The One & Only

Chapter: 562

Jiang Family Mansion!
“Grandpa Ji is here!”
With the doorman shouting, Ji Chang, the tall and tall contemporary head of the Ji family, walked into Jiang’s house with a large number of entourage.
Jiang Ping, the master of the Jiang family, has led a group of important members of the Jiang family and has been welcoming them outside the hall for a long time.
When Jiang Ping saw Ji Chang, he quickly led the crowd to greet him, and said respectfully: “Mr. Ji is here!”
Ji Chang nodded: “Something happened, I have to come over and talk to Brother Jiang in person.”
Jiang Ping naturally knew that Ji Chang was here for the two juniors Ji Shaohao and Jiang Tianqiao. He stretched out his hand and said, “Old Ji, please sit inside and talk.”
Ji Chang and Jiang Ping, went to the magnificent living room, and the host and guest sat down.
After the servant delivered the fragrant tea, Ji Chang said straightforwardly: “Old Jiang, our two thousand-year-old family friends, I won’t be scornful with you. I’m here this time for my grandson Ji Shaohao.”
“I just learned that Shaohao and your Jiang family’s flyover juniors were arrested by a guy named Chen Ning in Zhonghai.”
“Chen Ning was still bold enough to send someone to inform our Ji family, asking me to lead a person in Zhonghai, and personally apologize to him, it is really unreasonable.”
Jiang Ping smiled bitterly and said: “I also just received a message from Chen Ning sent by people, which also said that the parents of the juniors who made mistakes came to receive an apology!”
Ji Chang’s face was full of anger. For decades, no one had ever dared to be so rude to him, dared to insult the Ji family in such a way!
He said with an iron face: “What the hell is going on?”
The Jiang family has a close relationship with the Ji family. Emperor Yan was defeated by the emperor and became the second child of ten thousand years, and has always been loyal to the emperor.
As a descendant of the Yan Emperor, the Jiang family has always respected the Ji family, the descendant of the Yellow Emperor, and has always looked forward to the Ji family.
At this time, Jiang Ping was also not hiding, and directly explained the grievances between their Jiang family and Chen Ning.
Finally, he said: “It should be Shaohao who learned that Tianqiao was going to clean up Chen Ning and wanted to help Tianqiao. He didn’t even think that he had fallen into it, and both of them were caught by Chen Ning.”
After figuring out the reason, Ji Chang was shocked and angry.
He asked: “Then what is Chen Ning’s background and why is it so arrogant? Even our Ji family and your Jiang family dare to detain, and dare to ask me to apologize to him with you?”
Jiang Ping said, “Chen Ning is from the Chen family in Jizhou. His father, Chen Xiong, was originally a well-known businessman in the north.”
“After his father died, he took over the Chen family and integrated the Chen family and his wife’s company into the leading pharmaceutical company, Ningda Group.”
“Chen Ning and Song Pingting are now the leaders of China Pharmaceuticals.”
Ji Chang sneered when he heard the words: “After doing it for a long time, I turned out to be just a businessman with a few small money. I thought it was so amazing!”
Jiang Ping smiled and said: “I think it is absolutely impossible for Ji Lao you and me to go personally to lead people in Zhonghai, let alone apologize to Chen Ning.
“But the juniors of our two families must also be saved.”
“Lao Ji, what do you think?”
Ji Chang arrogantly said: “A guy who thinks he is very good with a few money, just send someone to pick up both juniors, and just punish Chen Ning severely by the way.”
Jiang Ping said: “Lao Ji, Tianqiao and Shaohao are not able to deal with Chen Ning. Chen Ning’s strength is probably not that simple. Who do you think is better to send them back?”
Ji Chang looked at the group of capable men behind him, and said faintly: “Who would like to take a trip to Zhonghai?”
The new generation leader of the Ji family is also the grandson of Ji’s parents, and Ji Shaodian is on the list.
Ji Shaodian asked, “Grandpa, as the grandson of the Ji family, this time my cousin was arrested and the Ji family was humiliated. I should stand up and defend the dignity of the Ji family.”
“I am willing to go to Zhonghai, rescue my cousin and Tianqiao, and severely punish Chen Ning.”
Ji Chang looked at his eldest grandson and said with a smile: “Shao Dian, you are going to Zhong Hai, how many clan masters have been dispatched, if you submit the list, I will satisfy you.”
Ji Shaodian smiled and said: “Why are there so many masters, I only need to bring one person in the heavy building.”
When everyone heard the name, their expressions changed slightly.
In recent years, if you say who is the most powerful in China, everyone will basically say that the young commander of the North is the most powerful God of War.
Because the Chinese God of War not only led the army to defeat the invading enemy repeatedly in the north, but also single-handedly smashed through the enemy’s master coalition forces of the eighteen countries, killing the enemy’s blood and corpses.
The name of the Chinese God of War shook the world, making all enemies famous and discouraged, and did not dare to lightly offend China.
The Marshal of the Northern Territory is simply a god of war, a symbol of invincibility, and a soldier’s belief.
But if ten years ago, if you asked who was the strongest, someone’s name would definitely appear on the list of the strongest.
That is the undefeated demon king, Chonglou.
Chonglou was a famous demon king back then. He has been tossing around the country, challenging countless Guwu family masters, and killing countless Guwu families can’t lift their heads.
According to legend, there are no one thousand or eight hundred strong men who died under his hands.
However, this guy went into trouble later and was finally rescued by the Ji family, a descendant of the Yellow Emperor. Later, this guy became a member of the Ji family.
It can even be said that the heavy building exists like a nuclear weapon in the hands of countless masters in the Ji family.
Ji Shaodian had to take the Demon King Chonglou to deal with Chen Ning, no wonder it was enough to bring a master.
The demon king’s heavy building, one person is estimated to be able to bloodbath the sea.
To deal with Chen Ning in a small area, when I saw that it was a cannon hitting mosquitoes, some of them were overkill.
However, Ji Shaodian is the eldest grandson of the Ji family and the future successor of the Ji family.
Ji Chang loves this eldest grandson in every possible way, for fear that his eldest grandson will lose the slightest bit.
Secondly, Chen Ning challenged the dignity of the Ji family this time, and Ji Chang definitely used thunder means to send a heavy building to deal with Chen Ning.
Kill chickens with a sledgehammer, anti-aircraft guns to fight mosquitoes!
This is the always strong style of the Ji family!
Ji Chang smiled and said: “Okay, Shao Dian, you will take the Chonglou and go to Zhonghai in person.”
“Remember, not only will you have to rescue your cousin and Jiang Tianqiao, but Chen Ning will have to pay a heavy price for his actions.”
Ji Shaodian smiled smugly: “Yes, grandpa!”

Zhonghai City!
Deep in the courtyard of the city guest house, in a dim utility room.
There are two big dirty iron cages!
Ji Shaohao and Jiang Tianqiao were imprisoned in two cages.
Moreover, they all have an iron chain tied around their necks, and on the other end of the chain is an extraordinarily tall wolfhound.
The young masters of the dignified Ji family and the Jiang family were actually locked up with the dog.
After Ji Shaohao and Jiang Tianqiao were arrested, they kept yelling at Chen Ning, saying that Chen Ning was a dog thing, and threatening to retaliate against Chen Ning’s family.
Dian Chu was angry, so he ordered people to lock these two guys together with the dog!
Thus, the young masters of the first royal family and the second royal family were locked in the same cage as the dog.
at this time!
Wearing a tailored suit and full of aristocratic aura, Ji Shaodian appeared at the door of the utility room with a man in black with an extraordinarily large figure.
When Ji Shaodian saw the miserable cousin and Jiang Tianqiao in the dog cage, his expression became extremely angry: “Chen Ning dares to insult our Ji family and Jiang family like this, he is looking for death!”
“Chonglou, let my cousin and Tianqiao come out!”
The huge man behind him was expressionless, preparing to do it.
But at this time, Dian Chu had already appeared with Eight Tigers.
Dian Chu shouted: “Who has our young master’s orders, who dares to let people go!”
Ji Shaodian looked at Dianchu and Bahuwei, and sneered: “You are Chen Ning’s lackeys. You just killed a few of you. Let Chen Ning get some interest first.”
“Chonglou, kill the dog!”
Chonglou looked at Dianchu and the others indifferently, and said coldly: “Yes!”

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