Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 99

He… he he he!
At this moment, the atmosphere of the entire corridor was silent.
One after another, he stared at the old man walking out of the Chinese medicine treatment room.
Everyone was stunned and unbelievable.
“This old man, seems to be the patient who went in before?”
A Chinese doctor swallowed fiercely, and rubbed his eyes.
At this moment, he even suspected that his eyes were blurred.
Not only him!
Mike only felt that his worldview was about to be subverted.
After all, before the game, he had personally checked the patients on the Chinese medicine side, and the other side’s illness, even he could not be diagnosed.
Especially with that face, Mike remembered that the other party was so angry that he would be killed at any time.
And now… the face is full of red light, full of energy and blood.
How is this possible.
“Old man, this is…” Li Mingyi hurriedly stepped forward, and then asked with a look of horror.

Huh !” Seeing Li Mingyi and others, Old Gao couldn’t help but snorted, his face full of anger:
“Li Mingyi, you still have the face to ask! Didn’t you see it? Yes, he is Elder Fei Zhong. Treated patients!”
After confirming that all of this is true, the bodies of the TCM experts shuddered one by one, and then hulled around.
They looked at the old man named’Fei Zhong’ carefully, and asked incredulously:
“Old man, my God, your old man is a magic trick! When Mr. Fei entered the treatment room, it seemed that it was no longer possible. , How did you heal him?”
“Yes, Mr. Fei now looks like he is more than ten years younger, and he even eliminated most of the age spots on his face. It’s incredible!”
“Old man, you are the real genius doctor!”
At this moment, Li Mingyi and others flushed with excitement.
In their eyes, this old man named Fei Zhong must be healed by Gao Zhiyuan.
Not only Li Mingyi, but even Mike, Bai Yifan and others next to him, think so.
Gao yelled, and instantly suppressed the flattery of Li Mingyi and others.
He was full of hair and beard, staring at Li Mingyi and the others, and shouted angrily:
“Lao Fei was not cured by me at all!”
“The one who healed him and pulled him out from the Palace of the King of Gods is Lin’s genius doctor!”
As soon as the words came out, it seemed as if the mute switch was turned on, and all the sounds in the corridor disappeared.
Doctor Lin?
Li Mingyi and others were dumbfounded.
Mike, Bai Yifan and others were even more dumbfounded.
The genius doctor Lin who was ridiculed and despised by them, who was treated as a liar by them, cured such a dying person?
how can that be.
At this moment, everyone only felt their heart beating wildly, almost reaching their throats.
Especially Mike.
This time, Chinese and Western medicine PK, their Western medicine ended in a complete defeat, which made him unbelievable, and he couldn’t believe it:
“No! Impossible!”
Mike jumped out with a flushed face, his eyes were on Gao Lao and Fei Lao, he kept looking at him, and said angrily:
“You cheated! You must have cheated. I checked before. This person is about to die. The immortal is hard to save, how can your Chinese medicine doctor cure him and then recover so quickly!”
“This is impossible, it is definitely cheating!”
“You must have used ulterior tactics to make this old man dying Status, I have concealed my inspection, and then help him to remove the means and use fakes! You are all liars! I want to watch the video playback of the treatment, otherwise, I will definitely report this scandal to the Global Medical Association!”

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