The One & Only

Chapter: 586

The door of the coffee shop was knocked open!
Then, a large number of men in black suits and work cards came forward with serious faces.
Following them in, there was also a team of special police with live ammunition.
“Everyone stopped what they were doing. No one talked or walked around. We are from Guoan. We came here to arrest a suspect.”
Talking about a man with a Chinese character face in his forties!
This guy is the person in charge of Guoan in Zhonghai City, and his name is Liao Xuemin.
After Guoan discovered that someone had no authority in the system, but frequently tried to open Chen Ning’s data files, he quickly suspected that the person was a foreign intelligence agent, so Liao Xuemin quickly led his subordinates and special police to kill.
The people in the cafe, including Qin Fenghuang and Song Pingting, were stunned.
Qin Fenghuang naturally realized that it was she who tried to open Chen Ning’s SSSSS-level secrets and invited Guoan.
Song Pingting’s face was full of suspicion. You must know how many people were in the cafe at this time.
She looked at the couple of men and women not far away, and then at Qin Fenghuang who was sitting nearby. She wondered who was the suspect that Guoan and the special police were about to arrest?
Chen Ning also frowned slightly, but he noticed Qin Fenghuang’s computer screen not far away, and vaguely glimpsed the red exclamation mark on the screen, as well as the above prompt: the file information is of SSSSS level, your viewing authority insufficient.
Chen Ning was taken aback for a moment, and then the choice was stunned.
It must be Qin Fenghuang who checked his identity information and provoked Guoan.
He is funny and angry!
Therefore, before Liao Xuemin and others were about to arrest Qin Fenghuang, he stood up and said to Liao Xuemin lightly: “The suspect, there are a few of us here, are you wrong?”
In the interim action team formed by Guoan and special police, some people didn’t know Chen Ning. Hearing Chen Ning’s words, they just happened to scold him.
But when Liao Xuemin saw Chen Ning, his face changed drastically, and he immediately understood what Chen Ning meant.
He rolled his eyes twice, and immediately pretended to look around, his face changed drastically, and he exclaimed: “It’s over, we are really in the wrong place, it’s the coffee shop in the next street.”
“Quickly retreat!”
“All retreated with me and rushed to the next street to quickly arrest suspects who endangered our national security.”
Many national security officers and the special police were not clear, so they hurriedly followed Liao Xuemin to exit the coffee shop and hurriedly got in the car and left.
And after getting in the car, he couldn’t help asking Liao Xuemin: “Boss, there is nothing wrong with it. It’s the Shangdao coffee shop just now, why are you…”
Liao Xuemin sat in the car and glanced at the Shangdao Coffee Shop through the rearview mirror. He shook his head with a wry smile: “The gentleman just said that we made a mistake, then we must have made a mistake.”
The subordinates were at a loss: “Huh, who is he?”
Liao Xuemin wiped his forehead with a handkerchief, and then slowly said: “He is the owner of the SSSSS file, the young commander of the North, the God of War of China, and our No. 1 military commander.”
The men who were in the same car with Liao Xuemin were all stunned.
Everyone was shocked and a little regretful.
It’s a rare opportunity to see the young marshal’s demeanor for himself, but I didn’t expect to miss it like that.
What a pity, what a pity!
In the coffee shop, customers and shop assistants were all talking quietly.
The special police are very powerful in their eyes, and Guoan is even more mysterious. They did not expect that people from both departments have appeared just now, and there are any criminal suspects to be arrested.
Even Song Pingting was curious, what kind of criminal was so powerful that shocked Guoan?
Not far away, Qin Fenghuang couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed, because she caused the misfortune.
Fortunately, Chen Ning let her out with a word.
The look she looked at Chen Ning at this time had turned into worship, because she had guessed Chen Ning’s identity.
There are not many people with the highest level of Chinese identity files, and even fewer people as young as Chen Ning.
Just now, Chen Ning retired Guoan and the special police in one sentence. Qin Fenghuang had already noticed that both Guoan and the special police had to look at Chen Ning’s gaze.
Combined with Chen Ning’s incomparable skill, Chen Ning’s identity is ready to emerge.
There is only one possible answer, Chen Ning is the young marshal of the North.
Qin Fenghuang looked at Chen Ning excitedly at this time, as if seeing the god in his heart, his eyes full of worship.
She was born in the army and always regarded the Chinese God of War as an idol, but she never met. She didn’t expect to see the Marshal himself this time, and became the personal bodyguard of the Marshal’s wife. What a great honor!
She was so excited that she couldn’t help but want to cheer.
Song Pingting didn’t discuss anything with the customers and shop assistants at the scene. Everyone just treated it as a new experience. After talking, they went back to work at the company.
Back to Ningda Group, Song Pingting works in the president’s office.
This time period is relatively free for Qin Fenghuang.
Qin Fenghuang saw Chen Ning take the elevator downstairs to go, she hurriedly followed up: “Mr. Chen!”
She rushed into the elevator just one second before the special elevator closed.
The elevator door closed and slowly descended.
There were only Chen Ning and Qin Fenghuang in the elevator. Chen Ning slightly frowned at Qin Fenghuang who was excited and anxious, as if he was an instructor in the army and she was a recruit who had just come to report.
Chen Ning said indifferently, “What do you want?”
Qin Fenghuang said in a low voice, “In the coffee shop, thank you. Actually, I tried to check your identity to provoke Guoan. Thank you for helping me.”
Chen Ning said calmly: “I told you before that you will live a long time if you don’t be nosy, you don’t listen.”
Qin Fenghuang couldn’t help but whispered: “You are so powerful, I am curious about your identity!”
When she said this, she raised her head and said excitedly: “But although I haven’t found your identity, I have already guessed who you are.”
“If I guess wrong, you are the North Marshal, the God of War of China, our First Army God of China, and the belief of all our soldiers.”
Chen Ning was slightly surprised, not thinking that Qin Fenghuang could actually guess his identity.
However, he didn’t mind, and only calmly said: “You know this, don’t say anything, I don’t want to cause trouble to my family because of my identity, and make waves in my family’s peaceful and beautiful life.”
Chen Ning is the God of War of China, but it is also a nightmare that many enemies want to get rid of day and night!
If the enemies were to know about Chen Ning’s family, they would definitely come to the detriment of Chen Ning’s family. This is one of the reasons why Chen Ning did not want to make public.
Qin Fenghuang nodded and said: “Yes, young commander, I will keep a secret, I would rather die than divulge it.”
Chen Ning smiled and said: “That’s not necessary. If someone really uses your life as a threat, you can reveal it, and I won’t blame you.”
Ding Dong!
The elevator door opened and it was already in the underground parking lot.
Chen Ning said to Qin Fenghuang: “Okay, go back and protect my wife.”
Qin Fenghuang straightened his waist, slapped Chen Ning a military salute, and said in a deep voice, “Yes!”
Chen Ning smiled and turned to leave.
Looking at Chen Ning’s back, Qin Fenghuang was extremely excited and excited.
It is a great honor to have the opportunity to have close contact with the marshal, it is probably the long-cherished wish of every soldier!

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