Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 127

The fake is always fake!
When these words sounded in the banquet hall, all the surrounding voices disappeared.
Huh huh!
Looking at the place where the sound came from, everyone was surprised to find that the speaker turned out to be…Lin Fan.
“Lin Fan!” Lin Guangyao’s expression instantly turned gloomy.
He did not expect that when he was the most proud and most beautiful, this damn guy came out to tear down the stage:
“You are so fart, this painting of Lao Tzu was personally identified by the curator Zhu Qing, how could it be fake? ? ” ”
you’re a door-law, especially you know what it art? know what Blood master paintings do? ”
influence of site management face of ridicule and resentment.
Not only him!
Everyone around them also looked at Lin Fan, full of disdain and contempt.
After all, they heard it with their own ears, and Curator Zhu Qing had identified it.
With curator Zhu’s research on Master Blood’s paintings, isn’t it better than a little son-in-law?
It’s ridiculous.
“This White House door-law is an idiot? He did not hear ZQ curator has a firm yet?”
“Well! I think, ah, some people want the limelight, this Bo eye!”
“Yes ! This guy stole the Super VIP Supreme member of the Shengshi Group before, and now he is here again to sensationalize, what an idiot!”
The eyes around him were sarcasm and disgusting.
Even Curator Zhu Qing was full of unhappiness on his face.
“Little guy, you said this is a fake?”
Lin Fan looked directly at Curator Zhu Qing, without the slightest timidity.
“Okay! You are still the first person to question me Zhu Qing!” Curator Zhu Qing was amused by Lin Fan.
He pointed to the’Eiffel Tower’ with a gloomy face, and said angrily:
“Today, you explain to me, how can this be an imitation?”
“If you are right, then I, Zhu Qing, will worship you as a teacher. If you are wrong, huh, I’ll make you wander around!!!”
Zhu Qing’s voice was full of anger.
That’s right, Zhu Qing apprentice!
I was wrong, Lin Fan suffered!
When I heard this, the white mountain on the side turned pale.
He knew that although Zhu Qing was in charge of the Jiangshi Collection Museum, regardless of his connections or influence, he was extremely large in Jiangshi.
If he gets angry and deals with Lin Fan, it will definitely take minutes.
Right now, Bai Shan wanted to hold Lin Fan, so that he wouldn’t say more.
However, Lin Fan didn’t care. He stared at Zhu Qing coldly and shook his head with a smile:
“Sorry, with your eyesight, you can’t distinguish the genuine product from the imitation product. You are not qualified to worship me as a teacher!”
Lin Fan’s words made everyone here bewildered.
Not qualified?
Arrogant! Arrogant!
The people around them looked at Lin Fan at this moment, as if they were looking at a fool. They had never seen such a madman. They even said that Curator Zhu Qing’s eyesight did not even have the qualifications to worship him as a teacher. Isn’t it crazy?
But this is more than that.
Lin Fan didn’t care about everyone’s ridicule. He went straight to the painting and said indifferently:
“This painting has a six-point form of Blood, but there are three differences!” As he said, Lin Fan pointed his finger at the Eiffel Tower. The spire:
“First, the spire! The spire of the Eiffel Tower in Blood is scaled down to a painting in a scale of ten thousand! The exact number should be 13.78! And the figure for this painting should be 12.31! Ten thousand! The scale is enlarged, and the difference is a thousand miles away!”
“Secondly, the colored pens used in the Blood paintings are deep-sea blue ink, which does not fade or soak in water, and will not deform for a hundred years! And this painting, the following The color has fallen off, so it’s not a deep-sea blue ink at all!”
“The third is the signature! The L in all the Blood’s engraved paintings is tilted up 30 degrees, and the chapter at this moment is a straight line!”

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