The Protector

Chapter: 1726

After all, fate is the most important thing now.

If it weren’t for Xu Zhengjie’s promise.

Anyone can predict the end.

So they must follow Xu Zhengjie.

What is Xu Zhengjie’s purpose?

It’s very simple.

He wants to disintegrate Li Ziran’s family, completely ruining it from the inside out.

Let these people be charged with traitors.

But Xu Zhengjie didn’t break his promise.

After Li Wenfei and the others agreed, War Eagle Nation immediately gave them the best treatment.

Regardless of status and others, they are all up to the next level.

Xu Zhengjie also promised that after he became king, they would be able to be promoted.

You can even be knighted in the Warhawk Nation…

The future of Li Wenhai and others is bright.

Following Xu Zhengjie’s words, it is more promising than returning to Daxia.

Back to Daxia, I just lived in the shadow of Li Ziran, Junjun.

But in War Eagle Nation, everything is completely different. They don’t need to rely on others, just follow Xu Zhengjie.

Everyone was jubilant.

After that, Xu Zhengjie’s desire to be a king became enthusiastic.

Not only that, there are many former Daxia people who eagerly supported Xu Zhengjie.

Everyone is willing to follow Xu Zhengjie.

Because Xu Zhengjie not only contacted Li Wenhai and the others, but also many top elites who escaped from Daxia.

Xu Zhengjie’s plan is to bring all these people together.

It can be seen that Xu Zhengjie’s ambition is huge.

I leave Daxia.

But I want to build another big summer outside!

After Xu Zhengjie had a huge impact.

Yan Longwei was furious.

Yanlongwei immediately released a proposal internationally: requesting the war Eagle Nation to hand over Xu Zhengjie and Jefferson, who had been convicted in Daxia.

This proposal was directly rejected!

Yan Longwei can only give up!

I can only watch Xu Zhengjie and the others in the Nation of Eagles…

You can’t send people directly to War Eagle Nation to bring people back.

If you don’t have such strength, you can’t even dare to go if you have strength.

Yanlongwei tried to contact the Baolong clan and asked them to bring people back.

Baolong’s reply is simple: this matter is over.

Yan Longwei understood that even the Baolong clan was very afraid of this matter.

Can not cause trouble without causing trouble.

Everyone can only watch Xu Zhengjie show off his majesty.

After learning that Li Wenhai and others had taken refuge in Xu Zhengjie, Li Tianhao and Wu Mulan immediately contacted them.

“Unscrupulous children and grandchildren! The faces of our Li family (Zhao family) have lost all of you!”

“Listen to our persuasion, quickly get out of it, and then return to Daxia!”

“We will pick you up in Daxia!”

Now that they have tasted the sweetness, how can they go back.

“Parents, just listen to me, you also come to War Eagle Nation, I promise to be even higher than the status of Daxia! This is paradise on earth!”

“Yeah, what is good about Daxia? You should really come out and see the world outside!”

“You know? Mr. Xu promised to give us two islands, and we will be the island owners in the future!”

Not only did Li Wenhai refuse to listen to persuasion, but they also tempted the family to move here.


“You will starve to death outside in the future, we won’t care about it!”

Several old people were angry.

“Hoho, you don’t have to worry about our parents in the future, we’ll be dying!”

They don’t care about this at all.

“Go away, we’ll be cut off from now on!”

The Li and Zhao family are determined to break with these people.

“Stupid, rotten, and stubborn!”

“One day you regret it!”

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