The Protector

Chapter: 1578

Everyone achieved the desired effect.

The first thing Shao Xingtian thought of was Ye Junlin.

He desperately wanted Ye Junlin to see how strong he is now!

He is now the student who most hopes to reach the North Devil!

The whole person is full of confidence.

Except for Jin Fengtian, no one looked at him.

“In three days, I will hold an international competition specifically for you young people to compare!”

“At that time there will be geniuses from ten countries to participate, they are not weak, you have to live up to it!”

Jin Fengtian said.

Mainly to test the results of special training.

Convince Daxia.

They can get more benefits!

Coincidentally, other countries are also conducting special training similar to the Qianlong Project.

They are also actively preparing.

So Jin Fengtian hosted an international competition with his connections and status.

“Instructor Jin, you must let Ye Junlin, let him take a good look!”

Shao Xingtian shouted.

Finally, the person in charge of Yan Longwei went to Ye Junlin specially.

Tell him about the international competition.

“It just so happens that I just want to let people practice their hands!”

Ye Junlin also wanted to find someone for Xiao Feng and the others to practice, but he didn’t expect the opportunity to come.

“Huh? What hands do you practice?”

The other party looked at Ye Junlin suspiciously.

“Remember the first batch of students who failed in Qianlong Project?”

“Remember, weren’t all taken away by you? What’s wrong?”

Ye Junlin smiled: “Now they have recovered, and their strength has improved by leaps and bounds. I want them to participate in this competition too!”

“Impossible! Don’t lie to us. Everyone knows that they are useless. Like you, they can’t practice martial arts! Want to participate in the competition?”

“Impossible! wishful thinking!”

“Don’t fool around!”

Without one person’s consent, Ye Junlin could only give up.

Soon, this international competition began.

Ye Jun came to the scene to observe.

The game went on fiercely.

The one hundred students of the Qianlong Project swept the geniuses of the other nine great nations with the swift momentum of destroying Lagu.

Win the championship of the international competition with an absolute advantage!

Their strength has stunned the nine great nations.

It doesn’t seem to be one level!

For Shao Xingtian and the others, Yan Longwei was very satisfied, and Daxia was very satisfied.

Everyone spoke highly of the three instructors Jin Fengtian.

Yan Longwei felt fortunate for his wise decision.

First, Ye Junlin was not allowed to be the bishop, but Jin Fengtian was hired as the bishop.

Second, kicking Ye Junlin out in time did not affect the training.

Jin Fengtian looked at Ye Junlin triumphantly, his eyes just showing off.

“Ye Junlin, have you seen it now? Without your interference, we will make faster progress!”

“Among the students in the same period, we are invincible!”

“I have improved tenfold during this time! Don’t you think about it? What else do you have to say?”

“Didn’t you say that we won’t make progress if we leave you? Now? Does your face hurt?”

Shao Xingtian and others stared at Ye Junlin.

They thought that Ye Junlin would show a look of shock and regret…

But Ye Junlin didn’t have any reaction at all.

He sneered: “It’s a mistake for you to make rapid progress!”


“But what?”

Shao Xingtian and the others stared at Ye Junlin seriously.

“But you are wasting your life and vitality! You are going to be finished!”

Ye Junlin naturally saw these people’s state of defeat in the city.


Hearing this, Jin Fengtian’s face changed drastically.

Did Ye Junlin see it?

The big thing is bad!

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