The One & Only

Chapter: 569

Joanna was also surprised, looking at Ji Chang and Jiang Ping, who were kneeling at the gate of the community in the distance, as well as a large number of Ji’s and Jiang’s subordinates around.
She couldn’t help but said: “What the hell is going on?”
Zhao Yingming couldn’t help but said, “Yes, what happened to Ji Chang and Jiang Ping?”
“They brought so many people to Zhonghai, one person can chop Chen Ning into meat sauce with one knife.”
“Why now they didn’t seek revenge from Chen Ning, but they knelt down at the gate of Chen Ning community?”
Joanna is also very depressed!
She and Zhao Yingming killed Ji Shaodian and others, just wanting to kill people with a knife, and to get rid of Chen Ning with the help of the Ji family and the Jiang family.
But what made her think was that Ji Chang and Jiang Ping were so useless!
After a while, she slowly said, “It seems that you still have to do it yourself. Relying on others to get rid of Chen Ning is really unreliable.”
When Zhao Yingming heard this, he immediately stated: “Your Royal Highness, don’t worry, I will definitely help you until Chen Ning is killed and you avenge your brother and father.”
The corner of Joanna’s mouth rose slightly: “Don’t worry, Mr. Zhao, you will not help me in vain, I will make you a good career and a good harvest!”
Zhao Yingming looked forward to hearing this!
Although he was born in the top Chinese elite, his status in the Zhao family is not high, and there are a group of brothers and sisters who are much better than him. If he has any good luck, it will be difficult for him to stand out in his life.
But this is the princess of the eagle royal family!
Not only has a beautiful appearance and tall figure, but also has unparalleled wealth and status. If he can marry her, he will be able to reach the peak of his career!
Joanna and their vehicles came quietly and left quietly.
Ji Chang and Jiang Ping bowed their heads and knelt at the gate of the community.
Fortunately, for the 8,000 disciples they brought this time, they blocked the neighborhood.
Residents who do not live nearby do not wait to pass by. Even residents near here are not allowed to stay or stop and wait to pass by.
Therefore, Ji Chang and Jiang Ping were watched by a large number of passers-by, and they saved a bit of face for them.
The two knelt down at night from the afternoon, and then knelt until late at night.
The two old men had already kneeled so that their feet were numb. It is estimated that if they kneel until tomorrow morning, their legs will be completely necrotic because of the lack of blood circulation.
But even so, the two old men ignored the dissuasion of their subordinates and knelt at the gate of the community through gritted teeth.
The young marshal didn’t say to let them go, and they didn’t dare to get up.
12 midnight!
A burly figure walked over with two of his men.
It turned out to be Dian Chu!
“Standing, who are you?”
Ji Chang shouted to Jiang Ping’s men.
Dian Chu said coldly: “I am the captain of the young marshal’s guard, Dian Chu, here comes a message!”
Everyone at the scene was stunned!
The men of the Ji family and the Jiang family only learned at this time that Chen Ning was a young marshal, no wonder the two elders were so scared that they could not kneel!
Ji Chang and Jiang Ping heard that they were the captain of the marshal’s guard, and the two who had been dying, instantly regained a lot of energy.
The two raised their heads and looked at Dian Chu excitedly.
Ji Chang tremblingly asked, “Captain Dian Guard, what is the command of the marshal?”
Dian Chu said indifferently: “The marshal said, he doesn’t care about you two old men, you can go back, but in the future, you must restrain the children of your two families and don’t do anything wrong.”
Ji Chang and Jiang Ping were like being amnesty. They knocked their heads like garlic, and said again and again: “Thank you Marshal, thank you Marshal…”
Soon, the two of them were supported by their men.
The two of them had knelt for too long and their feet were already numb. At this time, their feet were trembling and they couldn’t stand firmly, and they could only let their subordinates support them.
Dian Chu said again: “In addition, there is something the young marshal wants to clarify with you!”
Ji Chang hurriedly asked: “What’s the matter, please tell the Chief Security Officer Dian.”
Dian Chu said coldly: “Ji Shaohao was rude and rude to the young marshal. He was beaten to death by the young marshal himself.”
“But Ji Shaodian, Jiang Tianqiao and the death of the Chonglou have nothing to do with the marshal!”
When Ji Chang heard this from Jiang Pingping, his face was full of surprise.
Chen Ning is the young marshal of the North, the Chinese God of War!
Chen Ning’s killing of the children of the Ji family and the Jiang family was as simple as killing a chicken and a dog.
And if Chen Ning really killed Ji Shaodian, he could admit it openly. The Ji family and the Jiang family didn’t dare to have any objections.
However, Chen Ning now says that this matter has nothing to do with him, so it is intriguing.
Ji Chang and Jiang Ping are both old foxes, and they immediately reacted. Someone killed Ji Shaodian and others, and blamed the young marshal, wanting to use them to deal with the young marshal!
Thinking about it this way, the two couldn’t help but hate it!
This man behind the scenes not only killed the children of their two families, but also attempted to use them to deal with the young marshals, and they almost got the young marshals leveled off!
This hatred is not shared!
Ji Chang said in unison with Jiang Ping: “It turns out that someone used us, please report back to the marshal. Our two families will definitely find the man behind the scenes and let him taste the taste of life is better than death.”
The next two days!
Dian Chu was investigating Joanna and Zhao Yingming according to Chen Ning’s orders.
And Joanna and Zhao Yingming are also planning how to deal with Chen Ning.
Joanna found that Chen Ning was very skilled, and that Chen Ning’s men were all top-notch experts.
If you want to forcefully kill Chen Ning, it’s not that easy.
She also discovered that Chen Ning attaches great importance to feelings and regards his family and friends as more important than everything else.
This is Chen Ning’s strengths and Chen Ning’s shortcomings!
Joanna intends to attack Chen Ning from this aspect.
She told Zhao Yingming to take someone to abduct Tong Ke, and she would use Tong Ke to deal with Chen Ning.
Zhao Yingming couldn’t help saying: “Tong Ke is just Chen Ning’s sister-in-law. We have to deal with Chen Ning, and we should also arrest Song Pingting and Song Qingqing, and we should arrest Chen Ning’s father-in-law and mother-in-law, no matter what!”
“Catch Tong Ke, can Chen Ning willingly come and die?”
Joanna raised her mouth slightly, and said with a sneer: “Chen Ning protects her family very closely. That guy named Dian Chu, and eight powerful men, protect Chen Ning’s wife and children, as well as his father-in-law, day and night.”
“If you want to impress Song Pingting and the others, the chance of success is not high. If you fail, then you will be shocked.”
“On the contrary, it is Tong Ke. She has a close relationship with Chen Ning, and she is still Chen Ning’s sister-in-law.”
“If you can catch Tong Ke, I guarantee Chen Ning will come and die!”
Zhao Yingming nodded when he heard the words: “Well, I’ll go and take her captive!”
Ningda Group, underground parking lot.
Tong Ke came out of the elevator alone and walked into the underground parking lot.
Suddenly, the lights of a champagne-gold Bentley car in front of the car suddenly turned on, so that she could hardly open her eyes.
Then, two tall men walked towards her.
One of the men said, “Miss Tong, please, Mr. Zhao!”
The headlights of the Bentley have been turned off.
Tong Ke only noticed at this time that there was a young man sitting in the back seat of the Bentley, who was looking at her with a smile!
She was shocked, and said vigilantly: “Sorry, I don’t know your son Zhao, and I am more interested in your invitation from son Zhao. Goodbye.”
The two tall men smiled, and one of them said humanely: “That’s a pity, Miss Tong, please!”
Tong Ke breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the words, turned and walked towards the white BMW next to her.
However, turning around did not take two steps.
Behind the head there is wind!
With a snap, she was hit with a hand knife in the back of her neck, her eyes went black and she passed out into a coma.

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