Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 139

Crazy… Crazy?
At this moment, in front of all the guests, they were stunned to see that Li Zhenghui, the owner of the birthday banquet, was crazy, like an idiot, yelling.
He was even on the ground, constantly rolling, tearing his hair, biting his fingers, and tearing his clothes.
At this moment, whether it was Lin Guangyao or the others, they could hardly believe their eyes.
They simply couldn’t imagine what Xu Tianlong and Li Zhenghui had said on that phone call that would make the second in command of the dignified Tianlong Group scare his pants and become a lunatic.
“Uncle! Uncle! Wake up, don’t scare me!”
Lin Guangyao ran up at this moment, shaking vigorously at Li Zhenghui.
Li Zhenghui is his backer.
Without Li Zhenghui, then he completely ruined the possibility of entering the Tianlong Group again, and the end would be terrible.
No matter how Lin Guangyao shook, Li Zhenghui was completely crazy.
“BOSS! Hahaha… he turned out to be my boss!”
“Li Zhenghui, you idiot, you can obviously follow the BOSS and become a dragon and phoenix! Hahaha, idiot Li Zhenghui!”
“Mom. My boss is so awesome!” , Hahaha……”
Crazy talk!
Shouting and screaming.
Everyone around didn’t understand the meaning of this foolish language.
Only Curator Zhu Qing heard these words and then thought of Lin Fan’s words before leaving. He seemed to think of something, and his body trembled fiercely: “Maybe, Li Zhenghui’s BOSS is… him!”
Zhu Qing The curator was shocked.
He previously guessed that Lin Fan might be Master Blood!
However, he couldn’t imagine that Lin Fan might have other identities, and it was these terrifying and terrifying identities that completely scared the dignified Tianlong Group’s second commander.
“Quick! Everyone, look at the information pushed by your mobile phone! My God, Tianlong Group held a press conference!”
At this moment, as one of the guests screamed, all the other guests were taken aback, and then they took out their mobile phones!
At the moment, they saw a message pushed on their mobile phone!
Tianlong Group held a press conference:
‘Formally announced the dismissal of Li Zhenghui, the second senior leader of the group! ‘
When all the guests here saw this scene and looked at the crazy Li Zhenghui, their complexions changed completely.
“Grass! It’s unlucky. It turns out that I was fired. Mar, I knew I wouldn’t come!”
“Yeah, not only was I fired, but I was also frightened! Humph, it’s useless, let’s go!
” ……” At the moment, all the awe and flattery on the faces of all the guests disappeared, one by one cursing and leaving.
Seeing the crowd, the birds and beasts scattered.
Lin Guangyao’s complexion became paler!
That’s it!
He did not expect that a fiftieth birthday banquet would cause such a behemoth as his Li family to collapse instantly!
“Lin Fan, you crow’s mouth!”
Lin Guangyao couldn’t help but remember what Lin Fan had said before leaving.
Li Zhenghui must be finished today!
He couldn’t even think of it in his dreams, and Lin Fan was right.
“Damn man, you cursed my uncle! You wait for me, I will not let you influence of site management, I want to break your legs so that you kneel in front of me, crying for mercy!”
Influence of site management in the eyes The grievances of her became more and more obvious.
After hearing this unwilling and angry roar, the last curator Zhu Qing to leave, stopped in his footsteps, with a deep pity on his face:
“I’m afraid it’s Lin Guangyao that I can’t even imagine. What a terrifying existence he provoked!”

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