Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 153

The door of the office burst into pieces, immediately shocking Yang Minghao and Bai Yi.
“Damn it, who?”
Yang Minghao’s expression turned gloomy in an instant.
Seeing that he was about to succeed, he couldn’t think that someone would come in and make trouble at the moment. He looked at the broken office door and suddenly saw that the solid wood door was completely broken into pieces. Sawdust.
And a young man walked in slowly.
It is Lin Fan.
“Boy, who are you? Bodyguard, bodyguard? Who told you to let this kid in? Quickly get him out of here!” Yang Minghao looked very cold, yelling, shouting his bodyguard.
After Bai Yi saw Lin Fan , she immediately let out a long sigh of relief:
“Lin Fan…”
Then, she hurried to Lin Fan’s side.
At this moment in her heart, all the panic and despair completely disappeared, as if Lin Fan’s thin figure could help her hold up the sky, so that she would have no fear or worry.
Lin Fan?
When Yang Minghao heard these two words, he was slightly taken aback:
“You are Bai Yi’s rubbish husband?”
Yang Minghao smiled when he said this.
If it’s someone else, maybe he’s still a little jealous, but Bai Yi’s husband, but Jiang City’s most famous trash son-in-law, how could he put such a door-to-door son-in-law in his eyes.
“Boy, what? Since you are here, then I will not hide it from you!” With that, Yang Minghao glanced unscrupulously at Bai Yi’s enchanting figure, the greed and evil in his eyes became more and more intense stand up:
“I’m in love with your wife! Tell me, how much money do you need to give her to me!” As he said, Yang Minghao took out a check from his arms:
“One million?”
“Two million? ”
At this moment, both Bai Yi and Lin Fan’s expressions were extremely gloomy.
They couldn’t imagine that this Yang Minghao was so arrogant that he had to directly spend money to buy his wife in front of her husband.
“Boy, you do not greedy, but I heard your position in the White House as good as a dog, as obediently took the money and get out!”
“So, I’ll give you five million, you get out of here!”
Then, Yang Minghao wrote down five million in the cheque book.
Tear it off!
Then, as if sending a beggar, he threw the check at Lin Fan’s cheek.
The sound of cheques spilling in mid-air resounded in the office, but Yang Tianrui and all the backbone of the Bai Group outside the door were clearly visible.
It’s just that every face of these people is full of weirdness, and looking at Yang Minghao’s gaze is like looking at an idiot.
“Are you rich?”
Lin Fan didn’t pick up the check, but a faint smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, staring directly at Yang Minghao.
Yang Minghao was taken aback. He didn’t expect that Lin Fan could still laugh at this time.
However, he naturally did not put Lin Fan in his eyes. Instead, he held his head high and said,
“That’s natural!”
“My old man is Yang Jinshui, the chairman of Shengshi Group! The net worth is billions! How can you be a little one? My son-in-law, imaginable?”
After that, Yang Minghao looked at Lin Fan’s gaze, full of threats:
“I persuade you to get the money and get out. From today, Bai Yi will be my woman! Otherwise, wait for my bodyguard to come back, what do you think? You can’t go!”
Until this moment!
Yang Minghao still did not find his bodyguard.
“You are rich, but you don’t have a face!”
Lin Fan’s voice was icy, with an extremely aura.
Yang Minghao’s expression changed:
“Boy, how dare you scold me…”
Before Yang Minghao’s angry voice was finished, a loud slap fell on his face.

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