The Protector

Chapter: 1710

Everyone wants to know the outcome of the Western Territory Theater?

But the message never came out.

The western theater is even more accessible.

At this moment, Richard and his party are fleeing with Jefferson.

Everyone’s expressions are ugly to the extreme.

They were defeated.

Planning for so long.

It fell short.

But everyone’s face is unwilling!

It can’t just end like this.

“No, we can’t admit defeat like this! We are still in the Eastern Territory Theater, and Xu Zhengjie’s killing weapons are still there! We still have a half of the power!”

“And the supporters behind us are there, this opportunity must not be let go!”

Richard was the first to be unwilling.

“Brother, what should we do then? We must take revenge!”

Jefferson asked.

“I have to activate my second set of plans to directly attack Daxia Capital! Destroying Daxia Capital means we won!”

“Immediately send someone to destroy the capital! Implement my second plan!”

“Quick, quick, as fast as possible, while they don’t react!”

Richard was crazy.

Completely crazy.

“Also contact Xu Zhengjie and ask him to take out all his weapons!”

“Tell him, he promises everything he wants! Let him show all the bottom cards!”

“Take out our last hole cards again! Hurry up to the Antarctic laboratory!”

Richard was crazy.

Others are also crazy.

At this point of time.

They want to fight desperately.

All the cards that should be revealed have been revealed.

“It really doesn’t work, I used that weapon too!”

Richard was short of breath, panting heavily.

“Calm down, calm down! If that weapon is born, it would be terrible! Neither of us can bear the responsibility!”

“No, that weapon can’t be released anyway!”

Richard’s words were strongly opposed by everyone.

Soon, the Eastern Frontier Theater received a message from Richard.

Li Zhengguo and Xu Zhengjie were all dumbfounded.

Was the West Territory actually defeated?

All the main forces that dominated the league were defeated.

How can this be?

Richard told them that the Eastern Territory Theater was the last hope.

Xu Zhengjie was asked to bring out all the weapons and hole cards.

Promise Xu Zhengjie all the conditions.

“Okay, then you sign an agreement with me! I’ll take it out!”

Finally, Xu Zhengjie put forward the conditions and signed the agreement, even after the other party fulfilled most of the conditions on the spot.

Xu Zhengjie agreed and took out all the weapons and hole cards.

“Hurry up, hurry up!”

Xu Zhengjie’s weapons will be shipped to the battlefield in a short time.

“Don’t worry, we will still win! What I want to take out this time is an upgraded version of my god-killing weapon! At that time, what kind of master the opponent has can kill!”

Xu Zhengjie looked confident.

I didn’t intend to take it out.

The frightening thing is that Xu Zhengjie’s killing weapon has an upgraded version.

It is said that you can kill the Sixth Heavenly Powerhouse.

It’s just not officially used.

After all, there are no Six Heavenly Powerhouses who let him do experiments.

After they received the message, they would launch the most violent attack on Xiao Feng and the others.

They must rush to take down the Eastern Frontier Theater before Ye Jun’s arrival.

In addition, the master arranged by Richard went to the capital immediately.

It is necessary to completely destroy the major institutions in the capital and paralyze Daxia’s brain.

Instead, this time is the most critical moment.

Ye Junlin also realized this, and he hurried to the Eastern Frontier Theater.

Ye Junlin ran wildly.

But when I came to a place, I was stopped.

“This road is nowhere!”

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