Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 114

It’s more than that!
He saw that the bereaved dog seemed to eat him at this moment, with a face full of resentment and madness:
“Bai Yifan, are you still a human being, you actually bought me to break Mr. Lin Fan’s leg! I have never seen it before! You are such a vicious person! ”
Hearing this, the Bai Yi family realized that the last time the bereavement and others surrounded themselves, Bai Yifan did it all.
For a while, Bai Shan and others’ complexions were hard to see the extreme.
They couldn’t imagine that Bai Yifan’s resentment towards Lin Fan had reached such an extent.
But Bai Yifan and his son were completely dumbfounded.
Buy murderous!
They did not expect that the lost dog would confess himself without saying a word.
What’s so…
Immediately afterwards, they heard the hysterical cry of the bereaved dog.
“Bai Yifan, let me tell you that I am an upright person who loses a dog and cannot be bought by you, let alone hurt the innocent Mr. Lin Fan!”
“Today, I am going to teach you such a cruel, cold-blooded guy! ”
This sentence shocked Bai Yifan.
Then he saw that the lost dog waved his palm:
“Hit me!”
In an instant, a sturdy man rushed out with a stick in his hand, and blinked to surround Bai Yifan and Bai Hai.
The sticks were smashed hard.
Bai Yifan and his son were beaten up and screamed constantly, and a trace of blood spattered from their bodies, and the scene was bloody and miserable.
In this scene, the reversal was astounding.
Whether it was Li Mingyi and others, Zhu Hua and Yang Meifeng, all were dumbfounded.
What is going on here?
Didn’t Master Dao come to trouble Lin Fan?
How did you fight the employer, and the attack was so cruel!
Almost just a few minutes.
Bai Hai and Bai Yifan’s faces were already covered with blood, and their skins were ripped apart.
“Knife… Master Dao! Don’t hit it. If you hit it again, you will kill!” Bai Hai wailed in horror:
“Say, Master Dao, I can give you whatever you want! Please! , Let them stop, stop!”
Bai Hai is completely scared!
He could see that the Dao master group was beating his father and son to death. If they didn’t beg for mercy, they would definitely die.
Hearing this, Master Dao waved his hand, and all the sturdy men suddenly stopped the beating.
“Baihai, don’t blame me, blame you for offending the wrong person!” Daoye said indifferently.
Provoked the wrong person?
Bai Hai was stunned, he provokes people, but Lin Fan, the door-to-door son-in-law, did not provoke anyone at all.
The father and son Bai Hai looked dumbfounded.
However, Master Dao ignored the doubts of the two of them at all. He glanced lightly at his more than 20 injured subordinates, and then said:
“If you want me to spare you, it’s okay! The cost of my subordinates’ injuries, plus The mental damage fee, five million, must be received within one hour! ”
Hearing this, Bai Hai couldn’t help but let out a long sigh of relief.
It doesn’t matter if you lose money, five million yuan is acceptable.
Only at this moment, Master Dao’s indifferent voice made his heart beat slightly:
“Besides!” As he said, Master Dao glanced at a pile of confetti on the ground next to him, when he saw that on the confetti. After’giving up the promise of property inheritance rights’, Master Dao couldn’t help thinking:
“Your family still needs to promise to give up the property inheritance rights of the Bai family!”
The words of Master Dao changed the complexion of the Bai Hai family.
Give up the property inheritance rights of the Bai family?
This… is simply taking their backs. Without the Bai family’s inheritance rights, then his uncle is completely finished.
“Master Dao, I can give you money, why should I give up the right of inheritance? Besides, it will not benefit you at all!” Bai Hai could not understand why Master Dao did this.
After all, once you give up, the Baiyi family will be the cheapest.
With a slap, Master Dao slapped his face fiercely, and said with a fierce face:
“Do you have a face to ask, do you know that you bought a fierce and wounded person and scared Mr. Lin, shouldn’t it be given to others? Does this innocent person pay some compensation? ”
Innocent people?
Hearing this, everyone looked at it, and Lin Fan, who was unharmed, with a smile on his face, was watching the miserable appearance of Bai Hai and his son covered in blood, and everyone’s mouth twitched.
It seems that Bai Hai and his son are injured?

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