The Protector

Chapter: 1725

“We can stay in War Eagle Nation. We can ask for money and resources from the family. I don’t believe it. Can those old guys just watch us die?”

Li Wenhai asked.

“Yes, in fact, grandpa and grandma are like knives and tofu hearts!”

“This time we did make them angry! But once we have something, how can they leave it alone?”

“Isn’t it? Once we have an accident, those old guys are still dying in a hurry. Why don’t we send them?”

That said, everyone is relieved.

Excitement appeared on everyone’s faces.

They can continue to stay in the Eagle Nation and be their masters.

Then despise Daxia’s compatriots.

The most important thing is that they can continue to chew on the old.

Everyone is like a mosquito, sucking the blood of the family fiercely.

But they were wrong.

Once they are in distress, Li Tianhao will never ignore them.

This is the confidence that Li Wenhai and the others continue to stay in the Eagle Nation.

But after Li Songkui answered a call, his face was gloomy.

“I heard that Junjun is a genius thing, and Daxia Yanlongwei has already learned about it. The next step is to focus on training! Think about it, Junjun is Daxia’s future hope, how high his status is!

The tide will rise, and the status of the Li family and the Zhao family will also skyrocket! It can even seal a family protecting the country. It was really the peak moment of the family at that time. “

Li Songkui said.

This is the message he inquired just now.

It’s really wrong.

Yan Longwei and the others did not find the whereabouts of Ye Junlin.

They decided to fully compensate Ye Junlin’s family.

Just discovered that Junjun is a peerless genius.

Determined to focus on training.

The message has been released.


The expressions of everyone present changed in unison.

If this is the case, then the Li and Zhao family will take off.

Even if they are living well in War Eagle Nation, they are not as supreme as they are in Daxia.

“If that’s the case, what’s the point of staying here? We have to go back to China as soon as possible!”

“Yes, Daxia is our hometown, we should go back!”

“Even though we are in a foreign country, we are all Daxia people!”

The crowd came to make a big turn of one hundred and eighty degrees.

At this moment, I really want to return to Daxia.

“Want to go back to Daxia? Impossible!”

Suddenly a voice appeared.

The next moment, a large group of people entered the manor.

It is Xu Zhengjie headed.

He is now sweet and delicious.

Once out, countless masters followed.

A helicopter hovered in midair.

The Eagle Nation did not want him to die, let alone his being taken away by other countries or forces.

Therefore, the defense factor around Xu Zhengjie is the highest.

Follow as many masters as you can.

“It’s you!”

After Li Songkui and the others saw Xu Zhengjie, everyone’s face changed drastically.

They know Xu Zhengjie.

I also know that Xu Zhengjie is Ye Junlin’s classmate.

“From now on, all of you will follow me, and your identity as the nationality of the Eagle Nation will never change!”

Xu Zhengjie smiled.

Li Wenfei looked at each other.

If you really followed Xu Zhengjie.

They are the real traitors.

Like a brand, it is impossible to return to Daxia in this life.

“If you don’t agree, there may be no place for you in this world!”

“Don’t worry, after following, glory and wealth will accompany you throughout your life, even in the Eagle Nation, you are all masters!”

In the end, everyone agreed to follow Xu Zhengjie.

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