The Protector

Chapter: 1634

“what happened?”

“How did they get beaten?”

The eyes of everyone present were incredible.

It stands to reason that Ye Junlin was beaten.

It’s him no matter what!

But on the contrary, it was Jiang Haozhe who was injured.

It’s too confusing.

What happened.

“what happened?”

“Where is Ye Junlin?”

Li Ziran asked immediately.

Either Ye Junlin had an accident.

Either Ye Junlin is not an ordinary person.

Thinking that Ye Junlin was not an ordinary person, he could beat these people violently.

Li Ziran’s face changed drastically.

Jiang Haozhe ignored them and went directly to Fu Qiufeng.

Soon, Fu Qiufeng gathered everyone in Wushuang City on a square.

It was Jiang Haozhe who asked him to do this.

Fu Qiufeng was also very puzzled, what are they going to do…

“Go ahead, what’s wrong with you?”

Fu Qiufeng looked puzzled.


All four Jiang Haozhe suddenly fell to the ground.

Jiang Haozhe cried and said, “Master, we were wrong! In fact, we have something to hide from you and Wushuang City!”

Everyone was surprised and in an uproar.

“What? What happened to you?”

Fu Qiufeng asked.

“Master, in fact, Jun Jun’s father said it was wrong. We revealed Jun Jun’s message, and I specifically told the Black God Sect leader…”

Jiang Haozhe admitted everything in public.


Everyone present was struck by lightning, and their eyes were full of disbelief.

So what Ye Junlin said is true?

Everyone blamed them!

Especially Li Ziran and Zhou Nanyan, their bodies trembling.

“Junjun’s father is wrong, we are jealous of Junjun…”

Jiang Haozhe and several people said all the true thoughts in their hearts.

“What? You! You disappointed me so much, you almost ruined the future of Wushuang City!”

Fu Qiu Feng waved his hand with anger, and a terrible aura swept out.


Several Jiang Haozhe were beaten out.

“You four have tortured the same door, I can’t help but punish!”

“Capital sins are forgiven, but living sins are inevitable!”

“First you will be punished to be tortured in the precepts hall, and then you will be retired for ten years in the back mountain without taking a step!”

Fu Qiufeng said angrily.

“Thank you Master for not killing!”

Jiang Haozhe immediately kowtow.

“From now on you don’t call me a master anymore. This is the end of my relationship with your masters and apprentices!”

“I declare that I, Fu Qiufeng, will only have Ye Wangjun an apprentice from now on!”

Just when Jiang Haozhe and the others were about to be taken away, the voice of the great elder sounded.


The great elder walked up to a few people and asked, “Something is wrong. You didn’t admit it before, and you spilled dirty water on Ye Junlin. Why did you suddenly admit it today?”

“Yeah! I heard that you just went out with Ye Junlin. When you came back, your noses and faces were swollen and you confessed to this. Let’s talk about it, what’s the matter?”

The three elders also said.

When the two elders said these words, everyone looked over.

In fact, everyone is also very confused.

Especially Li Ziran and Zhou Nanyan.

They all wanted to know what happened just now when they went out with Ye Junlin?

Why did Jiang Haozhe make such a change?


Jiang Haozhe looked embarrassed and seemed unwilling to recall the scene just now.

“Say! Tell the truth! What happened after I left with Ye Junlin!”

Fu Qiufeng roared.


Jiang Haozhe pursed his lips.

Li Ziran stared at them tightly, breathing fast…

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