The Protector

Chapter: 2819

God’s brain is full of smiles.

As long as you leave safely from the airspace of the Warhawk Nation, nothing will happen.

And there are still two ships, double protection.

“Well, great! Now we can rest assured!”

Doctor Dark smiled: “I’m just curious about what Ye Junlin is going to do? It’s okay to play with him!”

At this time, Ye Junlin came back.

“Not only will I not kill you, I will join me!”

Ye Junlin said this.

It surprised Doctor Dark.

Now many forces are looking for him just to join him and use him to know the secrets of the Lab of the Gods.

But Wan Wanwan thought that Ye Junlin had the same idea.

This is beyond his expectation.

“Of course, joining me does not give in to me! You can continue to do your research! If I guess wrong, you are not interested in the world of hegemony for power status!

Your interest and even your goal should be biological research! The reason why you joined the Lab of the Gods is to provide a better environment and resources for your research, right? ”

Doctor Dark was taken aback.

Ye Junlin continued: “I have seen a lot of your research! You should devote yourself to studying the blood of all species in the world, and then create the most perfect species in your mind? The doomsday seed bank of Kangaroo country was what you wanted, right? …”

The more Ye Junlin said this, the more shocked Doctor Dark became.

I was guessed too thoroughly by Ye Junlin.

“After joining me, I will not restrict you! You can continue to do your research, and I can even help you! Of course your position is mine!

And we still have a common enemy. If you want to take revenge, after all, it is the Warhawk Nation that got rid of the Lab of the Gods! ”

Ye Junlin said.

After seeing Doctor Dark, he felt more and more that this person could not be killed.

The value of leaving him is a little bit bigger.

Especially his strength is unfathomable!

This is a surprise to Ye Junlin!

He will have a super boost!

When Ye Junlin said something, both Doctor Dark were stunned.


They Ye Junlin felt sincerity.

It’s not about using them to get something.

And given equal status, let them choose their positions.

I thought it was a dead end to be discovered, but I thought there would be such a chance!

Hearing God’s mind was moved.

The Dark Doctor smiled: “You are not afraid that I promised on the surface, but in fact I have two hearts?”

“Fear, of course. But I still have to try, and I am confident that I can solve it!”

Ye Junlin said with a smile.

Even though Doctor Dark couldn’t see through, Ye Junlin was still sure to hold him.

Even if he has two hearts, Ye Junlin will stop him.

“Really? You want me to join you, or even surrender you, show your strength!”

Doctor Dark smiled.

This is tantamount to agitating Ye Junlin.

Ye Junlin smiled.

Doctor Dark is asking what qualifications he has?

“Look up!”

Ye Junlin said this.


Suddenly, the aura on his body rose terribly and terribly, as if the heavens and the earth were drowned.

The overwhelming horror power is invisible suppressed!


The mind of God knelt to the ground in an instant.

Doctor Dark only felt that the sky had fallen, and it was all on him.

I don’t know how much it weighs!

And getting stronger!


The ground under Doctor Dark’s feet was completely cracked, and bottomless pits appeared.

He gradually couldn’t hold on anymore.

Withstand the force of the sky.

Gradually his waist bends and his legs bend, and the whole person is about to fall gradually.

He couldn’t hold it at all.


He tried his best to keep his balance.

But it’s not useful at all.

He suffered more power!

Waves of invisible power follow.

It’s like a mountain after a mountain.

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