The Protector

Chapter: 2830

Don’t talk about them.

Ye Junlin didn’t even believe it at first.

I think this power is too exaggerated.

If it weren’t for Xiao Liejun, they had said the reason for the termination of the Atlantis plan.

Ye Junlin would not believe that either.

Ye Junlin didn’t believe it.

Not to mention other people.

Even most people in Daxia who are moving to the safe island find it a bit absurd.

However, the reason they still went is that they would rather believe what they have, and not trust them without.

And I believe these decision makers are right.

Even if you don’t believe it…

They are all dedicated to the people and will not let them suffer.

But others are different.

They couldn’t believe it more and more.

Many people think that this is Daxia’s trick to divert the things that brought the Dark Doctor.

Just want to swallow all the secrets of the Gods Lab!

What super spiritual vein?

Can it be so powerful?

It’s so funny!

Since there is such a strong super spirit vein, why can he still lose to the Galaxy Guardian League?

I lost so badly!

With this trick, why did you go early?

And Weili described it too much.

Can destroy the world inside and out.

Do not believe!

So all parties are hesitating!

Even if some forces believe in Daxia’s release meeting, there is no way.

They also have no idea.

There are no safe islands.

There is no hiding place.

The emergency response will not respond much.

So there is no action.

This is basically 10% of the status quo.

Few people believe it.

What is the situation still waiting?

The smarter ones go to investigate.

However, the emergency response is in full swing in the relatively big summer.

They just didn’t have any action.

In fact, another party is also in action.

That is the war eagle country.

After they learned about it, they didn’t have the slightest suspicion.

Prepared for the next thing.

One side also asked the Black Hawk agent to organize as much as possible.

While organizing the entire Galactic Guardian Alliance to avoid danger, once disasters and catastrophes occur, they have to figure out a way to deal with them.

So the Galaxy Guardians are acting secretly.

Unexpectedly, there are many secret bases in Warhawk State, which are equivalent to safe islands…

They didn’t doubt the authenticity of this incident at all!

Immediately began to prepare.

Perhaps the people who know the Lab of the Gods best know how terrible the consequences of their revenge on Doctor Dark.

They were more nervous than anyone else, and immediately started an emergency response.

Time lost every minute and every second.

Anyone feels terrible.

Xiao Liejun and the others looked at other countries at all, but they were actually very uncomfortable.

But there is nothing that can be done.

It doesn’t work if it is reminded.

They still don’t believe it!


Jun Jun, who was with his mother, suddenly encountered a strong man from the ancient forces.

After they couldn’t catch Doctor Darkness, they could only take Junjun away first.

They are also very simple.

Directly control Li Zi to dye them.

Knowing that Junjun’s strength is extraordinary, they dare not attack Junjun head-on.

In order to take you away as quickly as possible, you can only use this despicable method.

Jun Jun was caught off guard.

Li Ziran and several relatives were caught.

She has no idea.

Can only follow each other.

These ancient forces used special locks and handcuffs to capture Jun Jun and quickly take them away.

Of course, these ancient powers are not vegetarian.

They can also win a face-to-face encounter with Jun Jun, but with a little effort.

The group just now even stopped Ye Junlin temporarily.

This was a painful blow to Li Ziran.

This kind of thing happened in the first place.

Everyone moved to the safe island, but Jun Jun was taken away secretly.

In a burst of crying, Li Ziran broke away from the transfer team.

Run to save Junjun.

Junjun has something, how dare she live?

No one thought of this, not even Ye Junlin.

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