Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 100

con man!
Mike’s words clearly expressed the aspirations of other western medical teams.
Almost all western doctors clamored.
Even Li Mingyi and others hesitated.
After all, if it is said that the old man was cured, they can still accept it, but if it is the nonsense doctor Lin, even if they are killed, they cannot believe it.
“Live playback? Good! I’ll let you watch it today!” A sneer appeared at the corner of Old Gao’s mouth, and immediately called for someone to come over with a mobile phone.
This time the live broadcast can be seen not only on TV, but even on the Internet, there are also live videos of TV channels.
Just under everyone’s eyes.
Old man Gao asked him to open this live broadcast, and then placed it in front of Mike and others.
Huh huh!
Mike, Bai Yifan, Bai Hai, Li Mingyi and others all focused on this replay at this moment.
From Li Mingyi and others, walked away.
Then the genius doctor Lin didn’t care and ordered Old Man Gao to prepare needles.
After that!
Everyone heard that Lin Fan Road words:
“! In the day the wind pool, irrigation springs”
“yin Vital, Guan Yuan go”!
“Tan too River, the lock gu!”
“Ojo wind House, do Kai Yan!”
After hearing this sentence, Mike only felt as if he was struck by five thunders.
Familiar with!
This formula, even if he is a foreigner, is very familiar with it.
When he was studying at the Royal College of Medicine in England, a major event happened. That was the sacred hand who shook the world and came to England to treat an eagle royal family.
That member of the royal family is named Philin Locke!
During that treatment, the Bone Sacred Hand left a Chinese mantra.
After that mantra, it was included in the Global Medical Association and canonized!
Even during the time, the Global Medical Association gathered a group of top Chinese medicine practitioners in China and went to study. Until the end, although the meaning of this formula can be analyzed, it is impossible to decipher the real acupuncture trajectory.
And this mantra was studied by Mike.
Until now!
“He… how could he…”
Mike’s eyes stared at the video playback, Lin Fan’s figure, ticking cold sweat, rushed down his forehead.
Do not know why.
An extremely absurd idea emerged in his heart. Could it be that this genius doctor Lin is…
At this moment!
Everyone saw that Lin Fan in the video playback, with his hands like electricity, grabbed one needle after another, and continuously pierced down the acupuncture points of the old man Fei Zhong!
The whole set of actions is smooth and flowing!
Every needle falls, stable as a star!
When the densely packed needles pierced Fei Zhong’s body, Li Mingyi and other Chinese doctors watching the video next to him almost fell out of their eyes!
“How can it be so precise? Especially the strength of his needles. This is completely textbook teaching!”
“Oh my God, a good needle method is simply unbelievable. Someone can use acupuncture to such an exquisite and magical level!”
All the Chinese medicine experts were dumbfounded.
They also know acupuncture!
But it can be guaranteed that no one at all can control the force so accurately, and explore the acupuncture points so accurately.
This is simply a difficult task.
It’s more than that!
As the video playback continues.
They saw that after all the needles fell, Lin Fan went straight away.
After that, from the cult-like gratitude of Gao Lao, to Gao Lao starting needle!
After that!
Fei Lao, who was on the hospital bed, suddenly opened his eyes, and then, with the help of Gao Lao, walked off the hospital bed…slowly.
At this moment, when the video playback stopped abruptly.
In the entire corridor, only the heavy breathing and the thumping heartbeat of everyone remained.
“The genius doctor! God, this turned out to be a real genius doctor!” Li Mingyi seemed to lose his strength, his whole body swayed, and he could only hold on to the wall before falling down.
And the other side!
Mike’s whole body, as if lost his soul, sat down on the ground:
“It’s that person!”
“God… my God! The one who disappeared for several years is here, it turns out to be… him!! !”

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