The One & Only

Chapter: 570

When Tong Ke Youyou woke up, she found that she had been tied to a chair by the big five flowers.
She looked around in horror!
I found myself now in an abandoned and ruined building, surrounded by dozens of men in suits and leather shoes, many of whom are foreigners!
This is where?
Who caught yourself here?
What for?
When these questions came up in Tong Ke’s mind, a young Chinese man and a blond foreign beauty had already brought several of his men to her.
The man is naturally Zhao Yingming, and the woman is Joanna.
Tong Ke looked at Zhao Yingming and Joanna, and said in horror: “Who are you, why did you catch me here?”
“You better let me go quickly, otherwise, my brother-in-law won’t let you go.”
Zhao Yingming sneered: “Hey, it happens that we invited Miss Tong here, precisely for your brother-in-law!”
Tong Ke looked at Zhao Yingming, Joanna and others in surprise. Are these guys brother-in-law’s enemies?
Joanna looked at Tong Ke who was tied up in the chair with a faint smile, and the corners of her mouth rose slightly: “We have already called to inform your brother-in-law. If he doesn’t want you to die, he will come here to see us by himself soon.”
As she said, she stretched out her hand and gently stroked Tong Ke’s battered cheek, and said with a sneer: “Now is the time to test your weight in your brother-in-law’s mind. You’d better expect your brother-in-law to appear within half an hour. ”
“Otherwise, it would be your tragedy.”
Tong Ke bit her lip after hearing this, “My brother-in-law must come back to save me, and you will soon pay for your actions.”
At this moment, a burly foreign man with a beard and sharp eyes walked in and said respectfully to Joanna in English: “Your Royal Highness, the three snipers are all set up!”
“As long as Chen Ning appears, three snipers will be aimed at from different angles, and he can be killed at any time.”
Joanna smiled and said, “Wilde, good job.”
Tong Ke looked at Joanna and others with shocked face at this time!
She lost her voice: “Princess? Listening to your London accent, is it possible that you are the princess of the Eagle King?”
“You were prepared to deal with my brother-in-law, and you even arranged a sniper to kill my brother-in-law!”
When Joanna heard the words, she glanced at Tong Ke, and a murderous intent flashed deep in her eyes.
Tong Ke knew too much, and if he killed Chen Ning, this Tong Ke couldn’t stay either.
She smiled and said, “Miss Tong, knowing too much is not good for you!”
Tong Ke was shocked when she saw Joanna’s denial.
It seems!
It was indeed the princess of Eagle Country who led the crowd to deal with her brother-in-law!
For the first time, Tong Ke was worried for Chen Ning. Chen Ning is a young commander in the North, but the God of War may not be able to withstand the enemy’s sneer!
Suddenly, she had a strong hope and hoped that Chen Ning would not come to rescue her!
Because she was afraid that Chen Ning had just appeared, she would be killed by the snipers ambushing here.
at this time!
Zhao Yingming’s cell phone rang, he took out his cell phone and looked at the phone number, then immediately looked at Joanna, and whispered: “It’s from Chen Ning!”
Joanna sneered: “Take it!”
Zhao Yingming answered the phone, and Chen Ning’s indifferent voice came from inside: “I’m almost there. You’d better make sure that Tong Ke is not harmed, otherwise, you will regret coming to this world.”
Zhao Yingming looked angry: “What a crazy tone!”
Joanna reached out and Zhao Yingming handed her the phone.
She answered the phone with a light sneer at the corner of her mouth: “Chen Ning, I promise you will show up on time and your sister-in-law can survive.”
“But if you don’t show up on time or play tricks, then you just wait to collect her body!”
Tong Ke, who was tied to a chair, knew that it was her brother-in-law Chen Ning who called.
She was very anxious at this time, and suddenly opened her mouth and shouted: “Brother-in-law, don’t come to save me, don’t care about my life or death, they are here specifically to deal with you, they also arranged three people on the spot…”
The three words sniper were not yet spoken, Zhao Yingming had already yelled at Fa Ke, and then reached out his hand to cover Tong Ke’s mouth!
Tong Ke struggled desperately, but could only make a whining sound, and couldn’t tell Chen Ning that there was a sniper at the scene.
Joanna was also shocked and angry, almost let Tong Ke ruin her good deeds, she shouted to Zhao Yingming: “Seal her mouth with tape!”
After she finished speaking, she said to Chen Ning on the phone again: “There are still ten minutes, if you don’t show up, you are ready to find your sister-in-law naked and insulted into a human-shaped body in the garbage dump!”
She snapped up the phone.
Soon, Tong Ke’s mouth was forcibly sealed with tape.
After Zhao Yingming sealed Tong Ke’s mouth, he looked at Joanna with a little worry, and said, “I wonder if Chen Ning is afraid of death and dare not come?”
Joanna squinted her eyes. “I have a hunch, he’s back.”
Tong Ke was tied to the chair, and her mouth was sealed with tape at this time. She anxiously tears in her eyes, and said in her heart: Chen Ning don’t come, don’t come…
After a few minutes!
There was the sound of a car engine outside, and it was obvious that someone was driving.
Joanna, Zhao Yingming, Wilde and others held Tong Ke and walked out of the abandoned building.
Then, I saw a red flag car coming outside.
Chen Ning just opened the door and got out of the driver’s seat.
Seeing Chen Ning, Tong Ke couldn’t hold back her tears anymore, and immediately fell down, both moved and anxious.
Let this guy not come to die, he still came.
Joanna and Zhao Yingming looked at each other, and there was surprise in each other’s eyes.
She looked at Chen Ning who came alone with interest, and said playfully: “Ho ho, Chen Ning, your weakness really is that you value your relatives and friends, value your feelings, and you are willing to come and die for your sister-in-law.”
Zhao Yingming drew a sharp dagger, threw it at Chen Ning’s feet, and said coldly: “Pick up this knife and cut yourself. If you die, your sister-in-law can live.”
Upon hearing this, Tong Ke immediately struggled desperately, and while shaking his head, he cried and made a whining sound, clearly indicating that Chen Ning must not do this.
Chen Ning saw that Tong Ke was neatly dressed, and there was no injury. He knew that she was in serious trouble, and felt a little at ease.
He calmly looked at Joanna, Zhao Yingming and others, and said lightly: “Let me commit suicide, what if I refuse?”
Joanna sneered, and she said to Wilde, her capable man next to her: “Wilde, didn’t you always want to taste this Chinese beauty just now?”
When Wilde heard the words, his eyes couldn’t help falling on Tong Ke, who was bound by a rope, and his figure became more forward and backward. His eyes showed wild beast-like madness. He licked his lips and said greedily: “His Royal Highness, May I?”
Joanna didn’t answer Wilde’s question directly, but looked at Chen Ning and said with a sneer: “If you don’t pick up the dagger on the ground to judge yourself, then you will watch me ruin your sister-in-law!”
Chen Ning’s face sank: “Dare you!”
Seeing that Chen Ning had no intention of subserving, Joanna held up her face and shouted coldly: “Wilde, this woman is yours now.”
When Wilde heard the words, he immediately rushed towards Tong Ke with a grin, trying to tear Tong Ke’s clothes on the spot.
Joanna and Zhao Yingming, as well as a group of people around, all sneered and stared at Chen Ning with alert.
Chen Ning said angrily: “Looking for death!”
After speaking, he raised his foot and kicked the dagger on the enclave.
The dagger turned into a streamer, and swish lasing towards Wilde.
Wilde still didn’t rush to Tong Ke, and the wind was blowing in the back of his head, and the dagger was stuck on the back of his head with a pop of dagger.
He screamed without screaming, he threw himself on the ground and died on the spot.
Joanna and Zhao Yingming, as well as the large number of people around them, were all stunned.
Chen Ning looked at Joanna and Zhao Yingming with shocked faces, and said coldly: “There is no one who can hurt the relatives around me, neither can you!”
Tong Ke looked at Chen Ning with tears in her eyes, touched the softest part of her heart, and couldn’t help but yelled brother-in-law from the bottom of her heart.

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