Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 128

At this moment, watching Lin Fan talk freely.
That kind of calmness and self-confidence gave everyone an illusion, as if a master of the Blood research school was explaining the difference between the real product and the fake product.
Trance, but incredible!
Not only everyone!
After hearing Lin Fan’s explanation, the look on Curator Zhu Qing’s face changed from anger, from consternation, from consternation to doubt.
Zhu Qing was stunned.
It is not that he has never heard of this statement.
But in his opinion, these are just myths about Master Blood from the outside world.
After all, it is simply too difficult to reduce the real object to a painting by the ratio of ten thousand. After all, people are not precision instruments.
As for the deep sea blue ink, which has not faded and changed for a hundred years, he has never seen it.
As for the signature…
Zhu Qing never paid attention to this detail.
After all, there are very few Blood works that are circulating now. Although he has seen one or two, he only appreciates the beauty and artistic attainments of the paintings, and he has not paid attention to the way that Blood is signed.
“Nonsense!” At this moment, Zhu Qing seemed to be looking at a liar, looking at Lin Fan, with anger in his eyes:
“What you said, whether it is Wanzhi or Deep Sea Blue Ink, all are The world’s excessive myth of Master Blood is nothing more than a belief!”
When Zhu Qing’s words fell, everyone around him instantly concluded that Lin Fan was acting.
He didn’t know where he heard it, so he deliberately showed off here.
It seems to everyone that Lin Fan only knows the fur about Master Blood’s work, so he is cryptic, nothing more.
And at this moment, Lin Guangyao’s wild laughter burst out:
“A wonderful second! Lin Fan, I have to say, your acting skills, I admire Lin Guangyao!”
“You just A door-to-door son-in-law, if you don’t know, you think you are Master Blood! Hahaha…I am really laughing at me!”
Lin Guangyao smiled forward and backward, and in his eyes, Lin Fan seemed to be a joke!
The shit tens of thousands of proportions reduce the real object to the painting!
Shit deep sea blue ink!
Shit’s wonderful signature!
Lin Guangyao didn’t believe everything that Lin Fan said.
In his eyes, Lin Fan is just sensationalizing, just like a clown, making people laugh.
Not only him!
The people next to him also laughed endlessly, looking at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a fool.
“Oh my god, there is such a stupid person, is this guy making an axe at the door of the class?”
“Yes, in our whole Jiangshi, who is better than Curator Zhu Qing in the study of Master Blood! He said this guy is talking nonsense? , Then he must be talking nonsense!”
“What an idiot, he even questioned Curator Zhu Qing!”
“…” In an instant, the surrounding discussion and ridicule were buzzing, like a sound, flooding Lin Fan and Baishan.
Baishan’s face was pale.
In fact, even he thinks his son-in-law is talking nonsense. After all, he has never seen Lin Fan study painting, let alone any accomplishments in this regard.
This is more than that.
Lin Guangyao beside him stared at a picture scroll in Lin Fan’s hand with a pair of eyes.
He seemed to know the purpose of this picture scroll, so he couldn’t help but ask Lin Fan, “Lin Fan, did you hear that? Curator Zhu Qing said you are a liar!”
“Also, the picture you are holding What is it? Is it a gift for my uncle?”
At this moment, Li Zhenghui, Zhu Qing and others also turned their eyes to look at the picture scroll in Lin Fan’s hand.
When many eyes fell on himself and others.
Baishan beside him could only bite the bullet and said to Li Zhenghui: “President Li, in fact, this time we are here to prepare a calligraphy and painting for you!”
Li Zhenghui’s mouth showed a trace of disdain. Indifferently asked:
“I don’t know Mr. Bai, what kind of calligraphy and painting did I prepare this time? Could it be the work of Master Blood? Hahaha…”
Li Zhenghui’s tone was full of ridicule.
When the others heard this, they burst into laughter instantly.
It’s just that in this smile, one by one is full of sarcasm and disdain.
However, at this moment!
Everyone was stunned to see, but Lin Fan nodded solemnly:
“Yes! It’s the work of Blood!”

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