The Protector

Chapter: 2829

But Ye Junlin actually encountered obstacles here.

It also greatly delayed time.

There was only a trace of time to save, but now it’s all gone!

It means that Ye Junlin’s double protection is no longer available.

“Fucking sick, right? Harassment at this time!”

Ye Junlin was really angry.

At this point, any harassment is harmful!

And it hurts the whole world!

And it was the ancient force who studied the ancient monks that blocked the Golden Eagle fighter!

They leaked the message of Ye Junlin.

When the information is known to the whole world, they have already come to Daxia.

Some people are staring at Jun Jun, and some are looking for Doctor Ye Junlin Darkness.

Now some people are following up.

But after ten or twenty minutes of harassment, they couldn’t stop them, so they could only retreat.

It happened that Ye Junlin was going to kill and clear all obstacles.

See the enemy retreat.

It can only speed up the Golden Eagle fighter!

“We may not be able to catch up! The extra time is completely wasted!”

God’s brain is full of sorrow.

Ye Junlin also frowned, “Fortunately, the Sky Shield has already gone! Fortunately, I notified Agent Black Hawk in advance!”

But at this time, the driver’s voice sounded: “There is an aircraft eight kilometers behind us, which is faster than us! It is catching up with us!”

Hearing this, Ye Junlin understood.

The Sky Shield Bureau didn’t believe him, and came to confirm it.

Now time is completely wasted.

That trace of vitality was lost!



Ye Junlin scolded.

This is over!

Completely finished!

I can’t catch up any time soon!

Ye Junlin immediately contacted the Black Hawk agent and told him all of the situation.

Immediately, they were asked to reach their destination as quickly as possible.

Although you can’t keep up, you have to try.

Agent Black Hawk no longer doubted this time, and proceeded at full speed to the destination.

They carry the only hope.

Since Yanlongwei held an emergency meeting, he immediately joined a few allies to start a safe island.

All people and supplies, as well as some things that need to be preserved, are transported to the safe island.

There are 500 safe islands, and there are natural areas similar to safe islands.

Together, it is just enough for Daxia and a few allies.

In a few hours, everyone needs to be transported to a safe island.

On Daxia’s side, Lu Xiong was the commander-in-chief, after all, he had previous experience in this area.

Under his command, all parties proceeded in an orderly manner.

Everyone began to sigh with gratitude, this safe island really came in handy.

And it was used so soon.

The safety island is really life-saving!

Despite the magnitude of this crisis, the island still has a certain chance of being able to stop it.

At least the chance of survival is 50%.

This is quite high.

Several other allies are also deeply grateful, but fortunately to cooperate with Daxia.

Otherwise, there is no place to hide at this time, right?

At present, Daxia can only protect itself, and other forces can’t control it.

Time is running out.

However, most forces and regions, even after knowing this news, did not initiate any actions the first time.

Many people think this is fake.

This is Daxia’s conspiracy at all!

I want to use this as if to swallow the Dark Doctor alone, so as to get all the secrets of the Gods Laboratory.

They don’t even want to understand things like super spirit veins.

Just unheard of.

Still want to destroy the whole world from the inside out?



Except for the leaders of Daxia, no one knew about the super spiritual veins.

Even the Black Hawk agents of the Sky Shield Bureau didn’t know this.

I have never heard of it before, let alone understand it.

Now some people suddenly say that this thing can destroy the whole world.

How and how…

How does this make everyone believe?

Let alone prepare!

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