The Protector

Chapter: 2820

The constantly superimposed weight shocked the sky.

It seems that the earth will collapse at any time because it can’t bear this power.

The sky will tear because of the squeezing of this force…

Only Doctor Dark knew what he had endured.

His veins were violent all over his body, and his face was terrifying to the extreme.

He tried his best to fight!

But he felt that his body was about to split.

Can’t hold it at all!

At this moment, Ye Junlin suddenly accepted the gift.

The coercion that fell from the sky on Doctor Dark suddenly disappeared!

Everything is back to normal.

But Ye Junlin was not far away, he seemed to be doing nothing.

Just looked at them with a smile.


It was shocking!

The Dark Doctor’s complexion was numb, and his eyes were filled with unresolved shock.

Outrageously strong!

He now finally understands why Ye Junlin went alone!

Because of self-confidence!

With his strength alone, he can definitely catch himself!

Ye Junlin smiled and said, “You’re not bad! A little better than I predicted!”

The highest rating!

Exceeding Ye Junlin’s prediction!

“Isn’t it a pity that I killed you like this? Why not follow me, you continue your research, I also need your help!”

Ye Junlin looked at God’s brain again: “You can too, you can continue your grand blueprint! There is no need to fight and kill!”

By now.

Doctor Darkness and God’s mind looked at each other. At this time, because of Ye Junlin’s performance, they had different thoughts.

There is a feeling that he has not gone to ruin.

They all name each other’s thoughts.

It seems that the automatic program is a bit early…


That’s it!

If they knew this, they would not activate the automatic program the first time.

“Now, are you willing to follow me?”

Ye Junlin asked.


The brain of God hesitated.

Doctor Dark smiled: “Accept us, you are not afraid of becoming a public enemy? We are the remnants of the laboratory of the gods, the public enemy of the world! Accepting us will be targeted by the whole world! Will you bear it?”

“Now anyway, no one knows that I took you away, and then I will place you secretly. Anyway, you don’t need to show up! Don’t care about this issue!”

Ye Junlin answered with a smile.

“That’s true! We ourselves are in the research center all year round! There is no need for publicity!”

The two nodded.

“Don’t worry about this issue, I will take you to a place next!”

Ye Junlin leads the way.

Two people followed.

Shortly after.

The three came to the base of Yanlongwei in Beijing.

“Introduce you two people, Doctor Dark and Brain of God!”

Ye Junlin felt that this matter still had to be told to Yan Longwei.

Therefore, the two were specially brought to the Yanlongwei base.

“They were found by the King of Words Side by Side?”

Cao Zhiguo was surprised.

They are also paying attention to the situation, knowing that the major forces are fighting for the dark doctor.

Even the War Bear Nation sent the Star of Siberia to find the Dark Doctor.

I didn’t expect to be boarded by Ye Junlin.

They had no doubt about Ye Junlin’s strength in finding someone.

If you let him find it, there will be no one who can’t find it.

“Next, the Sky Shield Bureau and the major forces will continue to look for it, as long as you know this. These two have already followed me!”

Ye Junlin smiled.

After setting up the two Doctors of Darkness, Ye Junlin began to ask: “The Lab of the Gods was destroyed, you should be thinking about how to retaliate?”

The Dark Doctor smiled and said, “Of course! In this case, who is going to steal a life, and is not capable of revenge!”

Ye Junlin had no doubt about this.

They have this ability!

Even the dark doctor can directly assassinate it.

“But how do you retaliate?”

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