The Protector

Chapter: 1585

The words came out.

Everyone was taken aback.

What is Ye Junlin doing?

“Just you? How do you want to get justice?”

Jin Fengtian looked at him in surprise.

“I will kill you!”

Ye Junlin stared at the two men murderously.

That terrible look was like he had just come from hell.

A few simple words, but set off a stormy sea.

Everyone was taken aback.

According to the Daxia Law, Li Changan is a capital crime.

The two of Jin Bongtian killed him for meritorious service.

Does not constitute any criminal nature.

After all, the evidence is too complete!

There is no possibility of any refutation!

Even if you know that everything is a conspiracy designed by Jin Fengtian, they killed Li Changan and made him bear the charge.

But you have no way!

The rules and laws are Li Changan’s sin.

You can’t avenge Li Changan at all!

Even Ye Junlin had no idea.

have no choice!


Like a knuckle in the throat, and a awn on the back.

That feeling makes people feel desperate!

Can only lament the injustice of the world!

Can only watch the murderer laugh, Li Changan’s unjust soul cries humiliatingly…

No way!

Everything they did was seamless!

There is no way to use them at all!

Many people in Yanlongwei are friends with Li Changan.

Can they see the clue?

There is no way!

There is no evidence pointing to Jin Fengtian and the others.

Everyone can only break their teeth and swallow them in their stomachs.

But Ye Junlin is different.

Although he could not vindicate Li Changan.

But he can take revenge!

Kill the people who killed Li Changan!

He is going to kill Jin Fengtian two people now, ignoring all the rules!

This is his own way!

“Ye Junlin, are you crazy? Are you going to kill someone???”

Everyone was taken aback.

Looking at Ye Junlin incredulously.

“Yes, I want to kill and revenge! This is my way!”

Ye Junlin’s eyes were needle-shaped, and the intense murderous intent had already targeted the two of Jin Fengtian.

“Do you want to disregard Daxia Law? Do you want to disregard all rules? Ye Junlin, you are too presumptuous!”

“In front of us, do you dare to kill?”

“In front of Daxia, how can you allow you to do anything wrong? Go back quickly, we thought this happened before!”

The people in charge of the base were all angry.

“Dare, what’s not to dare?”

“I just want to kill these two people in front of all of you, in front of Daxia’s rules, and in front of the world!”

Ye Junlin’s expression was firm, and he didn’t seem to be telling lies at all.

“Ye Junlin, don’t mess around! You control your emotions! You…”

The person in charge of the base is already anxious.

At this time, Shao Xingtian laughed: “He murdered? It’s ridiculous, right? If you let him kill, who can he kill? He’s just an ordinary person!”

After Shao Xingtian’s reminder, everyone reacted one by one.

Yes, Ye Junlin is an ordinary person, who can he kill?

Where are Jin Bongtian standing and let him kill, can he kill it?

Thinking of this, everyone smiled.

Laughter and ridicule!

Jin Fengtian and the two looked at each other and were also happy.

An ordinary person yells to kill them?

It’s ridiculous!

“Come on, we stand here to let you kill!”

“Give him the knife!”

Jin Fengtian laughed.

“Lend your knives for a use!”

Ye Junlin took a short knife from a student next to him, and walked towards Jin Fengtian and Jin Fengtian step by step.

“Ye Junlin quickly stop! As long as you do it, the nature is different!”

Someone shouted.

Ye Junlin walked quickly to the two of them.

The knife light flashed, and the blood donation burst.



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