Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 118

Late at night, it gradually descended.
The Baiyi family all fell into a beautiful sleep.
It’s just that when the hands of the clock reach 1 o’clock in the morning.
Lin Fan suddenly opened his eyes.
He turned his head, looked at the very next night’s sleep, mouth glowing white smile Iraq, could not help Lin Fan face surface touch of happiness arc:
“girl, since you want to heal the old man, then I will give you your heart!”
Says After that, Lin Fan helped Bai Yi cover the quilt, then got up and walked out of the room.
The advanced nursing ward of the hospital.
Outside of Mrs. Bai’s ward, there were several bodyguards in black, guarding silently.
These people are all veterans invited by the Bai family at a high price, and they are responsible for the safety of the old man on weekdays.
At this moment, even in the early morning.
These black-clothed bodyguards, one by one, are still full of energy, and their eyes are constantly scanning everything in the corridor.
But they don’t know.
At this moment, in the ward, the window quietly opened without knowing when.
A mysterious figure appeared on the edge of the window sill.
He is Lin Fan.
Lin Fan glanced at the bodyguards outside the door indifferently, shook his head, and said disdainfully:
“These people have great professionalism, but their skills are too low!”
“If you really have enemies, you only need to send a B A level killer is enough to solve everyone here at once!”
Lin Fan immediately took a look at the bodyguard outside the door.
He rolled his eyes and looked at the old lady on the hospital bed.
“The skin is gray and the capillaries have begun to break!”
“Blood congestion in the brain, with three additional layers, and it can survive for 48 hours. By then, all the blood vessels will burst and fall into a state of brain death!”
Lin Fan just glanced. He analyzed the current state of the old lady in a seven-seven-eight-seven-eight.
Right now, his palm shook, and he immediately took out a few needles.
Then, after lighting a little alcohol, disinfecting and sterilizing, he slowly pricked the acupuncture points on the old man’s brain one by one.
One minute!
five minutes!
ten minutes!
The old lady’s head was densely packed with needles.
Each milli-needle is aimed at an acupuncture point, especially under the stimulation of this milli-needle, the blood in the blood vessel begins to flow gradually.
When twenty minutes later.
Grandpa Bai snorted and opened his eyes from a dazed state.
“I… I seem to have a dream…” The old lady was in a daze, as if having a dream about life and death.
He dreamed that he was struggling on the edge of death. He wanted to speak but couldn’t speak. He wanted to scream, but there was no sound.
He even dreamed that he was surrounded by a group of western doctors, shaking his head and sighing.
He also dreamed that he seemed to be slapped severely by the little beast of Lin Fan.
“I just dreamed that it seemed that Lin Fan was here?” The old lady frowned.
He looked at the room with a pair of eyes, but was stunned to find that it turned out to be a ward.
This is more than that.
An icy voice came from the window:
“The prescription has been written and placed on the table!”
“Starting today, three pictures a day, three days will heal!”
This sentence shocked the old lady, because there was an indescribable pressure and magic in that voice.
He quickly turned his head and looked around, only to discover that there was a dim figure by the window.
This voice!
This figure!
Familiar and strange.
Especially the old lady is unbelievable!
After the figure left this sentence, the whole person was like a ghost, suddenly disappeared, but he jumped out of the ward by the window.
“No…impossible!” The old lady was dumbfounded, and he could naturally see that this ward was the advanced nursing ward of the First People’s Hospital.
Located on the top 24th floor!
A person jumps down from the window, is this not suicide?
Especially that person, the voice and body image are extremely… Lin Fan?
“No! I must be dazzled, how could someone jump off the building from the 24th floor!”
“Also, Lin Fan is a trash, how could he be here!”
The old lady Bai shook his head vigorously, and took this absurd idea. Throw out your mind.

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The story is confusing. You refer grandpa Bai as a female on numerous occasions. You get characters all mixed up. Whoever wrote this story has not gone through it , otherwise there would be no amateurish mistakes.

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