Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 143

It wasn’t until this fat man swallowed all the banknotes into his throat that Lin Fan loosened his palm!
The fat man fell to the ground.
He just felt his stomach tumbling for a while, and he was about to retching, his entire fat face was flushed.
That kind of appearance is extremely uncomfortable.
Beside, the coquettish woman and Baishan were all dumbfounded.
They also didn’t expect that Lin Fan would shoot without saying a word, without leaving the slightest margin, let the fat man eat all four hundred yuan.
“Mr. Yang… Mr. Yang! Are you okay?” After the coquettish woman reacted, she let out a scream, and then ran forward to check the fat man’s condition.
As she anxious sweating profusely, while extremely angry stare Lin Fan shouted:
“!?! You hillbilly how such violence do you know who he is always Yang, chairman of Shanda – Yang water”
“You How dare you treat Mr. Yang like this, you are finished! Your whole family is finished! ”
When he heard the words of the coquettish woman, the white mountain next to him brushed his face and turned pale.
Shanda Group!
He naturally knows this company, which is in Jiangshi and belongs to a first-class group.
Although it is incomparable with a giant like the Tianlong Group, it is definitely not a second-rate group like the Bai Group that can provoke!
Baishan knows that Shanda Group has close cooperation with Bai Group. Every year, Shanda Group accounts for one-third of Bai Group’s business orders.
It’s just a pity that Baishan’s position in the group is very low, and he has never seen Yang Jinshui, the chairman of Shanda Group.
And now! Broken

“Xiao Fan, you are too impulsive!” Baishan was anxious as an ant on a hot pot.
At this moment, he hurried forward and said anxiously to Yang Jinshui, who was constantly retching,
“Yang…Mr. Yang, are you okay? Xiaofan is young, ignorant and ignorant, and I hope you have a lot of adults, don’t be like him. Don’t worry!”
Baishan panicked.
But his comforting words fell in Yang Jinshui’s ears, making him even more angry:
“Asshole! You old thing, and you little hillbilly! You dare to touch me, okay, it’s great. I, Yang Jinshui, put it here!”
“You are finished, wait, I will call someone now! In a while, I want you to eat all the banknotes in my wallet!”
“If you drop one, Lao Tzu Kill you!”
Yang Jinshui’s voice was extremely cold, he stared at Lin Fan’s gaze, full of resentment!
Not only that!
He took out his cell phone and started calling people.
While taking out all the banknotes in the wallet, a full red wad arrogantly waved at Lin Fan.
Looking at his appearance, it seems that Lin Fan is not allowed to eat all the banknotes today, this matter is absolutely endless!
When Baishan heard Yang Jinshui’s stern words, his face was even pale!
If you eat this stack of banknotes!
Anyone must go to the hospital.
How to do?
What should we do now?
Baishan turned around in a hurry, but he was surprised to find that Lin Fan’s expression was calm.
Instead, Lin Fan stared at Yang Jinshui, his mouth was icy cold:
“Are you sure, let me eat all these bills?”
Yang Jinshui was stunned. He didn’t expect that this little hillbilly knew his identity and was so relaxed and indifferent. It was damned.
“That’s right! Wait, I’m already calling someone, and my person will be here soon!”
“When the time comes, I think your kid is still arrogant!”
Yang Jinshui’s face was full of fierceness!
It’s just that he just finished speaking!
Then I saw one after another cars, driving towards this place!

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