Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 117

When Mike and others left.
Bai Hai, Li Mingyi and others who stayed here are still dreaming.
What is going on?
The Overlord Dao in Beicheng, gave Lin Fan this door-to-door son-in-law, giving money to vent his anger!
Western medicine madman Mike and others, to build a hospital, hand in hand!
Bai Hai and others only feel that this world is crazy.
But at the moment!
Bai Hai didn’t have time to think about this. He looked at Senior Gao and hurriedly asked:
“Old Senior, our father and son have fully complied with the requirements of Master Lin. We slapped and slapped our heads. Could you please talk to Master Lin, please? He took action to treat the old lady!”
Panic gleamed in Bai Hai’s complexion.
After all, he has already signed a letter of undertaking to give up the right to inherit property. If the old man dies, then his family will have nothing.
And now, their only life-saving straw is the old lady.
As long as the old lady is alive, then they have hope.
Heard this!
The elder’s gaze couldn’t help but glanced at Lin Fan secretly.
After the discovery of Lin Fan nodded his head, the old high this long sigh of relief, then he said:
“Just now on the phone, Lin geniuses has been said, and his son as long as you do it, then he will heal the old man!”
With this sentence, the hearts of Bai Hai and all Bai family members were completely let go, and everyone’s face was full of ecstasy and excitement.
The old man was finally saved.
That genius doctor Lin is a real genius doctor who has come back to life. Since the other party agreed, they can be completely relieved.
Thinking of this, Bai Hai hurriedly asked:
“I don’t know when the genius Doctor Lin will be here to go to the hospital. All of us in the Bai family will definitely welcome each other!”
Not just Bai Hai.
All the rest of the Bai family, one by one, looked at the senior man.
They can’t wait to see the genius doctor Lin.
Elder Gao was taken aback, and then looked at Lin Fan. After seeing Lin Fan quietly making a gesture, he couldn’t help but froze, and then the corners of his mouth twitched. Then he said:
“Mr. Lin said, tomorrow morning, the old lady will be cured! ”
This sentence made Bai Hai and everyone else stunned.
Tomorrow morning?
Must heal?
This…what kind of answer is this!
Bai Hai and others were all puzzled, but they knew that this genius doctor Lin had a strange personality, and no one dared to ask any more at the moment.
“Okay, please pass the genius doctor Da Lin, everyone in my Bai family is inexplicably grateful to his old man. If there is a need, we will definitely fulfill our promise!”
Bai Hai took all the Bai family members and bowed to the old man. Bowed.
Until then, he glared at Lin Fan angrily:
“Lin Fan, you wait, you killed my son Yifan, broke my hand and broken my leg, I have written down this account, Bai Hai!”
Bai Hai glanced at Lin Fan bitterly, and then took his son Bai Yifan on his back, led all the members of the White family, and left.
Just looking at their backs.
The corners of Gao’s mouth could not help but twitched slightly.
He wanted to know if these people knew that Lin Fan was Lin’s genius doctor, he wondered if he would be scared to death.
Thinking of this, the old man shook his head, and then took Li Mingyi and others to leave with Lin Fan’s family.
Until everyone, all leave.
Only then did Bai Yi, Bai Shan and Shen Yumei react.
They stared at the packs of cash and looked at the pledge, still feeling like they were dreaming.
A bigger doubt came to their minds.
“Dad, do you say that the genius doctor Lin is reliable? He didn’t say at all, when to treat Grandpa, since it is not certain, how can Grandpa recover early tomorrow morning?” Bai Yi looked at Baishan confused.
Bai Shan also smiled bitterly:
“I don’t know, maybe, this is an expert!”
“Yes! Lin’s medical skills are superb, and he is definitely a genius in the world. How can such a person deceive?” Shen Yumei is also full of worship. Said.
After all, they had seen it with their own eyes, the Western medicine madman Mike, crying and begging for forgiveness from Doctor Lin.
Li Mingyi and other big Chinese medicine practitioners are begging hard and want to meet each other!
This makes the three words’Mr. Lin’ look as tall as a god in the hearts of Bai Yi’s family.
But if they know it.
The so-called genius doctor Lin is with them every day, I don’t know if they will be frightened.

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