The Protector

Chapter: 2827

“No! I have to ask for help!”

Ye Junlin immediately contacted the Black Hawk agent.

Agent Black Hawk just wanted to ridicule Ye Junlin and asked why he secretly took Doctor Dark away.

In the end, Ye Junlin said directly: “It’s too late to explain! Their revenge has begun! It will be less than three hours! I will give you the location! See if you can arrive faster! Stop it!”

Upon hearing Ye Junlin’s words, Agent Black Hawk’s face changed drastically.

He realized the seriousness of the matter!

“Okay, you send me all the information! I’ll prepare it!”

Agent Black Hawk immediately said.

After Ye Junlin sent everything over.

The Black Hawk agent immediately asked: “Can it be locked with a super weapon? Just kill it?”

God’s brain shook his head: “No! To prevent this situation from being discovered! I made the settings specially! Not being tracked and locked! Tracking and locking is also a false target! And the route it walks is erratic! Even I can’t be specific. Catch! Not to mention other people!

The position you captured may also be false, or even delayed! I also blame my settings for being too complicated. I racked my brains and imagined any way to block it, and then set it up the other way around! ”

Agent Black Hawk took a deep breath: “Well, for the current plan, the route cannot be determined! So we can only get to the destination before them to stop them!”

“Yes! Wrong! That’s it! I can only know the approximate location, but the route I set is erratic! I can’t capture it at all!”

Agent Black Hawk seemed a little confident: “Well, then I will use the fastest aircraft of the Sky Shield! There should be hope!”

Hearing this, Ye Junlin could catch his breath.

It is a double guarantee.

He can rest assured for the time being.

the other side.

Yanlongwei immediately organized a live broadcast of the emergency meeting for the whole world!

Doctor Dark appears as the protagonist!

This conference caused a sensation in the world from the beginning, and attracted everyone’s attention!

After Doctor Dark entered the mirror, it attracted everyone even more. Especially the head of the game, Smith is watching everything.

“The situation is extremely urgent! I’ll start!”

“I am the dark doctor you are looking for! As you can see, I am in Daxia! But Daxia is not in contact with the Gods Laboratory!”

As soon as this was said, the audience was in an uproar.

This is because the person involved directly said that Da Xia has nothing to do with the Lab of the Gods!

“A lot of people are wondering why Ye Junlin brought us to Daxia? That’s because my revenge action has already begun! Ye Junlin brought me here, just wanting to ask what the method of revenge is? Otherwise, he would have killed him. I’m…”

After Doctor Dark explained, Ye Junlin and Da Xia were all washed away.

Instead, praise and cheers everywhere.

They are all saying that Daxia must not be able to do such things.

However, the next word of Doctor Dark broke them.

“Don’t be happy! The revenge has already begun! The next is the countdown to the doomsday! Human civilization will be wiped out at that time, and the world will be greatly changed inside and out…”

Doctor Dark began to talk about his revenge.

Everyone was shocked to hear.

If this is true, it would be terrible!

After Doctor Dark said all this.

Representative Yan Longwei spoke-claiming that Ye Junlin had taken people to stop the catastrophe.

But the success rate is not high.

Maybe catastrophe will happen…

Therefore, Daxia called on all parties to initiate an emergency response to prevent the ensuing catastrophe.

Daxia has opened the safe island, and transferred people and some necessary items to the safe island as much as possible.

It is to fight for the last time.

Keep as much as you can.


Several countries that have good relations with Daxia have also launched safe islands.

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