Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 11

When two heavy kneeling sounds came into everyone’s ears, everyone around him almost fell out.
Kneel down!
And it was Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian, ​​two evil youngsters, kneeling in front of Lin Fan.
everyone could hardly believe their eyes, especially Lin Guangyao.
All Fiat and grinning his face, completely stiff up against incredible Xu Zaiheng, eagerly said:
“?! Less …… Master, you are doing this for how this waste kneel”
“You get up, ah, He hit your car, aren’t we here to abolish this bastard?”
Lin Guangyao’s voice was filled with fear and horror.
Do not know why!
At this moment, there was a deep anxiety and panic in his heart, as if he had misunderstood something great.
It’s not just Lin Guangyao.
The people around were even more upset when they saw the two evil youngsters kneeling under Lin Fan’s feet.
Wen Qian couldn’t believe what she saw.
She hurriedly walked out and said to Xu Ziheng on the ground:
“Two elders , what are you doing? This guy is just a rubbish son-in-law, how dare to take your knees?”
Wen Qian could not accept everything in front of her.
However, she just said her words, the moment she wanted to step forward and help Xu Ziheng!
A loud slap in the face suddenly came from the hall.
Wen Qian was beaten and staggered and almost fell to the ground.
A bright red palm print appeared on her face.
Wen Qian couldn’t even think of it in her dreams. She was kindly persuaded, how could Xu Ziheng slap herself.
Young Master Xu, you…” Wen Qian looked at Xu Ziheng in astonishment.
However, Xu Ziheng looked at her at this moment, as if he couldn’t wait to eat her:
“Ma’s! Shut up! How can Mr. Lin’s name be tainted by rubbish like you!”
Mr. Lin?
Lin Guangyao, Bai Yi, and everyone else could not imagine that Xu Dashao was actually defending Lin Fan.
However, the shock has just begun.
After scolding Wen Qian, Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian were like two bereaved dogs. They all lay at the feet of Gu Fan, and pleaded bitterly:
“Lin…Mr. Lin, I was Xu Ziheng who was reckless before and ran into you! Please! There are a lot of adults, forgive me!”
“Mr. Lin, Zhang Tian knows that I was wrong, please, let my father not kill me! I… don’t want to die!” There was a deep voice in the two voices. fear.
It seemed that they were not a person at all, but a devil.
When these two sentences resounded, everyone in the hall was in an uproar.
A trace of horror and disbelief appeared on everyone’s face.
“Fa…what happened! Didn’t Lin Fan hit the car of the two elders? Why are the two elders begging Lin Fan for forgiveness!”
“Mom! Zhang Tian said, let his father not kill him !” What does it mean to kill him? Does Lin Fan still know the guild leader?”
“What did Lin Fan do? How could it make the two elders so scared?”
Crazy discussions resounded continuously in the hall.
But when all these talks came to Bai Yi’s ears, she suddenly shivered in her whole body, and then she woke up from the scene before her eyes.
“I…I’m not dreaming?”
Bai Yi was completely stunned.
Before, she thought that she and Lin Fan were finished, but she couldn’t imagine that such an incredible scene would happen.
She couldn’t help turning her head and looking at Lin Fan, as if Lin Fan’s words echoed in her ears.
‘Don’t worry, there is me! ‘
Could it be that he already knew the purpose of the two young and old?
But how did he do it?
be quiet!
At this moment, the discussion slowly fell silent, and everyone looked at Lin Fan with a look of seeing a ghost.
“Are you sure you know that you are wrong?” Lin Fan’s eyes were filled with playfulness and coldness.
But when this gaze fell on Xu Ziheng and the two of them, it actually gave them the illusion of being stared at by a fierce beast, and their scalp numb for a while.
“I… we know that we were wrong!”
“Mr. Lin forgive me!” The two of them immediately lowered their heads, almost lying on the ground.
Until then!
Lin Fan nodded faintly:
“Remember, there is no next time!” A word fell in the ears of Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian, ​​making the two of them amnestic, and their holding hearts completely let go , Ecstatic.
They knew that Lin Fan forgave them.
Then the two of them don’t need to be expelled from the family, and they don’t need to be abandoned.
At the moment, the two kowtow like garlic, and said gratefully:
“Mr. Lin, rest assured, I, Xu Ziheng, starting from today, I will definitely change my mind! With Mr. Lin’s head, I will look forward to it!”
“Mr. Lin has a lot of people, and I, Zhang Tian, ​​will be your little brother from today!” The two evil youngsters are not stupid.
Although they didn’t know Lin Fan’s true identity, just from their father’s horrified tone, they knew that Lin Fan absolutely had an unimaginable background.
And how can such a person not hug his thighs!
For a moment!
Let all the people in Jiang City, the two evil youngsters that had changed their expressions, suddenly became Lin Fan’s younger brother.
This scene is absurd and bizarre!
Let Lin Guangyao, Wen Qian and others seem to be dreaming.
Lin Guangyao sank down on the ground, his face pale.
That’s it!
Only then did he understand that the person who was really finished was… himself!
“Lin Guangyao!”
At this moment, Xu Ziheng stood up behind him, stood behind Lin Fan respectfully, and then said in a cold voice:
“Before this young man , let you stabilize Mr. Lin. I will come to plead guilty, but I don’t want to. You bastard is so eyeless!”
“From today, you are fired! Not only the Tianlong Group, you will be blacklisted by all groups in Jiangshi!”
In a word, like a thunder, let Lin Guangyao’s soul not possess!
He is done.
Lin Guangyao was crazy. Originally, he thought he had become the general manager and he was certain, but he couldn’t think of it. Now he has lost his job, and is included in the Jiangshi Group’s blacklist, and can no longer stand up.
His eyes were red, like a madman, shouting to Xu Ziheng: “Xu Shao, you can’t do this! Do you know, what did this kid do?”
“He stole the Skeleton Emperor Card from the Emperor-level guest of the Shengshi Club The people in the Shengshi Club will soon find that he will die and have no place to bury!”
“You can’t fire me for him!”
Stole the Skeleton King Card?
Lin Guangyao’s words shocked Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian.
They have heard that Shengshi Clubhouse, including some super companies such as Tianlong Group, have jointly produced a mysterious skull card.
As long as you have that kind of card, you can spend it at all stores and clubs under the banner of Shengshi, Tianlong, etc., and everything is free.
Enjoy the royal treatment!
As far as they know, there is only one card in the world, and it is in the hands of a mysterious super boss.
Moreover, they had heard from their father.
That super gangster only needs a finger to wipe out all the chaebols in Jiang City.
And now…
“Lin…Mr. Lin, did you really steal that card?”
Xu Ziheng swallowed fiercely, and even his voice trembled.
On the side, Zhang Tian was so nervous that he couldn’t breathe.
Lin Fan didn’t seem to care, and nodded faintly,
“That card is with me!”
In a word, Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian almost freaked out.
They can be sure that no matter what the background of this Mr. Lin, he stole the skeleton card of that super boss, then once they are investigated, not only Lin Fan will be finished, but they will also be completely involved.
This…for a while, the cold sweat on the foreheads of the two evils flowed down.
See this scene!
Lin Guangyao felt that his opportunity had come, and quickly continued to encourage him : “Xu Shao, grab him quickly! Just give it to the Shengshi Club and explain the reason! Then we will be thanked by the Shengshi Club and the blood rose sister!”
“Sacrifice A wasteful son-in-law is grateful for the prosperity! It is definitely worth it!” Lin Guangyao became more excited as he watched the hesitation of the two young and old.
Just at this moment!
A voice resembling Hongzhong came.
Then everyone saw that from all sides of the clubhouse, a big man in a suit came out.
ten people!
In the blink of an eye, black pressure was pressed.
In particular, a big man headed by Blood Rose’s subordinate, the first warrior-Black Tiger!
Known as Tiger Lord!

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