The One & Only

Chapter: 561

Many people at the scene changed their expressions when they heard Ji Shaohao’s words.
Especially Song Pingting, her face turned pale!
After all, Ji Shaohao is the young master of China’s No. 1 Royal Family, with a distinguished status and capable means.
Whoever he wants to die tonight will not live tomorrow.
Only Chen Ning, still sitting on a chair with a calm face, looked at Ji Shaohao, and said lightly: “The Jiang family is looking for trouble, and your Ji family are going to this muddy water?”
Ji Shaohao sneered: “The Jiang family is a descendant of Emperor Yan, and our Ji family is a descendant of Emperor Huang.”
“We are a thousand-year-old family.
“You killed Jiang Tao and broke Jiang Tianqiao’s arm. Since I have run into this incident, I can’t stand by and watch.”
Song Pingting couldn’t help guarding Chen Ning, and said angrily: “It’s obviously Jiang Tao and Jiang Tianqiao to cause trouble first. I don’t allow you to harm my husband. You’d better leave now, or I’ll call. Call the police.”
When Ji Shaohao, Jiang Tianqiao and others heard this, they couldn’t help laughing.
Jiang Tianqiao sneered: “Miss Song, you probably don’t know the background and strength of our Jiang family and Ji family?”
“Ji Shao is here tonight, let alone your Zhonghai City police, even if your Zhonghai City Lord is here, we, Ji Shao, let him kneel and he dare not stand.”
“Even if the governor of Jiangnan Province is here, we must be polite to Shao Ji!”
Song Pingting was pale when she heard that, she had naturally heard of the strength of these royal families.
These royal families have a pivotal position in the military and political circles, and she is just a businessman. Since ancient times, there has been a saying that business does not fight against officials!
The so-called magistrate of breaking the family, the prefect of destroying the door
No matter how rich, a small county magistrate can break your house, and a prefect can destroy you.
This is why the people do not fight with officials!
Song Pingting looked at the two young masters from the first royal family and the second royal family in front of her, and she couldn’t help but feel a sense of powerlessness.
In front of these top powerful princes, he seemed to be the fish on the chopping board, and he could only be slaughtered and had no law to resist.
Ji Shaohao looked at Song Pingting, while looking at Song Pingting’s good figure, he smiled and said: “But Ms. Song is a beautiful woman. She is married to Jiang Tao, and she has to be buried in Jiang Tao’s life. It’s too bad for a beauty.”
“Don’t worry, after Chen Ning is dead, I will say hello to the Jiang family. You will be my woman from now on, and the Jiang family dare not touch your hair.”
Song Pingting said coldly: “Shamelessly, my husband and I know each other and love each other. Even if the mountains have no edges, the sea is dry, the summer rains and snow, and the world is in harmony, I will not be separated from my husband.”
The parents around thought that Chen Ning and Song Pingting would fly separately.
But I can’t imagine that Song Pingting resolutely rejected the olive branch that Ji Shao threw, and did not covet the vanity of China’s first royal family.
This makes the surrounding parents couldn’t help but be moved!
Even Qiu Fuhong, who just kept saying that he admired Song Pingting and wanted to pursue Song Pingting, couldn’t help but feel ashamed and realized that his previous thoughts were wishful thinking.
Chen Ning stood up and gently took Song Pingting’s hand.
He looked at Song Pingting tenderly, and said softly: “My wife, don’t worry, there is no one in this world who can separate us.”
“The Ji family and the Jiang family are nothing but nothing in my eyes!”
Song Pingting opened her eyes wide when she heard this: “Husband…”
Chen Ning has turned his head, looked at Ji Shaohao and Jiang Tianqiao, and said coldly: “You two, scared my wife, roll over and kneel down to admit my mistake!”
Let Ji Shaohao and Jiang Tianqiao kneel down and admit their mistakes!
A group of parents at the scene were stunned.
Jiang Tianqiao and several of his men were stunned.
Ji Shaohao and his entourage were all stunned.
Ji Shaohao’s handsome face flashed with a gloomy look, and he slowly said: “It seems that you really can’t see the coffin without crying!”
“The four are empty, give him a ride!”
The four are empty, and they are the four most powerful among the gang around Ji Shaohao. They are Dao Kong, Sky, Earth and Man.
The four most empty are quadruplets, similar in appearance, each with a face full of flesh and blood, evil spirits and evil spirits.
The four brothers responded in unison: “Yes, Master!”
The voice exited, the old Dadao Kong among the four brothers had already swished like a cannonball towards Chen Ning, punching Chen Ning’s face with a punch, wanting to blow Chen Ning’s with a punch. Head.
Chen Ning snorted coldly, then raised his hand to throw a punch.
The two fists fought together.
Accompanied by a slight sound of broken bones, Dao Kong’s arm bones were all shattered, and the entire arm had been twisted into twists.
He screamed and flew out.
Almost at the same time, the other three brothers had already arrived and joined forces to besiege Chen Ning.
Bang bang bang!
Chen Ning lifted his foot and kicked it out with lightning. All three brothers were kicked in the chest by Chen Ning. They flew out with blood spraying and fell heavily to the ground.
The four big brothers are all empty and the four brothers were completely scrapped by Chen Ning in the blink of an eye!
The parents at the scene were all dumbfounded.
Jiang Tianqiao and several of his men had a look of horror in their eyes, thinking of their fear of being dominated by Chen Ning.
Ji Shaohao frowned slightly, and said faintly to the rest of his men, “You go together!”
More than a dozen subordinates on the scene, like a pack of wolves, rushed towards Chen Ning murderously.
Chen Ning let out a cold snort, and then swept away a dish of melon seeds on the table.
Countless melon seeds shot at Ji Shaohao’s subordinates like a torrential pear blossom.
Bang bang bang…
The melon seeds were like a dense burst of bullets, directly hitting Ji Shaohao’s men and turning their backs on their backs, all of them fell to the ground and screamed.
When Ji Shaohao saw this scene, his eyes were colder, and he said, “No wonder you are so mad. The strength is stronger than I thought. I will teach you personally.”
After he finished speaking, he stepped towards Chen Ning.
He was extremely fast, his figure seemed to disappear out of thin air, and he appeared in front of Chen Ning in the next second.
“Lie down for me!”
As Ji Shaohao said, his right hand was like a knife, sharply cutting to the side of Chen Ning’s neck.
He learned ancient martial arts since he was a child, and it was more than enough to cut off trees with a thick bowl and cut off Chen Ning’s head.
When he cut the knife with his hand, he seemed to have seen Chen Ning’s head in a different place, with blood splashing all over the floor.
The corners of his mouth couldn’t help but raised slightly, showing a triumphant smile.
However, his hand still didn’t fall, Chen Ning had already raised his hand, grabbed his wrist easily, and caught his sharp hand knife.
Chen Ning caught it by Chen Ning who would kill him?
Ji Shaohao couldn’t help his eyes widening, his mouth opened slightly, and his face was full of shocked expressions.
Chen Ning was angry that this guy frightened his wife, and also made his wife pale. He didn’t hesitate at this time, and he snapped Ji Shaohao’s wrist with a bang.
Ji Shaohao couldn’t help screaming!
As soon as his scream sounded, Chen Ning slapped him away, and the scream stopped abruptly.
Jiang Tianqiao looked at Chen Ning in horror!
Even Shao Ji is not Chen Ning’s opponent. He regrets it now. He should have reminded Shao Ji that he should bring more masters.
At this moment, Dianchu and Bahuwei arrived from outside.
Chen Ning looked at Jiang Tianqiao coldly: “I originally let you go back and notify the Jiang family to apologize. Since you refuse to leave, then you and Ji Shaohao will stay!”
After Chen Ning finished speaking, she told Dianchu: “Get these two guys up, notify the Ji family and the Jiang family’s parents to pick them up, and apologize for the crime.”
Dian Chu said solemnly: “Yes!”

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