said to Song Qingqing: “Little girl, what kind of fruit do you like to eat, uncle will cut it for you!”
On the spot, the expressions of Song Pingting and others changed.
Song Qingqing didn’t know that the human heart was sinister, and thought that the uncle in front of him was really her father’s friend.
She giggled and said, “Uncle, I want to eat pears!”
The corners of Jiang Tianqiao’s mouth rose slightly, with a smile but a smile: “Okay, uncle will cut it for you!”
After speaking, he picked up a Sydney pear from the fruit plate and quickly cut it up with the thin and sharp knife in his hand.
He has slender fingers, extremely light and skilled movements, and a sharp knife can be easily manipulated by him.
He saw a thin and long Sydney skin, which he cut out circle after circle.
This is definitely a master at playing knives!
Moreover, in front of Chen Ning and the others, this guy deliberately showed off his knives in front of Song Qingqing, with a strong taste of threat.
Song Pingting and others looked worried and nervous!
Chen Ning’s expression is still calm, but his eyes have turned cold.
Soon, Jiang Tianqiao asked to cut the Sydney pear. He sneered and cut the Sydney pear into four pieces like tofu.
Then use a knife to pierce one of them and pass it to Song Qingqing. She smiled and said without a smile: “Little girl, I’ll eat pears for you!”
“Qingqing, don’t get close to him!”
Song Pingting couldn’t help it anymore, she had hugged her daughter in the past.
Jiang Tianqiao looked at Song Pingting and the others, who was facing the enemy. He said with a smile but a smile: “It’s just a pear for your child. It’s not your child. Why are you nervous?”
Song Pingting said angrily: “You are from the Jiang family, what do you want?”
Jiang Tianqiao said lightly: “Your husband killed my cousin Jiang Tao!”
“Jiang Tao is my grandfather’s most beloved grandson. My grandfather told me to come over and ask you for justice.”
The corner of Chen Ning’s mouth rose slightly: “Just ask for justice?”
Jiang Tianqiao nodded: “Wrong!”
“First, kill for life, I want you to cut off your head and take it back to pay homage to my cousin.”
“Secondly, Song Pingting was the woman my cousin had fancyed when she was alive. She wants to go back with me and have a secret marriage with my cousin. Then she will be buried with my cousin, so she understands my cousin. A wish during his lifetime.”
Song Pingting’s family’s complexion changed drastically again!
Chen Ning still had a calm face, and said faintly: “If you want to cut off my head and have my wife be buried, it depends on your Jiang family?”
Jiang Tianqiao nodded: “Yes!”
“This is the result of your willingness to actively cooperate!”
Chen Ning asked with a smile: “What if we don’t cooperate?”
Jiang Tianqiao glanced around Chen Ning’s family and raised his eyebrows: “If your husband and wife cooperate, your parents and children can still live; if you two don’t cooperate, then your family will have to die and be buried with my cousin.”
Chen Ning sneered: “What a crazy tone!”
Jiang Tianqiao said triumphantly: “Our thousand-year royal family Jiang family has always been this crazy.”
Chen Ning said coldly: “It’s a pity that you Jiang family is nothing in my eyes.”
“Today is my daughter’s birthday, I don’t want to get angry.”
“You just got a knife in front of my daughter. You cut off a hand with this knife and rolled.”
Jiang Tianqiao widened his eyes!
The dozens of ancient martial arts masters from the Jiang family around him also opened their eyes wide.
Chen Ning’s family is now surrounded by them. They can put Chen Ning’s family to death casually. Not only is Chen Ning not afraid, but he also rants that Jiang Tianqiao will kill himself?
It’s crazy!
It’s so crazy!
Jiang Tianqiao laughed furiously, and said loudly to the surrounding men: “You guys, this kid said that he wants to break my arm. What do you think we should do?”
Dozens of Jiang family’s ancient martial artists shouted together.
All of a sudden, the murderous spirit, the customers in the restaurant were so scared that they would pay the bills and leave to avoid being embarrassed.
Song Pingting’s family was also scared to death!
Jiang Tianqiao was very satisfied with everyone’s horrified reaction.
He looked at Chen Ning triumphantly: “How about us Jiang family elite men, is it enough to kill you a hundred times?”
Chen Ning said faintly: “A group of chickens and dogs!”
When Jiang Tianqiao and his men heard this, their faces flushed, and a murderous glow burst into their eyes.
Chen Ning faintly called at this time: “Where is Tiger Guard?”
Dian Chu and the Eight Tiger Guards responded in unison from the door, and through the burly Dian Chu and the tall and straight eight Tiger Guards, strode in.
Although Dianchu and Bahuwei are nine people, when they come over, they give them an aura like an army!
Chen Ning looked at Jiang Tianqiao who was uncertain and smiled: “Look at my men, how do they compare?”
Jiang Tianqiao’s eyes were cold, and he shouted at the dozens of subordinates around him: “Kill them all!”
When the words fell, dozens of his men beside him immediately moved, rushing towards Dianchu and Bahuwei like a tiger.
However, Dianchu and Bahuwei moved faster and made even harder moves.
Dian Chu blasted an opponent’s face with a punch, then flew up like lightning and kicked the other opponent in the chest.
The opponent flew out directly, his chest and ribs were all broken, and he spit out a mouthful of blood mixed with pieces of lung lobes, killing him on the spot.
I saw Dian Chu and Bahuwei, shooting like lightning, fierce like thunder.
The opponents screamed and fell in front of them!
These so-called ancient martial artists, there are actually no enemies of Dianchu and Bahuwei.
in a blink!
Dozens of Jiang family masters have all fallen in a pool of blood, immortal and disabled.
The screams and the smell of blood in the air deeply stimulated Jiang Tianqiao’s nerves.
His shocked eyes flew out!
These are all elite members of the Jiang family, all of whom have practiced ancient martial arts. On weekdays, hitting ten ordinary people is like coaxing.
It can be said that this group of subordinates can be defeated even if they encounter a thousand opponents.
However, now Chen Ning’s subordinates were as easy as slaughtering chickens and dogs.
Chen Ning picked up the teacup and sipped his tea, and said to Jiang Tianqiao, who was full of horror, “It seems that my subordinates are more suitable!”
Jiang Tianqiao was inexplicably horrified, and said in a trembling voice: “You!”
Chen Ning said calmly: “Don’t be nervous, you were very calm when you were cutting pears just now. Would you like to continue cutting pears?”
Jiang Tianqiao’s face instantly turned into a pig liver color!
When the Song Pingting family saw this, they couldn’t help feeling relieved. They all looked at Jiang Tianqiao and thought: I told you to scare us with a knife to cut pears. Didn’t you feel very proud when you cut pears? Why don’t you cut them now?

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