Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 113

At this moment, everyone was shocked when they saw this group of uninvited guests rushing in.
Especially, when they saw the fierce bald man headed by him, his expression changed drastically.
“It turned out to be… Master Dao!”
Li Mingyi and others were shocked.
They knew that Lord Dao was the overlord of Beicheng Jiangshi.
No one dares to mess with it!
Abnormally fierce.
However, how did this ruthless person come, and he brought dozens of people, under this raging imposing manner, it seemed to come to seek revenge.
That’s it!
At this moment, Li Mingyi and others couldn’t help but look at Lin Fan’s family with pity. In their opinion, Master Dao came to the door in person, and the target of revenge must be Lin Fan’s family.
“Knife… Master Knife?”
Not only was Li Mingyi and the others dumbfounded, even the father and son Bai Hai and Baishan were also taken aback.
When they reacted, they were extremely ecstatic.
Before, they sought out Master Dao’s mourning dog and wanted to break one of Lin Fan’s legs.
But after that, there was no news, and even Bai Yifan called the bereaved dog but failed to get through.
Originally, Bai Yifan was still wondering why the lost dog and others didn’t do anything.
And now…coming!
What’s more terrifying is that it was Master Dao who brought someone here himself, this Lin Fan is definitely over!
“Hahaha…Lin Fan, you are a crow mouth, it’s really retribution!”
“Look, someone is coming to you to seek revenge for you!”
“And it’s the sword master! Hahaha…”
Bai Yifan smiled wildly, he It seemed that Lin Fan was torn alive by Master Dao.
Bai Yifan went straight to Master Dao and the others and greeted him.
As soon as he got closer, Bai Yifan said with ecstasy:
“Master Dao, I am Bai Yifan and brother of Brother Sanggou !” Then, Bai Yifan pointed at Lin Fan:
“Master Dao, that guy is Lin Fan, Sanggu Brother Gou has always wanted to break his leg. You are here today, so you’re welcome and beat me to death! Let him know how good your old man is! Hehe…”
Bai Yifan’s words were extremely vicious.
He hated Lin Fan even more in his heart. He couldn’t wait to see Lin Fan immediately, being interrupted by Master Dao and others.
Heard this.
Li Mingyi and all the Bai family cores were all taken aback.
Only then did they know that the object of Master Dao’s revenge turned out to be… Lin Fan!
“Is this crow mouth finally met with retribution?”
Li Mingyi and others shook their heads and sighed.
It’s just that their idea just came up!
Snapped! ! !
A loud slap came directly.
Everyone was stunned to see that Bai Yifan was slapped and knocked to the ground for a lifetime, and the person who slapped him turned out to be a wounded… with all his hands and feet wrapped in bandages.
But it’s… a lost dog!
“Dog… Brother dog! You, you are here too, what are you doing? And, are you injured?”
Bai Yifan was dumbfounded, and the smiles on Bai Hai and others’ faces stopped abruptly.
Everyone discovered that not only was the dog lost, there were more than twenty wounded people behind the crowd.
Almost every wounded person wrapped one hand and one leg with a bandage, as if their hands and feet were all interrupted.
“Do you still have the face to ask me! Lao Tzu behaves like this, you are the animal who killed the special code!” The dog was staring at Bai Yifan, his eyes almost bursting into flames.
This sentence made Bai Yifan almost scared to pee.
Did you harm yourself?
What’s the matter, what happened to you when I spent money to do things with you?
Bai Yifan was completely confused.

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