Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 140

Tianlong Group just finished its press conference and officially removed Li Zhenghui from the group.
This incident caused a sensation throughout Jiang City.
And in the conference room of Tianlong Group.
The atmosphere is extremely solemn.
Every high-level person can feel an invisible pressure, making the cold sweat on their foreheads, ticking, and constantly flowing.
This is the first time they know today that the boss of Universal Group has been hidden in Jiangshi.
This news scared them to death.
They even knew that the reason why Li Zhenghui was expelled from the group was because he offended the BOSS, and even the Tianlong Group could completely collapse because of a word from that big man.
On the first seat, Xu Tianlong’s complexion was gloomy, and his fingers kept tapping the tabletop.
And every time it hits, it seems like a heavy hammer hits the hearts of many high-level people, causing those high-level hearts to thump and thump, as if they are about to pop out of their throat.
And when Xu Tianlong finally tapped, he raised his eyes, like a tiger, and glanced at everyone present:
“Everyone knows! Our BOSS, the master of Universal Group, has been in our Jiang City. ! ” ”
but, there is a group not long eye dog, one after another to provoke BOSS! simply, damn! ”
Xu Tianlong’s words, harsh and tyrannical, instantly made the faces of many high-level people pale.
It’s more than that!
Xu Tianlong’s eyes swept across all the people present, his eyes sharp:
“This time, we Tianlong Group is likely because Lizheng Hui son of a bitch, BOSS is closed!”
This sentence even scared the seniors present.
Universal Group, the world’s largest commercial aircraft carrier!
And their Tianlong Group is just a small part on it.
As long as the BOSS says a word, all of them will be unemployed and live on the streets.
“Chairman, you have to think of a way! I can’t be unemployed, and I have to raise my family. Tianlong Group is my life!”
“Yes, Chairman, or let’s go to the boss! Anyway! , And also protect the Tianlong Group!”
“…” At this moment, all the senior executives panicked.
All of them were as earthy, almost crying.
The scene before him, if it were passed outside, would surely surprise all the people in Jiangshi!
Who can imagine!
The behemoth of the Tianlong Group, and the big bosses of the Tianlong high-level, were so scared because of a single word.
Xu Tianlong sighed for a long time.
He is not afraid.
As long as the BOSS says a word, let alone Xu Tianlong’s company, his life will be lost at any time.
Thinking of this, Xu Tianlong hesitated slightly, and then clenched his fists. Then he said solemnly:
“Actually, with my qualifications, it is not enough to meet the boss!”
“But this time, for the Tianlong Group, for everyone, I decided to take you and ask the BOSS to forgive me!”
This sentence made all the senior executives overjoyed, one by one excitedly dancing.
Xu Tianlong then his face sank:
“However, you must remember that after seeing the BOSS, you cannot reveal a trace of news and identity about him to anyone!”
“Otherwise, the BOSS will be angry, you and your family will They will all be buried together!” In one sentence, all high-level officials shuddered.
They nodded one after another.
At this moment, headed by Xu Tianlong, all the high-levels stood up one after another and began to walk outside the conference room.
Dozens of Tianlong bosses!
Everyone is usually a high-ranking person in Megatron River City, but at this moment, dozens of big brothers are going to beg… Lin Fan!

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