Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 149

After Lin Fan sent Baishan home, he went to the Bai Family Group alone.
Although he has given Bai Yi the prescription and all the development techniques of the Resurrection Pill, as the chief technical adviser of the group, he still has to inspect it.
He had just arrived at the Baishi Group and found that the atmosphere was not right.
A security guard rushed to the elevator quickly.
Everyone’s complexion was full of panic and anxiety.
This scene made Lin Fan’s eyelids jump. He pulled down a security guard and asked quickly:
“What happened?”
The security guard saw Lin Fan and was taken aback, but he recognized it and said with a weird expression. : “!
just Spirit Group of young master, with a single person to sign, but do not know how, yet the total white office door locked, and also sent several bodyguards, guards at the door,”
“Yang Lao president worried If something happens , let us go upstairs to take a look! ” What!
Lin Fan’s expression changed as soon as he said this.
Shengshi Group!
Lin Fan’s face was so gloomy, he suddenly remembered that Bai Yi had told him these days that there is a Kuo Shao surnamed Yang who has been pestering her, making her very annoying and disgusting.
And don’t think about it right now, it must be that guy!
“Mr. Lin, would you like to take the elevator with us and go up and see?”
The security guard had already walked into the elevator with other people, and it was full.
But Lin Fan just glanced at it and said indifferently:
“No need!”
Lin Fan flashed under the startled gaze of all the security guards and rushed straight to the staircase.
Climbing stairs?
All the security guards in the elevator were dumbfounded.
You know, the president’s office is on the 15th floor. Does this guy think that he can climb the stairs faster than they take the elevator?
how can that be!
“Does this Lin’s brain have sex? When he climbs the fifteenth floor, the president is afraid that something has happened!”
“Ah…no wonder everyone said that the president married a waste husband, and now it seems that It’s true that this person has a brain disease!”
“…” At this moment, many security guards felt that Lin Fan was like an idiot.
Everyone felt sorry for Bai Yi to marry such a person.
The elevator is closed!
All the security guards took the elevator and went up to the 15th floor!
Less than twenty seconds!
The elevator has reached the 15th floor.
When these security guards rushed out of the elevator, they saw from a distance that at the end of the corridor on the fifteenth floor, a group of people gathered around a room and pointed.
Needless to say, there is the president’s office.
It’s just that the many security guards are incredible.
In front of them, there was already a young man rushing toward the crowd like lightning.
And that back view!
It turned out to be… Lin Fan!
“No…impossible! That’s Lin Fan? He climbed from the first floor to the 15th floor?”
“Damn, am I dazzled? He climbs the stairs faster than we take the elevator? No…I There must be an illusion!”
Many security guards looked at each other, all of them looked at ghosts.
Especially, when they saw that the stairway doors of the safe passage were swaying and swaying, obviously after being pushed aside roughly, all the security guards had to accept the facts even if they were unbelievable.
Lin Fan climbed the stairs much faster than them!
In less than twenty seconds, he climbed from the first floor to the fifteenth floor, which made all the security guards feel a scalp trembling.
However, Lin Fan didn’t care about the shock of many security guards.
He rushed towards Bai Yi’s office like lightning.
The eyes are sharp, like demons.

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