Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 144

In particular, these cars turned out to be all Rolls-Royce, with as many as twenty or thirty cars, crowded with nothing, almost filling the entire road.
In this scene, not only Yang Jinshui, but even the Baishan next to it, was stunned.
Who is such a big show?
Dozens of Rolls Royce, this…
it’s more than that!
It was in the stunned sight of Yang Jinshui and others!
One after another Rolls Royce stopped on the road in front of them, and then a driver hurriedly got out of the car and opened the back seat doors one after another.
Then, in the shocking sight of Yang Jinshui and Baishan!
Dozens of middle-aged men in suits and shoes walked out of the Rolls Royces.
“This is… Xu Tianlong!”
Yang Jinshui was startled when he saw the burly middle-aged man walking down on the front Rolls Royce.
Xu Tianlong, chairman of Tianlong Group, is one of the top bosses in Jiangshi.
The other party is in charge of a giant group!
Yang Jinshui was just like a little guy in front of Xu Tianlong, and he didn’t even have the qualifications to talk to Xu Tianlong during an ordinary banquet.
What made Yang Jinshui unbelievable was how could Xu Tianlong appear here!
It’s more than that!
“That is the third in command of Tianlong Group-Director Ma!”
“That is Director Liu of Tianlong Group!”
Yang Jinshui was shocked to see that all the dozens of middle-aged people who had walked down were all big-time figures of the Tianlong Group.
Except for the second in command, Li Zhenghui, who was removed, almost all the other directors are here!
“Wh… what’s going on?”
The sweat on Yang Jinshui’s forehead shed instantly.
To know!
Among these dozens of bigwigs, any one of them is stronger than his grand, and even stronger.
And these characters unexpectedly appeared together, this is simply a big event that can cause a sensation in the entire Jiangcheng.
Not only Yang Jinshui.
The Baishan next to him was also stunned.
It was also the first time that he saw so many big men of the Tianlong Group, especially Xu Tianlong, Bai Shan couldn’t believe his eyes.
Things that made Baishan even more daunting appeared!
I saw that these dozens of Tianlong group leaders, after getting out of the car, they all rushed into a row.
Then, one by one, he walked towards himself with nervous and excited faces.
Xu Tianlong brought dozens of big brothers and came after Baishan and Lin Fan.
Everyone bowed together:
“Xu Tianlong of the Tianlong Group, I have seen the BOSS!”
“Ma Yongsheng of the Tianlong Group, I have seen the BOSS!”
“…” One after another fanatical and respectful voices sounded here.
The squeezing bosses bowed in tribute together. This kind of scene was extremely spectacular.
When the voice of the last big boss fell, the whole road seemed to fall into deathly silence.
Yang Jinshui, Baishan, the enchanting woman, and the migrant workers around them were all dumbfounded.
What did they see!
Xu Tianlong and other group leaders, bow together!
Called’BOSS’ together!
What caused Yang Jinshui and the enchanting woman to disperse was that dozens of bigwigs including Xu Tianlong were obviously bowing in the direction of Baishan and Lin Fan.
Yang Jinshui’s complexion brushed, it was as pale as paper, his legs were soft, and he was so scared that he fell to the ground.

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