The Protector

Chapter: 1671

“What? Say it!”

Everyone looked at the Western Heavenly King alone.

There is hope in everyone’s eyes.

The Western Heavenly King took a deep breath and said, “Their weapons are specially used to kill the supreme-level powerhouses! No one else would use such weapons at all!”

“Yes, it’s specifically for the supreme-level powerhouses, so what?”

Everyone looked puzzled.

“We can fake the supreme-level powerhouses, attract firepower, and let them use this weapon to light up all the energy boxes! Only then can we have a chance to win!”

The Western Heavenly King came up with a way.

Everyone gasped.

After a while, everyone thought this method was good.

Use other people to attract and light up all energy boxes.

In this way, Daxia’s supreme-level powerhouses were all saved.

Can fight head-on with the opponent.

But a problem arises…

Who will be the bait to attract weapons to attack?

This weapon, the supreme-level powerhouse burst into pieces in an instant.

Let alone other people.

It is estimated that Yu Wei will be able to smash the Grandmaster-level powerhouse!

To put it bluntly, this bait is for death.

For a while, everyone was silent.

Everyone is aware of the crux of the problem.

Who will be the bait?

Everyone who comes to the battlefield is not afraid of death!

But you have to die well!

Everyone hopes to die in the fight.

When the bait is too frustrated!


A long silence.

At this time, the Western Heavenly King and the Northern Heavenly King looked at each other and said in unison: “Let’s go!”

“This matter is left to Zhentian Temple!”

“We have finished the main intelligence and enemy deployment in the early stage. Next, our role is to attract the firepower of the opponent!”

The eyes of the four heavenly kings were filled with the look of death at home.

They want to use their bodies to attract super weapon attacks…

“Brothers, you are all good!!!”

Xiao Feng and others gave them a thumbs up.

It is obvious that they are going to die.

But they have no idea.

After all, this is war.

There will be sacrifices in war…

“Next, we need to pretend to be the supreme-level powerhouse. The opponent’s super weapon should be able to detect the aura of the supreme-level powerhouse. Therefore, those of us must have the aura of the supreme-level powerhouse in order to attract attacks!”

The Northern Heavenly King expressed his concerns.

“This is simple, leave it to us!”

After some operations, the thousands of people in Zhentian Hall possessed the aura of a supreme-level powerhouse, although it was very short-lived.

Except for the Western Heavenly King and her intelligence organization.

All other members of the Zhentian Temple participated in this operation.

Originally, the Western Heavenly King would also participate.

Rejected by the other three kings.

She has other functions.

“Brothers, it’s time for us to bleed and sacrifice!”

“The three of us will be at the forefront soon!”

“Are you afraid?”

Dong Tian Wang asked.

“Not afraid! Not afraid! Not afraid!”

Thousands of people shouted.

“Well, now, listen to my order, everyone take off their masks!”

The Eastern Heavenly King gave an order.


Everyone took off their masks.

Except for the four kings.

This is the first time that all members of the Zhentian Temple have taken off their masks.

Start from joining the Zhentian Temple.

All members must wear masks at all times, and even your companions cannot see your true face.

It is equivalent to they have been living in the dark, unable to show their true colors for the rest of their lives.

They also look forward to being like ordinary people.

They are also eager to take off the mask one day.

This day has come.

It’s a bit miserable…

Take off the mask, and death is coming.

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