The One & Only

Chapter: 594

White Shark, Cyclops and others couldn’t help but sneer when they heard Chen Ning’s words.
The white shark looked at the Cyclops: “This kid said that we released two women, and he left us all corpses. What do you think?”
The one-eyed dragon grabbed Song Pingting’s wrist with one hand, and looked at Chen Ning with a grin: “Hoho, I want these two women, and I don’t plan to keep his whole body.”
“I’m going to twist his head off and bring it back to the Demon Temple to our boss.”
The voice just fell!
A figure flashed in front of the Cyclops, and Chen Ning, who was originally more than ten meters away, appeared in front of him like a teleportation.
Cyclops’ face changed drastically!
In fright, he quickly let go of Song Pingting, and threw his fist on Chen Ning’s face like lightning.
Chen Ning snorted coldly, and grabbed the fist thrown by the Cyclops.
Cyclops eyes widened instantly!
Chen Ning broke the Cyclops’ right wrist directly.
The cyclops let out a painful scream!
However, as soon as he screamed, Chen Ning reached out his hand to pinch his neck, and the scream stopped abruptly.
In the shocked gaze of Bai Sha and others, Chen Ning grabbed the Cyclops by the throat with one hand, and lifted the Cyclops off the ground like a chicken.
The one-eyed dragon, one of the Seven Sea Kings of the Devil Palace, struggled in vain like a chicken choked in front of Chen Ning.
White Shark and his men were all stunned for a while.
Chen Ning held a cyclops in his hand and said indifferently: “There is no one who can bully my wife. From the moment I saw you holding her wrist, you were already a corpse.”
Hearing this, the one-eyed dragon was full of horror, and he struggled more desperately.
It’s a pity that Chen Ning’s hand that grabbed his neck was as powerful as a vise. No matter how hard he struggled, he couldn’t get rid of it.
Chen Ning’s five fingers close!
The stout neck of the Cyclops was broken by Chen Ning.
The one-eyed dragon instantly became angry like a rooster with its neck severed.
Chen Ning threw the corpse of the Cyclops under his feet like a trash.
His gaze immediately fell on the white shark and the rest of the pirates!
White Shark and his men recovered from the shock just now.
White Shark looked at Chen Ning with complicated eyes. Several of his men were nervously putting their daggers on Qin Fenghuang’s neck.
White Shark glared at Chen Ning: “Good boy, I don’t think you are so skilled, even Cyclops is not your opponent.”
“However, you still have a woman under our hands, and now a few knives are on his neck.”
“If you don’t want her to die, kneel down for me now.”
Qin Fenghuang heard the white shark say that she was another woman from Chen Ning. She couldn’t help her pretty face flushed slightly, and a flash of shame flashed deep in her eyes.
Song Pingting and Song Zhongbin, Ma Xiaoli, Tong Ke and others in the red flag car in the distance were concerned about the life and death of Qin Fenghuang, but no one paid attention to this.
at this time!
Chen Ning noticed that Dianchu’s figure appeared in the distance. Dianchu was gesturing to Chen Ning from a distance, indicating that the sniper was in place and could shoot and rescue him at any time.
The corners of Chen Ning’s mouth rose slightly, looking at the white shark with a sneer, “You said let me kneel?”
Qin Fenghuang quickly shouted: “Mr. Chen, leave me alone, don’t kneel down for them.”
“If they kill me, you can avenge me.”
The white shark looked at Chen Ning and grinned and said, “If you don’t kneel down, I don’t guarantee that some of my men will do crazy actions. For example, their sharp daggers will cut her throat and let you watch it with your own eyes. She died in front of you.”
“For another example, my men will use a knife to cut her clothes, so that everyone can appreciate his wonderful figure.”
Chen Ning glanced at a few guys who put a knife around Song Pingting’s neck, and said coldly, “Guarantee they won’t do that!”
Bai Sha sneered when he heard the words. He felt that it was impossible not to put a little pressure on Chen Ning.
He shouted: “A turtle, use your knife to cut off all the buttons on this beauty’s clothes and strip her naked for everyone to appreciate.”
A man who looked quite like a tortoise, heard the white shark’s words, immediately smirked, holding a dagger, and reaching towards the button on the collar of Qin Fenghuang’s blouse, trying to pick out all the buttons on Qin Fenghuang’s clothes.
Qin Fenghuang just wanted to struggle!
The other pirates had put their daggers against her neck and threatened: “Don’t move!”
With a wretched smile on his face, Agui wanted to pick out the first lesson button of Qin Fenghuang’s neckline with a knife.
Chen Ning had already sinked his face at this time, and said coldly: “You can’t live by committing sins!”
After speaking, he raised his right hand and waved it down vigorously.
Bang bang bang…
Several sniper gunshots sounded almost simultaneously, and they merged into a slightly longer gunshot.
Several pirates, including A turtle, who used a dagger on Qin Fenghuang’s neck, were hit by sniper bullets at the same time.
The blood bloomed, and several guys were killed at the same time, falling to the ground.
Bai Sha looked at the few men who had all died for a second, and he was completely dumbfounded on the spot.
Qin Fenghuang looked at the pirates lying around her, shocked and excited.
She looked at Chen Ning’s eyes full of admiration, thinking: Mr. Chen is so amazing, he didn’t even need to take action, these pirates were wiped out in the blink of an eye.
Even Song Pingting, Song Zhongbin and others hiding in the red flag car were shocked by the scene before them.
Looking at his face with horror, Chen Ning rolled down his forehead with cold sweat. The body was like a chaff, almost standing unstable white shark, and asked with a sneer: “Now, do you want to kill me, do you want me to kneel down?”
The white shark was sweating, as if he had just picked it up from the water.
He looked around in horror, trying to find the snipers hiding in the dark, but found nothing.
Knowing that there are Chen Ning’s snipers around, and that there are more than one snipers, the White Shark doesn’t even have the courage to escape now.
With a sudden thump, he knelt in front of Chen Ning, crying for mercy and said, “Mr. Chen, I know I was wrong.”
“I have an 80-year-old man at the top and a 3-year-old child at the bottom. Please, Mr. Chen, give me a way to survive and give me a break!”
Chen Ning looked at the white shark kneeling before him coldly, and asked indifferently: “Who sent you to kill me?”
The white shark hesitated: “Yes… it was ordered by our old sea god.”
Chen Ning snorted, “I seem to have no grudges against Long Hai. Why did he arrange for you to kill me, and the pirates of your Devil Palace, why frequently snatch the goods shipped by our Ningda Group to foreign countries?”
The white shark lowered his head and his eyes wandered around: “In fact, it is the master of the Beijing Wu Family, Wu Zhongtang, please our boss to help deal with you.”
Chen Ning understood that Ye Jiandong was Wu Zhongtang’s son, and Wu Zhongtang looked for a pirate from the Devil Palace to deal with him.
White Shark climbed up to Chen Ning, kept kowtow begging for mercy, and said repeatedly: “Mr. Chen, please give me a way to survive…”
As he said, he suddenly took out a dagger, pierced Chen Ning’s abdomen like lightning, and said grimly: “Go to death for me!”
When Song Pingting and others saw the white shark suddenly lifted up the businessman, they hurriedly shouted: “Chen Ning, be careful!”
Chen Ning didn’t wait for the opponent’s dagger to get close. He already gave a cold shout, flew up and kicked the white shark in the jaw.
The white shark’s jaw was completely scrapped, and the whole person flew out with his head upside down and landed heavily on the ground, already a corpse.

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