Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 150

At the door of the office, four Kong Wu strong, all black suits and bodyguards wearing sunglasses, blocked the door, blocking all the employees of the Bai Group.
The chief fashion designer of the Bai Group, Yang Tianrui, is leading a group of backbones of the Bai Group, arguing with these bodyguards!
“Hurry up and get out of the way, I want to see the president! Did you hear that? This is the Bai Group!”
Yang Tianrui was so angry that his beard trembled.
As a generation of fashion masters, he came to the Bai Group because he admired Lin Fan, and he even regarded this place as his home.
And he even knew Bai Yi’s position in Lin Fan’s heart.
If Bai Yi had an accident, Yang Tianrui could not imagine what would happen.
Just now!
The four burly bodyguards didn’t put Yang Tianrui in their eyes at all, and said sarcastically:
“Old stuff, hurry up! We Young Master Yang is inside. No one can enter without his orders!”
“Yes, what is your Bai Group! How dare you use your rules to restrain us Yang Shao, it’s almost dead!”
“…” The attitude is arrogant and domineering!
The four bodyguards seemed to be accustomed to arrogance. Their words immediately made Yang Tianrui angry, and his body trembled:
Yang Tianrui just wanted to argue, so one of the fierce bodyguards slapped his face severely.
The burning pain spread all over Yang Tianrui’s cheeks!
It’s just that I haven’t waited for him to react!
Another fierce bodyguard kicked Yang Tianrui’s stomach with a kick, kicking him to the ground.
Do it!
The backbone of the Bai Group around them were all taken aback. They didn’t expect that this young Shao Yang’s bodyguard would be so vicious, and if they didn’t agree with each other, they directly attacked.
“Old thing, if you dare to do anything wrong, I will destroy you today!”
The bodyguard was fierce, and the other three were eager to try.
as if!
Whether it is Yang Tianrui or other people, no matter how long they dare to talk, they will be merciless and directly do it.
“My old man fought with you…” Yang Tianrui was suddenly embarrassed and angry.
He did not expect that he would suffer such humiliation at his own age.
At the moment, his old body got up and rushed towards the four bodyguards.
Whatever he said, he would break into the office and save Bai Yi!
“Finding death!” In this scene, the four bodyguards suddenly became very angry. They couldn’t imagine that this old guy was so stubborn.
A trace of fierceness and violence appeared in the eyes of the four of them. At the moment, everyone stretched out an iron fist and hit Yang Tianrui’s head fiercely!
With these four punches, fist fist generates wind.
Just like four iron hammers, banging against Yang Tianrui’s head!
If he was hit, even if Yang Tianrui was immortal, he would suffer a concussion, or even worse.
“Old Yang!!!” The rest of the backbone of the Bai Group were shocked. They wanted to stop, but they couldn’t make it!
It’s over…
Whether it is Yang Tianrui himself or the backbone of the Bai Clan around him, he can only watch four iron fists and slam them on his head.
“Old stuff, die for me!”
The corners of the four bodyguards’ mouths were filled with a strong sense of violence and violence.
They saw their fists getting closer and closer to Yang Tianrui’s head.
one meter!
Half a meter!
One foot!
The fists of four people were about to hit Yang Tianrui’s head instantly!
The four bodyguards were surprised to find that a black shadow, like lightning, rushed over from the corridor in the distance.
Then, the feet of the black shadow, like raindrops, fell against their bodies!
Bang bang bang!
The four bodyguards only felt their bodies, as if they were hit by a rampage train!

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